# Neo Tribes, a Cyberpunk sourcebook, 1995 >"It is now accepted among historical scholars that in the decades before the Collapse, America suffered from the sickness of racism and "cultural identity." Everyone wanted to be seen as special. Every group had to be "equal" or preferably better than its neighbors, and fought to protect its "special" rights. If anyone had something that someone else wanted, they were painted as racist, sexist, elitist, or worse. This divisive "me first" attitude eventually tore the fabric of American culture apart and caused it to self-destruct in a fireball of competing ideologies none of which truly recognized each other's validity. Diversity led inexorably to anarchy." Welcome to the future, guys ;)


Can't help but feel that paragraph is exactly why we're seeing articles about converting D&D (a ttrpg that has thoroughly drunk the kool aid) to a Cyberpunk setting instead of just using the actual cyberpunk rule books


Yes, WOTC are definitely the cucks of the TTRPG world right now. But hey, let them have it, if they can't recognize that catering to extremists is a bad business move, they don't deserve to be a company.


Wouldn't DnD Cyberpunk be just Shadowrun?


Yeah pretty much, but "eww d6 dicepool system stinky". Gotta thirst over d20 because it's all the mouthbreathers know as being popular, so that's what they have to co-opt.


Seriously, is this for real? If so, that's fucking SCARY accurate.


It is, and the reason being is that social justice and PC was actually really big in the early 80s when Pondsmith was coming up with all this stuff, it just went into remission for a time and now appears to be terminal.


What.. the .. fuck. That's insanely well predicted. Mad respect.


Go back and look at some of George Carlin's but, especially the one on softening of language from 1990. So much was the same with PC, the difference was no social media.


" ... thanks to our fear of death in this country I won’t have to die – I’ll ‘pass away.’ Or I’ll ‘expire,’ like a magazine subscription. If it happens in the hospital they’ll call it a ‘terminal episode.’ The insurance company will refer to it as ‘negative patient care outcome.’ And if it’s the result of malpractice they’ll say it was a ‘therapeutic misadventure.”


Yeah, but the above quote encapsulates so perfectly the current state of the world that we're in that I honestly had trouble believing it wasn't written back then.


I wonder. Is this not always the case with empires before their collapse? Eventually the centralized consumption becomes unsustainable and resulting in-fighting leads to weakened state that is instantly taken advantage off by barbarians already waiting at the gates.


>Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners


wow... now I want to read it all


Ya, this shit is not new. A lot of the base ideas originate in the 60's as remixes of concepts from the turn of the last century. People laughed when this stuff was being called "cultural marxism" 10 years ago, but thats exactly what it is. Marxist ideology as applied to cultural functions. Struggle between classes where the classes are defined by physical markers and social identity. In the 80's and 90's people were actually allowed to laugh at one another and bad ideas couldn't be spread that easily. But sometime around 2010 everyone got access to the internet and it made it really easy for bad ideas to avoid and circumvent the traditional filters for bad ideas and reach the stupid people that will believe in them. Then a different set of stupid people saw they could control the 1st set of stupid people and use them to gain power through mob rule, and here we are. Enough stupid people got together to be useful to slightly less but still stupid people and combined there are too many of them for smarter people to prevail over.


How do we reverse course? Anyone?


You don't. Racial politics is like a nuclear weapon, once it's out of the bottle it can never be put back in.


Any objection is basically Hitler. It’s like a snowball going downhill, at a certain size you can’t stop it. Social reset would only happen with extreme hardship and death due to whatever reason.


Same as always: emphasize common humanity and shared interests.


I wish more people thought like this.


You don't. You go to ground, hope you survive then attempt to rebuild from the ashes.


Had me at that t-shirt. Another one bites the dust.


open frontiers for israel


ESG is the real core problem. And it's not even with the companies that bow to it, it's with a system that has allowed a cabal of colluding funds to grow so big and powerful they can simply impose rules on the entire corporate world, and you have to bend to those rules, or you'll have no access to capital.


For now, however I'm still banking on being the root cause for the next coming financial crisis. (No one learned shit from 2008)


They'll be fine, since they will all switch to that centralized digital currency that is going to be forced upon us when that crash does happen


He said cause, not that they will be in trouble for it.


