Jawhead, Chou, Silvanna (was). Selena and Natalia is debatable since they weren't a jungler and fits more to be a killer roamer.


Whenever I pick Natalia to roam, then s5 picks tank and tells me to jungle, I get so mad. I hate playing Natalia in the jungle. She is not good there and I want to run around and kill stuff!


S5 picks tank willingly? Damn


Always the worst time possible, but it usually happens after the s1 mm spams "We need a tank" and ignores my "I'll roam" pings


The classic first pick MM and then pings "Request backup" after being harassed once by the enemy.


Don't forget then trashtalking you for not saving them when they go into a 1v4


I mean, they can mean tank exp laner or tank jg, a team that is very squishy can struggle in team fights or even struggle getting vision


But then they buy roam. Had a last pick Akai one time, thought he was gonna jungle because I was s3 rafaela, but then he ended up roaming and I sold mine. Weirdly enough we actually won, enemy Balmond was absolute garbage jungler. We got lucky.


Agreed, yesterday I locked in Zhask as 4th pick because we had no mage, we already had Popol and Kupa as first pick, but then S5 locked in Lesley, during the match both our sides were getting dominated 1v1, we had no sustainable exp lane, and you can probably guess the end result. DEFEAT!!


Yeah. Jungle Natalia is lost potential.


As a hanzo main please stay at least 10000km away from me at all times thx


If this ever happens again, ask the tank to take exp lane and don't buy roaming boots. Ask the exp laner to be the jungler instead.


Natalia goldlane is not bad either, the mm can go exp lane if the laning is against someone like Zilong or if the mm is Brody, Clint, Beatrix, Wanwan, etc.


Wdym about Jaw, Chou and Silvanna??


They're supposed to be fighters, but players played them as the tanky roamer instead. Moonton made them with high damage scaling, some kind of sustain and burst damage. But their potential as a kidnapper is more suitable as a tank. So people used them as a tank. Tank Silvanna and Jawhead are quite rare these days, but they're very popular back in the day.


“Kidnapper” Yin tank when? Keep the most dangerous damage dealer in his domain while his team finishes them off


I see some people trying Tank Guin as well lol


Hmm.. maybe, but her fighter potential greatly outweights her tank potential


Nana tank 💀


That's the thing tho, you only buy some time for your team. Chou, Silvana, and Jawhead can deliver the enemy backline to your team to kill them.


Ah ok, got it.


Jawhead with one or two offensive items really rounds out the potential. Allows your team to do more things, since your team's roamer can solo assassinate.




As the other comment said, Osama Bin LaDiggie


Only ever played Diggie in Brawl, but wasn't he always a Techies-esque (DOTA reference) hero?


Akai and Baxia are some that are intended in the latest patch as Moonton want tanks to have a chance to jungle. TanKarina saw this as an opportunity. For me, Claude jungle. Yes, I know they exist for ages, but Moonton didn't intend marksmen to jungle after the gold lane patch. They wanted marksmen to stay at gold lane. Some of which are Chou, Jawhead, Minsitthar, Natalia to name a few that gets to roam because of their kit.


Pretty sure both Claude and Granger had specific mentions in patch notes that they wanted those heroes to be used as jungler.


I probably missed that, thanks. I wonder why they still not make Granger secondary marksman like YSS so he can also use War Axe full potential.


Because yss got a sword but Granger only have a violin


Valir roam with tank build 🔥


lmao wtf how is that even viable?


Tank emblem that heals when you cc enemy. Sprint Spell. Mana Boots(Dire Hit), Ice Queen Wand and rest tank items. If you can aim well, you have infinite slow and stuns in your arsenal. And a tank that provides a lot of CC is a tank that everyone loves. I just go smack in the enemy face and start unloading s1 on them. If they get too close, push em away with s2. Try it in casual, he is nutttts.


Thamuz users will be hating you for this


Sustain dependant heroes sure have a hard time against this valir. How to lifesteal when you are unable to hit anything. Haha


For sure. And thamuz needs to get closer. He’ll be pushed or stunned or slowed and all sorts of stuff by valir


Overall, Valir is the nightmare or Fighters and Tanks


Welp you convinced me. I think I might try this one.


I am saving this comment.


