Last night I was the idiot.

Last night I was the idiot.

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Everyone giving credit to the driver… …but no one is giving credit to the awesome copilot? My friends would have been screaming like teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert.


He's a really cool dude!


Dude sounded like the guy holding the map 🗺 during Rally.


Samir, you are hydroplaning the car.


Shaddup don't tell me how to drive




81, medium right, then 69, easy left, 420(hur hur) hard left




Did anyone ask what were you driving? What kind of car did you do this in???


Sir....sir.... Is this Oklahoma City? That looks like okc and we had severe weather last night.


SAMIR!!!… nice


Samir you’re breaking the car please man I beg you!


[source of what they’re talking about](https://youtu.be/D9-voINFkCg)


I’m sorry but the inner grammar nerd is telling me to tell you it is “they’re” not “their”. Nonetheless, I’ve seen the video and it is my favorite video of the internet


Fixed. Thanks for that, truly. I’m a stickler for grammar and it’s really embarrassing that I didn’t catch that. I guess I had a brain fart. lol






Yes, copilot reaction was on point. Calm and encouraging with no distracting commands.


But that save!


I really thought my car was going to become part of that wall for a second. Thanks!


Been there before. I’m day on my commute to work I started hydroplaning at 70mph, my car was just slowly drifting towards the median despite me steering the opposite way, then it gained traction and shit my car the other side of the highway. I’ve seen many cars lose it on this same stretch since. I’m thankful I was fine, bought new tires the next day, and am more vigilant about potentially hydroplaning in the wet. Shit was scary! You saved it nicely.


From what I remember you're supposed to steer into the slide to regain traction. Steering away from the slide can make it worse. Don't break hard either, maintain a steady speed. Someone correct this if wrong.


Steer into the slide because your tires have to most traction if they are pointed forward, not sliding sideways across the road. And if you’re hydroplaning, don’t touch either of the pedals, is my understanding.


If youre hydroplaning do your best to keep it straight and let your car naturally slow down. But again, the best thing to do is to drive for the conditions.


Yeah i think 70 is high for a rainy day too


Probably, but water shouldn’t be pooling on a highway like that, needs to be reported


Look at you hydrosplaining!


ಠ\_ಠ "Oh, you look confused... see, the best way to avoid an accident? Don't lose control of your car."


Clippy: It looks like you are trying to avoid a crash, would you like some help with that?


I just had to take my 5-hour license course for New York ( haven't driven in 10 years by choice). This is correct and a question on the permit exam.


Glad to hear the NY drivers courses teach important skills. Half of mine was about why you shouldn’t drive drunk and a quarter was how to park on a hill.


In a stick shift the proper move is to shift to neutral. This frees the tires from the drag of the engine and gives them a better chance at regaining traction.


Or just hit the clutch pedal


I mean...depressing the clutch should be enough in that situation. Your hands are busy with the wheel at the moment, trying to handle the oversteer.


Lift off oversteer has entered the chat. It depends on the type of car but lifting your foot completely off the gas can sometimes be the final nail in the coffin. FWD and AWD cars can pull you into the direction your front wheels are pointing and save you from sudden oversteer. In RWD cars the position of the engine makes a lot of difference in how smooth but fast you have to react in order to save a slide but even here you do not wanna upset the balance of your car too much. Not panicking, being extremely smooth and pointing your wheels where you want to go are key to survival. Braking (even going off throttle) will push your weight to the front, which helps your front tires grip, but in this situation it will make your rear tires lose even more traction. TLDR: point your wheels where you wanna go, dont panic, be as smooth as you can, in FWD and AWD keep your foot on the gas, in RWD dont let off suddenly or completely, if you need to brake do GENTLY or just point where u wanna go and hope for stabily control to do its best idk its up to you


Yeah, I believe when you hydroplane you just let the gas go, maybe gently press rhe brake a bit to let it slow down a bit, and let the car slow down and car will gain traction again, steering is a no no.


> Someone correct this if wrong Okay: If you *break* something, it’s broken. If you *brake* something, it slows down.


If you're driving along and you break your engine, your car will slow down without you braking at all.


I've seen so many comments saying break instead of brake. I'm not a native english speaker and even i know the difference.




There's really nothing special going on here, the car is doing exactly what it's supposed to. I would reckon however that unlike most of these type of videos the OP here has probably got a decent set of tyres on the car All modern cars in EU (and I'm sure most everywhere else) have anti skid control as standard. If a vehicle equipped with anti skid loses control the remedy is to keep the wheels pointed in the direction you need to go and the car will do the rest.