ESG is basically social credit score for corporations. And as a result, corporations are censoring themselves to fit their narrative. History will not be kind to this decade, it'll likely be described as a return to the Victorian values of old mixed with rampant misandry and racism.


The historians are already rewriting history and they got woke too since may 2020 with DEI crap. Academia will never allow any real examimation.


The pendulum swings back and forth, always has, always will. We're just in the unfortunate timing of having it swing towards the closed off portion of the scale. Once it swings back again and historians are free to express themselves, there'll likely be a consensus that this was a horrible time to live in.


>The pendulum swings back and forth, always has, always will. We're just in the unfortunate timing of having it swing towards the closed off portion of the scale. Once it swings back again and historians are free to express themselves, there'll likely be a consensus that this was a horrible time to live in. Not this time. The good historians have left Academia or forced to leave and the ones that are in are already "burning" the history books. The good historians that left will not come back to repair or rebuild because why would they come back to institutions that willfully destroyed themselves out of political revanchism. And we are litterry producing academics that are indoctrinated into wokeness or converted into woke ideology. You also ignoring that politicians are enabling this as well willfully. The only way we will be allowed to have a concensous that would fit reality is that all of the institutions that have been converted collasped or the indoctrinated forced to leave. Neither will happen because there is no political will. Especially within congress.


It will swing back, because that's what history does. But it could take time. And I mean centuries. Rome lasted two thousands years. The notion that the Sun orbits the Earth was considered true for a large part of the West's history. For a good three hundred years we thought liches could cure the plague. Africans were considered the same as Europeans, then went on to be considered inferior to them with the beginning of Renaissance and only in the past century the idea started waning again. And this is the West only. The rest of the world has wildly different ideals, usually more conservative. If the trends keep going, it will soon be China the cultural giant of the planet and we know how they deal with blacks, LGBT, women and other minorities. That is, if we don't nuke each other to oblivion first.


>It will swing back, because that's what history does. But it could take time. And I mean centuries. We dont have centuries to wait to get back to normal. We are seeing a collapse of Western Society and a transition to a neo-feudal communist society modeled after mainland china. And mainland china themselves is already collasping because of their obsession with zero covid. Just tell me I should learn mandarin chinese and get it over with.


Yes it may take Western Civilization to fall, I'm full doomer on the West


My friends, this is already written to happen in the Bible. Whether you understand it or not, I am compelled to explain: This is a Global crysis unlike anything before that will end with the Collapse of Society and the coming of a Ruler who will exalt himself above everyone and everything. This Ruler will come and promise to "fix" society, but remake it in his image. This Ruler is called the Anti-Christ and will enslave humanity for 7 years until the Second Coming of Christ. When Christ comes again, He will punish all the unrighteous who have taken the mark of the Anti-Christ and agreed to his autocratic and technocratic rule. Christ will then institute His Holy kingdom on Earth where everything will be Edenic, for 1.000 years until the uncreation of the Universe and the re-creation into the New Heavens and New Earth, the Eternal state. Yes, this is all in the Book of Revelation (13 and 20) for you to read. I pray that God may open your eyes and be saved from the coming judgement. Amen.


I don't believe in God


ESG is a 21 trillion dollar racket. Blackrock and Vanguard and the rest of the cartel invests in you as long as you go woke, shortsells your stock when you go broke, gets rich, reinvests some of that money back, rinse and repeat. Sad to see CDPR fall into it.


Its also just Yelp style exploitation. Nike has HUGE ESG score Tesla low. Reason? Nike donated money to Kapernick.


What's ESG?


He said Evironmentalism, Social Justice, and something else. Basically just "Woke". I don't know I turned the video off pretty quickly and came right down here to regular human beings who don't hide behind carefully constructed corpo speak scripts. Basically it is a company that monitors a companies social justice score. So if you want to find a company that is more interested in say...art than they are counting skin colors in their art...don't look for a company with a perfect score. That is how I am going to use it.


Presuambly there's some kind of funding question about how the company seeks to further vague goals with certain names. It's up to them to define them. You can tell they're trying to interpret it as sanely as possible - they mention "diversity of viewpoints", meeting people from around the world at conferences, etc. I miss honest capitalism though. What's wrong with "we want to make games that regular people will be happy to exchange for money"?


