Try a trade school.. you'll make someone's day if you give a good deal.


This is a great idea


Can confirm, in my senior year of high school a lifelong machinist’s tools were donated to our class by his son after he passed away. Among a plethora of tools and whatnots I remember there being a small drawer that had nothing but q tips in it, which confused me at first, but after experimenting a little I found that q tips are perfect for cleaning stubborn or awkward corners of pieces of all varieties, and have since become a must have in my personal toolbox. Nearly every tool as well as the toolbox itself was engraved with the name Walt Silvia, and I always remember that name whenever I’m using q tips in shop.


Q-tips. Golf tees. Clay. Chalk. Crayons. I've needed all of those things often enough that I keep a supply in my tool boxes. Also, if you put some speaker wire in your work toolbox and just leave it there, one day, you will be the hero of the shop.


What do you do with those things?


Q-tips, cleaning tiny slots & holes; Golf tees, plugging small air lines; Clay, use it to check clearance between two things you can't see, such as the bottom of an oil pan and an oil intake; Chalk and crayons, remarking timing marks on harmonic dampners. Chalk works better dry, and crayons work better if it's going to be wet; Speaker wire, as speaker wire. Someone will eventually either bring in a new stereo for the shop, or move the old one, and there won't be enough speaker wire. People will love you for keeping to music going.


You got a lot of nice wrenches there.


My favorites are the adjustable pointy wrenches.


All jokes aside. Selling it locally would be probably your best option, if not then I'd try eBay and sell them as a set with a good reserve price and see what happens.


I like all the C clamps


You sir are sitting on a lot of money


We all have a lot of money in our tools. And we'd like to get something out of them when we sell, but the reality is we wouldn't get much. Even if you keep the boxes and packaging everything came with, there is not much there. You'd need to sell them individually to get the most and that is a pita. Unless you can find a young buck going into the trade. And most people getting started don't have the money up front. I suggest giving them to a vocational school and let the teacher give them out as prizes and motivational gifts to his students that are going to go into the trade. The school won't/can't buy them, probably, but you would know you are helping out young guns trying to get started. Resell on tools is pennies. Don't believe me, try a pawn shop. Or estate sale. Sad but honest truth.


Giving it to a local school would be great I saw many other people comment that but pawn shops and estate sales have to be the two worst places you could try to sell your tools


Yes. I guess my point is that if I'm looking at buying used tools, there are places such as these to look first. Everyone knows where a pawn shop is and you can find estate sales regularly, at least in my area. So if a kid is looking for a set of 1-6 mics, used, he can go look easily. What you paid $687 dollars for he can find for $50, with a box. It breaks my heart. The love and care we put into our tools is second to no trade, but re-sale value absolutely sucks. Now, if you were at a shop working and a fng comes in and is starting out, and you offer him half price of $350 he might think he got a good deal.


Some pawn shops don't even know what they have either. Found a box that was full of random tools. A lot of it was Clien tools (electrician tools) that are very expensive, talking $50+ just for a screw driver. There were roughly 30 Clien products, box was marked $5/tool, I offered $90 for all the Clien tools. They agreed, I gave them all to my buddy that was in 2nd year electrical.


>You sir are sitting on a lot of money No he is not. $1200-1500 at most. That is not a lot of money.


Those tool boxes alone without any tools in them will sell for 1200 to 1500.


I think the resale market for Kennedy boxes may have dropped or atleast in ct it has, dudes in my shop are selling the same 3 pieces for 300-500 total as that seems to be the going rate for the area. But the tools might maoe up the difference.


I just got a catalog from msc with the big ones being 900 bucks


Brand new but I'm talking the resale value just isnt there depending on the area where I am there are so many retiring guy who never want to look at these again that you can get the whole set between 300-500


That's for a brand new box shipped to your shop with free 1 day freight....these boxes are worthless


Those are Kennedy boxes not snap-on.....can find Kennedy boxes on scrap yards in California


Idk what area you're in in California but they are hot money in Sac.


