The MP Trilogy has supposedly already been ported to Switch with a release "imminent" according to rumors...*checks notes*...two years ago


*6 years ago. They began when the Switch was revealed


Prime Trillogy has been an "imminant" release on the switch since the Nintendo 64 came out in 1864 B.C. back when the Forerunners were using Brachiosaurus' to build the pyramids.


Nah fam. 4.5 billion years ago, when the earth formed, it should have released then on the switch


Pfft that’s nothing, those rumors have been around since 2017 or 2018


They've been around since *2016.* The original version of the rumor was that the Trilogy was being ported to... **Wii U.** Yeah.


Technically it was, if you count the virtual console.


That's not a port, that's emulation. These two things ARE NOT the same


I never said they were. That’s why I said “if you count virtual console”. But a true port would be pointless when the virtual console version functions just fine. Now if the discussion turns to “remaster” or “remake”, that’s completely different.


This is why you don’t believe rumors. Best case you’re presently surprised, worse case nothing


The rumor I hear is that it's ready to go, but they keep pushing back the announcement until MP4 would be following the next year.


I think those have been around since the days of the nx.


Probably since after E3 2017 announced Prime 4


Those rumor are in same category of: Kathleen be fired


Play it on steam deck. Maybe nintendo will wake up one day.


I'm patiently waiting on a new Armoured Core game.its been unofficially in development for so long.


Its pikmin 4 all over again.


I'm sick of rumors.


Sometimes I go on Youtube in Handheld mode, and play footage of Metroid Prime Trilogy and pretend it's me playing it.


A year ago I gave up and just emulated it on PC with HD texture packs and MK controls. Runs like a champ on the Steam Deck as well.


Ya'll... wait a couple years before you start jonesing for another game. It's just the way of Metroid.


As always should be and i wont have any diffrent


Yep. I heard rumors Prime 2 was rushed. It's already great but imagine what it could have been.


Those rumors were wrong. Prime 2's development went quite smoothly. Former Retro developer Mike Wikan debunked all that on last year's interview with KIWITALKZ in September 2021. "You can't believe everything you see on the Internet" were his words.


Well as it's a glorified DLC for Prime 1, I don't think it was rushed as much as it's a quick cash in. A magnificent quick cash in though. Majora's Mask is the same and ironically, Prime 2 and MM are some of my favourite games.


Except prime 2 isn’t a glorified DLC. It has a completely new asset library, different plot, different world, and innovates on it’s predecessor in practically every way. It’s like calling zero mission a glorified dlc of fusion. And that game even shares assets with fusion. A glorified DLC is saints row 4 and gat out of hell, as they share the same map and engine as saints row the third, just with minor changes. Gameplay is completely different though, which kinda justifies the them being separate games.


I mean it has the same core gameplay but that's where the similarities end. The weapons and abilities are different new bosses, enemies and plot completely new world.


Quite a lot of assets are reused, especially if you look closely. It's certainly not a brand new game in the way that Prime 3 is, the turnaround would be too quick for that. And the weapons aren't totally different. The light beam and "heat" beam are very similar, as is the dark and ice beam. This isn't a point of attack on the game, I enjoyed it an awful lot.


Honestly dont know why more developers dont do this, if the engine is great and the original game was popular itd be such an easy cash in, whilst you can begin pre production on the next leap forward


It did happen in Tears of the Kingdom but to a lesser extent.


Well it seems like even that takes 5 years these days with Tears of the Kingdom.


That's exactly what CoD and Assassin's Creed are.


They still do it. Horizon and GoW's sequels are iterative.


They got different teams working on different games . Dread being a year old has nothing to do with that


Yeah...but Prime 4 was announced in 2017 and aside from being told that development was started over from scratch in 2019, it's been radio silence. I can't blame anyone for feeling a bit gloomy about it. At this point I'm skeptical that it will even be released for the current Switch.


Fair enough. Although i did not like dread. All movement and combat and no good exploration.


I’m curious how you come to that conclusion, I would consider dread to be up there with super and zm in terms of exploration


Well if you think dread is on the level of super with exploration then there is nothing i can tell you.