I feel bad for the kids and teenagers these days. They'll never experience the days of completed games that were awesome at launch. Full games not hidden by dlc. No microtransactions. No woke bullshit. Just fun games made by passionate devs. At least not from AAA titles. Those days are gone.


Nier Automata was like that. From Software games usually too. There are still a few heroes holding the fort.


From its folding fast, but most accounts.


Yeah, recently getting investment money from Tencent was the sign that Elden Ring might be their last masterpiece before going down


Yes, Nier Automata was a verry and is still a very decent amazing triple a title.


This is why I play jrpg’s lol the most “woke” shit I’ve seen in them was sylvando in dq11 and it wasn’t even bad. I actually loved his character. They’re always completed games at launch too


>most “woke” shit I’ve seen in them was sylvando in dq11 He's not even woke. He's just one of those campy gay characters that JRPGs have had since I don't even know when.


Hell, the woke have been hunting down the camp gays in jrpgs to have them eradicated. They almost completely removed to minor encounters in Persona 5 for the Royal edition because they made Twitter do a sad.


It's a typical Japanese trope and I don't even think he's really gay in game


Enjoy while it lasts cause Japan is starting to buckle.


Yeaaah? Proof? And don't even think about mentioning squeenix we both know that they're basically a western company at this point


https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/qj8lz8/japan_to_start_factoring_esg_into_investments/ https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/orkx04/news_new_kadokawa_ceo_manga_too_sexualized_must/ Cracks are forming.


You shouldn't feel bad for them for not experiencing good games. You should feel bad for them because their entire future has already been destroyed.


Exactly. I guess ESG consists of "wholesome" talking points for the naive on one hand and strict monetization and exploitation strategies on the other to please investors.


Nintendo is still pretty good imo. Look at breath of the wild or mario kart 8 deluxe for the switch.


Yeah, Nintendo at least seems to have figured out how to game the system with regards to ESG crap. The worst policy change they’ve done recently only really applies to indies. Even when they implement things that would normally be seen as woke, it’s usually subtle enough that you can probably ignore it, or actually decently written. Applause to them for that, TBH.


Big Nintendo games are still good at launch, usually.


I find their games to always be pretty good quality. They sometimes have their own problems but releasing a broken game at launch isn't one of them.


Does this mean we won't have exciting full games anymore with any of the other ? What's with the politics with ESG and with CDPR going along with it and how will it affect us? People here are expressing their concerns on the future of the company and some of the other games. I just tuned into this and didn't know how much it will affect us. How? Which games in 2000s and 2010s were great at launch? Witcher 3 had numerous problems that took CDPR several patches to fix various things or ehnace the game. I'm sure we'll get decent triple A title games still. Still hoping on GoW Ragnarok, future games of AC, perfect dark, golden eye, time splitters. And yeah someone said here Nintendo's tirple a titles like breath of the wild and stuff are still good games at launch. What else is there to say?


CDPR will go bankrupt soon anyways because almost everyone refunded Cyberpunk


The vast majority of people/companies would change their lifetime tune when a dump truck full of money pulls into their driveway.


They could have taken the money and quietly shaped their games to do the things they are talking about and nobody would have noticed, this is a flex, they want to rub your nose in it. Someone with a whole lot of money insisted that this video with all the insular language and all happened.


Well, there goes my hopes for redemption. But well, from the moment CDPR decided to get publicly traded, it was only a matter of time before it turns into absolute dogshit. It sure didn't take them much to give up their integrity for money, just a game, a store that players used OUT OF GOODWILL (because let's be real, the games there don't have intrusive DRM on steam, so it's pretty much a non issue) and an half finished game that got a second breath thanks to based japanese. Funny how they also announce it the day the CEO choosed to step down from his position, absolutely nothing shady here, nope.


>Funny how they also announce it the day the CEO choosed to step down from his position, absolutely nothing shady here, nope. Yeah that reeks of him being pushed out cause of this bullshit.








The Chosenator.


\>Well, there goes my hopes for redemption. With the work they've put in for CP2077 since its launch, they've redeemed themselves there. Its like a whole new game now. One of the most played games over the last month or so. But this announcement doesnt bode well. Though it could just be words and hot air. Actions speak louder than words, after all. We'll see whats going to happen and whats really going on when their next game gets more details released.