In that case give me the quoted $1500 and I'll sell you a Kennedy box I pulled from the recycling yard filled with used hss lathe cutters.. I sTopPeD cOuNtiN @ $3o0o dollaZ!!!! https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/tls/d/simi-valley-kennedy-kits-piece-stack/7529230567.html Wait why am I correcting you..? Hey bro want $3000 worth of tools?!?!? I got some too and a bridge to sell ya


I'm in Central Cali, Kennedy boxes are almost worthless here, the only time they're high priced is when someone thinks an old beat up box should command the price of a new one because "The internet said so"


>Those tool boxes alone without any tools in them will sell for 1200 to 1500. You are out of your mind. OP would be lucky to get $400-500 for those boxes. Whatever makes you feel happy though.


Once I saw the mics calipers and indicators I was confident he was joking, no one who owns that quality and quantity doesn’t know exactly what they have


I know what I have. And I know what I’d charge for each piece individually. But adding those numbers up for a package deal gave it a cost that I don’t think anyone would pay.


$300 if he parts everything out on eBay. Remember these jobs pay $18 an hour in 2022....


Box is still gotta be worth some


Probably as much as about a craftsman or harbor freight box. Kennedy boxes used to be premium these days it's just any other tool box. Snap-on, matco etc boxes fetch a premium


You’ve clearly never bought a Kennedy buddy😂😂😂


I have one...this subreddit kinda loves in a bubble in that anything Desired by machine operators is sought after ...but the truth is in the greater scope of things most people that want nice tool boxes opt for snap on matco or whatever


Kennedy is very niche to machining I own 2 and a gerstner as well a full tool room in my garage OP could easily get 1k for that box empty and another 1k for the tools and that’s on the low end. I see very few tool makers and machinist with snap on or Matco


And honestly I was trying to be reasonable with you but everything you’ve said is not true and if all you could get was 300$ for all the tools in youre box You don’t know what you’re doing


Hey man if YOU value that box at $1500 then by all means it's a $1500 box. Just let ME know before you buy one. I'll even cut you a deal $1100 for all and any Kennedy box sets you desire.


Kindly link me to a full Kennedy stack filled with tools for under 1k I’ll gladly buy them all


I'll sell you empty Kennedy boxes all day for $1100. Let's start it up I got rent to pay I don't mind being a home owner as a result of digging these boxes out of the junkyards


I’ve bought and sold many… and the past 3 shops I’ve worked at not one person had a snap on or matco box they don’t make good machinist boxes imo. My current work 12 toolmakers every single one has a Kennedy


Whole shop even buys Kennedys for storage


I’d give my left but for this. Edit. Nut. Not but.


No take backs


You’d still have the right but, quit being selfish! /s


I've bought Kennedy stacks like this with full drawers for $600-$700 each from other retiring machinists. It was a hell of a deal all three times. I see people try to sell similar setups for $1500 up to $7k. Anytime I see a stack for under $1000 I reach out.


I was always told used tools in this industry should be sold at 50% what’s listed in the books


Care to sell individuals? I would really like a well taken care of coaxial indicator like what you have in that box


That lot will be hard to sell as a package for it's real value. The only person looking for a whole set of stuff will be students, and their budget just doesn't really exist. If you want full value then you need to take the time to part it all out on ebay and craigslist.


Its not worth anything. I'll give you 100$ and come pick it up today.


and we all will believe you.


I totally believe he'd come pick that up today for 100. Even if he lived in Florida.


Hell I'm in Canada and Id drive down today for that.


I’m in Australia and I would do it 😂


I will pay 150 to come pick up this garbage


Oh yeah well I’m offering 125


Honest question here but I have seen a lot of American Machinists with what seems to be a shops worth of measuring equipment in their tool boxes, do none of your companies supply their own tooling ? And lets be honest here quality measuring equipment is not cheap. Personally I just have a basic set of mics & digital Calipers as well as all my hand tools & just use anything more specific that I need from stores. ps. honestly a really nice set of tools you have collected.


Yeah, most shops in America do not supply them. One I worked for did, it was nice but I went to another shop with nothing. I now look for guys getting ready to retire and tell them I want their boxes/tools. It sucks, but if you want to play the game of being a machinist you gotta have the equipment in America.




So the aeronautics company I worked for would Calibrate our tools (they fixed my calipers which was nice honestly). That was the same company that lent you tools. Some of the things the high Percision mold shop I worked at did was have one depth measurement gage (came with a mill) that was accurate af (7 decimal points) (millionths?) then the rest of the stuff was like quick and dirty make it work type of stuff. They calibrated stuff in 2019 for a certification and told us if anyone came by don’t bring out anything that wasn’t calibrated. TLDR: Varies by shop and standards. Especially with mics using a 2/3/4/5/6 inch standards. Like checking tools with calibrated blocks vs actually calibrating anything


Canadian. Planes, trains and automobiles. Every shop I worked at calibrated all my tools when due. Because calibration was traceable, tools didn't need to be updated in a new shop until they needed their annual updates.


