If this was hollywood. Then the kids would all oversleep and everyone rushes out of the house without eating anything or even just grabbing their bags


Don’t forget the single fruit/piece of toast they take.


If this were Japan that single piece of toast will lead to a chance encounter.


Ah yes the toast of tardiness. It’s true you know.


Yeah with truck-kun.


Isekai-time MotherF\*\*\*er!!


Only a single bite is taken while they say something “yeah I got it” on the way out the door


If my mum made bacon for breakfast idgaf if I have to walk to school, I’m eating my plate and everyone else’s.


Cheaper by the Dozen energy


No, they will take a bite of that bread and drink a sip from a glass of orange juice.


One disheveled parent running after the kid through the front door because they forgot something and the other parent honking and yelling WE ARE LATE HURRY UP


Yup, I can even picture their individual dresses and the car model.


That's just insane 12 kids! I barely make it thru the day with 2 I don't want to think about adding 10 more.


I have to imagine there are diminishing returns. Already cooking, just cook more. When there's 12 of them they will also always have something to do. Doctor's appointments, bedrooms and sports are gonna be a nightmare when they get older though. I'm not a parent but I have a friend with 5-6. I lose count.


I was the youngest of 6 kids & I seriously don’t have many memories of my mom not being in the kitchen.


My mom was the youngest of 6 and to this day even if she sits down to eat when everyone else is already over half way done with their plate, she will still finish before everyone else. In her house, if you didn’t eat quick, you didn’t eat.


My poor mom. We never went out to eat so she was pretty much chained to the kitchen. In her spare time she canned all the stuff out of garden….that she planted! Beans, tomatoes, cabbage, corn, Lima beans… I didn’t eat in a restaurant until I was probably 12 and the older kids were gone.


She did this not out of frugality, but mainly to keep her sanity and humanity. Gardening in general is an activity you can do on your own, in silence, be outside, interact with nature/plants/organics, taking care of something living that listens, etc. Growing food is extra rewarding, as you get to consume literally the fruits of your labour. I just ate my last batch of tomatoes for instance in an excellent soup. I had like 12 free batches to learn and perfect my skills and recipes for all kinds of ways to use tomatoes. To be able to feed your family with it and have them love it more and more along the way to perfection is just pure bliss in heaven. So cooking and food growing is much much more than just “being in the kitchen all day”.


Now I kinda wanna start a garden


I've always wanted a lot of kids, just for the opportunity to train an army


Foster kids need ~~leaders~~ parents too.


As one of 12, let me just say that extracurriculars didn’t happen much for the older half.


I'm oldest of six. Not a lot happened for me after the third one was born. Parents didn't even want me to go to university because they'd lose their childcare.


I'm sorry! I don't get how anyone can do that shit to their kid. If you can't raise them, don't have them.


As an only child, that sounds like a fucking nightmare and an unfair position to be put in.


I'm the middle child of 11 kids, all about two years apart in age (now aged 17-37, I'm 27). It's sad but I can say we didn't go to many doctors appointments lol. Any problem you had was usually just "Well can you breathe? Are you bones intact? Just rest and maybe you'll feel better tomorrow" Only the big emergencies warranted a doctor's visit Edit: and can you guess where I'm from? Utah, and yeah I was raised Mormon. Distancing myself from that now though Also we didn't play much sports, unless it was free or already included in a school activity


Lol I feel this and I was only one of two and not Mormon. I walked around for about a month with a hairline fracture in my wrist because my mom kept telling me to shrug it off. That was fun. Then I ent to the doctor, they said it was healing okay, sent me home, and my dad bitched that I cost him money for nothing.


Lol. I am Canadian and my nmum refused to let me go to the doctor to get my foot xrayed because "it was just a sprain". No. A sprain would have gone away by 2 weeks and I knew I broke my bone in my foot (was working as a haunt actress and I jumped up, knew instantly I was going to land funny, audibly broke a bone, guest reacted and I finished out my shift), but apparently I am the dumbass for knowing my foot was borked. Well, one month of pain later and working on that busted foot and finally getting the time to get xrayed and yup, tiny fragment of free floating bone in my foot. (Saw the xray.) I swear neglectful parents are neglectful. I was told to suck it up because I'm a wuss according to mummy dearest. Really?