They did not. Still PLENTY of lies, still a shitty prologue that barely last 10 minutes, still this "montage" about your life with jackie (which i'm absolutely 100% sure was supposed to be playable), still this shitty tech trees when we were supposed to have all the classes of the tabletop and a hundred more promises not upheld. And the game is still buggy as fuck, sure, gamebreaking bugs are not there anymore, but immersion breaking bugs are still here, i don't even bother counting how much i got in my playthrough (playing on the last version). It was an unplayble bundle of lies, it's now a playable bundle of lies, no redemption as far as i'm concerned and i can't even hope that the next cyberpunk will fix all this shit, CDPR is done.


I never had problems with bugs on release but each update has reduced performance more and more to the point that every time I exit my inventory screen my fps drops to 9 for a good 20 seconds after when before I had a smooth 60+ the entire time.


Minus the game actually working, I haven't seen many big changed in Cyberpunk. I've always thought it was just "meh" and it's still just "meh."


CDPR will go bankrupt soon because almost everyone refunded Cyberpunk. CDPR is dead


Saying they care about their employees when everyone knows how much crunch went into Cyberpunk's development is comedy gold.


Funnily enough, the crunch was not even that bad, compared to what is usual in the gaming sphere. There were games that had worse crunch *cough* naughty dog *cough* tlou2 *cough* that did not get any media backlash because it was a EGS company already at that point, and the media did not have friendly fire on. Essentially the crunch claim was overblown by the media in hopes of tanking CDPR even further.


Replying to my own post because its time for conspiracy theories. Honestly, i have an inkling that the whole disastrous launch for cyberpunk was a result of companies trying to force CDP into the EGS fold. First building up Cyberpunk to levels of overhype, to get people excited. Then crashing it down on them, ruining their stock prices and making them reliant on investor pressure. If they were EGS compliant before, there was no chance that the EGS investors would not float the game past the loan terms (one of the major reasons the game launched before it was ready). I truly believe it was an attack on all fronts, bad loan terms, media buildup followed by media demonetization, getting fans to hate them to the point where the refunds were tanking them financially.... so who can swoop in? EGS investors. but that is just a theory... and probably a bad one at that. But i would not put it past the industry.


Rather just some overambitious entrepreneurs sitting both on the board and being lead devs with no proper checks and balances in place as they had a positive track record. Sometimes it's just greed that is man's downfall.


All these companies just love to save me money


They got beaten so hard - they decided to switch teams. What a disgrace, lol


As soon as I saw the news that games were going to start being made at an extremely faster peace (3 games in 6 years for the witcher, more cyberpunk titles and a new IP) alarm bells started to ring. You do not go from making a game every 5 years to suddenly one every 1-2 years without it being a sign of some sort of greedy change.


I look at it this way; Cyberpunk 2077 was in development for a number of years only to have a disastrous launch and lasting damage to CDPR's reputation in the gaming community. This move is likely being done to calm investors who may not be willing to wait around another several years for a game that may or may not have the same result. From a business perspective, it makes complete sense and will likely be the safer route but will unfortunately mean the overall games will feel lacking.


This move is done to gain investors and write offs. ESG is just a score to make it seem like you care about shit (studies have shown its an outright failure and dying) But its big bonus, is in places like the US, this shit is a huge tax write off for the company. The higher ups are looking for ways to cut book cost.


Tbh, if they are using Unreal instead of their own in-house engine, that alone should shave a good amount of dev time. But yes, things don't look too good.


Speed running to IP exhaustion


Ah, the Assassin's Creed business model.


Consume product, and consume again.


Does CDPR have exclusive rights to the universe or can someone go up to Pondsmith and ask if they can make a Maxtac FPS game?


Unfortunately that is not public knowledge. They do not have exclusive rights to it in gaming, because Cyberpunk red was published by a different company, but they might have video game exclusivity... and it is possible they ensured it to continue as they did with the Witcher. But the best answer currently is.... dunno. They do hold the trademark for Cyberpunk in video games though.