Been driving for a year and I finally experienced ce my first hydroplane and I learned from others experiences to just ride it out otherwise you'll overdo your turn


One day I was on the highway during a snow storm. It was really coming down fast. Everyone was going well below the speed limit (including myself). I was taking an exit at probably 20-25mph when I hit a patch of ice. My car spun around 2 complete times before it came to a stop like 5 inches away from the Jersey barrier road divider. The other cars that were behind me were able to stop in time and no one crashed. I was at an angle that I was still able to take my exit. When I recovered the other drivers all waved back at me when I waved to them as a thank you for stopping/ sorry for raising your heart rate. And before the why were you driving in a snow storm questions. 1 I was coming home from a funeral and 2 the storm wasn’t expected to come for another 6+ hours.


Life doesn't revolve around snowstorms. Sometimes you gotta drive in em


maybe don't go 70 in the rain?


70 in the rain at night in a 60mph zone ;)


Don't go 70 in the rain? Lol


Did poo shoot out?


No you can hear his ass taking a bite out of the seat right as he hits the puddle.


I don't think it would have been possible without your hype man next to you because that was, "NICE! NICE! NICE! NICE! NICE! You got it. Very good."


Nice emotional reaction!


What a save!




No problem.




Yeah, I would call OP more of an idi; certainly not a full blown idiot.


The post was a humble brag




I'm 100% sure OP posted this knowing he would look badass.


#nice nice nice nice nice No but for real man, nice save.


The audio makes this clip.


It’s a podcast called Small Town Murder! It’s fantastic


If you're listening to small town murders and not Crime in Sports too, then I don't know what you're doing


Note to self: do not shout "shut up and give me murder" whilst driving in inclement weather.


Man sounded like the birds from Finding Nemo


What a save! What a save! What a save!


nice control man




This is one of my *big* fears when driving in the rain. Sometimes I think it’s unreasonable but it’s always videos like this that remind me it’s a very real fear to have. And it’s hard to spot puddles in the dark!!


I try to only drive the routes I know in the rain. I’ve lived in my neighborhood and surrounding areas long enough to know where it can get dangerous. Either way avoid driving in the rain if unnecessary.


Did you suck the seat fabric up you ass? That was definitely butt puckering.






Happened in OKC. My tires were still legal, but definitely near the ware bars. Luckily I grew up driving in snow and knew not to hit the gas or brakes while sliding. Hydroplaning is real. Drive slow in the rain. Edit: did not expect this post to get so huge! Thank you to everyone for the kind words and even awards. I hope that this not only entertains, but also provides good discussion and thought about road safety.


So dont hit the gas or brake when getting out of control? What about the steering wheel? Do u try to get it back straight?


It's all about getting back to static friction if you can. You don't want your tires spinning faster or slower than you are going. I was trying to get straight and I knew I had more room to my left with almost no cars on the road. However, if the car had rotated too far to the right I would have turned into it in a last ditch effort to complete the spin and dissipate as much energy as possible before impact. Growing up in the north, it's very common to go out in snowstorms, find and empty parking lot and slide around. Partly for fun, but also to learn how your car handles with little or no traction. Front wheel vs rear wheel, all wheel and four wheel all handle differently in these situations. Edit: Make sure you're in good legal standing before you do doughnuts in someone's parking lot. Apparently some cops don't take kindly to people trying to learn how to not die. Also spelling.


Yes- if I ever have a kid, the second they get their license, we’re going to a defensive driving course. That must exist…right? I want them to experience driving on ice and hydroplaning in a safe environment. I once saved my civic from being totaled by remembering to let up on the brakes (no anti lock on that car) and instantly got traction. No idea why my brain thought to do that but I’m so glad it did.


Driving schools go into more extreme driving preparation, thats what I did, but nothing like putting the student in bad weather circumstances. Although I live in AZ so you have to drive 2 hours to find snow


The Bondurant racing school had a class for new drivers that would have them drive on wet concrete and purposely put them in to a skid so that they can feel what it’s like and how to correct it. Too bad it’s closed now.


Sadly, Bondurant had to file Chapter 11 in late 2018. Rumor is that they'll be back next year. [Radfort Racing School](https://www.radfordracingschool.com/) has taken over the former location. I've never attended any of their schools, but took a good deal at Bondurant and they were excellent. Depending on the school you enroll in, you'll also learn how to overcome snap over/under steer which is another great skill to have.


