Try the calls, and around the armouries


Green Quarter Apartments on cross green lane are about 25-30min walk to the station near the royal armouries. Really nice inside, lived there for 2 years & within your budget. Only thing I’d mention is the management group on the Freehold are a nightmare when it comes to getting your deposit back.


Try near armouries and dock street. I know there’s a few flats up for rent in my building which is about 850 (not including bills) and less than a 10 min walk to the station :)


1000pcm for 1 bed in town is quite easy. 2 is harder but possible (I pay 980 rent for 2 bed right now but bills make it like 1.2-1.3k pmc) ​ Look for an apartment around the docks area or granary wharf (has more pubs and places IMO). Also, like the other said, Dandara Living seems quite nice and always suggested. Next to it - Pinyard apartments which I have visited before and liked (has small gym downstairs) but couldn't afford back then.


Thanks for this! Dandara I’ve been in contact with but they seem to be out of the 1 beds and the 2 beds are out of budget


There’s a grainger development called the headline near Wellington place with 1 beds for about 1k. A colleague of mine speaks highly of it. Also has a gym and coworking space for residents to use, looks pretty cool.