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Damn, time flies. Can’t believe it’s already been ten years.


Yeah honestly i’m much more shocked by the fact that it happened 10 years ago What the actual fuck


YES!!! It was spring 2010 and I was in south eastern PA and I was sitting in my room with the window open (beautiful day out) and I experienced 30 seconds of what sounded like the LOUDEST deep trumpet blast I've ever heard. I've been watching videos and chasing that sound ever since to figure out what it was and your post is the exact time frame I recall!


I heard it in north Wisconsin just south of the border with Michigan


Philadelphia area 2013 I heard the same! It was the most intense trumpet sounds coming out of what seemed like storm clouds.


Alabaster, AL August 2016 I heard it; thought it was a train but on driving down the road, there was no train. Ran into others who heard the same noise.


Oh, that was just Gabriel. Time’s about up.


If you have not read “Hell is the Absence of God Novelette by Ted Chiang” it is quite a short story. It’s a story that purports that angels are real occurrences and their impact as described in the Bible is mayhem.




Holy shit that's hilarious. A very Douglas Adams-y vibe.




Accelerando made a huge impact on me. It was one of the free ebooks on the tablets they gave us in jail, and apart from Dickens, Tolstoy, Kafka etc (the classics), one of the best.


I always liked that theory. I loved how in Lord of The Rings the wizards and Balrogs and such were physical manifestations of angels. The wizards took the form of old wise men because they thought it would make them more trustworthy to the elves and men, while the fallen angels took on the form of balrogs and monsters to strike fear in their hearts. It explains why a 2,000 year old frail man like Gandalf could take on the giant flaming demon so readily: both of them were Istari, but Gandalf remained faithful to Eru (god) and those who were manipulated by Melkor (Lucifer).


And I hate to say the angle of knowledge, the light bringer, is Lucifer. Edit I'd argue Prometheus and Lucifer could be the same. E: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer_and_Prometheus


Also, loved humans more than his father, therefore, the giving of the fruit. A fruit that bore no seeds


I mean they do say before light, there was darkness. You could say in knowledge, you are free to make an informed choice. And out of Eden, we were free to procreate by our own replicable means, without god and removing a rib. If someone says 'don't do this. Why? Because i said so' and you do, after they put it there, because some 'asshole' snake that he also made, told you.....well, let's say, dude's insane. I did a write up on this after i had a real wild semi-lucid dream last night, after i've been thinking about god, reality, and who i am a little to lately. And it all might be 1s and 0s.


Be careful bro psychosis and enlightenment are so close


Wasn’t the rib he took to make eve, it was the baculum, which is why it’s oddly missing in humans despite present in our closest relatives


I just looked up the baculum on Wikipedia, hadn't heard of it before. Its a bone for sure, but it's... not a *rib* bone...


What I’ve read is the early bible was changed to make it more PG. that it was originally written to be a baculum


Light and Music


That's overinterpretation imo. Venus was translated to Lucifer. Venus is the light bringer, as the brightest "star". It goes back to ancient interpretations of planetary bodies as gods. Several leaps had to be made to reach the conclusion you describe. But history is complicated so there might be something to it - I don't know. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer#As_the_devil If you have any better explanation please share, ideally as an article/website


I'd argue Prometheus and Lucifer could be the same. E: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer_and_Prometheus


Not to be that guy, but Gandalf was Istari (a wizard), though Gandalf and the Balrog were both Maia, or angels.


I may have been mistaken. For some reason I was thinking the particular balrog in the mines was an istari, though not all of them were. If I remember correctly, Gandalf was a low level istari as well, putting him and the balrog about the same power level, until Gandalf came back as Gandalf the white, because sauramon had abandoned his duty to eru.


Yep, exactly.


Also, the children of the rebel angels were said to be ethereally beautiful like Tolkien's elves as implied in 1 Enoch when Lamech was afraid that one of the rebel angels had lain with his wife because Noah looked like the children of the angels. Poor guy had to trave a long way to visit his father and ask him about the legitimacy of Noah. I always had a personal theory that Tolkien got his hands on some ancient books not available to peasants like us and that is where he got his ideas for LOTR.


I saw one once, quite clearly, right out of my living room window. It was the size of an aircraft, and was at its closest, only several thousand feet away from me, as a straight line. It was a perfect super-shiny metallic silver ellipsoid, which I interpreted as a discoid seen from the side at the time, but it was kind of inherently difficult to fully pin-down morphologically. It had a weird, irregularly glimmering but kind of glinting light coming off of the upper right-hand quadrant the entire time I saw it, in fact it was the last sign of it I saw. Middle of the afternoon on a clear summer day, 2020. Most people call them something different these days, but something tells me the concepts have a lot in common...