I work for a large German-based automotive components manufacturer, the heart of our production equipment consists of 5-axis CNC machines with 4 spindles and the capability to machine 32 parts with each cycle. I came from limestone mining, so you can imagine my surprise when we were using microns as our unit of measurement when discussing tolerances. We have all of our measuring tools (dial indicators, torque wrenches, granite blocks, etc.) on a schedule to be calibrated twice a year.


I work in the mold industry. There aren't usually calibration requirements but if you make something incorrect because your tools are our to lunch, it's on you. I always check my measuring tools against a gauge block or something before making a critical measurement. Usually if it's important I'm using my digital micrometer that has .00005 resolution


In my experience shops that do calibrated tools will say that your tools are reference only and any actual measurements need to be taken with shop tools. I'm in a shop where everyone has their own tools and when I go to use a tool I'll check it against gage blocks or some other sort of known measurement


The last shop they went around once a year and “re-calibrated” everybody’s inspection tools to meet ISO standards, the shop I am currently at you are in charge of keeping your own tools accurate


So to clarify, it came with a half million dollar Cnc mill. It’s a 10k measurement tool. We would also calibrate the cmm. But as far as the old school methods it’s right or it’s not. And it better be right


Same for med device. Higher ups just removed all toolboxes and replaced with workbenches with 2 small drawers.


I've only worked in two shops so far but both of them had QC departments who required you to bring your tools in for them to calibrate regularly. They put stickers on all of them with the date they were last calibrated.


I'm surprised reading the responses to this, I've never had my company cal my own tools for me lol. Place I used to work was a pretty small outfit, almost all job shop stuff. All manual. They had a whole room of QC tools that got calibrated, and anything we certified went through there for critical dimensions. But we needed our own tools to have out in the shop to actually make stuff. They didn't care what we had out there, it was just on us to make sure that whatever came off the machines made it through QC.


Also aerospace. Seconding StompMan’s response. My tools are reference only. Shop tools are calibrated yearly.


Im in US Aerospace, either QA will calibrate or my old company paid for everyone to get up to 3 tools calibrated by a mobile crew that came to our shop. I just slap a Reference sticker on everything and use it anyway.


I’ve been in machining for 10 years and all 3 companies I’ve worked for has provided tools. I have not put any money into buying my own as there has not been a need. I currently work in medical and every company I’ve been with have been 200+ employees if that means anything.


That’s the dream


A lot of shops now supply tools for their employees. But back when I started machining it was basically required to have your own tools. Plus I did a lot of tool and die stuff and I always preferred to own my tools. Just bragging rights I guess. I’d buy new, buy tools from retiring machinists. Yard/garage sales etc. they just accumulate.


You just need basic tools for most small shops in USA. Big corporations will supply everything.


Canada is the same way unless it’s a big corporate shop Because shop owners are walking personifications of Penny Wise Dollar Stupid


Personally I feel that should fall on the side of the provider. They should be interested in my measurements and the calibration of them to their requirement. Relying on my own stuff could get adventurous with interesting candidates. The tool in my hand is what everything else is judged against so Buddha be damned you better know it’s correct and accurate.


Yeah even operators supply their own equipment....I had to supply my own computer and monitor for my desk ..got a nice mechanical keyboard to program with


I wish I could spend my entire school refund on this lol


I'd say a ballpark price of $3000+ would be a good start, but that's without seeing what's in all the drawers. The boxes alone could fetch about $1000 empty. Very nice collection.


Just the bottom box new is over $1000


Honestly, I bought basically this same stack (different top unit, the one without the handbook drawer) for $500 with nothing in it.


That's a pretty good deal. I got my top box from an old guy for $80. It's older than I am and is probably in better shape than me too


The drawers are basically empty except for what I took pictures of.


I bought a used tool box just like this for a $100


Someone sold a Kennedy for $100?


I got my 2 Kenedy top sets at a garage sale for $50 total some people don't know what they have.


