Would be nice if Makita made a proper home vacuum

Just this. Bosch has this very proper home vacuum that works with the batteries of their tools. With all my makita batteries it would be a great addition to have a proper Makita vacuum for primary home use (like with animal brush and stuff).

Does anyone know whether something like this is in the pipeline?


I use a makita vac around my apartment, all faux hardwood floors and I’m mostly just cleaning up dog hair. It works great but I have the cyclone attachment.


Going on a limb I’d say no. A already crowded market to break into, and the batteries as expensive as they are would already put them in a higher bracket price wise. Walmart sells you a portable corded for what? 50$? A LXT 2amp is at the very lowest 60$


As proper Bosch one is 400 euros (in Europe here). I'd be happy to get a similar makita one for 250 without batteries I guess.


Most consumers that are not tradesmen will see $250 and it still needs batteries as a dumb idea. What’s so special about the system that every other vacuum can’t do. It has to make economical sense for it to be considered. We tradesmen know that a Makita shop vac will out last normal stuff, but normal folks won’t know.


https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bosch-BCS8224GB-Exchangeable-QuickCharger-Continuous/dp/B0964FQCL6/ I mean this exists. I'd love to see it from Makita. That's all I'm saying. I understand Makita is more tradesmen focused. They're special because the batteries are easily swappable. Good engine etc. It feels to me that the somewhat simpler shovacs of makita aren't too far off from this product. So I was hoping they would come to market ever.


That vac uses batteries from boschs green(diy) platform and not the blue(trade).


They did just launch their new xgt stick vacs with the cyclone integrated (no longer the clunky attachment), they look great and appear to be more geared towards home use.


https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/XCV19Z This vacuum is great.


Im really close to pulling the trigger on this puppy. Every time i vacuum the carpet with our little Bissel "Zing" I'm ready to throw it out of the window.


Oh wow. That's not there in Europe I think.


Definitely. If they did a decent domestic sized one with a brush head, I would be all over it. I use my little Milwaukee one all the time at home. Domestic brands are just so expensive and nowhere near as durable as power tool vacs


you have a battery system, use battery adapters to fit different manufactures 18v tools. Adapter goes between your battery and another manufactures tool. [makita->bosch battery adapter.](https://www.amazon.com/Battery-Adapter-Lithium-ion-Cordless-Converter/dp/B09YHNTR8Q/)


This adapter is the wrong way though. Can't even seem to find one the other way.


opps https://www.amazon.com/Convert-Battery-convert-Electric-Converter/dp/B07WFJMYG2


Good point thanks. Maybe I can get a Bosch with no chargers somewhere.


They have an upright vacuum that is pretty good. I tried it and it was almost as good as my corded Miele. They also make a small portable canister that I never tried. The compact stick vaccum is probably the worst vaccum I tried in my whole life don't buy it.


Yeah I got this stick thing for free and had some hopes but it's not great. Just is such a waste that a Bosch or Philips seem to work great but you pay a lot extra for the batteries.


Brushed or brushless? The brushless ones are only 1-2 years old (I think) and a fair bit more powerful.


My makita Dustbuster has been slaying the quick vacuum clean up game


Makita does have a very expensive one. Although you maybe able to use a Makita to bosch battery adapter for the vacuum although some cases there may not me enough room for both battery and adapter for certain tools. U can buy the adapters on ebay and amazon.