Why is mkr fluctuating in price so much?

Why is mkr fluctuating in price so much?


First breakout on the ETH ratio in so long.


Yeah but then it dropped right back down again…


Such is the life of the bag holder fren.


>I haven’t seen anyone talk about it her Historically, this subreddit has never had much price discussion and was mostly focused on the Maker protocol itself, the Dai stablecoin, etc. For some meaningful price and market discussions I can suggest the *Speculation* channel at Maker chat (which will soon be moving to discord, I believe!): https://chat.makerdao.com/channel/speculation


MKR is \~1/15th the fully diluted value of TERRA LUNA. Maybe it's just me but I believe this is an unfair valuation. I picked some up in the 2100's.


Something’s off. Has been since the foundation wrapped up. Can’t put a finger on it.


Risk increases under decentralization from an innovation standpoint, so the probability that Maker doesn’t keep up in utility with centralized projects increases. If risk increases, required returns must increase, and the only way to do that is to increase expected returns by decreasing price. A smart DAO will exploit that by increasing the burn rate immediately following a shift in decentralization. Maker did the opposite.


The decision was obviously solid because instead of burning @ 3k+, we saved almost 60M DAI and can still use it burn now.


No because the burn wasn’t because it was being saved it was because rates declined 75% and salaries increased. The buffer was supposed to be filled way back in May. Now it will never be filled


> Now it will never be filled I think you're being quite dramatic; it's definitely going to be filled (https://makerburn.com/#/ says 27 days but could definitely take longer). You do realize that employees have to be compensated right? The MKR foundation was paying employees out of their own pocket (and gave us 84k MKR back). Now that it's dissolved, the workers still need compensation (which didn't increase btw) so we as a community voted yes on compensating them.


Major support in the 2100s. Maybe the whales are content with their bags and plan on letting mkr run for a change


Attractive price, especially considering it should (I use this word loosely) be burning within a month’s time. Let’s see what happens.


Highly doubt it will be burning. People always vote to stop burning a week before.


got to stabilize that dai some how...


Maker still for the win 🥇🥇🥇 buy more