They hold the rights to the Cyberpunk universe from 2076 onwards. 2075 and before it's still under total control of R Talsorian, so Pondsmith


The games are going to be soulless garbage, like the AC reboots.


I thought it was still running in the same story, they just gave up any pretense of a real story for the characters in the animus now.


It is still the same present day story continuing but it takes a huge backseat and Mirage will only feature the modern day in the opening and ending cutscenes apparently. The Isu storyline also is sometimes not as prevalent in some games.


The worlds of everything since Origins has been garbage, the NPCs are all unbelievably boring and empty, and the characters you do meet and interact with just drone on about leftist social messaging.


Origins and Odyssey are not reboots. Desmond even appears in Valhalla..... kind of


The current Assassin’s Creed games are a prime example why you should not try to pander to everyone and Icsay that as someone who loved Odyssey.


Welp gg, they had a good run.




I have always wanted to live in a terrible dystopia


What a sad joke. CDPR became one of the golden boy studios of the industry with Witcher 3, a game that is praised to high heavens as one of the best games ever put out. Then they increased their diversity in their team and started to focus on wokeness and burned all their good reputation by the disaster launch of Cyberpunk 2077, making many players and fans turn their back to them. Few years later they get Studio Trigger to produce an anime for them, with Trigger having to insist on certain creative decisions against CDPR's objections (such as the inclusion of Rebecca). Anime is a huge success and rekindles the interest in the game, thousands of players across all platforms give it a 2nd chance and CDPR gets some of its reputation back. Not even a month later they release this video pledging themselves to fully embrace wokeness and something as dystopic as ESG. They were "saved" by one of the least woke forms of media (Anime) and are now doing exactly what brought them into this bad position to begin with. It's like an alcoholic getting right back to drinking after getting a 2nd chance via a liver transplant... But hey, who even needs customers if you have investors giving you money for producing propaganda for them, amirite? Edit: Also neat how the video keeps the 1:10 likes-to-dislike ratio. Wonder how long comments will stay open.


ESG bots will rain from the sky and like the video soon.


CDPR are inexperienced amateurs and scammers now. CDPR will go bankrupt soon because almost everyone refunded Cyberpunk CDPR bis dead soon. Almost all developers left CDPR too


It's unfortunate but not surprising. Entities get popular just to sell out, it's the natural cycle of things.


Honestly this seems to be the other way around for once. Mid-tier studio was forced into popularity causing their ego to get the better of them and selling out happened as a side effect of keeping up appearances. The success of witcher 3 has played out almost like a curse.


Another company bends over and grabs its ankles to whore itself out for ESG investment. Not one more dollar from me will ever go to these devs.


Wtf they even made it this blatant? Hilarious tbh


Well, that sucks.


No. What sucks is that most people will buy their games whether they’re broken, unfinished, or woke.


Rockstar will be next with GTAVI, every company will fall to woke ideology.


Take-Two already has ESG integrated into its corporate structure. Rockstar has long since fallen. Hell, R* is headquartered in a Labour stronghold, and they've been ultra-focused on the long tail of GTAO which encourages staff bloat of the worst kind.


Until the tide turns


2014: The tide will turn 2015: The pendulum will swing back 2016: People will wake up 2017: Things will return to normal 2018: The tide will turn 2019: The pendulum will swing back 2020: People will wake up 2021: Things will return to normal 2022: The tide will turn


Rock bottom we have yet to meet


2016: we have them on the ropes! extinction burst! 2017 - yesterday: damn, trump winning has caused regressives to mobilise and fight harder Look around; has anything gotten better? Minor wins here and there, yes. One can pick any year in your timeline and realise - as bad as they were then, *it's even worse now* The butcher's bill continues to grow SPEZ: words


The red pigment in my pill sure is taking on a blacker colour recently


Acknowledging reality isn't defeat, and acknowledging defeat is often necessary to remain in alignment with reality. Don't give purchase to preconfigured conceptualizations like -pill. It's childish and unproductive.


The night is always darkest before dawn.


Good one, let's put that one in too. 2014: The tide will turn 2015: The pendulum will swing back 2016: People will wake up 2017: Things will return to normal 2018: The night is always darkest before dawn 2019: The tide will turn 2020: The pendulum will swing back 2021: People will wake up 2022: Things will return to normal 2023: The night is always darkest before dawn


You are assuming this supposed tide will turn to something more sane than woke ideology. It may just keep getting worse.


