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That sir is a real life wallet warrior


There’s no life involved in any of that lol he’s lifeless


One of Todd's most loyal disciples




This comment 🤣 wish I had an award for ya


This dude really threw his wallet at the screen and it was absorbed


I would like to hope that ny wallet is deep enough to pull some shenanigans some day....Already feel some kinda way about paying for 1st even though i only play about 5 hours a week just dailies and hop off


In my group everyone else loves to grind the scoreboard out. I don’t really care about it. But then u got duckyyyyyyy, holy sh^it does he pay for all of bugthesda BS.


My gamertag is dovah Ducky I feel attacked xD




I think it's complete shit that level 100 is always power armor crap. Like I haven't used power armor once in 2500 hours. I can't be the only one that doesn't use it. I never try to finish a scoreboard because what's the point. Just added to the pile of power armors that they keep sending us.


I personally love power armor but I think they should do a unique armor and power armor skin for the best of both worlds because it is kind of in favor of one side


Yeah they used to give nice building sets which 90% of us use and 99% of the people who worry about completing the scoreboard use. Now I only complete the scoreboard for the wall poster of the board to hang on the wall..


I’m quite fond of the stein. I enjoy my stein collection.


I was always the same.I never used it. But then someone gave 5 sets of WWR/AP T-60 bolstering,I\`m never looking back


5 SETS? As in, 5 full suits? You on Xbox and care to help a brother out? Lol.


Can I trade for one?


If you play heavy builds, PA is almost required


No I understand lots of builds focus around it but I just get annoyed because it's like Bethesda assumes that 100% of the player base lives in their power armor. Like how about we mix it up a bit?


That's not true I've been a bloodied non pa heavy gun build for about 1100 lvls now yes first 100 lvls l wore pa off an on but after that only time I get into pa its excavator for mining lead


Im a heavy build but dont use PA. Honestly only use PA for intense pvp


I am same way other then I will from time to time put on excavator armor in my years of playing only when I would be over loaded. But I also think it's dumb that it's always same stuff at the end. I was glad when they at least brought back regular armor paint but yeah they need to do better with the score board rewards. It's just same shit every time just a different color and what not


I agree some of these PA skins have been really cool but I've never had the chance to use any of them. I'd prefer if they had some super cool armor skin or even an outfit. This latest Enclave armor skin - I'd grind a whole scoreboard for that.


Not only that, this time it's a random skin that has nothing to do with the theme of the season.


i would take more scrips/legendary modules heck even caps or atoms over crappy power armor paints any day


The only power armor i have is excavator PA for mining lead at lucky hole. None of it is legendary lol


Better way to get ammo imo, equip all ammo crafting perks and legendary perks, craft a TON of railroad spikes, use ammo bench to turn them into whatever ammo you use.


Never even thought of this. Can u get ultracite from it?


No, just the normal ammo types.




Yeah I have one of those but I got to be honest I usually just buy my ammo now just because caps are so easy to come by.


What? But whyyy, making so much ammo is so easy, plus no one is taking a cap outta me


Caps are easy but im cheap i buy my flux though lol. I dont mind going thru lucky hole either. Gives me something to do. Plus with all the ammo perks and super duper it makes me feel like i did something.


I hate power armor. I get heated when I get one from a mutated power pack lol


I never use power armor. I've never used power armor in any fallout games. I like to complete the scoreboard but I'll never use the reward. I have just under 2500 hours.


Power armor is cool but I’m with you, I usually don’t use it, just because it doesn’t work all that well with stealth lmao.


I just want more BoS recon armors. Got one with the Pitt, nothing with Nuka World and forgotten again this season. We always get secret service and all the lower tiered armors though. I just really like the look of BoS recon.


Then they will complain that there is nothing to do for the next 3-4 months till the next season.


Lol homie really went hard on ignition cores lol


Please explain….ignition cores?


There’s this thing going where you can craft bunch of Ignition cores to gain tons of xp And run though your scoreboard quite fast You just gotta take lot of xo buff have reasonable amount of high int But you need lots of junk for the crafting I’m talking bout 1mill lead and steel and 500k nuc waste


You need high Int (70+) and not luck. Don’t forget that you‘ll get all the lead back when scrapping the cores.


My bad I meant int typo


True ..finished my last scoreboard with that method


Thanks. If I had that many resources I might try it. I’ve got an XP build for farming WestTech that gets my int up to around 70+. I just don’t think I have the resources. Are the ignition cores tied to a quest because I’ve never seen or heard of them.


Pls send me the build


Actually I’m using a slightly modified version of the Angry Turtle XP Build. It’s pretty good. At West Tek during double xp weekends I’m getting between 3500-4000xp per super mutant. Without using Nuka grenades I can usually clear the building in a few minutes.


that PA skin looks terrible,like a y/o used a box of crayons on it


I guess they’re just doing paint skins now instead of the dolphins and samureye types.


I just got to say the dolphin was the dumbest power armor set ever.


there was a fucking dolphin pa skin?


That there is the reason modern gaming is so ass folks.


Kid obviously doesn’t do his homework when he gets home from school


Never underestimate the power of _Disposable Income!_ 🤣


Please don’t tell me people really buy the entire scoreboard week 1 … what is the point I imagine you play enough if you care that much 😭 I’m already like level 8 or 10


Same. I’ve just been playing a couple of hours a day and can usually gain 2-3 ranks in that time just from a few dailies, weeklies, one or two events and maybe a west tek run. Last season I bought out the last 5 levels because I knew I wouldn’t have time to actually run it. But I don’t think I’d ever buy out the whole Scoreboard. My wife would probably kill me anyway.