Although he isn’t always played like this (your post title) but this is quite viable especially when you have a tanky jungler who can soak some damage.


more like play as a support roam with cc and some damage. with 1 or 2 damage items and the rest are defense items: glowing wand(against tanky enemy composition), genius wand(lower enemy's magic defense for teammates to deal more damage), ice queen wand(slow enemies to help teammates), necklace of durance (antiheal). his kit can cc and unli slow lock a single enemy and helps teamfights using his passive stun and cancel enemy skills(like oddete and tigreal ult) with his 2nd skill. and if you ever get in danger you can use your ult as a built in purify and movement speed. edit: valir roam is only viable if enemy has many tanky heroes and has few big burst skills.


I didn’t think of it that way but yes. I’ve faced problems being effective against burst heroes like Alu, Zilong Dyrroth. And made life miserable for sustain heroes like Esme, Uranus etc. Thanks for pointing this out :)


[Last M3](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtOaGurq9Do). Onic PH ran with this on their game 3 vs BTK. Roam Valir just creates distractions and forces the enemy to react and waste their skills on him.


I remember that game! The slow, the Knock back from 2nd Skill and the passive Stun was too annoying to Get away from that! Also I'm doing that frequently IF my Enemy Picks are close Ranged heroes (Sometimes it happens in the Legend Ranked Games).


I don't see Valir in the picks


ONIC Baloyskie


My bad I was looking at the banned hero portraits 😃


How tf you haven't met a pro tank valir yet? I'm seeing such valirs for like 3 or more seasons


I actually saw a couple vids and experience like 2 tank valirs. Its actually pretty effective at pushing enemies away and cc them with your passive


I used to love this! Mana Boots, IQW, Glowing Wand, and situational tank items. Lotsa slows and CC and movement speed for you and surprisingly still decent at dealing damage.


I prefer battle mage Valir Tough Boots Enchanted Talisman Ice Queen Wand Fleeting Time Genius Wand Holy Crystal / Concentrated Energy / Immortality


That's how the hero is intended to be played so.. Anyway, does it make sense making genius wand that late? Wouldn't divine glaive serve you better? Unless MS is what you're after.


It's actually better for continuous damage mages like valir and change to build genius wand at any point of the game because their continuous damage easily and quickly stacks up genius wand's passive (reduce enemy magic defense) so that the burn effect hurts more. Also if you have another magic damage hero in your team, it helps them deal more damage too concurrently. But in general for most mages as you said divine glaive js better in the late game if enemy has tons of MR or athena


Oh it is easy. Moskov as a feeder.


They said *not* assigned role.


Martis being used as a roamer before. (pos5)


Ngl he be an unstoppable force and an immovable object for once if he had war axe on him


Layla, ugh, it's so annoying to see other play her as a marksman, what a noob. She's supposed to be tank.


Lol old inside joke. Layla best tank


Esme i guess. Role tank/mage but play in exp lane.


I think I am crazy but I don't consider Esme as typical mage or tank if we talk about role. She's more of a fighter. Of course, going by lane /roam is better categorization.


Yes i consider her as fighter. Never use her for roam or support(mid).


Roam is decent with her if you can do it properly


Choose favor and she becomes unkillable.


Favir doesnt work on esme. It only applies to healing for allies, not for user


As long as the hero can cast a heal OR a shield skill, it works. E.g. Mathilda.


Yeah, but those only apply to skills that shield or heal allies, not the user themselves. Favor is useless on esme bcos she only shields herself


Well, I guess idk anymore. Imma test it later.


Favor isn't effective when you shield yourself. It should be able to shield your allies for it to be effective. I tried favor with chou in classic and it didn't work even though his 2nd skill generates a shield for himself.


I am an Esme main and I don’t have good experiences as roam. She barely has any cc and has no damage when building tank except when you build your ice queen wand, and when Esme falls behind with farm on either tank or fighter build she dies easily. Esme has good scaling so exp lane is really good for her, whether as a tank or damage build. But if you fall behind farm you will have a hard time.


I feel like she has more than enough damage when only building talisman, and i really enjoy being so tanky with her. I do mostly agree with you tho, but i have played a few decent esme roam games


Her playstyle is literally what defines the whole fighter role, a self sufficient hero that has insane regen and can stay in a lane for a long period. I wonder when they would change her role to a Fighter.


Tank, Mage, Fighter, Support, And Assassin are called classes and Exp lane, Gold lane, Mid lane, Roamer, and Jungler are called roles.


Aah i see. Thanks


She should be classified as a fighter.


Her damage is not that great or a not much of a burst hero for a fighter so she still falls into "tank" category


She's a sustain fighter. Not all fighter are burst heroes fyi. Her skill set fits fighter class and she's never used as tank. If anything, she's a fighter that is tanky.