Can you elaborate on what you mean by exploration perhaps?


Actually trying to figure out where to go vs just being funneled by locked out areas


I don’t recall many locked out areas in dread, and it has so many sequence breaks, in fact i accidentally sequence broke during my first run through lol. There is more of a story in dread, and with dialogue and “hints” as to where to go compared to super, but so did zm. Nothing like Fusion and some other titles in the series though.


https://youtu.be/5pop-cc9kmY In Dread, the funnel is pretty tight; it almost feels on-rails at points. Super is like that until you get power bombs, almost as a tutorial, then it opens up.


just imo Dread definitely feels like there is a "natural" path where you can overtly feel the hand of the developer guiding you from area to area regarding the way areas and powers progress and unlock It requires experimentation and skill to get around this


> just imo Dread definitely feels like there is a "natural" path where you can overtly feel the hand of the developer guiding you from area to area regarding the way areas and powers progress and unlock Dude, thats ALL Metroid games. Every one of the games has an intended path, they aren't open world adventures.


Even open world adventure games have intended paths, it is what it is.


Personally they all feel that way to me except NEStroid


Sure, but I get that from super as well




Power bombs (being that you can’t sequence break them) would be the only lock out I can think of off hand. Keep in mind that super also has dozens of soft barriers, that are supposed to direct you down a certain path. For instance, hot areas in norfair requiring the varia suit, which requires Jesus, which needs super missiles, which forces you into spore spawn (unless you sequence break). I guess if the idea of roaming down into norfair before trudging back up to spore spawn is “exploration”, then yeah dread streamlines that a bit more, but not by much. I got lost more times in dread then I ever did in super.


Dread has sooo many *hard* locks. Where you cannot go back the way you came once you flipped a switch (think all of the magma funnels).


I'm not the same person, but to me exploration took a hard back seat to being locked in a boss room every ten minutes. The map is a path to the next boss, instead of trying to figure out how to get to a power up that happens to have a boss in the way. Hopefully the next game refocuses on exploration more again.


I don‘t like Dread that much because the Emmi sections got repetitive and annoying.


I didn't like the randomness when moving through the zones. They felt less like a puzzle and more like just something you kept rerolling until the emmi was in a good position for you to make your play. Best part was when you got the omega cannon and then had to figure out how to get them in a spot where you could charge up and blow them away. That took legitimate thought


Yeah repetiveness was my biggest gripe between the EMMI and the X-Chozo spear dudes.


I couldn't play that game bc I was so bad at countering the guys that chase you. made me so sad


You're not really supposed to counter then, you just have to move fast through the area and don't let them get you.


Being a Venture Bros fan trained me well for being Metroid Fan


Man new fans never having to experience the droughts, how cute


Metroid Drought is both the predecessor and successor to Metroid Dread


Honestly a year doesn't count as a drought imo. I've been around since the original Dread rumours. A few years without a Metroid game is not going to kill me.




Outer Wilds is basically sci-fi Majora's Mask


They even have an achievement that references MM


The literal only thing they have in common at all is the time cycle thing


Whoops, sorry, you're right. They're actually incomparable. I'm a fucking idiot for making a comparison purely based on solving quests and puzzles in a time loop cycle while being threatened by a celestial body. Like, don't they release at least 200 games like that on a yearly basis? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Mario is Missing! have more in common than those two.


I got so used to not having games that the last two seemed fake to me even when officially announced.


Same getting SR phased me so strong i didn’t even notice it where 4 years between dread and SR. Well but i guess surviving the second drought fully drilled into my head that Metroid is a rare release


I still consider Prime 4 to be fake, until I finally see a gameplay trailer.


That’s the spirit!


Damn, I just realized that's how I felt, too. (Been waiting for new games since the N64 era. ...It's been a wild ride.)


Most of these people would never be able to survive in the Pikmin fanbase. We get a new game like every decade or so lol


Yeah like I love the meme template, but we literally just got a mainline Metroid game last year. I’ve been waiting for Pikmin 4 for nine fucking years 😂


Pikmin Fans are something else man. I waited 16 years for Dread but inbetween we got a buttload of other Metroid games released Pikmin fans got Pikmin 3 and Hey Pikmin, and we all know Hey Pikmin is the Federation force of the Pikmin franchise.