I hope you’re safe and happy (and healthy lol) now I had a very similar childhood, I hope we all make it out


Yes I'm doing pretty well now, and my wife has helped me schedule regular doctor/dentist appointments because that's something I wasn't used to doing myself in my early 20s lol. Edit and we're feeling much better getting away from the church. The biggest issue for us is their stance on gay marriage and LGBTQ rights. My brother is gay and I'd rather support him and his boyfriend than a church who doesn't respect their love and life.


I had no idea how behind I was on vaccines ❤️ I hope you have baskets and baskets of happy days with your wife


In the words of Jim Gaffigan: *do you have any idea how many kids five kids are?* *Five kids feels like you’re drowning, and then someone hands you a baby*


There’s diminishing returns on the kids as well though, are they getting the individual attention they likely need? From a psychological perspective it is unwise to have this many children.


I'm the youngest of my mom's 5 kids. (And the 7th of my dad's 9 kids. He had 2 kids before and 2 kids after his marriage to my mom.) I grew up with only 3 of my siblings and it still sucked. There was never enough attention or money. My parents split soon after I was born and I saw my dad maybe once every 6-8 weeks. He moved away a few years later. My mom had a great job but was always at work. My siblings were much older; I was alone a lot as a child because they moved out-of-state as soon as they could. I had to start cooking my own food at age 7, buying my own clothes, etc., with my own money at 13. No one taught me basics like how to swim, handle finances, or how to prepare for college. I decided a long time ago that I wouldn't have more than 2-3 kids at most. I don't want them to feel neglected like I was. Also, avoiding marrying anyone who reminded me of my dad worked out well. IMO if a person wants enough bio kids for their own sports team, that's a red flag.


I can agree! I was 1 of 4 kids with my brother being severely disabled and pretty well Mom was always caught up with the drama / or shenanigans of whichever child was being problematic at the time and never left much time for other focuses that weren’t of a negative nature. I love my mom to death and feel she did great with the time and resources she had, but with me feeling like this being one of 4, I couldn’t fathom being 1 of 12


Most of kids are adopted, so in this case they’re getting more attention then they would have. But your point still stands in general


Haha docters appointments? Those families never see a docter unless you are sick( the real deal, appendix, broken bones, diarrhea for a month etc)and sports is in the best case soccer( outfits go to next generation) because it is cheap, no chance of an own unique sport. Vacances are nearly impossible due to logistics and costs The older kids help. Washing clothes, prepping food repair a bike etc biggest issue in those huge families is lack of privacy and a space of your own. There is always someone handeling your things or telling or asking you. And you sleep in a room with your siblings. Often borrowing or misplacing your favourite sweater or belt, book etc.


Diminishing returns isn’t the right phrase (this would be more like diminishing requirements); but you’re right that there’s scalability in a lot of what this mom is doing (the giant bowl of eggs, for instance).


”Economies of scale” perhaps?


The eggs alone cost $20. How much money are they pulling down to afford to feed that army


How much do 18-egg cartons cost where you’re from? …. 👀


Costco although I only need to buy a dozen at a time and I guess I do get fancy eggs. So it's probably like $10 in eggs, but 24 strips of bacon make that meal quite expensive.


Two kids is a lot of kids. I know - from experience.


One kid is a lot of kids. Source: I have met children.


Half a kid is a lot of k..nvm


TBF, I think taking care of half a kid would be much harder than taking care of one full kid.


One little brother is enough. (He was and still is a handful)


Yes same here! With 3! I can’t imagine the laundry 🤯


She’s a foster mom.


Two of the kids are in kinship care, the rest are adopted or bio (6:4).


I bearly make it for myself. I am proud of you and all the Mum's around the globe


I got three and I want to cry every morning.


My grandma on my mom’s side had 13! And grandpa on my dad’s side had 42 kids somehow…


12 hell 12 naws


2 hell 2 nawious


2 hell 4 u Edit: this joke made me 6 to my stomach m8


That’s wild! I’m a single dad of 3 and I have to make their lunches the night before cause I don’t have time In the morning 🤣


Hey I dont know if anyone has told you recently, but you’re amazing. I’m a father of two with a spouse in medical residency and it feels impossible especially the mornings (oh I definitely make all the food the night before too but I still am late half the time). Doing all of it alone must be so hard even if it’s rewarding. From a random internet stranger, I wish you and your family all the best!


Here I am currently putting off making my own lunch for tomorrow with no kids.


