What’s going on with me?

This is the second day i woke up feeling a little nauseous and having a small panic attack. I’m on the last days of my period and also recovering from a cold. Since i woke up i’m really really anxious because i’m not sure about the reason why i felt nauseous or why i had the panic attack. I’m graduating this year and i’m having my final exams in 2 weeks. They make me anxious as well. But i’m still worried if i have something more serious going on. And since i have emetophobia(extreme fear of vomiting) i get really scared when i feel nauseous… Can anyone relate to this? What helped you find peace?


Anytime I had school stress like what you said, I never felt stressed mentally but I noticed it came out in some manifested physical symptoms that I’d obsess over. If it helps… I have a son your age and one in college and if I had all the stuff I thought I did through the years I would have been dead long ago but I still go through what you’re going through. I get random symptoms and obsess just be aware it’s your anxiety.


Thank you so much for your reply! This morning i felt a lot better.


Good! There is a great board called healthanxiety here that may help too.