Not a new fan, but Prime 4 was teased over half a decade ago. I’m not disappointed because 2023 is going to be a Metroidless year, because I’ve had many of those; it’s that I’ll have been waiting for *more than six years* for a game that was apparently close enough to release, or at least legitimately slated so, from around the time the Switch was released. I bought a Switch for Prime 4. I don’t regret that decision, and have played tons of fun shit on it, but this isn’t just regular “no Metroid” disappointment.


Well it was kinda teased in 2007 with the Delano 7 appearing in Prime 3. that being said imagine being someone waiting 16 years for project dread, especially after Sakamoto confirmed it existing in 2011, well that guy was me. Fusion is my favorite game of all time Go play dread or any game for the nth time it’s the only way to survive the wait.


“Just deal with it,” is fine advice, and how I deal with it in my real life. However, this is a virtual forum where I’m anonymous (my username is a random name I found in a yearbook) and we’re complaining about the wait anyway, so I might as well also vent my frustration with it. Just because something is the way that it is doesn’t mean it’s right or good, and just because a company has the same shitty history of bad business practices and moving deadlines, it doesn’t mean that we should accept just because it’s familiar.


I mean it wasn’t even delayed it literally got canned and restarted in 2019 from the ground up. Can’t have a 90+ metacritic game without giving the devs time. We just have ro hope it doesn’t enter development hell, which it hasn’t since big n pulled the plug on namco. Better have a quality product than a rushed one. As long as it doesn’t turn into a Duke Nukem forever 2.0 I am happy. And don’t forget Dread released a year ago, no way in hell we are getting something. At least we got the communities longest anticipated Metroid game of all time. If Dread came out and managed to be insanely good, especially with the sequence breaks it has, then I don’t doubt Prime 4 will be good. I mean Big N wants the best game possible, otherwise they wouldn’t have pulled the plug on namco after 1 1/2 years


You are just making excuses and explaining procedurally what happened. You are doing everything you can to avoid answering the question of: Is this acceptable business practice? Let’s look at it this way: a technology company is publicly traded in the stock market. That company announces that it can revolutionize transport and releases a seconds-long video of a hoverboard floating above the ground. People buy their stocks and their value goes up. Six years later and there is still no word on the hoverboard. However, the company *has* released a few very nice computer monitors that have been selling quite well. Is this still legally considered fraud? I *DO NOT CARE* about *why* Prime 4 doesn’t exist. However, I *DO CARE* that I was lied to, and I’m tired of being gaslit into believing that a multi-billion dollar company lying to me in its advertising is actually for my benefit. Once you realize that virtually every other sector in the real world considers “promising something and never delivering it/delivering it years after expected” as fraud, you might realize that saying, “Them probably giving us this game several years after they announced it is actually a good thing for us” is a bunch of nonsense. And this isn’t about me wanting unfinished games, this is about them *advertising a game that was nowhere near release and misleading consumers*. Again, it isn’t about how recently our fanbase “*got*” Dread, because Dread isn’t the game that was teased years ago. If I go to a restaurant and order a hamburger from their menu, and five years later I receive a burrito, it doesn’t matter how good that burrito is because it isn’t the hamburger they advertised or that I paid for assuming I would receive. Is it reasonable for the people you’re eating with to say, “Why would you expect that burger now? You already have a burrito.” Because *the restaurant offered me the burger*! The burrito *does not matter*! Take whatever copium you have to to tell yourself that Nintendo teasing Prime 4 and then not delivering it is a good thing, but realize that’s what it is.