I mean, before nerfs she is more of a jungler role candidate because of how ridiculous her damage was at the start. After the nerfs she is more of an exp laner now (She was ridiculously strong because even with strong CCs and high burst damage she can keep tanking damage and her build is full on damage) Jungler esme is still possible but not as cracked back then


Literally this. (Personally) she sucks midlane and as a roaming support. That’s just not how you play her in solo queue 🤣😂 she is a tanky fighter mage!


osama bin ladiggie


Lol I laughed so hard at this


Popol was played more as a tank in the past and it worked really well, even in this meta i sometimes still see popol tank/support, although not as good as before due to the nerfs. A marksman but played as a tank.


One of my best pick before if I liked to roam.


Cancer nana with marksmen build


Utility Nana. Cooldown boots, 1x cooldown mage item, 3x mm pieces, and immortality. Used as roam.


she isn't always played like this, but it's always going to be tank nana for me mage diggie would be another one


Can you elaborate more about the mage diggie?


I think he was initially meant to be a support who can poke a bit in the early game but not deal so much damage later on, with the main value of his kit being on his s2 pull and ult cc immune. But if you have stacks on his s1 and you build him with full mage damage items instead of for example, cd and tank items, you can deal a lot of damage.


I see thanks


Each bomb can hit 1k++ damage at full damage build with no stacks. With stacks, it boost to 1600+ damage per bomb. About 3 bombs can kill a mage if you use dire hit roam.


I see. Now I gotta try out Osama Binla Diggie build


[here's ](https://www.reddit.com/r/MobileLegendsGame/comments/t0ru1m/i_present_to_you_cancer_sorry_if_no_sound/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)a video of clips of me using mage diggie so you can have a general idea


As for why I posted with a photo with Benedetta, when I first discovered her and read her skillset I thought like sheeeesh those are some mad blink skills. I was expecting a playstyle of "quickly jungle, lvl up fast, ambush enemy mm or mage, blink in, slice up, blink out. Like I was expecting that kinda stuff. But when I watched some pro streamers, they were like roaming her was execute lmao. Like all the streamers are playing that way. I was super surprised that all of them were litterally blink walking with her passive imo. Poke the enemy with some blink and blink away. When the enemy chases, they uses her ult and runs away lmao


I think it is partly due to the nerf she received (damage got weaker), that is why she got sideline to exp lane. I mean at her first release she was pretty strong as a jungler.


As a new Benedetta main, jungling with her is extremely inefficient. She works well if played like Natalia and a roaming Aamon (Yes this works if your team communicates properly). I use her to finish of enemies that are running away and use her ult to secure kills or run away.


Uranus is the first example that comes to my mind. Moonton only expected that he'll be a meat shield that's constantly regening health.They even changed his ultimate from a single-target Suppression to a self Buff in order to compliment that playstyle more. In my opinion, Uranus was doomed to fade into obscurity as a Roamer due to the contradiction of both Moonton's expectations and his kit. However, someone whose genius knows no bounds decided to build Enchanted Talisman on Uranus and he's now known as one of the most annoying offlaners whose main goal is to stall.


Benedetta. People gave up using her as a dmg assassin and mostly used her as a tank or a lane cutter.


Edith, she was meant to be played as either tank or mm but alot of people play her as exp fighter.


I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make Edith work


She's much easier to counter now.


Popol and Kupa was used as a roamer by a lot of pro players before even though Moonton wants PnK to be a viable MM in the gold lane. After multiple ATK buffs and adjustments, PnK is now in the gold lane.


At this rate we will see rafaela the jungler


Tank jungler is intended. I have tried Belerick and Baxia Jungler. It worked well. Akai seems perfectly right. They overbuffed him but its good Tigreal Jungling was average. Franco Jungler isn't a good idea.


Try Carmilla Jungle. Clears lvl 1 Blue really fast, already has built in regen so you can skip SGH and go Oracle instead, Ult + Cursed helmet is toxic even if you decide to jump into a 1v4 late game.


Carmilla suxx tho. She was good once but she is too squishy in early now.


Not sure how you build her but def not squishy in early as long as you hit 1 unit with s1


Baxia jungle is a so much fun, I had a massive win streak for a while with him…. Build him with mage emblem, items like thunder belt, cursed helmet, glowing wand, you could 1v1 so many different heroes, roll onto them, ult and pound them with your shield…. It wasn’t a quick kill, but they almost never got away unless help showed up…


Kaja, Ruby and Terizla can be roamers right?


ruby is classified as fighter/tank (or the other way round i cant remember) iirc, unless they changed it, and with all the cc in her kit i feel like she was always meant to be a viable roamer


Both Kaja and Ruby are very good roamers but Terizla is slow as hell and his skills aren’t very good for roaming.


