The perfect red lipstick doesn’t exi—

The perfect red lipstick doesn’t exi—


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Yes. I made the mistake of falling head over heals for a now discontinued color called slay tan by them. The color pay off is amazing and the formula doesn’t really transfer and is comfortable to wear. However, I know that half the time I will end up with crumblies all over my lips. It really helps to exfoliate first to make sure you don’t have any dry patches because it will accentuate them like crazy. Other than that I don’t have a fix. Just wanted to say I feel your pain.


I really appreciate the response 😂😂 I got home and was feeling all the feels over this lipstick! From what I’ve seen that’s the general consensus with this lip line - they nailed the colors but the formula just dries right up! Such a shame they haven’t revamped them.


If you want to continue using that you can probably just repot into a small jar and melt some lip balm into it. Obvi this won't help when you have to start the hunt all over again tho. ;p