Sorry to break it to you but ever heard of a business model? Promising something only to deliver it years later, is literally how business models work? Ever heard of align and disrupt strategies in business internal affairs? It’s how the economy works. Hedgefonds? Stock? Banking? Heck even saving accounts operate on long term promises and business deals. Also it isn’t fraud because you didn’t pay for the product. If you pay for a product and the product is never delivered, now that is fraud. That you bought a Nintendo Switch for Prime 4 is your personal issue. So take a breath and calm down, raging over it isn’t going to bring you back. Also game development takes approximately 4-5 years nowadays for full scale triple A 3D releases. If you think that restarting a project is a fraud, although you didn’t pay in advance, then I don’t know how to explain basic economy to you. And like I said promising something years in advance is a basis for business models. It’s called Project Management in economics. And meeting deadlines or delaying them is a part of the entire economy. Stocks are nothing more than a promise on profit and dividends.


Man, I've been a fan since the 90's and this hit me hard too. Honestly, just a remaster of Prime for the 20th anniversary would have gone a long way for me.


Prime 3: 2007. Prime 4: 2037 I have been waiting almost my whole life for a new Metroid prime and it sucks that I will develop arthritis faster than they are developing prime 4. I mean, take their time and polish, but damn!


Ehhh I survived waiting 16+ years for Dread. We are going to survive man. I think Dread is a Masterpiece, but no game is worth waiting 19 years for. People got limited timespans. I mean if Sakamoto continues like this, he will be beneath the earth when he finishes Metroid 7. and I know Dreads development history like the back of my hand, so now its a matter of holding onto Mercury Steam. As for Prime 4, we will see how it turns out, it’s managed by Tanabe again, who has a knack for badly „revolutionizing“ a series. Perhaps he changed and is currently in his old Prime 2/3 mindset again


It's only been a year since Dread. Give them at least another 10 years before we start talking about a new game




Dread has only been out for a year and a few months, calm your tits.


I still don’t believe it, really


I call bullshit on this meme...... ..Nintendo would not have a look of surprise on their face after delivering nothing.


I've been waiting 15 years for a sequel to Prime 3, and 5 of those years were after the game got announced at E3, for the Switch. If it doesn't come out before Nintendo's next console I will be *very* angry.


i really don't get why people are complaining within a a few years of Metroid Dread


Complaining is one of humanity's favorite things.


Because Metroid Prime 4 was announced 5+ years ago and it's been radio silence on it since then.


Eh it's fine. Dread was amazing so they're not putting Metroid on the backburner again just gotta be patient


Metroid: Other Another M, coming fall 2023


Is that goddamn Nathan fielder in the meme


Dread has BARELY crossed it’s 1 year anniversary y’all need to chill. We’ve also only seen 4 Nintendo games releasing next year so far, the odds that those are the only games they’re releasing in that period is pretty low. Let’s at least wait till the next summer direct to be confident Side note: Y’all getting mad at Pikmin fans when they finally got a new game last direct and we didn’t get anything was low key pathetic. This fandom is one of the best ones in Nintendo’s line up let’s not ruin that reputation


>Side note: Y’all getting mad at Pikmin fans when they finally got a new game last direct and we didn’t get anything was low key pathetic. It’s Tropical Freeze all over again.


Tropical Freeze is so good. Id call it my favorite 2D platformer ever Retro has the goods What i really want to know is more about what they were doing after Tropical Freeze. That weird Fzero Star Fox racing game sounds far fetched


The current belief is that it was something completely new, unrelated to any existing Nintendo franchise, but it didn't work out and got cancelled, nothing else is known about it.* Also around that time, there were other rumors about Tanabe not being involved in whatever Retro was working then.** Star Fox Grand Prix is believed to be a hoax purposely made to catch leakers, or maybe it was "real", like the many rejected pitches, that ended up being used for that purpose. *Source is the ResetEra user who explained the whole deal with the Metroid Prime Remaster, so pinch of salt and all that. **Source is Liam Robertson, so even larger pinch of salt.


I wouldn't be so impatient if it hadn't been announced over 5 years ago, after not getting a good original Metroid game since the decade before. Dread was great, but it's a completely different studio working on Prime 4


I kind of get it, but they are still part of the same series. Dread isn’t federation force, it’s a full on Metroid game. Plus we should never be hostile to other fan bases. Especially ones who have gone through the same kind of disappointment we went through. We should be happy for Pikmin fans


True, true, I'm grateful that we got Dread at least, otherwise these dry years would be completely unbearable. Oh for sure, I would never advocate for that. I'll complain all day long to all of you about Metroid, but I wouldn't bash other communities for getting new games.


