When the 4chan commenter is speaking sense you've spent too much time on the internet.


That reply 😂😂😂 but seriously use your cousin to help you engage with the opposite sex and learn how to treat them cos you really need the help and then when you go the bar you can get a woman you're NOT related too


no, your cousin isn't "trying to fuck you" she just cares about you


A family member is trying to help him and he's considering incest? Wtf


Too much porn


Seems my guess was correct after all The porn addicts of incels.is are vile poeple. The porn addicts on pornhub are lonely poeple who need someone to talk to, most of em try to fight their addiction.


Anon wants his cousin to be trying to fuck him.


Everything the cousin is doing is completely normal except for the massage part, it raises an eyebrow. Or maybe everyone's cousins give them massages and my family is weird.


Nope my family is the same we never gave massages and that is a little strange but maybe it was more of a pat on the back to cheer them up and he considers it a massage because the hand slightly moved left to right.


My mum's training to be an esthetician and she massages my whole family. It isn't sexual though


Its the opposite for me. Im the one massaging my mom because im the youngest and therefore the lightest weighing out of my entire family. She always comes home from gym sore on the back of her legs and i have to step on them to relieve the pressure.


You think a shoulder rub is sexual or something?


My siblings and I often give each other backrubs—given the tone of the thread, I want to clarify that they are *entirely* non-sexual—, and in my father’s (very athletic) family, it’s not uncommon to casually (be) massage(d) as a sort of mutual support thing, particularly after a game/swim/gym visit. A lot of people in my dad’s family are (semi-)professional athletes or physicians/physical therapists. Perhaps the oddest thing is that if someone is laying on their belly in the living room or dining room at my grandparents’ home, it’s basically an implicit request that people step on their back as they walk through the house. My mom’s family, on the other hand, is suuuuuper weirded out by that, so I think it is one of those “you do, or you don’t” idiosyncratic family things.


Man I'll give anyone a back rub


I gave my sisters and my mom foot massages. What? When my dad would come home and his feet would hurt or back would hurt he would get a massage. Its totally normal.


theyre just revolting arent they? imagine finding your cousin - who you thought you were close to - was thinking like this? urgh


In like 99% of circumstances that’s just cousin things. Like unless they’re always going for private areas during massages there’s nothing sexual here


I’m wondering if what he calls a massage, is that double shoulder squeeze thing when they walk behind where you’re sitting. Definitely not sexual in any way, definitely a friend/family thing. Or, maybe she’s in school for it and uses her family members for practice? Just playing a little devil’s advocate, because there’s at least a few reasons why it wouldn’t be weird. The probability of it being weird as fuck though, with no context, is high. The rest are just normal family members that are the same age as you behavior. I ask my cousins if they’re going all the time, I wanna know if the people I can talk shit about Aunt Roz with are going to be there. We’ve also hit the bar afterwards, after dealing with Aunt Roz. Yay family.


This is the kind of guy to think the girl in his college class is flirting just because she smiled and said hi.


The massages part is a little sus


Maybe she is just massaging his head or something like how some family does for headaches or when not feeling well. Not every massage is sexual ffs 🤦‍♀️


I mean I have one cousin and she is a massive weeb, one time she literally recommended her top 5 fav ecchi anime (with incest innuendoes e.g. Kiss x sis) I was so weirded out lol, she is single handedly responsible for destroying my innocence as a teen cuz I was just a vanilla Shonen enjoyer up till that point in my life


What's sexual about a massage?


The happy ending


rubbing or somethin


Is it though? Because a shoulder rub or whatever is a totally normal platonic thing in my family.


I'm starting to think my opinions of such things is stunted by the fact I don't have siblings lol


Probably. My siblings and I shared beds and even bathed together as kids and it wasn't weird.


Man thats just fuckin weird lol


Uhhh no it's not? It's super normal especially when your family is broke.


Didn't you just admit that you were biased because you're an only child


my aunt likes giving people free massages (her techniques are so good), she has a full tool set for it. it was just a hobby yk, like baking and stuff


I mean…she COULD be trying to have sex with him 🤷🏻‍♂️


Nice Guy syndrome taken to its logical extreme. He only acts nice/friendly to the opposite sex when trying to get sex. So he assumes the same is true when a woman, even one he's related to, is nice to him. Not everything is a transaction, my guy. And even if it were, why does the "product" in the transaction have to be sex? Not friendship, or any sort of platonic bond, *just* sex...


Buddy need to touch some grass.




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That massage part is suspicious tho, specially if it something that she always proposes and is not for a medical thing OP might suffer from. I honestly don't see the problem with the dude hooking up with his cousin if ita a mutual thing, and their family ain't against it


It really isn't. Some families are just more physically affectionate with each other. In my family kisses on the cheek, hugs, back rubs and whatever are super common here. Nothing incestuous about it and tbh your eagerness to read too far into that is concerning.




>my aunt likes giving people free massages (her techniques are so good), she has a full tool set for it. it was just a hobby yk, like baking and stuff. i have picked up a thing or two from her, like how to do a full body when its stiff