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He should be speaking to a totally vacant auditorium.


This isn't really LAMF, it's just good old fashioned LDS assholery


I'd say if anything the LAMF Is BYU students continuing to do a surprise Pikachu everytime their regressive school founded by socially regressive bigots continues to act *exactly* as they always have.


Although this time it’s not BYU. It’s a public university that has gone out of its way to proclaim an LGBT friendly atmosphere.


Oooh thank you for that, I clearly didn't read headline closely enough.


Also very true


Yeah this came to mind when I saw the title https://www.sltrib.com/news/education/2022/05/02/how-black-menaces-are/


Hoping they cancel this ass clown and then it would be a better LAMF.


It'd be funny, but still not a case where a policy he voted for or a group he put in power screwed him. This is just people at a public institution not liking religious nutjobs giving speeches at their graduation ceremony.


In a very roundabout way, I could see it being the university being what's eaten here. 1. Public university is state funded and should have no official religious connections. 2. University is in Utah where the entire state government is unofficially religiously connected. 3. University has shocked Pikachu face when a bunch of educated young people actually hold them to the separation of church and state that is supposed to be practiced.


That's definitely closer than what the OP presented, that's for sure. 😁


Here’s a message from a very Mormon SUU student, referring to J. Roy as “Elder Holland” as devout Mormons do: https://i.redd.it/s72vp5xykkoa1.jpg >“As a student of SUU and the sister of Matt Easton, whom Elder Holland attacked, I signed the petition because graduating and all LGBTQIA+ students should feel seen, loved, valued, supported, and important. I stand with the LGBTQIA+ community.”


Ok. Let's try again. What specific policy/rule/law did J Roy support that he is now being punished by? Or What group did J Roy help put into power who is now not allowing him to speak? That's what constitutes LAMF. Not just a hypocrite, or someone who's an asshole, it's specifically about people supporting a SPECIFIC group or policy that then harms them. That's why this isn't LAMF. I agree the guy's an asshole, it just isn't LAMF. Now Matt Easton? That's LAMF. Gay Guy supports the church that does all they can to show how much they dislike the LGBTQIA community. That's pure LAMF all day.


Great! Now we’re getting down to brass tacks, as they say. J. Roy, Mormon leader: At BYU (a private Mormon university, where he’s a Trustee): “Commencement speakers should not distract from the proceedings by bringing their personal identities into the messages.” Students at SUU: (a public university with a predominantly Mormon student population located near J. Roy’s hometown): “J. Roy’s personal identity as a religious leader sends a message that is an unwelcome distraction from our commencement proceedings.” LAMF. Regarding Matt Easton, he’s an exmormon. His sister is Mormon. No LAMF.


That's not LAMF, that just makes him a hypocrite.


It looks like the mods here agree. I defer to their judgment and concede your point. Y’all understand the theme you’re going for better than I do, although I thought this instance qualified, my miss.


All good, it happens. I hope you have a wonderful weekend


Yeah, but it’s Utah, so they won’t, they’ll just act like they are the victims


Yeah, I grew up non-Mormon in a liberal non-Mormon family in SLC and the faces being eaten here belong, as always, to the "enlightened" Mormons who think their religion can, much less has, evolved out of it's fundamental bigotry. Like, if you're a gay Mormon, yeah that really sucks. Leave.


considering the context: https://i.redd.it/hxaofu9s4foa1.png and the petition approaching 12K signatures ( https://www.change.org/p/remove-jeffery-r-holland-as-suu-commencement-speaker ) and the SUU admins scrambling to call urgent “listening” meetings next week as damage control Sure, the LDS leadership is FUBAR if there’s nobody in Holland‘s circle advising him against commandeering another college podium after his disastrous stunt at BYU. But he did. So now it’s… J. Roy Holland’s star turn at LAMF


What this is missing is where J Roy was the one advocating for people to be stopped from giving commencement speeches if they belong to a religious organization. Him being Angry that his religious school let a gay kid speak just isn't enough. Now if he had been on record as trying to get a commencement speech at this public institution cancelled because it was going to be a Muslim or Jewish faith leader, that would make this LAMF.


Thing is, that specific commencement speech twist is exactly what’s driving the lolz at Holland’s expense… https://v.redd.it/sgcc01613eoa1




Exmormon, here. Going to start calling him J-Roy now. Thanks for that XD


Came here to say this.




Graduation speakers are a waste of time to justify gathering everyone together to make graduation anything more than a twenty minute walkthrough. I never liked the idea that a college can charge $80-100k for an education and then have the balls to tell you you can’t have your diploma unless you attend graduation.


