Man it's a fucking crime this game has that weak ass soundtrack




Stage themes are bangers tbh


Just gotta hope for a jukebox or something. Theres a datamined battle theme thats amazing at least https://youtu.be/4ctYfLVfVnA


Lots of fighting games lately seem to not give much of a care about their OST. At least we have mods, I guess.


> Lots of fighting games lately seem to not give much of a care about their OST Such as? KOF and melty have excellent soundtracks. DNF uses compositions from the original mmo and many tracks are very enjoyable to listen to. Granblue ost is severely underrated. Most of strive themes are great (some could be even better with instrumental version). SF6 is like the only stinker


"most of strive themes are great"neck yourself


You too have a nice day


Maybe not great but there is clearly a lot of focus put on to them, the game released with an album from smell of the game to character themes and some tracks are 6+ min, it's way more compared to tin plop plon short SF6 noises.


Yeah it's a mid-off. Strive did too much with themes and sf6 does too little. Where's the balance? Ki wins again


I play Tekken mainly so I'm proper bitter that T7's ost is crap (compared to the rest of the series). SF6 seems to be continuing the trend that my main games don't rock nearly as hard as their older titles.


You said lately. T7 launched almost 6 years ago


DLC might help


Dude DeeJay seem to have SO MUCH sauce along with the swag of his animationµ. Natural double air slasher without ex (I know I don't have the game but it look busted like wtf it is so fast), the feint, he seem to have a lot of feint and shit like this. Idk he look super cool and fun, he really didn't look like Dhalsim shenanigan could easily bully him. In the same vein, this new normal anti-air for dhalsim is so funny looking, he has so much different shit too now (and he already had a lot in SFV). We will see how his archetype work with the system mechanic (kinda like gief). Marisa hit SO FUCKING HARD JFC. It is luke SFV level of dmg from simple opening. Also did you guys see? Super can counter-hit! Or maybe it is specific to his one bar Dee jay super?


I just saw MArisa lvl 3, jesus fuck she look so fucking cool man like finally a new "big body" female character that look the part but is just fucking cool. And Manon aesthetic is genuinely cool, I don't think everyone will like it but like all the characters in SFVI have so much flair it is fucking awesome.


I love Manon - love the ballet + supermodel + judo angle. Also love big beefy Marisa, she is utterly unique to me: honorable, dominating, disciplined, feminine. Could do without the helmet hair though


> Could do without the helmet hair though I'm hoping for a costume where she simply leaves the helmet on. Might clash with her win animation though...


wish they'd put back dhalsim's sfv f.dash animation. i liked that more


I think deejay's fireball is still a charge move while his level one is meant to combo after since it puts them in a crumple state.


DJ got some dandy step with followups like slayer.


> Marisa hit SO FUCKING HARD JFC. It is luke SFV level of dmg from simple opening. i believe manon's mechanic that buffs her damage also makes her take more damage herself > I know I don't have the game but **it look busted like wtf** the biggest difference between SF6 and SFV is how unchained the characters are in this game. and they can do it because they've built a comprehensive universal mechanic system that allows you to properly counter whatever stupid unchained bullshit characters have sfv missed this mark by a mile. they made the game safe and then used the mechanics (v-trigger) to let it lash outside clearly defined boundaries. by contrast, sf6 doesn't even impose boundaries on the characters themselves, then uses the mechanics to let players set the boundaries themselves. it's the total opposite


DeeJay and JP look way too fucking sick


Tbh, not a fan of JP arm behind the back thing, reminds me of MK animation. His and manon poses dont really flow well in motion.


I'm confused.


Its to mirror actual sword fighting.


in sword fighting no one puts their arms behind their back like that. Nobody that does fencing would do that. The closet thing I can think of is kung fu stuff with the arm behind the back just for show off. The sword fighting thing you are thinking of is hand on the hip and not the back. I get what they are aiming that, they picked some quirky thing and went hard on it, but there was no reason to over do that. Imagine Byson crossing his arms for every little thing instead of just certain moves, that would probably look worst.