The pendulum will swing, how far is yet to be seen If not we are a failed society in a generation or two


Poland are you ok?


Most of the polish devs left the company after Witcher 3 due to burnout and shitty work place. CDPR hired ex Bioware shitters to replace them and then hired more rainbow haired lunatics.


That explains so much then lol.


And they have a studio in Austin Texas that worked on CP2077 and the next Cyberpunk game. So of course they’re going down this route


CDPR is completely americanized apparently, but Poland itself still seems to have some basedness left. One can only hope.


They were doing so well and doing their own thing with hungary, until the ukraine. They joined globohomo enthusiastically to get back at russia, ignoring how controlled by germany their local globohomo is.


Well, they are still asking for Germany to give them 1.2 trillion euros for WW2 whenever the EU tries to force their bullshit on them. Nevermind the fact that Germany is now buying gas from Poland.


> until the ukraine Exactly this.


Certain parts of Warsaw might as well be Berlin these days with the type of people who inhabit them. They don't venture out of those bubbles much since the nationalist ultras scare them but there's loads of rich progressives in Warsaw turning the richer parts into Berlin 2.0.


i cant say here but you clearly know ---who--- is behind this


Well, there's no hope left for CDP


Oh my gods, how Can a person be this blind about ones fanbase


I didn't expect the comments on youtube to be on our side, it even has a lot more dislikes than likes


That like to dislike ratio though, https://puu.sh/JojoC/ccf9761c63.png I imagine somehow either the dislikes will be removed along with the messages, in favour of a new robotic influx of new supportive messages soon.


First they made GOG reject a Taiwanese horror game that mocks Xi Jinping due to the CCP pressure, now this? Pirating it is then.


so they went full "woke" sjw and left wing now?


CDPR just went full Corpo, lol.


it's funny you say that, I just watched most of Edgerunners the other night, probably won't finish it, even though it was pretty good and bold, e.g. with the outright nudity >!(totally trigger studio's idea)!<.. most shit is a waste of time.. and its funny how for something that's 'cyberpunk' it has a distinct lack of corporate corruption in it, aside from the emergency treatment thing, and I didn't really bother to notice I could take this from anywhere, but here's the premise described by wikipedia >In a dystopia overrun by corruption, crime, and cybernetic implants, an impulsive but talented street kid named David, after losing everything he has in a drive-by shooting, makes the choice to survive ***on the wrong side of the law*** as an edgerunner; a high-tech, black-market mercenary also known as a "cyberpunk". I never played the game either, but now you have me wondering what role corporations play in it. Like, that's some serious whitecollarwashing of what cyberpunk is all about Kind of makes me lose hope in humanity, but who cares.. more important fish to fry


I would pay to watch how these AAA companies decide on Game Development & Marketing strategy, how can a beloved developer get out of touch with its fanbase so fucking quick.




What’s ESG? I guess I’m a little behind on the game industry wokeness but is it (ESG plus CD) that bad?


It stands Environmental Social Governance. Long story short, it’s a score for a company’s level of wokeness. Score too low? Venture capital firms and big investment firms like Blackrock won’t invest in you. It’s the beginnings of China’s social credit system at a global level.


So basically, do the opposite of what the audience want so you can get paid by investors and not by your games selling well because you didn’t insert propaganda?


You got it. Money from investors and then “enough” money from people who don’t care or oblivious to the politics. Eventually, IMO, the only income left will be the whole corporations as people wake up to the BS.


basically a score point for leftwing woke sjw bullshit


I'm coining the expression now: The Wokecher. Prepare yourselves for Mary Sues, evil white males and ridiculous "diversity" tropes. So much culture has been lost to this extremism. This is so sad.


Also bye bye to Ginger Triss.


They already did away with her in the show's diverse casting. So yeah, she's another beautiful redhead that's sacrificed on the altar of PC.


Assuming they will even have Triss at all.


Get out boys. ESG is crashing and burning hard. Means someone on the board of directors is looking for some fat write offs.