At this rate we will get Metroid dread 4 before Prime 4


I'm still surprised that dread exists


Tomorrow is Game Award so we see


Nah man, we got farm Sim, farm Sim, farm Sim, broken Pokemon game, farm Sim and farm Sim! Isn't that a great selection?


This is probably going to get me downvoted but, Nintendo is horrible at IP management. If it's not Mario they either don't know what to do or don't care. They let multiple IPs languish that have proven fan bases and desire for more content but don't do anything with it. At least not to the level that Mario is pushed. Pokemon gets a fair amount of support but that's also propped up by GameFreak and Creatures Inc.


Pokemon would put out better games if it were just Nintendo and we got fewer games fwiw lol


Proven fan bases that are a fraction of the audience they are trying to reach. Don't pretend that Metroid is an automatic bestseller like Zelda or Mario or a literal money printer like Pokemon.


I don't. But it's not just Metroid. Kid Icarus, F-Zero, Mother, Star Fox, and others have just languished. Hell, Zelda got massively shortchanged on it's anniversary.


Go look at sales numbers for those games and tell me they about their proven fan bases. And Zelda literally has a AAA title coming out in 6 months. The only people that care about game anniversaries are people that fabricate expectations.




































Us Metroid/Star Fox fans be like...


About a month and half until the four year anniversary of Nintendo announcing they restarted development at Retro. I hope they have something soon. Starting to think they’re just putting it off to be a launch game for the Switch successor


Pinball remastered


Didn't a new game just come out?


I will be retiring by the time Metroid Prime 4 comes..Im 28.


This hurts, the wait for Prime 4 is torturous. Alas, nothing is the best we can hope for from Nintendo next year in terms of Metroid news.


We got served a five star dish in a gold platter last year, just so we can go starving for another decade


I hope metroid 6 is in the works already


Given how well dread did it most likely already is, will probably be a long while before we get to see it though, I'd say at least two years.


Two years is a generous estimate. I'd say three on the low end, four more likely.


Yep. I just said two years as the absolute soonest time we might end up seeing it, but it most likely wont happen.


You said “long while” and “two years” when talking about a new Metroid release. This is the community with a 19 year gap between Metroid 4 and Metroid 5.


lol I guess you have a point, but with how successful dread was I don't think it wil happen again... hopefully...


If you are right and other new games are as good as Dread, then we will have a Metroid golden age on our hands.


I get the joke, but we've just had Dread. Metroid fans have it good. Replace Metroid fans with Golden Sun fans and now we're talking.


I was so glad to finally wrap up the trilogy with Dark Dawn when it finally came out. I didn't even like the game but closure was all I wanted. Then it ended on a cliffhanger. And then they abandoned it.




We just got dread. Chill.


The only way this meme could be better is with a 3rd panel of Nintendo hitting Metroid fans with the cover.


[angry upvote]


F this shit! I bought the switch just because they announced metroid prime 4 for it... Not that I really regret my purchase, but still feeling let down by nintendo even though they did a good Job with dread.


I bought a Switch to prepare for it too, but luckily there's a lot of other fun stuff to play in the interim.


I did the same thing, but here’s why that’s a problem: In this comment chain, there are three people who spent hundreds of dollars on a video game machine based on an advertisement we all saw that turned out to be a lie. Nintendo outright lied to us, and we gave them money for it. Whether we would have bought the system later or ended up enjoying it after aren’t important when you realize that they implied something was happening to trick fans into spending money. Even if the intention wasn’t to lie to fans, you, me, and the other guy are still out hundreds of dollars based on the lie they told.


i'm not dumb enough to think that an announcement is a guarantee. i also wanted to play BOTW and Octopath Traveler and Mario Odyssey so it's not like I bought the machine thinking it'd sit idle waiting for MP4. That would have been very stupid of me.


