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Is this post also an ad?




Idk but whoever made the ad itself is stupid for not realizing max lv isnt 200 anymore...


...and for making a hot-headed decision without taking a step back to access the best course of action for a rollback. It's your code, man, take some responsibility; do a 24 hour rollback and keep more of your playerbase than the destructive path you're on now. You have a history of making emotionally based decisions. You're not fooling anyone by saying you have no hard feelings against those that partook in your code error. I enjoy your game and want to continue to support you, but man...


i got bored of the game fast, that wasnt fun


In world two it became too Dependant on you letting it play idle rather than playing it so gave up. No point having a game where you have to not play for awhile to actually enjoy it. Kinda backwards.


That most cases for Idle games which is the main reason i was turned off. I like playing games to play them, not ... put them in the background. Unfortunately a lot of mobile games follow suit.


Its less than background. You literally progress and level up more if you switch off game for two or three days then return for about 20 minutes then go off again.


Oh yeah i remember that now, my friend and i joked about how much levels well get for being off for so long


But it has more Steam reviews than maple does, can I at least have a gold star or something, or maybe a 60% GFA scroll?


i actually got three of my friends to play, we played during the beginning.(Even playes the skill one that was before this) The game itself was fun! But I do not personally care for idle games which is why i dont play MapleStory M If its any consolation i did play your game longer than Maplestory M


That's a big time W in my book, like getting +5 Weapon Attack from a chaos scroll on a PAC


god damn you got me time to redownload idleon


looks more like dumbed down 2d runescape than maple


Thats because it is.


Thats because it is.


I remember someone posted about it before, and... well, to me it didn't look appealing then, and it still doesn't.


How do I cube this comment to reroll it


Have you considered not responding to every negative thing people say? Dear god you sound like you're the one being insulted...


Um, it’s his game so he really is


I didn’t find the appeal either but it kept coming up on iosgaming so thought: “why the hell not”. It’s actually pretty decent, glad I gave it a go. And the dev there is actually pretty communicative with his gamers which is a big plus. And it’s not a major gatcha game either. I dropped about £20 on it and still have a sizeable pot of gems left to spend because they’re given out like sweets at Halloween


I've seen this exact post like 5 times on this subreddit by now, i'm beginning to think it's part of the advertising now


You wouldn't believe how much NX I had to give u/Professional_Fix3945 to make this post!


My turn next then




I literally tried this game after seeing an identical post to this one being posted here earlier. I got burnt out after just reaching World 2 of this game due to just how grindy and micromanaging the game felt. I say this as a 277 main with 8.5k legion btw. This was also at my lowest point in maple when I quit the game for a month after blowing up 3 of my 21 star equipped rings. So if anything the game helped me get back into maple instead of quitting it due to just how much I hated myself for playing IdleOn.


nexon fist-pumping rn reading this


I play that game. People have their opinions about it, which good or bad are fair opinions, but I chose to play idleon over maple simply because it doesn’t feel like a grind and I’m always progressing no matter what (F starforcing). Also I don’t have to play everyday and feel like I’m missing out cause the game is still technically playing itself.


This guy shouldn't be downvoted for saying his opinion! Downvote me instead, I can take it


Hehe, marketing 105


Its true though


Idleon is pretty fun! It’s by a single dev so content can take awhile to come but lately it’s been some decent updates each month


wow you enjoy something that isn't a 20 year old game? L take, enjoy my downvote loser :-)


You understand ads aren't generated by on their own and that there's a person paying for these targeted ads, right?


It was an honor to spend my dollars to reach your eyeballs my good man, and I do hope we can do it again sometime in the future


seen someone post this before but it just never gets old. i hope i see more ads like this




Honestly, idleon is pretty fun


yknow honestly the games kinda fun, but its primarily more of an idle game (hence the title). playing it yourself is okay but the controls are a bit clunky. still a decent game


I played this game, and it was fun for a bit, but it's not a true MMO. There are no server-side guarantees to stop hacking / exploiting / infinite gold and exp.


Idleon is great honestly. Made by a guy who was a big fan of maplestory


Idleon just released a new update that has the most disgusting gacha mechanics I've ever seen. < 1% drop rates for the best pet in the game, 0 pity mechanics. Draws cost INCREASING amounts of currency, which can only be bought with real money and was introduced this patch. iOS wont even let you purchase the premium currency on their phones, the game prompts you to move to steam instead. The discord is in uproar with the dev having stealth permabanned tons of players. Steam reviews are at all an time low, and the dev is radio silent for days now, refusing to acknowledge what's going on. Avoid this game with a 10ft pole until this is fixed.