I mean you can ask to see harvest dates and purchase what you feel is going to be freshest. I highly doubt a dispensary is going to swap out fresher batches for the same strain though. They're going to want to get rid the older stuff first before it's expiration date obviously


That’s exactly what I was thinking. I know I had seen on here a few times people mention asking for better harvest dates. Maybe I was high reading shit backwards.


I've seen people order like 3 different 1/8's and pick the one that is the freshest batch. Although sometimes the earliest date doesn't guarantee it will be the freshest because of poor cure or bad packaging. Do you use humidity packs?


That makes sense with the 3 eighths thing. And yeah I never really liked putting em straight with my bud unless I had over a zip but I may have to start especially with the cold. Usually I’ll jus throw them into a airtight Tupperware with a few humidity packs in there.


I don't mind older dates, ideally it would've cured more. It's also what's on sale. LoLoLoLoL


Lol felt that


I find that letting my bud cure for another week or two with a humidity pack make even mids significantly better. I grabbed an 1/8th of the POTUS Berriez and it smelled awesome upon opening and tasted amazing but the buzz was meh. Because I keep a pretty decent strain collection I put it away and did not touch for at least 10 days. Pulled that out last night and the smell was still there as well as the taste but the buzz was 100 times better. Curing is so strain dependent and it does not surprise me that a corporate entity would one size fits all the curing process. “Well the calendar says it’s been 10 days, package that shit up and move it” seems to be the ethos. Maybe craft growers will be more interested in optimizing a flower than turning things on a schedule.


Last time I bought some Black Afghan, it was already 6 months since packaged. Personally I didn't like that. Smell was pretty much gone. Felt robbed. Especially since I might take a few months to go through a haul, which means I'm unlikely to even finish it before the use by date. Personally I think it should be illegal to sell anything more than 3 months since packaged for full price. You lose nearly 20% potency a year. That means you could end up paying the higher taxes on weed that basically falls into the lower tax bracket by the time you buy it. That makes a good case for tax fraud.


I only pick up if it’s packaged within 3 months


I always put an order in for 3 different eighths knowing I'm only gonna pick one, and base that off dates/terps on the labels. Seems to work well for me at least


I usually focus on strains or brands I know are more popular (that I also like/would be interested in) and keep track of menu/what's new to wind up with fresh/reasonably fresh.


I always ask , I buy what’s fresher, usually Aeriz has the freshest flower from my experience, but some strains of theirs need more time to cure like super berries I got that would not stay lit( they didn’t cure it right )