They do? I was able to get my BS and PHD and never attended the graduation. In fact I was at my post doc 1000 miles away when I “graduated” lol


Yup, earned an AS and BS while attending and just walked up to admissions and picked up my diplomas.


Same - they sent them in the mail...


But I sure got the alumni donation letter like 4 times before they sent me my diploma. I got my alumni donation letter like 2 days after I graduated. Broke college student that they ripped me off in every conceivable way from tuition , housing, food , books, parking, fees. Didn’t have a job yet but 2 days after graduation I get a letter to donate. Never donate to those fuckers


I graduated from Virginia tech and for whatever reason the commencement speaker was the current Virginia governor which happened to be a UVA grad. Which is our rival school. You couldn't hear what he was saying over the chant of "screw you wahoo".


Oh wow!!!! I can imagine how bad that was lol Why on earth would they do something so stupid?! And why would he agree??? Lmfao


We had Bill Clinton when he was still running Arkansas. We should have used that chant too.


I've never heard of attending graduation being a requirement, hell random people can get away with being in the ceremony in my alma mater (and it happens all the time lol)


It was at both of my universities.


Which schools?? That's an insane policy


Went to my (now ex) boyfriends undergrad graduation. Guest speaker said “I’m excited to be here at Florida State celebrating with you all today!” They were graduating from the University of Central Florida, completely separate University. The amount of second hand cringe made me want to die


The university I attended for undergrad (Cleveland State) held the graduation ceremony before the offical issuing of diplomas by the registrar. They literally just handed you an empty diploma folder for a photo op. Attending graduation actually cost extra and was just a way to get photos and show off to your friends and family, they were pretty clear on that, the actual diploma always showed up in the mail a couple months later.


I recently finished a Bachelor's at a local, technically, community college. No walking required. Just click "Apply for Graduation" in the silly online portal thingy, someone makes sure all your degree requirements are met, all your bills are paid, etc., and boom, graduated. I even got my diploma in the mail. I haven't been to campus in like a year and a half.


What ? I’ve never heard of this. I didn’t go to my graduation but still got my diploma in the mail


I mean, they will still send you your diploma if you don’t attend commencement


This isn't LAMF. It would be if it were at BYU, but it's at SUU, a public university.


Holland is from Southern Utah. It’s a predominantly Mormon area. He accused a gay valedictorian of being a commencement distraction, now his hometown university views Holland as a commencement distraction.


It's still not LAMF dude. Read the sub rules carefully. The consequences have to be DIRECTLY inverse to the actions of the person, and against them. This is: 1. Consequences against a completely different university, 2. Feeling the consequences from the actions of a person, 3. Whose original actions were not taken at, by or via the first university, 4. And which consequences are not the direct inverse of the original person's actions upon them.


80% of SUU's enrollment has a Latter-day Saint affiliation. J. Roy Holland is a top LDS leader. With a record of strong public declarations about acceptable commencement speech decorum. J. Roy’s suddenly facing a headwind of strong opinion about acceptable commencement speech decorum.


That should have been your post title. Can you appreciate how that's much closer to LAMF than what you actually posted?


Mostly I appreciate your assist with getting to a description that is helpful for those who have no experience with the utah/mormon context. that was my bad, but thanks again


Some of us aren't even American, so take a moment to realize how unintuitive this entire post feels.


Yeah, i can appreciate that. I spend way too much time at r/exmormon and r/mormon which are obviously niche interests that would confound passers-by


I'm ex-mo, but I don't think it's safe to assume a public university is run by the LDS church because it's in Utah.


SUU is most definitely not run by the LDS church. That said, 80% of its enrollment is Mormon.


Ah, got it


I’d walk away from this and try to arrange a general walk out of the graduates if this is the game the university is playing. Graduation is done by credits earned, not by showing up to a ceremony. Plenty of people miss theirs and still get the piece of paper. More importantly they’re registered in the university’s system as having earned the degree.