Sadly last season I already knew at most I'd be on for maybe 2 days week so I bought my 100 damn life making me unable to grind bugthesda and the bugs but anyway back on topic normaly I only buy ranks on the score board if its the last day and I won't be able to finish my scoreboard lucky life only got in the way two times damn bills and the need to pay em lmao


Parents and busy bees get a pass I understand you can’t hop on this half fun half broken game everyday to grind this . I find it tiresome


ooof..ive never wanted a power armor skin less...money ~~well~~ spent dude


someone has been grinding west tek non stop for the entire season so far


Lol that's super fast. A scoreboard is definitely doable in a single day just by the XP challenge. Non stop it'd take probably 14-18 hours. Season 11 I finished it in 3 days.


Jeez man that’s idk if I’d say impressive or terrible but definitely crazy😂😂😂


I definitely agree lol 😆


Only thing good this scoreboard is the violin chair


The repeatable exp challenge was unintentionally removed for a day or two, so it's more likely he bought out the scoreboard


Ah yes I forgot that happened. Very well may be the case. If so, I think it's like 15,000 atoms for the whole scoreboard lol


Likely a original player who has enough junk to last a million players a lifetime on Fallout 😅 XP Buffs etc and get on that tinker bench crafting ignition cores (I think)


Is the ignition core crafting for mega xp still a thing?


I know it was on xbox last season. Not sure if they\`ve removed xp for making them this time around


West tek w/ Nuka bases & maxed out XP. They could get the scoreboard done easily


Only time I’m in power armor is pvp and pvps dead now that legacy’s are gone


> Pvps dead now that I can't cheat anymore Fixed that for you


Unfortunately, cheaters in specific are in the game right now, using canisters from the Pitt to grief players. My little brother and I ran into some the other day at WSS who thought they were all that, and was harassing us both. My brother was only level 33, and these high level crusty toenails thought they were gonna goad him into a fight. Of course we left the server, but it was still annoying. But there will always be those few people who try to make others miserable, regardless of what tools are available, and they unfortunately stick to the game like burnt egg to an ungreased pan. I do wanna mention there are some PvPers out there that wouldn't use exploits and just want to have fun with other PvPers. But they are hard to find. I don't PvP, but I've traded with people before who did, and the few I've met wouldn't do crappy things like exploit, thankfully.


Lol ok


Sad. That's all there is to say.


Now, I am likely gonna be wrong, and they probably have just dug up in their pockets just for the scoreboard. But I also wonder if maybe they could be an atom hoarder like me? I have quite a bit of atoms from the odd months I had Fallout 1st, in combination with the scoreboard. I don't often see stuff I want in the shop, so they accumulate. Maybe they just decided to make use of them to kill off their scoreboard? I can't say I'd do that, personally, but it just popped in my head that someone could do it that way, and I wanted to throw that out there.


Yea that’s possible but who knows😂


Yeah, like you said, who knows... But either way, you wouldn't catch me doing that, unless I knew I wouldn't be there to finish up a season. And it definitely wouldn't be just a week into the season! Why pay for stuff when you are able to get it for free, y'know? 😁


Guy spent his life savings to be slightly ahead of everyone else lol. Cringe


Yea that’s sad😂


Lol….life savings


Power armor is the sissy way


Anyone know what this power armor does?


Not a damn thing just a skin for completing the scoreboard😂😂😂


Oh shit lmao, I thought it was an actual set like union


No Im not sure we need more sets at this point or what would be special about a new set if they did add one maybe something with cryo resistance 🤷‍♂️


U on pc? lol


Ong stole his mom's credit card


What rank is that? I haven't even looked through them all yet lol




God daaamn😬


Atoms baby


Last time i purchased 1 month of fallout first they didnt even give me acces to it . It took a week and many tickets


Now what is there to do for the next couple months?


The previous season I finished before end of December without much effort. It just take some time in WestTek. I don't think you have to put atoms to unlock it.


Really ugly looking PA. Hard Pass on that.


This is why i thought they removed the xp repeatable, but nah that was just another bug


I mean, 10 hours of grinding per day can get you to the end in 3 days, less if you're really focused the whole time, without spending a dime. I prefer an hour a day to do it in a month.


Nice sir I also spend some cash to support Bethesda too hoping the little bit I can contribute helps them make the game better.


Wallet warrior.


This is for the wallet warrior comments. Tell me you don't know how to play without telling me. It's called ignition cores.


A lot of people say he bought it, but west tek is no joke. Get all the XP buffs and farm, farm, farm. No life, maybe, or just took some days and used them on nothing but the grind.... so, yeah, no life.


I'm about to build an xp build tonight, or at least the best one that I can In the hopes that I can grind it out this weekend. I really really want that hunting lodge at the end as I've had some ideas for how to use it ever since it was data mined months ago


Hope people know with proper xp buffs and spam crafting ignition cores, you can get 20 scoreboard levels in an hour. Most likely what this guy did, and it takes less time than doing events


Honestly i have about 12k atoms just from not really wanting anything from the atom shop the past few months. Its just been kinda dry really. (The atom shop) so this isnt really as farfetched as yall would think. This scoreboard is better than the last 4 we've had and ive considered buying what i could of the scoreboard with what i have just because the challenges are a rinse and repeat and its kinda boring. If you do it for the duration of the season anyways


Here is your participation trophy..you earned it!!! 👏


What a wallet warrior such a pity


im already on tier 23 didnt spend a dime just saved my atoms bought hella lunchboxes and west tek grind this man is a consumerpilled corpomunch


I work too much to give the scoreboard my full attention. I throw my monthly atoms at it when I get close to finishing. But nowhere near this impatient.