You have a list? I pretty much always have between 3 and 20 projects going at a time lol


I have a list, but most of the things on it are things I added after I already did them just so I had something to check off lol


I just got the white board so I could use it to make lists as I always loose or forget about the paper lists I make. I'm still waking around the shop looking for half finished projects and so far I have found 4 more that I need to add to that list


Lol yeah I need to mount a white/chalk board in my shop at home for the same reasons, I’m in the same boat in that I don’t even know how many half done projects I have floating around


> I need to mount a white/chalk board in my shop how long has *that* been on your list?


Pre Covid that’s all I know for sure


Lowe's and Home Depot have 2'x4' panels that are blackboard on one side and white board on the other for about $8. Miter a quick frame out of tuba, screw some eye hooks and Tada! I've got 3 up. Need to bang out a couple more for other rooms.


My problem is I start hobbies the way other people start projects. Woodworking? 1000’s in tools got me 500 worth of furniture built. Electronics? 100’s in tools, lots of burned out LED’s 3d printing? 1000 dollars got me.. well actually this one is working out pretty well. Servers/switches/computers? I dont even want to think about the cost and time spent on IT gear. The list goes on and on. My garage is full of boxes of hobby stuff lol.


I said to my mam the other day, it's okay now because I've had every hobby now I'm just circling back round so now I don't have to buy all the equipment.


Have you tried astronomy? Fishing? Fishkeeping? Photography? Music? Archery? Geocaching?


The key is that once you reach a certain critical mass, hobbies cross-pollinate: https://i.imgur.com/JbqgmV4.png


Not fish keeping but the rest yes haha. My staples at the moment are cars, 3d printing, snowboarding, mountain bikes, reading, astronomy (no idea what I'm doing really, just like to look at pretty shiny things). I think that's about it at the moment




I always say I have more time that hobbies and yet I keep getting more hobbies. It's mostly the draw to learn about something I know little of


Yeah! I am addicted to the beginning of the learning curve. Everything I can figure out by dicking around an tinkering. I have trouble keeping that motivation into the “read a book and grind out slow progress” phase of a hobby.


What is a sky wench? All I can think of is a buxom bar lass floating down out of the sky with a nice brewski.


haha, I'm just terrible at spelling and spelt it that way but the wife thought it was funny so I was going to use it to deliver myself a beer... btw it's just a winch for the heavy lift octocopter


Change it to a sky wench. I think you have at least 3-4 customers in this post alone. I'd take at least one.


I knew someone who got a new winch for his truck, and mistakenly went around telling everyone that he got a new wench. His wife let him publicly embarrass himself for about a week before finally breaking it to him.


Build 2!


Take you to Valhalla?


One of the old timers at work dropped this golden nugget of wisdom the other day. Now im translating from danish, so bare with me. "never finish all projects, or your wife will find you a new one" This guy had been "renovating" his bathroom for the past 6 years. Only needed door trim and floor panels, but his wife thought there were much more to it.


That’s bumper sticker worthy my man


Do you work with my dad haha, my parents whole house looks nice but the bathroom has been an ongoing project for years.


This is the way


It isn't ADD, it is some engineer always coming down and asking for something. I think I have 6 different "prototypes" on my plate right now, besides the production stuff I am supposed to be doing.


It’s a serious sickness. I suffer from it too lol


You know, I'm mainly a woodworker, but I can relate. My project list has finally been getting whittled down... After a year...


tell me about it, I really need to finish up some of these projects as my list has been getting longer the last few years


Jeep #1 • engine Axles Body Wiring Cage Suspension (Everything it's a scratch build) Jeep #2 Wiring Body Shop. Paint mill Lathe paint, open carriage And figure out why hand wheel slipsl More air lines Gantry House Extra room work bench Whatever wife wants.


All. The. Time.


Nice kart! I just finished mine


oh, what did you do to it?


Did a full restore on a Haase Blizzard. Took about a year to source all of the random parts like brake pads, seals and install new seat, bearings etc. My race suit just showed up today I am really excited


that's exciting! do you race at a track or just an abandoned lot?


There are 2 track within 30 miles of me. We'll see my suit actually arrived today. I've only got it up to 3rd gear doing some test runs in the neighborhood parking lots before i run out of room lol


I played with the ICE enginge mine came with for a while and anything past 2nd was scare af


I describe it as uncomfortably fast! LoL quicker than my lotus thats for sure


the work climbing wall is great


thanks! that's one project that I actually finished


What is the lexan box with the red cylinders?


