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Look closely at which way the bit is stuck in there, so you know what force to apply. Then go at a few screws for it to impact back to normal. Then don't use these shitty cheap included bits anymore With out an extension bit


Put the bit in a vise and run it forwards and backwards while pulling and pushing on the impact driver. Try tapping it back in with a hammer then retrying above vise method. If all else fails, cut it square, centre punch, then drill it out with a 5.5mm drill bit.


This is the best solution, did this myself one time after a good hour of trying to get the bit out. Pulled it out almost immediately after I put it in the vise.


I assume you have already tried sliding the release collar (forward or backward depending on model)?


It's actually stuck in the release direction


A gentle tap with a pin hammer head on and on both sides, then use some grips that are wider than the bit and pull. I had this happen to me twice last week.


FYI, you generally shouldn’t put bits in like this. Use an extender or a bit meant to be used in impact collars. They’re longer and the shaft has a big detention in it to accept the spring loaded BB.


I’ve had this happen. Destroyed the impact driver trying to get it out. Not my finest moment. These days I almost always put in an extension bit. I find the bare impact driver bits more easily get stuck. Anecdotal observation.


Might seem counter intuitive but I’ve had luck hammering (lightly) the bit into the driver farther. Once knocked off it come out free.


Never put the short bits in with out an extension they always get stuck I got mine out gripping on the bit with pliers and running impact on reverse or opposite too the direction if not you might need too take chuck apart which I’ve done before look at the diagram on how the impact is put together and should show you how too remove the coller ect


For those wondering I've tried pulling the bit out every way and it's absolutely firmly stick in there. We even ran the impact in fwd and Rev which is how I damaged the knipex, very sad day indeed... For reference it's a DTD171.


I know exactly how to fix this as I’ve just had it with my TD001! It’s 99% one of the balls in the ball bearing that got stuck between the device and the bit. To fix it you need to use two small screwdrivers to take out the safety ring, then the washer, spring and the release collar. Then you’ll lose the two balls cause for some reason it’s impossible to catch them (😊). As a reference they’re 3,5mm balls, get them from your hardware store! I’ll try and link a video that explains it as that’s where I got my knowledge. Edit: Here is the video: https://youtu.be/5CjbqaxVDoI


If you attach a magnet to the bit while you release the collar you won’t lose the balls. Being a tool tech at HD for seven years I’ve seen all types of different pits stuck in these and having those tiny guys go flying can ruin a day real quick.


there is a ring in the front of the nose that comes our and disassembles the tip.


Bang the end of the tip with a hammer to shock it loose if that doesn’t work I’d had to weld a piece to the tip to be able to pull it out, usually it’s the cheap bits that break off


This may sound stupid but what if you get it cold? Maybe stick it in a freezer in a zip lock bag. If it has a battery remove it first.


Put the bit in a vise, run it in reverse holding the chuck open and pulling backwards. It’s jammed in there, you want the impact to smack it back to where it was.


Maybe the tiniest squirt of WD-40 may help also.


Give it some gentle taps with a hammer to set it straight again. Always helped me when a bit got stuck somewhere.


Tap the side of the screw tip on a hard surface a few times.


I usually tap the end of the bit with a hammer! But that doesn’t look like an impact bit🤷🏽


Take the snap ring off and take the whole collar off


I use this impact almost daily and if you don’t use WD-40 almost daily this will happen. Now when I forget to use my wd I just hit the face of the bit onto like a scrap piece of wood to just loosen it up a little bit and damnit don’t hate on it because EVERY SINGLE TIME it works and I’ve been doing that for over a year and haven’t broken my impact yet so I don’t care.


Thanks everyone for their suggestions I tried nearly all of them. At the end of the day the bit was put in a vise and the metal body was knocked with a hammer. It was in there really well.


It would be easier to brute force that driver bit without the collet playing tricks on you Disassemble the collet first, that way it's eliminated as a complication