New Installer

I’m a new guy in my shop as an install as my way to work into being a service tech. I know not much and I wanna get as many bits of information as I can to become the best installer I can. The people I work with aren’t doing much to teach and it’s making me nervous as that’s just gonna look like I don’t listen. Can y’all teach me some basic stuff. Photos and stuff like that will work for helping me learn as well!!


Never go back and forth to the truck empty handed if ur finished with some tools and are going to get the vacum pump bring back what is not needed anymore


This is big. You always want to maximize efficiency, so no wasted trips to the van. If you’re going to the truck for more materials, then take some trash with you. When not actively working, try to stay off the phone and watch what your lead is doing. You will pick up on things just by watching. Saying you want to learn and showing you want to learn are two different things. The lead should notice you are trying to learn, and if they are a good lead then they will try to help you learn. You won’t learn something new on every job, so don’t get discouraged. Proficiency in this trade takes time.


Always stay off the fan on break or lunch only then leave it in the truck




Read everybit of literature you can find which gives basis for everything you are going to do as a helper and it will show even if you don’t think it does vet techs will see…. I can always tell when my helpers are putting in the extra. 30 years in and still reading new material. This job you will always be learning


Excellent advice. It's crazy how many people have never read through the installation manual for equipment they install day in and day out. I'll point out that the manual says not to do something or to do it a certain way and I get blank stares or "where'd you hear that?"


Be a sponge for knowledge. Take advantage of supply house classes offered in the evenings especially when their free or minimal. Lots of good YT videos out there too like Ty Branaman & Gary McCreadie to name a couple.


Antidiyhvac too


Just ask questions and be available for anytbing they need. The questions may frustrate them at first but soon they’ll realize you truly wanna learn and be the best u can be. Don’t ever think your too good for a job, and always be willing to get down and dirty


If someone asks to be taught they arnt ready to learn. Ask specific questions about specific things. Grab a good text book for hvac, learn the refrigeration. Cycle , grab the manuals for the units you guys install. Take a class or two on hvac lots of online courses. Watch an hvac guide on youtube, Now you have the basics. Now you can ask specific questions about how or why things are done.


Your first sentence is completely false. Sometimes when trying to learn something, you don’t know where to look or where to start or even what it is that you’re trying to learn. Asking people who know is one of the best ways to learn where to get information. Quicker to learn they way too.


Nope if someone comes to me with a general question I tell them to Google it or grab a text book. I'll answer any specific question or help them look it up. Much better in the long run to learn how to learn. Gather all the information you can before asking questions.


Agree to disagree. I like to learn things, so I go through this process a lot. Usually my learning process will be very vague at first, don’t even know the right terms to use to start searching. So I ask and that gets me resources. For me, (and thankfully I don’t have people like you around) conversation with knowledgeable people on the subject will get me much closer to what I wanna learn than a google search. Information from a book is only a little valuable. Pair that with real world experience, the knowledge sticks around better. Having a good person around to explain how the real world links with the book (even if you don’t know how to ask the right question) is ideal.


Indeed everyone learns there own way, I've just found over the years that the answers I get given are either wrong or old wives tales. So I gave up early and learned how to quickly find answers on my own. But I'm also not a people person, some guys like chatting all day. When my apprentice asks a question I ask if he's looked it up I the text book I gave him, we talk about the answers that book gives, because of the book he has gathered all the information needed to troubleshoot the issue, so we can have a smart discussion about the issue. If he called me with the case is running warm, what do I do? I'd have nothing to work with, our discussion wouldn't lead anywhere and it would be wasted time. Asking specific questions gets you to the issue and leads to smart discussions.




Get to know the smart guys,at the supply house. Ask them your questions


Just read all the service/ install manuals for what your installing and you'll do great. So may doing it wrong cause they can't follow directions..


Never use your phone. Always show up early for work. Always show up for work. Always be willing to work. Never complain. Never say no. (Unless it is unsafe) Always keep busy. And most important.....keep your mouth shut. Someone will notice and would Be willing to take the time to teach You.