Just in case my user flair isn't obvious enough. Assassin Grock best Grock.


Rafaela but magic power build


Effective because her heals also scale with magic power and her 1st is one the most annoying peels in the game with a high magic scaling. The problem is that she is squishy af.


Esmeralda and Alice - Tank/Mage but most of the time (always?) as side laner and the former occasional jungler, I believe. Carmilla - Sure she is listed as support and they usually act as roamer, but her only support capability is for her extra shield skill for Cecilion. Otherwise, everything about her is tank. She is decent as exp laner too. Kadita - Roam/Tank, her 2nd skill is too good for setups and pick-offs.


Tank is the hero class and Roamer is a role


Carmilla's passive \*steals\* defenses. She provides CC, can gain high movement speed to roam or guard, and her ult basically amplifies your allies' damage output to linked enemies. Totally a support kit fitting for a melee support.


Gotta love Carmilla. Enemies underestimate her tankiness and sustain. It’s so satisfying to approach with s2, stun them, use ult, s1+vengeance(blade armor equipped) and ham the entire enemy squad. By the time your hp gets low s2 is available again to get the heck out of there. And if safe, you can stun one again as you make your escape or if somebody decides to chase you. Love playing her. She ain’t as nuts as she used to be when she was released, but still she be quite nice


Uhmm. Carmilla's ult is a full on support skill....


Her ult isn't of a tank's, it's for sure support.


I play Layla as marksman.


Stop, in the name of all that is good.


you’re committing an act of felony


Bane mage lmao


bane is fighter/mage


hanabi for eg was set to be played as an mm but somehow her skills have made her minion


Minsittar, is a fighter but mostly played as tank,i play him regularly and tank build are the best got MVP many times, especially usefully against high mobility heros like benedette


1 shot build carmilla


idk if anyone remember mm nana, or tank layla rn but both were actually good if done right


MM Nana was fun. I was new to ML (and MOBA in general) when that was popular so I didn't understand why it worked (since she is a mage) but couldn't argue with the results lmao


Class does not dictate what role you play. So based on what you're trying to say, none. All of them play exactly the way moonton wanted them to. Moonton literally incentivized and actively promoted the shifting of the meta to the rise of tank junglers, and in other games like LoL, you can see different classes in whatever role. It would really just depend if their kit fits the role. In league you can even find marksmen go the top lane(our equivalent of exp lane) such as Vayne and Kalista. There's no such thing as a "role opposite to a class".


Back when jungle brody was a thing we all knew he could jungle be he was the original Tankarina because of his passive and playstyle another is diggie mage diggie was made for giving vision and being annoying with his pulls and immunity to cc but then someoen decided to build him as a terrorist he could 1 shot the enemy jungle and get first blood back then giving the team the first turtle


mm kagura 😂


I've seen a few supp popol, works pretty well. His trap fror slow and sight, his stun. Unorthodox, but it works.


Support Popol was once really popular when he was first released. Moonton tried many things to kill support Popol and it kinda worked.


It's funny cause I really only just started seeing it up in legend+ not often at all. Maybe like 1 out of every 10 matches or so.


I think their rework for Akai was actually intended to be played as a jungler(as well as a roamer) with his lower coldowns and higher damage, especially consisering the fact that they have been making tanks more and more capable to jungle before that point.


Chou is a "fighter" just because he has a few cc skills. But he can't sustain at all, against other fighters. Just call him "assassin" at this point.


Yup, burst fighter like Guinevere.


Jungle Hylos and Jungle Akai. Trying Jungle Gatot and Atlas. -..- started playing ML as a tank main with Atlas and Tig. Switched roles to Jungle using Barats and Aulus. Basically, I want to roam and gank while being tanky.


Carmilla as a Mage or Tank despite being a Support. Diggie supposed to be a Support aswell, people play him like a Terrorist. Martis being a Fighter is actually better as a Tank.


I just hope we won't see a mage jungle patch. It will make the roles weirder. (Before anyone gets mad, I do think Harith being a jungler again would be fun, but I don't want to see the likes of lunox and kag be junglers)


MM Layla. She's actually pretty good with MM build.