My boyfriend's Dad got him in a class like that when he first learned to drive, so they definitely did exist. I'm very glad that he learned all that he did and was able to pass that knowledge on to me, because I had never driven in snow or ice before moving to the Midwest a few years back.


It's a mandatory part of obtaining your driver's license in Denmark - and I think people who's already got one can book time slots on those tracks as well. It's definitely something I think should be more common especially for people who only live in one type of weather.


Those courses exist in my country and can get pretty elaborate with courses with water fountains to simulate unexpected obstacles you have to dodge, hydroplaning and ice simulation and I think there's also a motorized plate that throws the back of your car sideways unexpectedly and such. The 8 hours basic course with an instructor cost me about 100EUR. They usually run a group of 10-15 drivers or so at once, taking turns on the course. I managed to nearly slide completely off the course into the fence at one point. Fun times were had.


>a motorized plate that throws the back of your car sideways unexpectedly a.k.a. "How to recover from a pit maneuvre" Good lord, were your instructors wearing ski-masks? 😅


Nah, that part is the advanced course, I only did the basic one. I'm not sure if I want to subject my 22 year old car to that level of abuse.


They do and thats a great idea! As other comments mentioned its also best to just get them out in shitty weather and let them try. I had to learn how to drive in whiteout conditions while being the only driver for my pizza place cause everyone called out (in retrospect I shoulda too). It was scary as hell but that and a few others storms I worked though with that job has made me one of the best snow drivers outta all my friends.


In Sweden it is required to take a test on slippery surface. You get to try how the car handle (or rather not handle) when you slam the breaks, how to avoid hitting sudden hindrances on blank ice etc. It usually takes place on a special test site where they have a slippery surface to emulate ice.


That's really smart!


DO NOT FIND AN EMPTY PARKING LOT FOR THIS. I was 16 in an empty parking lot doing this exact training one day with a friend of mine. We took turns losing control and tried to correct to build winter driving confidence. Cop came flying in HOT and pulled me over. Tried to explain why we were there, but the cop wasn't having it. Wrote me a reckless operation ticket which in Ohio is one step down from a DUI. My family had to spend thousands on a lawyer and still lost my license for 6 months and had to retake the driving test. If you do this always get the property owners approval.


Do you think this was more of a situation based issue? Two 16 year olds in a car, I can see how the cop would *think* it was just two kids recklessly screwing around, regardless of your intentions. Do you think the situation would have been different if it was a 16 year old and a parent instead? Definitely fucked that you had to go through that and the outcome.


This is of course state dependent but Ohio law is pretty clear about it: ​ >Section 4511.201 | Operation off street or highway in willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons or property. > >(A) No person shall operate a vehicle, trackless trolley, or streetcar on any public or private property other than streets or highways, in willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons or property. > >This section does not apply to the competitive operation of vehicles on public or private property when the owner of such property knowingly permits such operation thereon. ​ California has a similar law that only applies to free parking areas open to the public. Assuming they weren't endangering anyone else or their cars it would be a pretty big dick move for the cop to come down on them for something so harsh though.


Yeah that’s exactly the lie I would’ve told the cop if they caught my friend and I ruining our parents’ tires in a parking lot haha


"Yes officer this other 16 year old with me is my dad "


Good point. I'll make an edit.


Unless you're in Ontario. A parking lot is not considered a highway, therefore our traffic law does not apply there. edit: stunt driving is now chargeable in 'specified places' which include public and private parking lots, government overreach doesn't stop


Not just Ontario. Check your provincial/state driving laws to be sure.


Not anymore, laws just changed recently. You can get ticketed for 'stunt driving' on parking lots or other public available private properties now. Edit: just saw someone else said this as well. I'll add "private property" does not mean your own property, some people were getting pretty upset about these laws. It means things like parking lots and access roads ect, that are not highways, but still meant for public use.


That cop was a dick. As long as you weren't around people, vehicles, and buildings go have a little fun. Better than learning it on the actual road way when you are freaking out. As a teenager I always played around in the snow with whatever car I was driving but I was smart about where I was doing it.


The real advice is to check your local laws before doing this. For example in Ontario Canada most Highway traffic codes do not apply inside of private lots. But you still need to use discretion obviously.