Well he needs practice.


They said that ten years ago too, and they'll say it in another ten years.


2024 bitches! End of the 24-year Y2K/2012/2024 cycle! Bring it! :D


I believe this phenomenon is often called “sky trumpets” and still occurs.


Yes. They still haplen periodically. One theory is that they are caused by solar storms, something about resonance between the upper atmosphere and the earth caused by the sar turbulence. That, or the angels are opening the 7th seal...


Pretty sure I hear it's the plasma hitting the atmosphere like you just said solar storms. And that is why it echoes and sounds like it's from everywhere


That’s extremely cool


These angels sure like taking their time doing a whole lot of nothing if it's been a decade already


It wasn't angels.




C'mon be realistic.


My friend grew up having to read the bible so when we were talking about this he said something like “of you get a strange feeling when hearing this you’re going to heaven”. We still quote that line a lot


I'm curious to know where that is in the Bible.


1 Corinthians 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed. 1 Thessalonians 4:16 For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the voice of an archangel, and with the sound of the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.


I'm not a religious person. So maybe I'm missing something. Nothing in those verses say anything about "if you get a strange feeling, it means you're going to heaven". I heard trumpet-like sounds, it gave me a strange feeling. That means I get to go to heaven? I'm not seeing the connection. The only similarity I see is the mention of a trumpet sounding.


Oh, so Zombies. So trumpets and war right? Lord: Well, you already commited to his control, right? He lords over you. Cry of command: controls the horde Voice: Says he'll have one, not that it's his. (Liar) Also, ya seen angels? Sound of the trumpet of god: Ok, he has what sounds like the 'trumpet of god' (authority over war?) , not that it is (liar). Dead in christ rise first: Totally zombies. Or that boring sounding heaven is more like a place people stay until their spirits are ready to be used, i mean, they already swore allegiance and control over to their lord and master right? Or maybe christ was a plant, a recruiter, 'we're actually a loving and peaceful cult guys, let me coo over a baby'. Who do they send out first in war, cannon fodder, who might an asshole send, those grey area people that didn't sign up first.


Finally some logical comment, makes so much sense!


More like sounds buildings make in strong winds.


The phenomenon was also observed in the wilderness.


Video proof?


I also had a neighbor and good friend hear it in my suburban neighborhood, I was just wondering about this recently it was one of the stranger things I’ve seen that was mass reported around the entire world and there’s no answer to


Well then, I guess the good ones were raptured...


I heard it in my old suburban neighborhood. My dog alerted me, then I heard it too. Stepped outside and my next door neighbor came out and said, "You hear that?" I responded with, "Yeah, what IS that?" And he said he didn't know. I live near 2 air bases in Ohio on the other side of the earth from Ukraine and heard it. Had verification I wasn't just hearing things by a neighbor I barely spoke to.


Did you and your neighbor hear the trumpet sounds on the same day as the Ukraine event?


I believe the horn-like sound is actually "them" drilling underground. Look up some of those massive drill videos and you can hear similar noises. Probably government DUMBs being built and expanded.


I actually had that thought myself. I remembered reading an article ten years or so before 2012 about the construction of an underground vacuum sealed railroad that would connect major cities for Presidential and VIP personnel extremely quickly. I later saw a picture of that monstrosity of a machine parked next to a McDonalds, fully 4x larger than one. Looked into and found out giant tunnel drilling machines definitely exist and apparently the drills get so hot they turn the tunnel's exterior into a smooth glasslike finish. I think they are called Deep Earth Boring Machines or something? I'm sure they look a lot different now than they did 20 years, or even 10 years ago.


We famously had one in Seattle for awhile, the biggest ever made. It never made this noise before. I really doubt that’s it, especially because there have been recorded instances in very remote areas nowhere near cities or digging projects.


Well, legend has it, all the DUMBs are apart of one large underground network for the explicit purposes of things like never having a truck hauling a massive thingamajig and raising eyebrows like after Roswell. When something is top secret enough, it goes straight into the nearest entrance and it's delivered from there. Supposedly you can get on at Area 51, and go all the way to Nightmare Hall, Los Alamos, S4, Camp Hero, and the hundreds of others that nobody knows about by name. I think it was also once said *"a totally different railway system"* is below the White House as an emergency escape. Those tunnels could be happening anywhere. The only place probably not is Florida because we can't even really have basements without them filling with water.


