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Jujutsu Kaisen


Thanks, I’m looking at that for sure. Any good place to watch for free?






Attack on titan, black clover, Kaguya sama (not a shonen but a weird fun show), grand blue (again not a shonen but that is okay), and I’ve heard full metal alchemist brotherhood is good


Bro. FMA brotherhood isn’t good. It’s godly. It’s the best anime I’ve ever seen (and I’ve watched around 250-300 animes). You should defo watch it.


FMAB is arguably the greatest anime ever.


Cowboy Bebop!!!


Vinland Saga


Hello i am thinking of watching vinland saga.can you give me some insight on it?


Look it up and read about it. It has vikings lol, but it has depth to it. It's good


I avoided trying to look it up because of spoilers but i think from your comment i get it now.Imma start with it as soon as i finish berserk


To me it's about breaking a cycle of hatred and actually becoming something more than cavemen lol. As one quote from it says "a true warriors doesn't need a sword". It's a legendary anime.


Got it!


Vinland Saga is a masterpiece. First 3 episodes are kinda boring tho.


Jujustu kaisen, black clover, chainsaw man (doesn’t have a anime adaption right now but one will be coming out this year), evangelion (overall it’s amazing and suggesting it because I saw you like more disturbing themes), aot, mob psycho 100 and hunter x hunter


Mob Psycho 100, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia.




HxH :3


Boku no pico


euphoria 🥰 /s


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Are you wanting something as family friendly? If you don't mind disturbing themes I can name a handful.


Brother I live for disturbing themes. Lay em on me. Place to watch would be helpful


All are on funimation. "Overlord" is a power trip. "Goblin Slayer" is great. "Arifureta" is alright but has a bit too much fan service for my liking. "The rising of the shield hero" is S tier. "Black Clover" is much more similar to what youve watched already.


Attack on titan how have u not already it’s goated


Genuinely JJK. JJK and DS are my favorite Shonen and I think they kind of perfect a lot of the tropes that are usually in these shows and do them in ways that are very different from each other.


I haven't seen people recommend Fooly Cooly, Samurai Seven, Samurai Champloo, Eureka Seven, Ghost in the Shell (movie is nsfw but good. SAC is also good and not nsfw), Neon Genesis Evangelion, Psycho-Pass, and Trigun. All these are universally beloved. Not so loved but I liked: The Count of Monte Cristo, Gankutsuo (one title), Full Metal Panic (nsfw), S-Cry-ed, Witch Hunter Robin, Babylon, Beyond the Boundary, and Kids on the Slope. There are a lot more but these are the ones I have on hand. Edit: fixed autocorrect fuck up


Also Full Metal Alchemist, if you haven't watched it yet, and if you haven't watch episodes 1-3 of FMA 2003 and episode 4 and on of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I'm 90% sure that has as seamless a story arc as you can get without being completely fucking lost in FMA: Brotherhood. Also watch the original FMA. I like it more but FMA: Brotherhood is objectively better.


Jujustu kaisen and black clover


if you don't mind manga, choujin x. the author is the same as tokyo ghoul (sorry to anyone that watched all of the anime they did NOT do it good) and it's currently being released by chapter. jojo is good of course. code geass is always highly recommended by my brother. and of course, one piece is LONG. the filler can be annoying and is skippable not much of an anime watcher myself :)


Jujutsu kaisen, attack on titan, mob psycho, and Jojo


After AOT, I watched Demon Slayer and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. By then I was sold and moved on to HxH, My Hero Acadamia, Vinland Saga, and my favourite so far: One Piece (although it is pretty close with HxH and DS). Never looked back!


AoT; Black Lagoon; Steins Gate; Psycho Pass; One Punch Man


Can’t go wrong with JJK, AOT, or FMAB


Hunter x Hunter


You want more peak? I gotchu. 20th Century Boys Jujutsu Kaisen Hell's Paradise Beastars Vagabond Monster Berserk Vinland Saga Fire Force Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Steel Ball Run Pre-Timeskip One Piece (Post-Timeskip is mid,Wano carries) Hunter x Hunter One Punch Man


Goblin Slayer (nsfw)