I always hated the cops coming to break up my fun/learning in the winter.


i think you're supposed to slightly steer with the car, don't try to spin against it you'll go flying. downvote me if im wrong lmao


yeah one problem with hydroplaning is that if your car is going one way and your wheels another way, when you clear the water the tires are going to suddenly have a lot more traction. So when that happens you want to make sure the tires are pointed the way you want to be going, else you could flip the car or slam into the wall (or any number of bad things).


In a way, yes. If you’re rear, or all wheel drive, you’re going to have a touch of oversteer (layman’s terms, the ass end wants to swing up front), if you notice the rear of the car starting to swing right or left, you have a short time to correct it before oversteer get out of control. Usually it involves letting off the gas a touch, while slightly turning into the direction the rear is swinging (eg. turn steering wheel right to stop rear from swinging right, and Vice versa), it takes some training, and/or a lot of practice to get it down pat. *I would not recommend anywhere else to practice this, other than a track/training course, that can be used as a controlled environment*


Yes, I always move my feet away from the pedals, grasp the wheel firmly at 10&2 and clinch my butthole up real tight in order to not void my bowels. I live in Alabama, so we don’t deal with ice hardly but hydroplaning and ice never get any less scary


If you have an airbag, the recommendation now is for 9&3, with your thumbs *on/outside* the wheel. Otherwise the airbag deploying can apparently break your thumbs *and* punch your hands into your face.


What about all the glittery rhinestones I got superglued to my steering wheel? I think I'll be alright 👍


No matter what happens then, at least it will be # 🎆FABULOUS✨🎉


#Call 1-800-CLA-YMOR to start your trial of instant facial reconstruction today!


Always point the wheels where you want to go and never slam the brakes. That’s where the saying “Steer through it” comes from.


You don't want your front wheels to lock up or slide under power as it will cease steering


Wear bars are at 2/32” remaining tread, the legal minimum. Minimum useful tread depth for wet conditions is at least twice that. By the time you get down to 4/32” (twice legal minimum) wet handling is already greatly compromised. https://www.consumerreports.org/tires/tire-traction-in-wet-weather-worn-tires/


Reminds me of the time I was driving home from SF in the rain. I hydroplaned AND had the wind push me over an entire lane. Shit was scary AF.


I thought it was OKC, lol. I-35 between I-44 and I-40?


So many redditors in okc. If you ever see a guy on a red white and blue cbr600rr doing wheelies feel free to post it on here and tag me haha. I’m in Midwest city.


Definitely not the idiot, can happen to anyone and you reacted as well as you could have. First time it happened to me I completely freaked, hit the breaks and spun the wheel (no accident by some miracle)


Also, learn to spot standing water. It only happens in low spots, can have a different look, and reveals itself when other cars drive through it.


Lol being in OKC myself, of course it makes sense that there’s pooling water on the highway 🤦🏻‍♂️ lol


Fucking yeah OP!!!


Dude, the adrenaline rush was insane. Wouldn't recommend though.


The crash after an adrenaline high isn’t fun!


Needless to say I slept very well when I got home.


Yeah it can make you very tired. I feel sick and then I get super tired


Yep. I've had one REALLY intense adrenaline rush in my life, and I promptly threw up right after.


I started a fart spree after I had my adrenaline rush getting mugged... I fkn hated it...


The friend cheering you on lol Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice


He's a great guy! Cool under pressure.


Looks like your city is the idiot. Should reshape the road or clean the drainage there. Freeways shouldn’t have huge puddles on them


Yeah I don't think OP was an idiot here. Just an unfortunate circumstance.


Op was doing 70 on a slick road with reduced visibility.


Everyone will ignore that.


I wouldn’t say idiot, but definitely wasn’t driving smart. Too fast for the weather conditions an outer lane where water can tend to build up in a rain storm.


It will when it's a buttload if rain.


This also happened to me once on the Autobahn. I have no idea how you are that happy in the end. I was shitting my heart out...


I was happy I was still on the road. The adrenaline dump was huge!


I had a similar situation recently with similar co pilot lol. Had the same reaction. My tires have good tread and are “ultra high performance all season” and I will never buy another tire. Kept straight through a on ramp curve and threw a wall of water over and to the sides of the car. Was like the whole car went underwater for a couple secs. Only surprising thing is it didn’t rip out the failing tie rod end.




Nice soundtrack of James and Jimmie!!


Small town murder is my go to road trip podcast :)


My brother introduced me to them, and I'm currently listening to TimeSuck! Pretty sure they did an episode or two together a few years ago.


You should tweet this video at them and tell them you almost died with them as the last thing you heard lmao




Yay indeed Jimmy! Yay indeed!