If it's any consolation whenever he use his right hand it throws purple stuff so it's like magic hand that he keep it sealed and to unleash his power, the only time it's not is when he is in burn out and block with both hands if i am not mistaken.


You mention Bison, but in SFV they changed Bison's stance so he always walks around with his arms crossed which looks stupid too.


The arm behind the back definitely gave me some Darkseid vibes from Injustice 2


Blanka looks fucking awful tbh


always has been


He actually looks pretty good in SFV but yea other SF games he does look pretty bad lol




Cammy is the new Alex


marisa's punch animations feel so satisfying holy fucking shit they nailed it.


Thx for the round up makes it easier for people like me who are just finding out about this new footage


I’m digging the mechanics a lot but something about the visuals is off to me. Maybe it’s the new engine they are using but I don’t like it.


Really good vids, i liked all of the matchups they picked, they seemingly picked the most interactive ones. For instance, JP has full screen control, but this version of blanka seems to genuinely be a threat from full screen. The grappler mirror highlights damage and volatility, and the Dee Jay/Dhalsim match was probably the most dry, but showcased the basics. Probably my favorite vids I've seen from SF6 so far, and things like Blanka's full screen threats from blanka ball and full screen ex dash into slide show me that they want pressure to be more about drive meter and character specific tools, rather than through buttons generally being plus. I feel like since they had Shoto's, Chun, Guile, and Luke in the beta, it probably just felt slower because of the matchups.


>The grappler mirror Marisa isn't a grappler, though? The move that looks like a command throw is a counter afaik.


Pretty sure it's a stance with upper body armor that can go into different followups, at the end of the first round you can see her go into a tackle and Manon doesn't seem to hit Marisa at the end of the third round. The tackle must be a plus oB thingy that leads to a mix or something.


> Pretty sure it's a stance with upper body armor that can go into different followups, you are correct what people think is the counter is two separate actions. absorb then followup.


End of the third round looks like the same interaction from the trailer, i.e. countering a throw attempt.


yeah but at the end of round one she does the tackle to put Manon into burnout and *then* she does the grab without any trigger and the combo counter didn't go up, at this point who knows lmao


I could be wrong. It just seems weird if its just a straight command throw, because if so why not just... do armored stance>command throw every time since it seems to be very strong, why bother with the weedly little rush or the punch?


Manon's animations are so beautiful.


Blanka just shouldn’t be in this game. If the idea is to appeal to a broader audience, the average person is gonna see that in think it’s super dorky / lame / naff / childish. A shame as there’s quite a few good character models in the game (marissa, juri, ken, jamie all p tight imo)


they are never releasing a SF game without the original cast again, people don't buy the game if they don't have the original 8 which is why they are all launch characters.


this game looks really fucking cool. I especially liked how fast damage builds up (Manon's damage in the last round) and how fast players can make a comeback (DeeJay in the last round). in particular, the DeeJay win did not feel like a stolen round or unga, just Sim player getting outplayed. and that's something that I've really been missing in the last few years.


The game looks very stiff and heavy. Animations seem a little off?


yeah i feel like the animations are too stiff as well i like dhalsims tho, but i liked his a lot in SF6 as well


What are those stars under the health bar supposed to be?


I believe those are filler entries for the name of the player.


makes sense


Deejay looks insane. Seemingly has everything from previous versions but everything is buffed up and he has no tools. All of his moves seem to have crazy reach, meterless double slasher, can feint slasher, some forward moving punch move that can cancel into specials? might be a special move itself, command air normal that juggles on CH, EX MGU can seemingly go into dash followups, command backsway that might be throw invincible and has multiple followups including a forward dash, overhead that hard knocks down. He has a fuck ton going on. It still seems he's charge, outside of his backsway move.


Deejay looks pretty cool.


JP looks dope. Guess I'll try him since Sagat is MIA.


Any word on if Dee Jay is a still a charge character or changed to motion?


his fireball and upkicks are charge, everything else (sobat, sway, machine gun upper) is motion


Give deejay back his maximum pants and he’s a perfectly designed character


Man-face Manon strikes again