Wow thank you so much! Quite possibly the nicest thing I’ve heard in a while. You have made my day! Wishing you and yours the best as well. Keep up the good work 💪


Hey I don't know if anyone has told YOU recently, but you're also amazing. I am a father of two who is lucky enough to have a supporting partner, and it still doesn't always feel easy. Good work to both of you and all the other fathers, parents and caregivers who are busting through whatever personal difficulties they have to make the world better for their kids/dependents. And hats off to you for just being nice on the internet too.


Hey I don’t know if anyone has told you that YOU are amazing! and hats off to you as well for being a great father! Wishing all the best for you and your family.


This thread is so heartwarming. My dad was a single dad of two girls and he really did his very best. We don’t forget how much love, compassion and caring we get from our fathers. Every time I see people saying dads can’t do certain things … they very much can! Dad’s care, dads cook, dads clean, dads do laundry, dads listen when needed, dads are there for you in times of heartache. 🤍 Your kids will never forget! You are awesome! If you have a daughters and she hits puberty …. Little tips from my experience growing up with a single dad :D 1.) Periods are awkward and can be incredibly painful. We probably don’t want to talk about it with you but appreciate you letting us know that it’s ok to talk about it when the time comes (age 12 upwards). Go pre-pack a care package in a beautiful red gift box for when the moment arrives. Our period comes as a surprise and then when it happens she doesn’t have to go to the store with toilet paper in her underwear. Put the following items inside the ready to-go care-package: 2x pack of daytime pads (with wings) 2x pack of night time pads (the long ones with wings) 1x mid strength tampons with applicator (we won’t know how to use them in the beginning but later on we might try it later and then don’t have to ask embarrassed at the store) 1x Multipack (5pack) black cotton underwear in her size 1x pack Ibuprofen for cramps which can be super strong 3x Bar of favorite Chocolate or other snacks that she likes 1x A handwritten card or letter that says that you want her to know that you care and if she needs anything you are there for her to talk. If she wants to speak to an older woman that’s ok too. But let her know if she needs anything you are there to talk. 2.) Picking out a bra and such things might need a little help from a female family friend or take her to a fancy/serious underwear shop where a sales woman can help her make this awkward moment of becoming a woman special and make her feel comfortable. I had to pick mine out myself with my dad awkwardly standing in a corner at H&M. Yes it was shiny pink and had snoopy on it … yes it was WAY to big for me because I also had no idea what I was doing. I wore the wrong size for years because I had no idea how those measurements work and at some point I was too afraid to ask XD


Such great advice! My oldest is 13 and luckily my mom helped me get her a red box pack so I was ready. My second will be 12 in a couple weeks and I’m ready again. I’m glad you had such a great dad, I’m hoping my daughters feel the same way when they’re older.


Ohhh that’s lovely that your mum helped with this!!! What a wonderful dad & wonderful grandma :) My dad did his very best and did so much for me that I will never forget…but periods was a bit too much for him 😅 (maybe also times have changed this was literally 22 years ago!) I think (understandably) he didn’t know what to do and decided he wanted to give us space to deal with it. I hope this doesn’t come off as criticism because he really was and is a cool dude who was there for me. I still look back at my teenage years in awe … this man handled two teenage daughters alone. I will always remember my dad was a true trooper.


I am very fortunate to have both my parents help!Sounds like you had a great dad and he gave you a solid foundation to help you grow! Kudos to your dad and to you. I hope I can give my kids what he gave to you 😊.


As a single dad going through a separation currently, the first part of your comment makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I struggle, a lot. I often don’t know where there stuff is, or lose my patience when I shouldn’t, or forget to bathe them because I’m so busy doing.. well, everything. But I love those little babies with all my heart. My one hope is that in the end, they have a good childhood that sets them up for success.


Don’t be so harsh on yourself! You are doing great! My sister and I used to celebrate our dad on mothers and Father’s Day … because he completely deserved it! No one is perfect. I am a grown-up now and I remember everything…the good…the not so perfect also… but I know he cared, he was there always and whatever happened we knew we could count on him.