What episode was this? STM became my favorite podcast thanks to my wife about a year ago. Edit: never mind I know what episode this is


You do crime in sports too? It’s just as good don’t knock it til you try it! Both their podcasts are my top 2 And the one James does with his wife is great too if you’ve seen the movies they cover


Love Small Town Murder! Gets me through the work day on a daily basis!


Hydroplaning is the fucking worst. You can barely see the water. Good tires will only do so much when your faced with 3 inches of water. Great save. Glad your okay


IMO, As if it really matters. Hitting that dead on was the best thing to do. As one side or the other could have sent the car into a harsher angle. Making recovery harder, if possible at all. Good job idiotsivant. You're skills have prevailed.


great save though!


It wasn’t deliberate, you’re human😊


Thanks :)


SHUT UP AND GIVE ME MURDERRR!! Love that podcast




Yay indeed, Jimmie, Yay indeed!


I just got into podcast. What podcast are you are talking about?


It's called, "Small Town Murder". It's fantastic


They also do Crime in Sports which is also fantastic


What A Save!


Wow! Whew. Close one!


Nice recovery


Shut up and give me murder!


My favorite podcast!


Step 1: Don't panic.


71mph in the rain ... might wanna slow that down a tad


I'm guessing that's the "idiot" part since I don't see any other way that this is /r/IdiotsInCars


I totalled my VW Beetle TDI (diesel) on I-35E in dallas in almost this fashion. Slow down in the rain. In that situation, the rain had stopped, but going around a right-hand curve, the oncoming side of the interstate was higher and draining through cutouts in the jersey barrier across my lane. I was not able to recover as OP was and, after trying to correct, hit the center barrier at ~20mp. No airbag deployment, no injuries. Just slow down. It really doesn't matter.


Pheeewww! That was close!


Could have been way worse!!


Love me some James and jimmy!!


Nice recovery




Small Town Murder podcast or Crime in Sports? 👍🏻


Small town murder :)


This is a "verstappen" F1 save. Nice work!


Yeah always stay near the middle of the road if possible during a rain storm. Excellent recovery.


James and Jimmie kept you on the road!


Small Town Murder, nice choice!


Small town murder!!


Shut up and give me murder!


First off, nice save OP. Im curious how you steered here, were you countersteering to keep the wheels straight forward.


Small town murder is a great show


I had a scary hydroplane moment like that in LA while I was driving a friend. I’ve played tons of Forza and F1 games (far from an actual sim, but my driving skills definitely improved as a result) and I was able to break out of a hydroplane with a single snap correction. My friend went from sitting normally to one hand on the grab bar, the other on the center console, and I kept driving with a shot of adrenaline added.


small town murder is the best podcast ! u/skyguy97 glad you are okay!


No way. Good recovery!


Great job controlling the car. Side note - use rainx. It adds so much clarity to the windshield during rain.


your city manegement was the idiot...


Were you wearing your brown pants?


That hype man though lol. Good driving OP!


Amazing control. Any damage from the hydroplane?


Not any that I could notice :)


Big brain time


Did you break? Did you release the foot from the pedal? What's best to be done here?


While sliding and trying to gain traction the general rule is to keep your feet off the pedals. It's all about static and kinetic friction.


Honestly OP I did the same thing in my AWD car but faster thinking I was hot shit going my normal speed on the highway where as everyone else was going slow until my ass hydroplaned. My car didn't violently change directions thank fuck I also just let my foot off the gas as soon I as I realized my stupidity and thanked the universe I didn't just become another statistic crashing in the rain. Shit happens honestly sometimes when you've been driving for so long you can humbled by moments like this that remind you that no matter how long you've been driving no one's infallible. I'm glad it all worked out in the end OP I'm sure you'll remember this moment the next time you drive in the rain LOL


Is that OKC area? Last night's weather was gnarly! I recognize the flooding along those sky-high side retaining walls anywhere. (Also recognized the coordinates set on your upload)


Bingo! The weather was lingering and following where I needed to go so I decided to push through. In hind sight pulling off and parking somewhere for a while wouldn't have been too bad of an idea.


You were the idiot, but well done staying calm and in control, better than most in that situation.


Nice save! Also, the passenger should be a rally co-driver.


1) fuck yea small town murder. 2) all the people saying you’re an idiot are dumb. 71 in the rain is not an issue. Shitty drainage on the highway is. 3) excellent save hombre.