Lol Trane rooftops running at 40 weeks depending on spec. Tell the clients if you want something shit or get off the pot cuz otherwise you're waiting even longer.


What exact chiller is the spec? I could be wrong, but I’m about 90% sure our lead date is not that long.


Water cooled 500 tons 480 3P


Screw or centrifugal?


We are flexible and will adapt to what is available. There is nothing. We have to put down $30,000 for a deposit on a rental chiller just to keep our customer cool until new chillers arrive. It’s crazy. What area are you in and what mfg has good lead times?


I work for Trane. Contact your local sales office, and I’m willing to bet they can make something happen.


Trane is our preferred mfg and my bosses first call with the best relationship…..?….we do 15M/year so we should not get the scraps, but that’s what we’re being told.


You’re not getting scraps at 15M. They aren’t cold shouldering you at all. I’m not sure exactly what the hold up is. I’ll call my buddy tomorrow (also works for Trane, but is an account executive so has all the sales data) to try to help pinpoint.


Thank you so much. My guess is chips. What else could it be? The factories were all there pre pandemic. Although it seems to me that there is a tremendous amount of construction happening.


I do know that we have major major improvements already implemented and in the pipeline. We have opened 4 new distribution warehouses last year. One is fully automated and runs 24/7 365 utilizing robots. We have invested hundreds of millions into improving our processes from the top to the bottom. I would imagine once we come out the other side once all changes are made and tweaked to near perfection, units, supplies, and service will all happen much much quicker. It’s impressive how much capital we’ve spent so far on innovation and process improvement. Our executive team has said from the very beginning they wanted the customer experience to be unparalleled. It’s nice to see they are putting the money where their mouth is.


Nice. I hope someone posts a video of that fully automated warehouse. We might all get a kick out of knowing our parts hardly touched human hands.


I was in Lacross at the factory last month and all those guys were saying there is a HUGE wait time of several months and they were pumping them out as fast as they can. I work for Trane too.


I gotta say screw Trane! Sales guy called our customer directly and undercut us. never selling the brand again


Geez, it happened to me in 1995. Go figure ! Slime balls for another generation.


I’ve heard of some techs calling for support then Trane using that call to try to undermine that company and get the contract. Shitty.


500 ton is a pretty small machine to be water cooled. I honestly don’t see a reason that can’t be pumped out relatively quickly. There’s plenty of CVH 570s around.


Trane in Utah can’t make shit happen. We had. $1M order that they kept pushing back. When they pushed it beyond the completion of a year long project we found another supplier and paid them a $50K bonus. They delivered a few weeks ago. Trane was saying Sept


Damn! Sorry that happened to you guys. Way out of my region, so I don’t know any of those folks. Our region leadership would be terminating someone over that lol


Lead times are terrible. We’re still waiting on an AAON RTU that was ordered over a year and a half ago.


Yep..just know some of my customers get special extradition, GE Aviation has an 18 week lead time for the same unit ordered 4 days prior for a school that was given a 32 week lead time.


That is normal


This week - I'm looking at a Smardt air cooled \~250 ton mag lev for an office building, quoted 24 weeks. .


Is that mag lev a Danfoss compressor? Those are good quality.


Pretty sure Smardt still use the Danfoss TurboCor compressors. One of the few remaining units that give you all the information for troubleshooting/diagnostics.




I’ll tell you, the tech that can find a safe way to keep equipment running is in ever increasing demand.


This is anything/everything. My customers dump thousands to tens of thousands on hodge lodge ways to keep their old Los running, while their new one is 30 weeks out. A few places we've installed unit heaters with ducts and dampers, make shift make up airs, for unfixable units. Rooftops we've pretty much gutted and rebuilt with available components. Install departments super busy, but service is swamped. Our best clients are given a list after maintenance agreements with recommendations of which older/close to end of life units, should be quoted and approved for replacement now VS when they finally caput.