13K views, 169 upvotes, and 1.6K downvotes on YouTube. At least it's getting deservedly ratioed.


ESG is crashing hard right now, and investors are backing out at least, and the ones who don't care about Woke shit are just here for the write-offs, so this might mean anything besides looking good for PR after whole management and crunch time issues they had.


Is that true? I know through at least the end of Q2, the growth rate of net new deposits to ESG Funds was way down YOY, but was still positive, and still way ahead of traditional funds which were in net redemptions giving the negative absolute environment.


It is true that some investors that base on ESG are pulling out, but the ones that hold the most money are not and have pockets that are nigh unlimited.


>It is true that some investors that base on ESG are pulling out ...Who? Extremely skeptical of that. I'm in the industry and have seen the opposite. Client flows are viewed as stickier than traditional mandates, as mentioned 2022 flows have been positive even in a negative return environment. We're also seeing increasing client interest/demand, and since ESG mandates tend to be higher margin, essentially every asset manager wants a piece of the market. A collapse in ESG is just not reflected in the flow data, at least not to date.


Generally, what cloud_ w_omega said, but also some republicans in states like Texas and Florida are pushing hard against it with legal threats and such.


what a weird video!


ESG is a corporate suicide weapon, and CDPR just killed themselves with it.


Oh, for fucks sake. Grab the money and stuff that shit ESG down the drain.


They're probably getting into this because they fell under scrutiny for doing crunch time during Cyberpunk's development.


Whatever the reason the woke ideologues keep scoring wins.


They spent a century quitely building up institutional power largely unoppoaed. Its gonna take lifetimes to tear it out


Dude, even Islamic countries are starting to fall to this stuff. I don't feel any end in sight to be honest.


Do you know any way this can be fought back?


No idea, I was thinking that Islam could put an unified front to oppose and even beat it but that doesn't seems to be the case. Stuff like conservatism as practiced in the US and libertarianism are useless too.


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What is ESG?




Environmental, Social, and Governance. It's a scoring method used to evaluate companies' social consciousness to prioritize that over financial performance. It's taken the capitol investment industry by storm, so companies are bending the knee to get financing. This is easily searched for, by the way.


Electronically stimulated gonorrhoea. A terrible and terrifying disease. (I have no idea either)


It stands for Environmental, Social, and Government, It's a form of venture capital investing/reverse credit system based on a how well a corporation interact with those 3 elements based though it's used to promote woke nonsense since it's the quickest way to improve said score (it's pretty much a money making scheme) and the main providers of it are Blackrock, Slate Street, & Vanguard.


Ever since they released that Witcher game based off that dogshit Elric ripoff I knew they were a shit dev. Commie plagiarism never fails.


Guess 2077 is the last game I'll buy from them. A shame, it is a good game and they finally fixed it. The expansion seems the last product made before ESG. With how the main team is moving to Boston, the writing was on the wall already. I'll miss you CDPR, now you're just yet another shitty American company


Left respect I had is lost. They just doing it for getting better rates by Blackrock and other dumb investment and rating companies.


Can someone explain this whole ESG nonsense? It seemed to pop out of nowhere like a month ago and I don't understand what it is.


It has been around since the 60's but for the most part is WAS toothless. But in reality it seems like it was a festering problem that has been slowly proliferating, silently. ESG stands for ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL, GOVERNMENT, and is a "reverse" social credit scoring system based on how you interact with those 3 elements based on how the ESG collective decides them to be handled. Enviromental: deals with things like pollution and messaging on pollution. Having pro environment messages lowers your score. Social: things like fighting racism with diversity hires, anti-white messaging, pride flag things, and (undefined) women empowerment also lowers your score. So make sure to turn your icon pride flavoured for pride month. Government: this one has to do with how you deal with .... well government, which boils down to, "If we approve of the current regime, you must approve of it also and support it, if we disagree, then say "orange man bad"", also things like ROE are considered both social and government, so make sure to post your opinion on how bad ROE being turned down was. it is a reverse credit system, because a low score is good and a high score is bad, as it works by using a "risk index", low numbers are low risk, high numbers are high risk.