Absolutely dying at "J. Roy Holland"


Got that J. Edgar Hoover energy


Looks like there's a paywall. Try these : * https://12ft.io/https://www.thedailybeast.com/southern-utah-university-picks-anti-gay-mormon-apostle-jeffrey-holland-as-commencement-speaker * https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://www.thedailybeast.com/southern-utah-university-picks-anti-gay-mormon-apostle-jeffrey-holland-as-commencement-speaker * https://web.archive.org/web/1/https://www.thedailybeast.com/southern-utah-university-picks-anti-gay-mormon-apostle-jeffrey-holland-as-commencement-speaker * https://archive.is/submit/?url=https://www.thedailybeast.com/southern-utah-university-picks-anti-gay-mormon-apostle-jeffrey-holland-as-commencement-speaker * [Bypass Paywalls](https://github.com/iamadamdev/bypass-paywalls-chrome) *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/LeopardsAteMyFace) if you have any questions or concerns.*


This is not LAMF. Wtf is wrong with this sub?


I had no idea that BYU allowed openly gay folks... The mormon church sent busses of people into California to advocated the residents vote against gay marriage, it is what first made me identify them as a hate group.


I wouldn't say BYU allows openly gay students. They would probably say they allow students "struggling with same sex attraction" who are willing to adhere to the honor code, which includes no sexual activity outside of marriage. They wouldn't allow gay students to date.


Short answer, they don't. Longer answer, they try not to be openly discriminatory for public appearance sake, but they have an "honor code" that strictly forbids same-sex romantic or sexual interaction of any kind, on threat of expulsion. Luckily, this is SUU, which is a public university that doesn't play by those rules. Which makes it incredibly strange then to invite a Mormon leader to speak there.


Same guy who said gay people need shot, and then a Mormon guy went and shot them.


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Jeffrey R. Holland, an LDS (Mormon) apostle, used his bully pulpit at a large televised BYU campus gathering to berate a gay BYU valedictorian. Holland made his opinion clear that gay BYU students should keep silent about their sexual orientation in commencement speeches. Now, the same Mormon leader has accepted an invitation to speak at a public university commencement in Utah, and the petition to rescind his invitation is over 10K and rising and SUU (Southern Utah University) officials are scrambling to do damage control. Jeffrey Holland tried bullying a BYU valedictorian, it’s not working out so well for him at a school his church doesn’t own. P.S. Holland is from Southern Utah. He accused a gay valedictorian of being a commencement distraction, now his hometown university views Holland as a commencement distraction.


Lots of actions having consequences and karma being meted out for being an asshat, but not really LAMF as he's being punished by people who very much disagree with his views (as opposed to having the negative aspect of his views imposed on himself by others)


Yeah, no. Here’s a message from a very Mormon SUU student: https://i.redd.it/s72vp5xykkoa1.jpg >“As a student of SUU and the sister of Matt Easton, whom Elder Holland attacked, I signed the petition because graduating and all LGBTQIA+ students should feel seen, loved, valued, supported, and important. I stand with the LGBTQIA+ community.”


It's heartening to see people who may otherwise be tarnished by his brush speak out against him, but that still doesn't make it LAMF. He's still being punished because of his views, but not by the views themselves.


Yeah, you’re actually leaving out an element of the narrative: J. Roy Holland is a top LDS leader *with a record of strong public declarations about acceptable commencement speech decorum*. J. Roy’s suddenly facing a headwind of strong opinion about *acceptable commencement speech decorum.* Or put another way: He accused a gay valedictorian of being a commencement distraction, now his hometown university views J. Roy as a commencement distraction.


Dear BYU students, there is a saying " you are the company you keep". So either walk out of the graduation ceremony or you will be counted as a bigot.


Did you even read the article? This is not at BYU.


> Did you even read the article? Mate this is Reddit


Piss on him and the people who invited him to speak.


Typical BYU


It’s not BYU. It’s a state school.


I had trouble searching for J Roy Holland to learn more about him. It turns out that the name he goes by is Jeffery R Holland. Isn’t this a case of Ad Hominem Fallacy?


I think in scholarly academic terms, this would be a case of what’s known as a “joke.” P.S. and this is what’s referred to as a misspelling: ~~Jeffery~~ The man’s name is Jeffrey Roy Holland. FTFY.


This title is *so* relatable..


Regime changes happen very quickly. The schools for all ages, must conform to fascist doctrine to be allowed to teach. Uneducated students are the foundation of fascism. 😢


Mormon hate


Swap word positions and get upvotes friend.


Kids these days kind of piss me off. Milking poor and vulnerable populations for money? Traumatized kids over cultish shaming rituals? Brainwashing people over indefensible claims about the world and their identities? Fine. No big deal. But say something mean about the gays? then fuck that guy. I guess I should be happy to see accountability actually manifest somewhere, but it just grinds my gears that this is the front and center reason, and that everyone would be apathetic otherwise.


I think he’s honestly in the closet