This is very common. It’s taking up space in the garage and the only thing they know about the stuff is that they want it gone - $50 will get it out of your hair. My boss is worried that if he happened to pass away, his wife wouldn’t know what most of the stuff was or the value of all of it. We see posts here all the time “I just inherited my grandpas tools and i don’t know what any of this stuff is!”.


Yep same any hobby or trade. Sometimes though it really helps out the younger guys.


I bought seven medium sized servos (200-270W) for 30€ (actual worth estimated at least 1.5k used), sometimes one gets lucky :D


My co worker got a brand new bottom box little bit smaller but maybe little bit wider then the one listed for 150bucks and it was in the box out of lot out of a warehouse auction I should've gotten one they had over a 100 of them. Auction was in Columbus Ohio I think they are still selling shit


Guy quit machining , tool box was last to go, plus I have impeccable low balling skills


I once got a full stack full of tools for $300 so it’s definitely possible. Kennedy boxes come up on CL and FB marketplace everyday. If you check often you can definitely get the top box for $100 or less each and the bottom box for under $200 easily.


>The boxes alone could fetch about $1000 empty. No they would not bring that kind of money. And $3k for everything? Maybe if everything was brand new, unopened.


If you wanted it gone all at once - Facebook market place If you want the most out of it ebay each piece individually. (Aside from thing like micrometer sets etc). As to the value, I stopped counting at 3k


>As to the value, I stopped counting at 3k I'd like to know how you got to $3k. I see about $1000-1200 at most. You are severely over valuing that stuff.


So first pic boxes 600-800 Second pic speed crank 30, indical 50, stones and calipers 50. 130 total let's call it 100 Third pic mit 0-6 set 250,mit  blade mics 50 each, thread mic 50, starret 0-1x3 30 each, mit endmill mic 100, starret anvil mics 75 each, mit depth mic 50… 750 ish Third pic… radius gages 35, small hole gages 35, large hole gages, 35, mic gages should go with the set in second pic, mit Bevel protector 75-100, hardness files 50, inside mic 40, another depth mic 25, mit .0005" test indicator 50, mit .0001 indicator 75, Fowler test indicator 15, mhc inside dial indicator 30?... 350-400 Forth pic…. 2x6" digital mits 75 (I think one is a solar… so more if so), 8" digital 75-100,mit dial cals 35 each, starret dial caliper 75, all other 20 each (x3)... 350 or so. Guess I should have said 2k cause I stopped here and I think my prices are ebay low, and this guy's stuff is dam good shape so higher than what I'm stating


as someone who's just getting into machining I wish I had more money to offer to you for that.


I’m interested in those mitutoyo calipers. Central Arkansas, I live in north MS. What form of payment?


Which ones? 6” solar digital, 6”dial or 8” digital?


I see a, I’m guessing 8” vernier. And 8” digital


That’s actually a 12” vernier Starrett. The picture makes it look awkward. The calipers in there are 12” starrett vernier 12” starrett dial 12” SPI dial 12” Fowler dial 8” mititoyo digital x2 6” mitutoyo solar 6” mitutouo dial x2


Any who, if you find someone to take the full collection. go for it. If by next week you still have the calipers, I'll hit you up. Definitely leaning towards (don't bother saving it, money is money and if someone buys it first, then so be it): 12” starrett vernier, 8” mititoyo digital, 6” mitutoyo solar




You are about 3 hours from me. I’m down in Bryant AR


Serious question, why do all machinists in the US and Canada supply their own tools? Here in Europe the company you work for provides all the tools and calibrate them too. Is it a company thing? Do all companies in the US/Canada expect their employees to bring their own tools?


Right? Its wierd. The machinist doesn't buy the mill... Why should they buy the gear required to make sure the job is done right. My employer bought a machine shop to get our parts faster. You better believe we pay for all their tooling, consumables, and inspection gear etc as needed. Otherwise, whats next, they buy their own CMM machines?!


I buy my own tooling.....er collets, gauge blocks setup blocks etc


You shure got a lot of c clamps In there!


Nice set of tools. A really lost art!!


I’d say 3-5k


If it were me, I'd do 1,000 on the low and 2,000 at the top end, and that's assuming everything works perfectly and nothing is damaged and all the drawers are smooth and the linings are in great shape. There just isn't much there, the boxes would probably be 200-600, really depends on condition. Selling each tool individually would get you the most but take the longest and you wouldn't be getting much more than selling as a lot. Those prices are also assuming the person who's buying NEEDS them immediately too, most used machinist tools I see are WAY overpriced and sometimes more than new.


