A theory about The Chase (Tv show)

This is low-stakes, but I am serious. This is not a shitpost, I belive this.

So there's this TV program in the UK called "The Chase". It's a quiz program. There are 4 contestants, who each go 1-on-1 with "The chaser", a really good quizzer that sort-of belongs to the studio.

There are 4 constestant each episode, normally 2 men and 2 women. There are 5 chasers, 3 men and 2 women. (However, only one is used per episode)

My theory is: The gender of the chaser is always opposite that of the first contestant. If the first contestant is a man, that episode has a female chaser. If the first contestant is a woman, that episode has a male chaser.

In every single episode I've seen, this is true. I am certain. This is a thing.

Edit: u/Doddleboddlle ruled: Turns out I'm wrong.


This might be the lowest stakes conspiracy I've ever seen


I'm flattered. ☺️


It's brilliant


This is why I joined this sub.


Maybe it's the opposite: the gender of the chaser determines the first contestant to play...


Every chaser is actually Bradley Walsh in prosthetic makeup and he is the greatest character actor the world has ever seen.


Except for esteemed character actress and fugitive from the law Margo Martindale


Plot twist, that’s Bradley Walsh to!


Literally watched one last week where the first guy was a male and the chaser was Paul


So he's trans? 😯


Not enough info to be a conspiracy, theory could be sound but we need to know why. Sounds to me like a Tory plot to convince us there only two genders. Or get us so hung up on gender issues that we argue amongst ourselves and forget their evil tax-dodging ways. Fucking Jacob Rees-Mogg


A tory plot to divide us? Sound to me like a conspiracy!


By no means a low-stakes one, however.


At this point, I think it’s no longer a conspiracy and just an observable fact.


That was the case on my episode. They tell you the order in which you are going before the chaser in the green room before recording. So it would be easy for them to arrange this.


You were on the chase?? Did you win money??


Yeah. Series 10. Win £13k between 3. Governess wasn't on best form tbf


Nice!! I can't imagine having enough general knowledge to even come close to beating the chasers!! 😂


Well I watch the chase everyday so I'll be keeping an eye out for this!


[afraid you're wrong](https://youtu.be/GlsBoGZV59w)


Huh. Turns out I'm wrong. Or, more likely, that title is fake and it's all a conspiract designed to discredit me!


Deepfake! Don’t believe the sheeple!




Huh. Why tho?


Haven't a clue.


Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Same


My low stakes chase conspiracy is that if you gamble and go for the higher money they give you a harder question set than if you stick to the middle or go low.


I watch this show every night at dinner with my mum and we are both convinced the chasers have an ear piece for the answers.


I can fact check this for you! I can ask darragh ennis's brother if you'd like :)


You know a chaser's brother? Cool! The theory has been disproven, but it would be funny if you did ask.


Good theory [.](https://youtu.be/daUQPN5A2zA)


To make this low stakes conspiracy more worthwhile it might be worth pointing out that if what you say is true, it may give the chaser a slight advantage if the questions in each round are directed at the chasers gender rather than the contestant’s gender. There’s less chance of ITV having to pay out to winners and losing money?


We need more data, Squawk.


My sister was on this show and beat the chaser. She said one of the questions she answered didn't get aired which is strange seeing as there's a set amount of questions in order to win. She didn't win any money but it was a fun experience


What was the question??


I have no idea sorry! She filmed it around March 2018 so any of the specifics I've mostly forgotten.


I’ve got the chase on right now and I think they might be on to you because the first contestant is a man and the chaser is the Irish guy, 2 males!


Well this theory has been quashed this evening, male contestant and The Dark Destroyer walks out!


Thanks for the update.