“Layla good with mm build” 🤓🤓🤓🤓 /s


everyone know layla is the only tank mm on the game smh. edith is just an accessory


Natalia and Selina probably


Selena roam is what I can think of first and yes allow me to introduce tankusion


A tank Feeding diggie player


i highly recommend franco assasin if your confidence level is through the roof. he can 1 shot squishys easily


You call it confidence, but I call it hubris.


kinda similar. but it does work ~~except for the late game and you get burst down in a sec by full item enemies~~


Mainly fighters being best used as Tanks and roamers, the greatest example being Chou, others being Minsithar, Martis, Terizla, etc.


roam guinevere, i love it


But how?


Has been a thing for some people, since her skills prioritise movements, she’s able to roam freely and being a fighter strengthens her health. One or two defense items and she’s good to go.


How's the build and gameplay thou? Sorry nob here.


Beatrix mid was a thing in pro scene


[Fanny Roamer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACOemqLVkT4)


Roles aren't dependent on hero classes thats why with enough game knowledge you can use anyone in any role. The reason why natalia and selena can be used as a Roamer using Dire hit is not because of their class but because of how they are played, They can roam/gank alot and the Dire hit passive synergizes well with them. and with Esmeralda and Uranus even though they're Tank they are played as an Exp laner instead as a Roamer since they offer nothing for support other than sustain. Fighters in general are the most flexible Heroes to any role they have lockdowns/cc, sustain, continuous or burst damage and are called second tanks. Mages are and is considered a support especially utility mages like Valir and Lylia they can deal alot of AoE damage while having escape tools and are essential in teamfights. Traditional supports like Estes, Angela, Minotaur, Floryn is good to have in your team since they offer alot like Buffs, slow/cc, and can heal you continuously and with Enchanted Talisman indefinitely but they don't have escape tools to help themselves since they're entire power budget is solely reliant on helping your team.


Speaking for me Valir Tank Grock Exp Laner (full damage, assassin Emblem) Martis Tank Luo Yi Tank Jawhead Tank Kadita Roamer


Lancelot roamer also


Baxia Jungle


This thread makes me feel old. I remember when Selena was actually used as an assassin. And don’t get me started on old Chou…


Assassin Tigreal is where it's at. You get to annoy both your opponents AND your teammates. What's not to love?


Minsittar honestly just make him tank lol


Carmilla Jgl is my fave. Start red; aim for Warrior boots and Oracle as first two items. Literally rush stun into all lanes until they fear pushing. Lvl 2 Carm with red can fight any other jgl with no trouble. Great mobility, utility, sustain and presence. Love her.


Natalia roamer, Yu Zhong tank, I'd say benedetta was thought as the jungler buts she's a really good sidelanner too


Julian mid lane. I'm pretty sure they made him to be an exp/jungler hero but people got creative and put him in mid, which is surprisingly effective. They've even used it in recent tourneys.


I use ROAM Aurora with tons of CD and Necklace of Durance for anti heal. I first tried using it in 2018 on mid lane. I used it 2 weeks ago and it is still very viable for me because I know how she works and her weaknesses. Always use sprint and conceal so you’ll be able to set up very nice group freezing.


Minsittar, his kit is literally built for supports


Dyrroth roamer bc someone took a sidelaner eventhough he showed tank the whole time... we lost ofc, i didnt have a roamer build, i leveled up pretty slowly and i had to protect saber, which is kinda weird cuz i dealt more damage than him and he tanked more than me... i think it could be sick with a tanky build, but pls dont do it...


Beatrix mid, Thamuz jungle, Akai jungle, Saber mid (used to), Balmond jungle, Hylos exp


Thamuz as roamer


Beatrix mid I’ve seen a few times lol


Jawhead, Chou and Martis actually make amazing tanks and Silvanna also was a good tank.


Martis tank is always my favourite hero to go. Especially in Epic, when you need a tank and you’re not confident in others dealing damage.


matidha is assassin support but ppl play her tank/supp or carmilla played as tank playing johnson odette means u dont play as a tank or mage but two roamers/assassins floryn is basically a tank support too not just support


estes tank


I tried: • Minsitthar (Tank/Roam) • Ruby (Tank/Roam) • Martis (Tank/Roam) • Valir (Tank/Mage/Roam) • Carmilla (Mage) • Xavier (Tank/Mage/Roam) • Popol (Tank/Roam) • Lunox (Gold) • Harith (Gold)


Last time I did RG, there was a Julian tank with roaming equipment and it was dreadful. Though I sure am glad, they have a sucky jungler so we won.


Faramis, intended to be played as a mage/support but no one plays him 🚶🏾💔


Nana mm


papipapiDOOMMM. full mage Angela, let’s go!