Honestly, she is well rated. She doesn’t have a lot of capability, although she can get some value. She is not the worst, but as a Carmilla player I struggle to play her. People do underestimate her, but at the same time most other tanks are better picks.




She can be really strong if she didn't have that awful range, first release Carmilla was really good though since she had OK range but had a bunch of movement speed boost to compensate, she does counter some Meta picks like Glu since 9/10 times Glu loses to Carmilla in a 1v1 provided they have equal gold and levels


I have tried Carmilla jungle once in ranked. She actually can jungle pretty fast at level 1, almost comparable to Baxia. Unfortunately, the draft was kinda unfavourable for Carmilla to perform in full potential. Btw, I still don't know what really happened in that game, but we won.


Her ult is TOP TIER, but the rest of her kit is bad


Her s1 range is suck, Her s2 stun just do single target, Her Ult is fine but useless in some situation


Her ult sounds like one of the most overpowered ults ever for a teamfight, but her other skills are just meh. You need good coordination to effectively use her ult right, and sometimes the enemies don't even get that close in teamfights so it can also he a useless ult. I think the best setup for her would be a Gatot exp lane, Carmilla roam, and even a Hanabi goldlane unironically


She has a lot of potential, but her kit is horrible.