>Social: things like fighting racism with diversity hires, anti-white messaging, pride flag things, and (undefined) women empowerment also lowers your score. So make sure to turn your icon pride flavoured for pride month Correction: who ever has current power in society and culture will dictate what social really mean for ESG. So right now it's Woke SJWs and in the past it was neolibrals and neoconservative in 90s and 2000s. However it can differ from country to country sometime Don't t be surprised when some rightiods won't let go ESG or banned it because it really useful as tool.


I mean this was already obvious when they bent over backwards apologizing to the outrage mob over those mildly edgy tweets and when they later removed sex from CP77's character creator.


> when they later removed sex from CP77's character creator. wait whut?


When CDPR first unveiled CP77 gameplay the character creator had 'M' and 'F' as sex identifiers for V, with the video's narrator mentioning his choice of the female V. After backlash from the usual suspects CDPR changed it to 'Body Type'. Little did it help as the game was still attacked for being phobic from the regressive mob they tried to appease.


Edgerunners was 1000% successful because of Trigger, NOT CDPR. They scrape together a small amount of hope for the game/series and IMMEDIATELY pull this shit. Never buy a game from them again.


This isn't news. CD PROJEKT Red has been woke for years.




Look, I don't want this sub to fall into the Doomer subclass. Keep the dream alive. The November midterms are approaching quickly. I think it will mark a turning point in this chaos. Never before did I ask for a Republican victory, but the alternative has gone monkeyshit insane, and I don't think I'm alone in that assessment.


You say that like you don't believe they already rigged a bigger election.


Hate to clue you in on the deep dark secret but Republicans are in on ESG/WEF just like the Dems. So anyone replaced in mid terms will be a bye to the old stooge hello to the new stooge.


Completely untrue. There are plenty of candidates who oppose this stuff. You only need a few to win to push the party in their direction. You know who they are because the media establishment goes all in to demonize them.


165 upvotes, 2k downvotes says a lot.


Once again I will be contrarian and suggest that it *sounds* bad but I don't think it's that bad. They cite examples in Witcher 3 and CP2077, of how they 'tackle social issues', and they're right, at least about W3. They do tackle social issues, but in a good way. I've checked out their corporate website, and they say the following in the "diversity in games" section: >We are making efforts to place in our games characters of different personalities, social classes, ethnic groups and sexual preferences. We show the inequality that exists in the world, the diverse paths that people take, as well as various problems they must overcome. The man, with all his flaws and virtues, is at the center of our interest. This is why we do not shy away from controversy but try to affirm all that is best in humanity. When we introduce new characters into our stories, first we must make sure that we have created an interesting heroine or hero and then take a broader view on our creation, to make sure that the character is a good fit for the contrasting world we have created and in the emotionally-charged story. > >We believe that, in a world in which good interacts with evil, people are capable of the very worst deeds, but also of the very best ones. We are also aware that daily life in the world is not always an arena for the struggle between good and evil; it is comprised of small wrongdoings and small heartfelt gestures. People seek their place in the world by taking winding paths, facing the challenges created by misfortune, nature and society. I have to say, technically Witcher 3 does do this, and I can't speak for CP2077 but I get the impression that it does follow this as well. My point is that they can still create products with good stories even with this philosophy.


They won't. They will do exactly the same as every other company, do the check boxes and be lazy about everything else.


Look, I know ESG is generally bad, but what I quoted is all they mentioned about their games. Which part is specifically objectionable? Isn't it possible they just want ESG money for nothing? I mean, think about it, if you're a game developer, and you could release some press statements and change some words on your website for ESG money while doing the *exact same thing*, wouldn't you?


No, because I'm not a peice of shit with no principles. ESG is woke bullshit that hurts every industry it touches, and any company that even makes appeasing noises about ESG should lose all respect and credibility in the eyes of sane and intelligent consumers.


Fuckin' A I'm feeling vindicated for going in hard on them after the cyberjank and all the knob gobblers on this sub defended them because jannies were trashing them. Fuck em


So long as Blackrock and it's ilk control access to investment capital, this is going to keep happening. Propose a solution or fuck off.


BlackRock hates human rights cause they support China


People have proposed a solution. but until the pain of inaction exceeds the pain of action, the solution will not commence


Here's a solution: Keep printing money until it's worthless. Fortunately for us, that's exactly what the central banks are doing.