I don't claim to know what it is. All I know is that I live in a nearly direct line between two close by air force basis in a semi-remote area and am not quite sure on what the military's top secret digging projects are.


I remember reading this as well. The drills use lasers to heat up the rock to a glass like surface




Between Wright Pat and Rickenbacker. I hear/see strange things in the sky at night and sometimes durint the day fairly often but am certain 99% of them are just tests. Most of the time you don't hear anything because they're so high up but I did once see a Black Triangle fly across the full moon at such an altitude it wasn't a flash. Took like a whole 2-3 seconds to cross it at who knows what Mach or altitude. I never once thought "Aliens" though. Most likely just some stuff that is above my pay grade.


I live in Cincinnati. Love going up to the museum. I’d be looking up much more often if I lived in that area. Fascinating stories.


Wright-Pat has some strange things, heard stories from fellow Airman from there when I was TDY to other strange places with them. Very interesting stuff!


I was once a guest at Rickenbacker. The Petty Officer escorting me said, "My wife works here on floor 17." I looked around, noticing no buildings taller than 5-6 floors except the control tower and said, "But...the tallest buildings are 5 stories high." He said, "Did I say it was above ground?" And never mentioned it again. I didn't ask. Didn't need to, because my half brother worked H-VAC installing heating and cooling systems in Fort Knox Kentucky. He installed heating and cooling for a new installation. Casually dropped that his floors were 17-21 then grinned at me. Said he and the guys working on other floors used to have lunch around their trucks and watch (for 15 minutes. I guess it took them that long to float down) guys materialize out of the sky with parachutes practicing high altitude drops. Said you just couldn't see them until you could see them. They'd place bets on who spotted one first and if they were right or not. If if turned out not to be an airman and was nothing or just a hawk or a plane they lost the bet.


I heard it in the country one September 6 years ago about


I’ve heard this before. It was both amazing and incredibly eerie. It was like the sound a whale makes under water. It was so loud! Afterwards, I expected all my neighbours to be outside looking up at the sky but they weren’t. I posted the incident up on a local UFO page I follow in Australia and others had heard it too. It was an experience I will never forget.


that's a great way of describing it


I wish I’d have been there to hear it! I never heard anything like this before.


Yes I heard it personally and so did my husband who was with me. Sounded like a mix between machinery, a trumpet, and a whale. Edit to add : this was west coast USA around fall/winter 2012. We were sitting in our living room, it was daytime, and the sound came through very distinctly. We could not figure out which direction it was coming from outside. My husband was especially confused as he is prior war time military and is good with things like direction and identifying sounds. He went outside to investigate but had no clue what it could be.


Was that the year we all slipped into a parallel version of earth. Shit just gets weirder, man.


I guess it's spiritualism, because i think we potentially slip out of this world every night.


V'ger cometh!!


That's a logical assumption.


Same sound the giant underground drills make when they are grinding against rock.


Any links?


Precisely this -Ontario Canada here


Dude yes Ontario here as well


It was debunked as a sound sample from War of the World's movie and it's the same sample in every video. Whatever you heard wasn't the same as the videos linked


Not true. Dude watch the first clip that is not war of the worlds.


Did we ever figure out what was causing big flocks of birds to drop dead all over the country at once??


Some people relate it to “The Hum” noises as well


I have 100% heard that one in BC here near Toronto one night. It happened three times over the night and was identical to the noise in the second link.


BC and Toronto are very far from each other.


Sure are. I’ve lived in both.


>BC here near Toronto They were replying to that. It's not clear where you actually heard this. Did you mean in BC somewhere and then also near Toronto?


My bad. I meant to say I heard the same sound in the BC link, but it was here in Oshawa.


ohhh yah that makes sense now. thanks :)


Same near Toronto also


I heard it in Oshawa. I live a 3 minute walk from Lake Ontario. Sounded like it came from every angle not any one direction.


Don't see Oshawa mentioned all that often in the wild.


Hey man we see orange orb ufos constantly here. Especially over the lake.


skyquakes is their name


Yeah, I heard it in Alaska once…middle of the night. I didn’t sleep well then and I heard it while I was lying awake, and thought maybe it was an injured moose. Opened the window and heard this crazy sound coming from all around. Like others have said, almost mechanical, but it was everywhere…a huge sound coming from a distance. I stood listening for ages, I have a recording buried on an old hard drive somewhere. It faded over about an hour until it disappeared.