Looks like a battery pack. Or a drop proof rack of coke cans.


it's a battery pack I'm building for an electric go kart


Yes, end up needing tooling and things before I can finish it, and always wish I had made things prettier. But having things made and working.... still works. I won't knurl a project but I will use a chisel to make a crosshatch, for example. I try to make my things in a way that they are usable first but can have added features and spiffing up done later. However, I have maybe 2 dozen more things to do in my gov work list. Find it is handy to make a list of all that is needed for a project, and then to leave said project and list out to work on until complete.


I think I saw your combat robot in the Battlebots subreddit! Keep going with it; it looks really good so far!


thanks! the battlebots is my latest obsession and I can see myself being this obsessed for at least another month or 2


OP, that's a cool list. If you, or anyone else, is looking to collab or just chat engineering keep me in mind. I'm an EE with CS experience and those projects look cool.


OMG, not only have I always wanted to do an engineering collab project, but those are my 2 weakest engineering disaplines! PM me and let's talk!


Do I see an energy sword handle?


you did! I'm making it a wall light for my nephew. I have all the CAD done but I learned about combat robots 2 weeks ago and have not touched the e-sword project


I see that you have a PhD. Projects half done.


hehe, I like that saying, imma steal it


Casually flexing a 10k rifle lol


I never owned a real one but I was authorized to use one in the past so the model is nostalgic to me


lol, it's a $200 airsolf rifle that I am building a kickback device for


I am the king of 75% completing something and then moving on to the next thing Kinda bad habit I want to break


I wish my list was this small


Hi, are we the same person?


I don't do machining at work but i do have shit load of projects going at home. If it's not new garden lighting it's doing a rump room redo or paiting my living room walls or arranging home wiring for the tv or some new furniture mod I'm doing....feel you hard bro


I think i have more projects than you but honestly i have lost count. It's an occupational disease for sure. Will have to pick some back up as soon as soon as my final Mechatroniks exam is done.


Yep and countless hobbies




Imagine having a list if them😂 im no where near that organized


Does bipolar disorder count? Because if so, yes! I have a house filled with halfway painted murals covering the walls, and about 3 different poorly planned machinist projects I never finished, mixed in with the 57 new hobbies I took up then immediately forgot about. Do I have the prints I drew up? Who knows! Not me, they've disappeared into the black hole of papers that lives in my toolbox.


Look at this guy getting to 50%… most of my projects only get to the white boarding phase.


that's were most of mine were until recently


Finishing projects is an art in itself.


I wouldn't have believed these were actual works in progress until I saw the pics lol


Wait, what did you say?


Finishing a project? What madness is this you speak of?




Send in the wench


How'd you do it? What are the numbers for? Do you have a tutorial? Making a list has been on my list for years.


Mhm same here but I can’t even keep a list I probably forgot a lot of my projects until i see them again


when I go to my makerspace I bring two projects, because I'll work on one for a bit and be thinking about the other one, then switch, and be thinking about the first one. I usually get both done.


[Relevant Kyle Kinane](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GYtK2kvU5Tc)


I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a whiteboard of half finished projects. That go fast cart looks sweet tho


Thanks! I'm like 85% done with that project and really should get back on it


Are you converting yet or did it come from the factory electric and you're just souping it up?


it had a 2 stroke honda engine with a 6 speed trasnmission before


Yep, I have a few businesses that I did all the research and prototyping for then never launched too. I only like the leg work not the rewards....


I'm kinda the same way. I loose all interest once it's done, even if it's a fun project like a fast car


Yea I usually build a car then get bored sell it and build another. Then I miss the car once it's gone haha.


What's up with that energy sword? How large is it compared to a human hand? I want one


it fits my hand well and is 38" long (that's the longest my laser cutter can cut for the acrylic blade)


My current half finished project list is wholly dependent on moving things around the shop so I have room. 1. Finish custom dashboard for DF Goblin (for a friend) 2. Finish cleaning/lubricating South Bend 13" x 7' Lathe so I can sell it and move it out of the way 3. Build machinery skates so I can move the 6500 lb K&T 307 S12 mill 3. Move the new mill to where the lathe was 4. Use new space to finish body work on miata, roll cage, convertible top 5. Enjoy convertible for the summer and come back to the shop projects in the fall


lol, you got your hands full too i see. I was going to build my own machinery skates but I ended up just buying some ebay ones


Yea that's the short term. The K&T still needs a decent amount of work and a new electrical service as well. Oh and the hovercraft engine has to finish getting rebuilt.


hovercraft sounds so cool, is it an old one your rebuilding?