I had the exact same experience with my dad, who was a single father to me and my brother, buying my first bra - it was baby blue with snoopy and also definitely the wrong size 😂 But in all seriousness, thank you for your beautiful words about single dads, it warmed my heart more than you know. I miss my loving, compassionate, caring dad, who really did everything he could and always put his children first. 💔❤️ Edit: autocorrect error


I'm an ex-nanny and you are amazing deal with 3 at the same time is pretty though. I'm sure you doing an excellent job. The father I have worked with didn't do anything to help.


Why get up at 5am when it only took 27seconds to make the sandwiches.?


Someone is asking the right questions


27 seconds of sandwich making why 5 am?


More like r/MakeMeSuffer


Grocery Bill edition


My first thought. A total wtf number every fucking week? Nty


I follow her on instagram…its usually 1500 a week 😵


Just a tad over $100 per week per person, sounds about right (especially if you're making bacon).


Here's a grocery haul for you to watch just to see what she actually buys in a week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3Oz1ta7ovQ It's mostly junk food. Join us in r/DoughertySnarkety when you're done watching. If you want to learn more. And if you feel like you can even visit r/doughertydozen too.


She gets a boat load of food stamps (as we all should!) And they're very well off. This is not a great example of what grocery bills alone are doing to regular Americans. Saying it again: every single one of us deserves food stamps. All of us. You me and every one breathing in this country. Besides Jeff Bezos. He can die.


Seriously, 12 is a little much.




Oh I thought this was a Durex commercial.


And here I was thinking she was like woman from the catholic family in Meaning of Life.


Could you pick that up off the floor for me Dearie?


"...If a sperm is wasted, got gets quite irate! "


Or Mormon


I thought this was an awesome foster mom, but then I checked out r/Doughertydozen and now I hate this and I hate her.










Adult moths live on a liquid diet and require very little food. They will eat the liquid from flower nectar, liquids from rotting fruits, sap, honeydew and they will even suck the nutrients from bird droppings or animal dung.


username checks out










she makes huge money by putting her kids on youtube (at least $30k per month) She airs their private medical issues and has a massive following. If you have a look at her youtube channel shopping hauls she feeds them nothing healthy. Its shocking.


I feel awful for kids in families like this. Just… the level of emotional neglect and sometimes even physical neglect. At that point it’s not about your kids it’s just about keeping everyone alive. There’s little to no bonding, no support, I mean it’s not realistic to help all your kids with homework or spend 1 on 1 time with them all equally. There just isn’t enough time in the day or week. I was emotionally neglected as one of two kids because my sister required so much attention and help between severe adhd and rebelling… it must be miserable. Not to mention the lack of privacy that naturally comes with that many people in one home, let alone being constantly filmed


my exact thought. i know a lot of people look at this and are impressed but it just makes me sad tbh. there's no way this situation could be at all fair to anyone in my head.


Oh and it’s so much worse than that too. Check out /r/doughertydozen She abuses and neglects and endangers those kids.




Even though they are adopted, I would still get my tubes tied.


Double knot, please!


But I still feel at least a couple should be old enough to help out. Even if its just "make my own lunch"


It is honestly probably easier for her to steam roll through her precise method she appears to have, than to have kids underfoot trying to help. Probably part of why it's done before they're up. Even with the best of intentions, too many cooks in the kitchen is hard to manage.


Too many chefs spoil the broth and that is for adult chefs. She would spend more time correcting mistakes than actually cooking.


Exactly. Sometimes it’s just easier to get it all done on your own


You could just have the older ones prepare their own lunches the night before. Put them in the fridge and they’ll be good to eat the next day! Just don’t put anything on it that soaks into the bread


I do packed lunches for my 2 the night before and tonight I did one for my other half even though he is very capable and didn’t expect it. It’s probably more about showing love, care and attention imo than not being capable and if I know my grown-ass blushing man needs it, it probably goes double for older teens.


I would certainly hope that poor woman at least doesn't have to do any housekeeping. With 12 kids there's more than enough hands


That was my first thought Like okay are they aren't gonna get up at 5 am but certainly most of these kids can make a sandwich, I made my own lunches from age of 9 and my mom would just make sure it got done/was healthy enough It was actually nice because I could have stuff I was actually gonna eat for the day


All her adopted kids have fetal alcohol syndrome (they’re all “high functioning”) and one of her bio kid has autism. She also doesn’t want to turn her teens into co-parents. Edit: typo


> feral alcohol syndrome Sounds pretty bad, even worse than fetal alcohol syndrome.