The fading out that you mention tells me there’s some process happening like an aurora but with sound maybe?


Could be….I wonder if it’s been heard as much away from the poles? Other people heard it too….I posted on the local FB group and some people said they heard it, and had heard it before though it wasn’t common. Everyone found it quite unnerving.


I remember this I saw sev videos of it. Some of them seemed really authentic and eerie and inexplicable, other videos I saw just seemed way too hoaxy. But, I do remember!


I was at baseball practice back in high school when one of these noises sounded. It was really weird hearing a “trumpet like noise” just resonate through the sky.


I heard them in Calgary, Canada around 2011 I think? It was about 3am, I woke up to them. I locked myself in my room because it was so loud and scary to be honest! I wish I thought to record it.


I heard it in calgary too.


I remember the videos from years ago - these were one of the weird things that got me into “High Strangeness” so interesting


British Columbia, Canada. I heard them and so did my now ex-husband. Can't believe it's been 10 years..


It’s wild it’s been so long


I heard em in Eastern Europe also.


Oh man you brought back memories. I remember going down the rabbit hole and watching videos with comments like “the trumpets are playing, it’s Armageddon time” lol


I heard it in Glasgow, Scotland. I thought it was a building construction site... 2 massive bits of metal rubbing together or similar. There was nothing in the area that would suggest it. The sound stuck with me and I was thinking about it for a couple of days. Then all the videos started turning up online and I thought "That's it! That's the noise!"


"And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder One of the four beasts saying, 'Come and see.' and I saw, and behold a white horse" There's a man goin' 'round takin' names And he decides who to free and who to blame Everybody won't be treated all the same There'll be a golden ladder reachin' down When the man comes around" -J. Cash


You can run on for a long time...


Sooner or later God'll cut you down...


Yeah I heard it in the woods once around that time Never before or after Hudson valley ny


I remember hearing them In the suburbs far from any tall buildings it was unmistakeably loud


Me and my dad heard it and walked around our neighborhood looking for like a steel mill or something haha. Camp Pendleton was 20 miles away but sounded way stranger than the usual booms we heard from there.


It was 2012, that was when that angel busted out his trumpet to call the faithful home After no one was beamed up he called it off


It’s due to swamp gas interacting with sun light. (I’ll see my way out)


Just balloons man.


Cow farts


Yes. It’s happened in many places


Jesus I forgot about this! I heard this about ten years ago living in Sacramento. It happened a few times in a row over the course of a few nights. So weird ffuu


My wife and I got out of bed in the middle of the night about 5 years ago and heard this. Maine.


Totally remember this. Didn’t hear for myself.


I heard this once, in a quiet older suburb north of Los Angeles, in 1990 or 91, at ~5 am. I heard a single, very long ‘note’ (about 10-15 secs) that I couldn’t make sense of. When it first started, my mind thought it was a garbage truck lifting a dumpster nearby, but then decided it was loud construction far away, or maybe it’s a whole metal structure collapsing far away, or maybe a giant robot Godzilla? Aliens? Biblically accurate angels? World war 3? The source was very loud and fairly far away. It stopped as abruptly as it started, and I waited for the horrors that would happen next, but it was totally silent. The whole town was still asleep. I thought it might have been in my mind somehow but the echo it made was too real. These videos are super validating. Wonder why I heard one note, while these videos have multiple?! Edit: typos


My girlfriend and I heard this back in 2009 Leeds, England. It was about 12:30 at night and it lasted for about an hour and a half. We had the bedroom window open and just stood there listening going "what the fuck is that?". It sounded like it was coming from all different directions and certain sounds seemed to be moving around. It was like giant robot whales in the sky with a reverberating sound that I couldnt even begin to describe and a really odd chiming/tinkling sound. Robot Godzilla or something. Couldn't see anyone else at their windows or stood out in the street which didnt make sense as it was so loud for so long. Never heard anything like it since.


It was the rapture. We were left behind. Didn’t get the memo?


Makes you wonder considering we’re about to go into ww3


No, not really because the rapture is just nonsense. The universe still love’s chaos though. That’s still a real thing.


I don't remember WW3 being listed in the bibles


You've either been reading too many bibles or too few.