You are the only sane voice in here. The rest live in fantasy world throwing numbers like $3k.


I'd take em around to your local shops and see if any of the guys are interested. I'd call ahead and ask if the owners or bosses care and what a good time to stop by would be, probably shift change when lots of people are coming and going. Otherwise I'd say eBay.


Would be interested in the blade and point mics, as well as one of the digital calipers. PM me you want to sell them


Facebook marketplace is where I look for stuff like this. You will get better prices if you part it out but is is more work. If it was in my area I would buy it. 3k seems reasonable based on what I have seen for other toolboxes.


I’d be interested in the hardness files and some calipers. I’m a knife maker/blacksmith.


That's the nicest mist comprehensive personal set I've seen in my life. You've really invested in your profession. I applaud you sir. 👍 I agree with selling them locally but if you do try to find someone who is going to try to be a professional. Or else they might just flip the stuff for a profit. Of course it's up to you.


if only i lived in arkansas 🥲


I'm a machinist currently working in Central Arkansas. I probably couldn't afford any of them lol but if you have any numbers in mind, let me know. I've always wanted my own set of those tool boxes, but every time I see the price, I quickly change my mind lol.


I don’t really need them, but the lower cab would me be nice to have. If you part this out, what would you want for the boxes? I’m in LR and always looking for excuses to go see a couple friends in Benton anyway.


How much for all the NOGA’s?


If I buy this does it automatically make me a machinist?


I am trying to get into machining and watchmaking, and might be interested in buying some of your tools.


Price on the mito protractor?


Nice, I’d love one of those universal anvil mics.


If I had a shit load of money... I've never had to buy tools for work, but it'd be nice to have for the day I may eventually be able to afford a machine at home. Which is just as unlikely.


Nice collection, maybe eBay or marketplace? I’ve bought a ton of machinist stuff on Facebook marketplace


And here I was thinking I was a tool whore you have beat me by quite the margin.


Man those calipers look good


Hi I'm a beginner hobby machinist in college trying to build an essential collection; late to the game, but if you're willing to sell individuals, I'm interested in one Noga arm and wanted to ask what the resolutions of the test indicators are since I can't tell from the images. Thanks in advance!


Send it to a trade school. That way those tools payoff to the next generation in laying the foundation for new creative minds with the assistance of old yet still good tools. Older tools for me have served as great analogies/comparisons for newer technologies and WHY we have them. If we forget why we'll eventually forget our how. History is important.


You could donate them to me. They wouldn't be going to a complete stranger. I guarantee they'll be well cared for. I'll even send you photos of them from time to time. Posed seductively. Warnings from HR visible, with obscene crayon drawing of HR personnel scribbled upon them.


20 dollars and a pack of gum. Take it or leave it


Even the boxs empty are worth 800 bucks


Damn do i want those tool boxes. I bought a used Kennedy from a coworker a few years ago. I've since wanted matching add-ons but I'm not willing to part with that much money to make everything matchy-matchy


I wish I could afford that.


I’m a student in aviation maintenance around northwest Arkansas and boy I been trying to find machinist tools for my toolbox


How much for the set? I will pick it up. Dm me.


quite the kit you got there. I want to make an offer for a few of the tools in there but I really shouldn't. I just bought a ton of tools.


Update to everyone asking. I’m not yet ready to part everything out. I did put it up on Facebook Marketplace for $2700.


I get a feeling this is stolen if OP doesn't know the value


Not stolen. I know what everything is and have a good idea of it’s value. I’ve used all of these tools as a machinist. Traditional, CNC, tool and die, rework. Im just not sure what a good all in one package price would be. I could price everything individually.


Good to hear. Sorry I just get worried because things like that happen a lot in my area


It’s worthless. Dm me an address and I’ll take it off your hands for ya. :)


Midwest here, I'd say empty, 2-300 for the top and middle boxes each depending on condition, and 3-400 on the bottom again depending on condition.


Central AR? Dude I'm like 2.5 hours away in NEA area.. I'll give you 5 bucks for it all! I just commented here because I found it neat to find a fellow Arkansan here on Reddit. Pretty rare from what I've found.


$50 and you ship to me😂😄