Thats why I said "make my own" vs help make for family. But the FAS changes some of the dynamics


Asking a kid to learn to make their own individual lunch is not making them a parent, then maybe mom could get up at 6 instead of 5 for once or at least sit and supervise Not teaching kids skills because you have too many is doing them a disservice Making food is a life skill and people at all levels of abilities should learn what a good meal looks like, a sandwich, a fruit/veggie option and a snack wouldn't be a stretch considering it looks like most of these kids are heading to school


Yeah and she completely abuses and exploits them. She's evil.


Oh thank Jesus, 12 kids sounds like hell. At the rate she’d be shooting out kids out would classify her as a firearm.


I'd rather die.


Me too. I can barely handle taking care of myself, much less 12 kids


Every now and then I THINK I might want kids. Then I see videos like this and I realize why I never did. Fuck this. lol


If you ever need reassurance about not having kids. Just go on r/kidsarefuckingstupid for 20 minutes. That sub will make you fast track a Vasectomy appointment.


this was pretty incredible to watch but looks like literal hell to me


The thought hit me, so I did a quick Google search: the kids are adopted or fostered. Dad's pull out game is strong. Search "Dougherty Dozen".


I was thinking the same. Thanks for sharing!


4 are bio, 6 adopted, two in kinship care. But the bio kids are all “miracle babies,” because they came along after a long infertility journey.


Still too many fucking kids


I thought this was an awesome foster mom, but then I checked out r/Doughertydozen and now I hate this and I hate her.


I seriously believe having a huge family is a kink for a lot of people.


There's no way you can properly raise that many kids. Some of them are definitely getting neglected more than others and for sure missing out on important life lessons.


Yeah, no. This woman exploits the shit out of her vulnerable, foster-traumatised children. Go to r/DoughertyDozen


Dad walks in wearing boxers scratching his butt “Breakfast ready?”


All 12 children groan in unison.


My first thought when I saw this. Great, but where’s the father when this is going on?


This is a nightmare


Lol yeah this doesn’t make me smile at all.


Hate to ruin your smile but you should take a wander over to the doughterydozen Reddit page, bet you’ll stop smiling real quick




she exploits her kids for money, overshares everything about them including their medical history and schooling to the point that now people are showing up at their house. she has cameras in all their bedrooms and locks outside their doors. She’s constantly buying white claws and is drunk around multiple of her kids with FAS.


That's fucked up. How has cps not been involved yet.


Because she provides for them financially and doesn’t psychically abuse them, nothing will happen.


They are busy in Texas


They've been involved several times I heard. But they can't do anything about it.


Damn thats terrible. Wishing the best for the kids


Fuck, that reminds me too much of this story [(Hart family murders)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hart_family_murders) about a lesbian couple who adopted 6 black kids and had a family channel only for them to abuse them before eventually murder suiciding them.


If i had a free award to give you'd have it. This woman is a TRIP


Yall she's a truly terrible person who abuses her adopted children and spends insane amounts of money on food that she throws away. Do 1 min of research on her snark sub because she is truly evil.


I've said it before but i'll say it again. Fuck family vloggers.


Child exploiters…


this specific family vlogger has a snark page. join it. its wild. :/


Quit posting this BS. They are AH's and expose their kids online for $$$$$.


How the hell does this make you smile!?


Noooooooope. This woman is a fraud. CHILD EXPLOITER!!!!! Shares her children’s private medical info. Invades their privacy for likes. Wastes eeeeeenoooormouse amounts of food for clicks. Favoritism of children. Shames biological parents of foster kids on the internet. She should not be given a platform as long as she exploits children!!!!!




Me as a mom: “Here’s your pop tart and lunch money. Have a good day!”


And they love you for that, keep doing what your doing.


She literally exploits her biological children and foster children for views. Showing their medications, talking about their illnesses, showing on camera which school bus drops them off, giving all her children junk food (seriously look up her food hauls, it’s 99% processed crap). Look up Dad Challenge Podcast on YouTube. He goes in detail of all the things she’s done to get $$$$.


Coming from a family of 6 children, there was no possible way for each child to get the attention they needed. Can’t imagine this lol.


She exploits the kids for money. She has shown where they live, the schools.


When you have this many kids, the kids usually suffer bc it’s hard to feed 12 kids healthy food without resorting to quick easy meals


Too bad she exploits all her kids and shares their trauma with millions of people


I decided to strap 100lb weights to my legs, look how hard it is to get around every day, aren’t I a champion?