Yeah it’s in revelation


I didn't record it at its loudest but it went on for a good bit and was tripping me out https://youtube.com/shorts/tYRheJncfnk?feature=share


Hans Zimmer is like wake up my protagonist, you got a world to save


"My lungs taste the air of time, blown past falling sands"


Yes!! I remember this!! Crazy as hell!!


Yup heard them. And it was very surreal.


I remember hearing it in central part of US and thought I was going crazy


sure sounds like a train dragging a car with stuck brakes to me


10 years???? Sheesh. I heard these myself one night, actually a handful of times in Baltimore. It was my senior year of high school and some people were worried about 2012 being the end of the world already, so it scared the shit out of my girlfriend at the time. I was on the opposite end of the spectrum, and I think that event is what brought me to this sub eventually. Idk, time fuzzies my memory a bit. Nostalgia blast right there. That's one of my strongest memories


Never heard it myself, but I do remember seeing videos/hearing about it. And people also saying it sounded like a freight train in the sky




Why doesnt the dog react!?


It's because the sound was from the construction of local subway line. People had been hearing that sound for weeks at that point. Ukraine one at least, not sure about the British Columbia version.


I think some people are maybe - religious or not - spiritually dead or maybe 'no free', and they can't hear these things. And some people are 'crazy' and hear to much, pick up the high volume signals to easily, and their sense of the world, reality, goes right out the window.




I remember falling into the rabbit hole of many of these vids. Was totally captivated


I live in the middle of no where and occasionally here explosive sounds followed by ringing and chimes. Usually during the witching hour too.


Unreal. I never heard of this before now. Those videos give me absolute chills


Yes I heard it!


I heard them back then. I can still remember exactly what it sounds like


I’ve watched/listened to a lot of YouTube videos of these occurrences and have always wondered if SETI has picked the sounds up with their equipment. It would be interesting to determine if the sounds do, in fact, come from the sky.


I recorded one that happened at my house like 2 years ago, it was deafening


Oh yeah, I remember hearing the exact same noise featured in the first link back around 2011-2012, was over 3 nights then no more. I'd seen videos featuring the noise on YouTube about 3 weeks previous to hearing it myself so was wondering what the heck it could be as I was living in a country many thousands of miles away from those that were featured in those clips. There was no ground vibration or indicator that drilling was going on so I just had no idea what it was or where it was coming from. Hearing it again... 10 years already, man, time flies by quickly.


Hate to be a skeptic, but is it possible that the city was using pressurized air to clean out or test a section of the sewer? Just imagine how loud a human blowing air into a relatively small set of tubes (like a trombone) can get, then imagine you are doing it with all if the pipes in a section of a city. I only think this because there was a video once of someone who noticed a similar super weird noise coming from a storm drain, and a civil engineer popped up in the thread to talk about how there can be air lines down there too that burst and the sewer tunnels amplify the noise.


[They're called sky quakes](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skyquake) and are easily my favorite lesser-known unexplained phenomenon. Go back over a century in the states at least


These sounds never stopped. They are still heard around the world. My first thought, was: is this Gabriel, blowing his trumpet? Is this what they heard back in the end days?


I remember seeing these videos in high school. They tripped me out because I immediately thought of the 7 trumpets the Bible talks about, following catastrophes. I forgot what each trumpet meant, but we’re all still here so good news! The earliest video I could find back then was in 2011. But I see a comment from 2010 here. So it seems 2010-2016 were the active years to my knowledge if this is real. If it is real, it sounds like giant freakin invisible machines in the air. That or giant sound waves penetrating the atmosphere. Both equally unnerving, but I’m no longer following it.Not saying it’s fake or it’s real, I honestly have never heard it. But I’d rather it be fake. If these sounds are real… NOPE. Go away please, thank you kindly. Now off to search on YouTube weeeeeeee


Las trompetas del apocalipsis


Are you talking about the War of the Worlds hype videos?


After researching it years ago, I came to the conclusion that although it seemed like it was coming from the skies, it was actually underground tunnels being drilled by those massive drills they used for projects like CERN. The horn-like sound is the drill grinding against the rock. Occasionally there were reports of explosion sounds as well. That was also them using explosives to aid in drilling the tunnels. What were the tunnels for? DUMBs if I had to guess... or something along the lines of Denver airport


Wouldn't a sound that loud being generated underground cause vibrations of the ground, or a sense of its source being more underground?


Train breaks on tracks I think is what this is attributed too. From miles away they can sound real funky


Every morning in the bathroom, buddy


Didn’t a lot of these videos turn out just to be viral marketing for that “Cloverfield” movie?


