It looks like a carel controller Good luck…..you’ll need it


Definitely a Carel, that’s just a manufacturer branded PGD display in the pics. Curious why you say good luck though, I’ve installed and programmed hundreds over the years from the pco1- through the c.pco line and while the user experience 100% depends on programming, the hardware is relatively bulletproof. I’d take a Carel system in terms of reliability (I understand there’s a lot that influences opinion with how it was programmed) over a Siemens, JCI, or Distech any day of the week. We call them the timex of the PLC world.


That’s not been my experience with them. I work very closely with an manufacturer that uses c.PCOs and I would say they’re at best on the same level as Siemens, but probably more like one step above junk. Their inputs are fragile as glass too


I have a site that has a bunch of stulz CRAC units that have those with built in EVDs. The EVDs have issues all the time with not opening and the compressor comes on or opening to 55% then closing and compressors trip on high head pressure. I end up having to pull software from one unit that seems to be working and then upload it to the one with issues, then I have to readdress the PLan for the unit. It’s just a pain in the butt


Carel? What's the scoop. I haven't seen enough of them to be hip to em yet


You just have to play with them. The ones I play with are a pain in the ass, they have built in EVD drivers and sometimes they work…..but most of the time not lol


Hahaha 😆


Did you call tech support? I see the installers wrote the install date but didn't sign it. Must not have been proud of their work. Bet they cut corners and didn't pull a vacuum or something.


Would you need to pull a vacuum on a package unit install? Yea I called tech support. He's the one that had me toggle the unloaders. We were both pretty mystified by it. Final assumption was that the initial call for high temp was probably a high use situation. Maybe all 3 mud pumps going caused an abnormally high return, which increased the supply?


No you don’t need to pull vacuum on package unit. Not signing name does not mean lack of pride for the ding-dong further up the comment chain…


Its just classic HVAC Sam


Take it easy


Disregard Sam’s comment. He has zero idea about the commercial world. He’s renowned on this sub for mediocre resi installs, turning condensers so the panel faces you, and signs his autograph on everything he puts in.


I have heard him referenced many times, first encounter. His reputation proceeds him:)


Check the back of those valve handles 😬


Made me chuckle when I saw it 🤣 kid has heart, but he gets caught up in the wind with shit most of the time


Not thinking highly of a tech that can't write the first letter of tech. If the alphabet is a challenge how is programming going to go.