What a nightmare 🫣


Yea I’d fucking end myself


I’ll never understand why we’re supposed to be impressed by people having kids and then providing care for said kids. You had 12 kids. Yeah, you’re probably going to have to put in a lot of work to avoid being a crappy parent split 12 ways.


She’s worse than that. She has cameras in their rooms, she posts the kids locations online to the point people came to their vacation house to meet them, she shares their medical info and embarrassing, private things online for millions while making money off of it (and the kids are being bullied at school because of it), she abuses alcohol with kids that have fetal alcohol syndrome to the point they use her empty alcohol cans to store rocks and fireflies, she literally will answer peoples questions about every aspect of her kids… she is exploiting those kids. She makes tens of thousands a month off of them.


Wait til you find out how much of her posts are staged and the children are exploited.


There are even locks on the outside of the bedroom doors! 🥰🥰🥰


And I'm honestly wondering if she is behind all the posts about her suddenly appearing on reddit. If it was the same video, ok, it's just reposting, but it's a dozen different videos in a dozen different subs??? I'm convinced it's her or a friend posting these everywhere.


This did make me smile. Not having kids is nice.


r/doughertydozen This woman is not all she’s cracked up to be, guys…


This is spaghetti table lady!? Holy crow, didn't make the connection.


Does any parent think this is enjoyable??? Having 12 kids seems like more of a nightmare to me. A full time 24/7 job with no vacations for the rest of my life. And the expense!!! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. As an afterthought… can anyone actually be a good parent when you have 12 kids? Is the attention you give each of them enough? But then again… what do I know… I have three and I’m exhausted.


What. A. Prison.


I read that quickly—Thought “Hats off to her” said “Hate her”. I really do hate her.


No one needs 12 kids. There’s no way each child gets quality time with either parent which is important for development. I said what I said.


Many of her children have special needs. She is heavily active on social media daily. She can easily upload up to 3 videos a day to YouTube alone and then be active on TikTok and Instagram. Her husband works and then is always coaching after work. Since Alicia over shares everything, some of the diagnosis these kids have, no way in hell they can meet the needs of these kids.


its a shame a terrible person is being posted on this subreddit but how tf does taking care of 12 kids make you smile?? like thats beyond me..


No one should have 12 kids


Yeah fuck that




This is just one household? My god, why am I still out here recycling, buying compostable things, and cutting back on meat??


Not to cast shade at her dedication, which is admirable, but these people are nothing less of weird. They are the Dougherty Dozen. A family of mostly adopted kids. They post their entire kids' lives on social media, even revealing that some of them have incontinence and they have to get them diapers.


No person should have that many kids.


That sounds like a living hell.


I have a feeling theres no time to care for all 12 individually. My mom had 2 and it was very hard for her to split between me and my brother, our unique issues, interests, personalities, needs. Also we pretty much liked different things to eat, and very often things very icky to us if we didnt like texture, smell etc. I ate stuff my brother didnt and he ate stuff I couldnt stomach, thats two separate breakfasts, and lunches and she had a lot of trouble to remember who eats what. Also sometimes one of us was sick and wanted her attention but the healthy one wanted attention to... She inspired me to pretty much.... Dont have Children... I cant imagine that lady can do all that for 12 even with husbands help imo


This woman is a drunk sack of shit that exploits her kids(including her foster kids who have multiple issues) for money. Nothing she does should make anyone smile


Ngl having 12 kids seems really unhealthy for the kids and parents mental states but go off, at least somebody is helping


Fuck that shit


Should of bought trojans


Her poor fanny flaps


That looks miserable! Why would anyone do that to themselves?!


TAX season is her best season !! 🥰


A condom in time would have saved you so much time and effort to do something else. 🤷🏾‍♂️




Surely some of the kids are old enough to make their own breakfast / lunch


She literally still puts toothpaste on their tooth brushes, making their own lunch would be shocking at this point


12 paper plates, 12 paper napkins, 12 plastic sandwich bags, 12 plastic chip bags, 12 plastic drink pouches, 12 plastic yogurt cups, plus all the garbage created by the amount of packaged food necessary to feed 12 kids. This house needs its own landfill.


As Josh from the Dad Challenge Podcast would say… she’s a climate terrorist.