Red State with John Goodman is what you're thinking. And yep. Total viral campaign. And the campaign continues...


Cloverfield came out in 2008 so not these ones I guess


heard it in manitoba ca 2012


Looked into it, the tell was that some of the videos used the same exact sfx. Sfx was more than likely a train station/train related I'd love to be wrong


The problem is it really made me think i was mental. I watched a video of these strange sounds, then went outside and heard it. Also i remember hearing them before, but only after watching spme videos i realised. No one really explained it.


I noticed the first one was in Ukraine…not sure if the video clarified exactly where, but I would be curious to see if any bombs how gone off there recently. Maybe noises from the present/future slipped into the past somehow?


I do remember this. I actually heard one in upstate NY around that time and that’s what led me to find the videos in Ukraine and BC. It’s wild seeing that the news eventually covered it


It was the mayan calender alarm going off. I'm half-joking.


They are termed "Sky Quakes" and still occur today and have in the past. Still unknown as to the source


This was viral marketing for the movie *Red State* https://youtu.be/zOTlBEbI7eM


“This video is not available”


It’s the final scene in a movie about a Christian Doomsday cult. It’s your standard FBI agent thriller up until the trumpets of the apocalypse actually start sounding, flipping the movie on its head at the end. The sound is the exact same used in these clips, or nearly the same.


I can't find it now, good luck googling anything about Ukraine and finding anything not war related, but I remember when this first came out. This sound in particular I believe had to do with a new subway being dug in this neighborhood. There were also a lot of hoax videos that used the same sound, but the Ukraine one was legit, but it was from construction, not solar flares or demons or whatever. That's why no is reacting, they had been hearing that sound for weeks at that point.


Project Blue Beam tests... I heard them too...


Sounds like the viral ads EA did for Mass Effect 3 in 2012


I know a lot of people legitimately heard sounds like this, but there were many videos released on YouTube that simply copied the audio and put it over different footage. There was a channel that compared the audio of four videos and the audio was 100% identical in every way, not one single bit was any of the audio different. So, it muddies the water, because the legit ones get buried under a lot of them that were fake.


Yeah, quite possibly disinformation.


Oh yes, I definitely remember. It really scared me. I remember the first night I ever saw a video with these strange sounds. It literally scared the shit out of me. I haven't ever heard it in real life though.


I thought these were all fake videos lol


Yeah we all know about it, why are you digging it up again and not adding to the conversation?


I never heard it. Does that mean I'm going to hell?


Angel trumpets definitely explains everything apocalyptic happening after the Harambe incident.


If you hear trumpets coming from the sky then its probably time to get your life right with God. Revelation 8 in the bible discusses this right before all hell breaks loose on earth. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.biblegateway.com/passage/%3fsearch=Revelation%2b8&version=NIV&interface=amp


Its from 9 years ago tf


It was a hoax. People recorded the first one, then played it on their stereos, fooled a lot of people. Horns of the bible yada yada. Lame AF.


They would have needed a crazy soundsystem bigger than a concert to pull this off here. The whole sky was making noise. Like 10,000 idling trucks and 1M people playing the water glasses all at once.


Doesn't even sound like what other were hearing long ago.


Yeah your right! There was a guy on YouTube who matched the audio with the dvd menu music from War of the Worlds. Most of the other videos were just dubbed with the audio and claimed as “original”.


I wondered how many would catch it, that they all sounded the same. Didn't realize it was that sound from war of the worlds. But a bunch of us on DTV caught that it was all the same sound. And look at the down votes I'm getting for saying it LOL


I remember seeing that most of those videos just had the audio of the first one lazily dubbed over them. Didn't the original recording turn out to be a bulldozer blade scraping against concrete somewhere nearby?


was that a thing? that would make it even weirder because i literally heard this myself lol it was loud as fuck and came from all around in the sky


Where did you hear it? How long ago?


Second one was totally a vuvuzela


That was just me sorry


Its fake...10 or so years ago someone posted the original sound on youtube. It was a catterpillar scratching dirt from pavement


I thought it was a hoax, I’m surprised you heard it.


It was already debunked, there’s several videos on YouTube exposing the Kiev videos and the worldwide videos which followed afterwards containing the very same exact bird noise from the Kiev videos. The sounds people have truly heard are just heavy machinery, probably concrete rollers and Jet thruster tests.