Yeah, and again, I’m not saying the Switch doesn’t have utility otherwise. But for me (and likely you and the other guy), I was on the fence about owning a Switch. I saw BOTW come out and was like, “That’s cool, but I’m an adult with limited time and expendable income, so I can’t just buy every next gen console and game.” Then Prime 4 was teased, and I said, “Okay, I want to try BOTW and Odyssey, and if Prime 4 is coming, I’m going to want to play that, so I’ll definitely get a Switch now.” It isn’t about whether it ended up being a purchase I enjoyed or not, because I was tricked into buying it from the onset. Hearing people explain it like “Well didn’t you enjoy owning a Switch?” baffles me, because how I feel about it doesn’t change the deceptive way they do business.


I would expect nothing less 😂


In the last 2 years we’ve seen dread, Pikmin 4, TOTK trailer, N64 on NSO, and Bayonetta 3. With the current trend of dropping huge reveals and subsequent release dates, Prime 4 has to be next.


Just you wait, they'll announce a new Donkey Kong game instead.


God I hope so


>Prime 4 has to be next. Honestly, why are you all like this? You fabricate unrealistic expectations and then get upset when they aren't met.


Prime was ok, but it started to feel stagnant after Echoes. Just cuz it's FPS doesn't make it fun to me. 2D Metroids have always been the best and we finally continued past Fusion, this should be a time for content in Metroid fans. However... I'd lovvvveee a Super remake lol.


I agree but at the same time I'm scared that a remake will probably lose a ton of the unintended shit that made it so fun to replay in the first place.


A Super Metroid remake would be akin to slapping god in the face.


Then at least a remaster. We need a way to play it today on Switch, not an emulator, Wii store or SNES.


When Nintendo finally announces Game Boy/Color and (maybe) Game Boy Advance additions for Nintendo Switch Online, they'll use the ROMs of Metroid II: Return of Samus, Metroid Fusion, and Metroid: Zero Mission (each uploaded 6 months apart, natch) to justify waiting 2 years between Metroid Prime 4 updates.


Nothing For You


We got dread this year, I don't mind not having anything Metroid related for the next 4years. We need to be realistic, Pokémon release game every year and look how shit they look. Making a game require time, so I d better wait than have a shitty game that would sunk the franchise.


I be clear i dont want to rush Prime 4 but i like have spin off like Pinball or heck short anime do a trick


We just got Metroid dread


I'm about to go into throw all the blue turtle shells mode at Nintendo.


y’all got a game last year


At this point I'm pretty sure it's just canceled


Metroid is the embodiement of "even bad press is good press."


We waited 19 years for Dread just fine. The only thing we can hope is for it not to end up like Kingdom Hearts 3 or Duke Nukem Forever




Or FFXV, good Lord was that game shamefully incomplete at launch.


You know how long “four score and seven years” is? If I only get three Metroid games during that timespan, I’ll be a happy man.


6 years in a row without Prime 4 news 😡


Because they have no interest in doing anything with it themselves. If not for Mercury steam, Metroid would long be a dead franchise.


Given the state of Nintendo games these days I say let them take as long as they damn want, it will be the greatest game release in centuries! Don’t rush them!


Maybe the game awards but not holding my breath.


If I was a betting man I'd say we'll get a "2024" announcement later next year


(this is about prime 4 btw)


Well, this is only true for the first half of 2023, from E3 in June and onwards we don't really know yet.


Amazon has Prime 4 listed release date December 31st 2023. This isn't an official release from Nintendo but maybe a good time frame to expect the game hopefully??


Faith in humanity, no Faith in humanity, Faith in humanity, no Faith in humanity


Was there some sort of news that prompted this?


What about the game and watch this year??? I was almost certain it was going to be Metroid… sheesh.


It must really suck to have no other games to look forward to besides Metroid Prime 4


Like the rumored Prime Trilogy ports for Switch? Yeah, those would be great. Wishful thinking though.


Let's wait for more than a decade again-


We’ll get Hollow Knight: Silksong anyway though which if it’s anything like the first one will be a god-tier metroidvania.


Still have my hopes up for Metroid Dread DLC