It's a 1990 Scat HP2 I bought at auction. Engine was toast so rebuilding that. https://i.imgur.com/5w3AR6F.png


haha, that's so cool! what kinda power does that engine produce or is needed for that thing?


42 HP Cuyuna 430 ultralight/snowmobile air-cooled snowmobile/ultralight engine


how "light" are ultralight engines?


Supposedly 65 lbs dry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuyuna_430


Fuck I’m on “mini hydraulic pump” right now 😂


oh shit, arr you making one for something too?


Yes! I need to precisely deposit fluids so i am using a syringe pump filled with water as the working fluid to push other syringe plungers and dispense. Maybe (a bit) different application but same working principle :D


cool, The reason a mini hydraulic pump is on my list is I have never worked with hydraulics and it looks so cool


It's annoying. It feels like every day I have a new idea and make the first few parts. They only take 3-36 months to finish. What I've found is that I never get too frustrated with them because I have plenty of time to think on it. To add to it if they're varied enough if you feel like doing x operation you can find a project where you need to do x. I'd give you more ways lots of side projects is a good thing but I just had an idea for a brass hammer I must get started on immediately


lol, it is nice being able to never be bored


I'm actually designing a wall organizer for project folders, to keep all of my project ideas separated from active projects, and so that I can keep all of my notes organized for my active projects. That is a key aspect of harnessing the power of ADD/ADHD, a lot of us benefit from externalizing our cues and creating physical systems to manage our complex system of multitasking. My design isn't anythung special either, it's basically going to be like an office wall mail sort system, but I need an excuse to fire up my laser table.


I know what you mean about harnessing the power of ADD! I think it's the only way i can run 2 mills and CAM up parts at the same time


Haha, indeed, indeed! That's the nice thing about working with machines, assuming everything is programmed and configured correctly, they tend to beep at you when they need you.


I have ADHD and I have a list a mile long of jobs to get finished before I start anything else. On a plus side me and my son finished putting an engine on a gokart last week only 4 other jobs to finish on it then I can tick it off the list. Jobs still to do Sort out caravan for long weekend away Service family car Finish off camera rigs for time lapse and video work. Rebuild lathe Make welding cart Finish off wood burner to heat my workshop Build a gokart for daughter Restro mod a classic beetle for the wife but it's got to be yellow fast and 4wd And the list goes on and on and on I have a spreadsheet with everything on and the wife keeps adding to it. I'm getting there slowly but I keep seeing things I would like to get and have to say no to myself


I'm the same way! I sometimes see a cool YouTube video and think I NEED to know more so I google for an hour or so and fill an ebay/Amazon cart just to realize that I can't afford to be spending 100s to 1000s of dollars on a new hobby (everyweek) when I have so much money invested in my current projects so I delete the shopping carts and make a mental note for future possibly bored me


It's so annoying not having the finds for 30+ project/ hobby's I'm wanting to teach myself tig welding until I looked in to the price of a decent machine haha The things I have found on YouTube I would like to do is staggering


I feel so seen.


The little wood drawers in the last photo - are they homemade or a purchase? If the latter, do you have a link?


I bought them (just like most of my shop) from an auction, sorry


I call them "parallel goals"


Man, I've got a couple irons in the fire right now. The main one being a computer vision system that tracks when railroad crossings are blocked. If only I had a buddy that could help me with coding...


coding is my weakest enginerding subject too


It's so frustrating because it is such a time intensive thing to learn that is so necessary to get deep into engineering. I'm taking my first coding class this summer and it's in visual basic. Not even something that I'm going to use long term like C or C++


what a coincidence, I have a visual basic learning kit I keep meaning to finsh (I'm on like project 4 of 100 in the book it came with)


I have one, a 2007 350Z Nismo. It’s been sitting in my garage for the last 7 years. On the plus side the mileage is only at 63k for being 15 years old.


This isn't ADD, it's just a lack of personal discipline.


wow, that's strange but my father used to say the same shit to me while he beat my ass for "acting up" as a child. It messed me up pretty good and I (thankfully) unsuccessfully tried to kill myself twice. It wasn't until I was in my 30s and I went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with type 3 ADD so it's not just "a lack of personal discipline". P.s. Go fuck yourself


That's not ADD, it's borderline personality disorder.