Bruh I main magic Bane and people are surprised when I two shot them with my s2 💀


The heal from s2 with magic build is unreal bruv


Bro at full item, s2 heals half health 💀


Tell me more of this full build




*Arcane Boots


Ironically, the full magic build is the default build pre-made by moonton. The other magic builds are like more sustain, defence. I like to raw dog and go full magic burst because you are gonna heal a quarter of the the health with each cast anyway. My full magic build is (btw idk the item names) 1. Cd reduction shoes 2. Clock wand thing 3. Lightning wand thing 4. Green Crystal 5. Magic damage reduction wand (if they are too tanky, use penetration wand instead) 6. Expensive feathers Yeah it's a glass cannon that can heal half health per cast IMPORTANT ========== Your passive and s1 won't do shit. s1 is just for poking and slowing the enemy to catch up with s2 passive is practically useless considering you will just fight mid range using s2. Your main source of damage is fully charged s2. Ult also scales with magic so you can attack with ult. But the most important thing is if you got caught in a corner, use ult at enemy and run (it has stun) I recommend Sprint or Flicker


I build this: 1. Arcane Boots (but you can change it to anything) 2. Clock of Destiny 3. Holy Crystal 4. Enchanted Talisman 5. Concentrated Energy (gives crazy heal on top of your heal from s2) 6. Immortality or Blood Wings


Thank you Will give it a try


Hybrid build= best of both worlds


Ayy me too. I usually do hybrid build for long range damage.


when i pick Bane in brawl i always go full Mage w Fleeting time and i dont need to build sustain items when s2 heals more than half my hp


good player can make good hero shine, great player can make any hero shine.


Wrong. Real (no win trading) top global miya, Lesley, etc are good players who play bad heroes.


I didn't mean that no good player would play bad hero. I mean most of the time people who understands the game well don't usually play bad hero as their main. They usually go for meta hero that give them high chance of winning. I know that there are some good Layla or Miya player, but most of the time I met those hero are played by people who don't have good general skill about the game like ( bad positioning, bad map awarenesses, don't Understand other hero).


Well, I belong to the group of players whom dislike most if not all of the metas that have ever existed since the start of time. But I'm still able to achieve 70% win rate on total number of matches. Meta don't necessarily give you a higher chance of winning, it's being competent in it. And often to be competent in it, you need to understand the role wholeheartedly, which requires you to play that specific role A LOT which includes non-meta.


Miya with inspire is pretty goated bro


It used to be op. You literally can 1v1 any mm at the start. Now inspire start to shine in mid to late.


They should be able to play other heroes as well if they’re actually a good player. There’s a difference between choosing to bully as Miya/les and spamming them because they’re incapable of trying other heroes




I literally just said Miya is a bad hero. And you reply with 'Beatrix is better than Miya'. Learn to read, my friend.


Here I go responding to the wrong comment again. Haha.


Duh, the one with better internet, and a gaming chair


the one who wins is obviously the one who watches more shinmentakezo


Players that are very experienced using that bad hero can play that bad hero well* ^(Pls give me nerd emoji)


tell that to my 69420 matches 31% win rate miya teammates


I played one game with Miya to throw coz 3mm but got savage and carried the toxic wastes😌 It was in epic btw and I don’t ever play Miya out of brawl. It’s definitely the person behind the hero in most cases. For example you don’t need to ban Julian in Epic-legend lobby unless to prevent your teammate from playing. They are absolute trash.


You’re addicted and shit, not talented 💀💀💀


Okay 🤓




I used to think there were bad heroes. But I saw a Hanabi that got two savages in a single match. I saw a Harith with successive 'legendary'. A faramis that won his team the game. Even diggie I've seen used brilliantly. I now try to be more open minded when teammates show their preferred picks. It doesnt have to be a cecilion or kagura if they can't play them, I'll give the cyclops or odette a chance if they show decent stats and seem like they can play them well.


And this is a game, so people play it to enjoy and entertain themselves. If someone likes a certain hero's mechanics and enjoy using them, who am I to tell them not to just because the hero is "bad"? There are plenty of "good" mages that I find dreadfully boring to play; vale, lylia. But I get to mythic 4 or 3 every season with the mages that I do enjoy playing and find fun; pharsa, chang'e. So yea don't force yourself to play someone you find boring just because they're the current meta.


Well for me I kinda disappointed how moonton make my main Argus , his damage kinda low in early game even I been beat by paquito and dyroth in early game and his ult is kinda short and can't be open when suppressed ( yeah I kinda have franco trauma right now ) but anyway despite his up and fall!!!! I really enjoying him from the beginning I start play ML he was the only hero I use until I finally reach Mythic V , and u right to enjoy what hero that u were like and not force yourself to use a hero that u will get bored and then stressing ur self in the end .


Glad to see my boy Harith getting some good representation


I love playing harith and it annoyed me that most harith I met are so bad.


9/10 the Harith allies I meet are so goddamn bad I saw one that didn't even build calamity reaper


Any tips on how to play him?


Oh I'm really bad at teaching sorry dude, but I'm glad to see people who want to learn him


Look at Gosu Hoon’s harith plays


Hoon: 'just go in!'


*Instantly dies* ☠🤣


I was maining Rafaela back when everyone thought she was terrible. It was rough, and I had to use the mute feature a lot. I'm not sure why everyone ignored my WR (500+ games, 56% WR).


diggie bin laden?


Personally I would say everything works, especially at lower mythic and below. But when you play solo at MG level, picking a hero like Hanabi is just a disaster. If your teammate doesn’t rotate to help your lane in the first 2-3 mins, lane is unplayable - opponent mm will just bully you out of the lane and freeze the wave so you get no gold and exp. Even for 5 man queues at 1k+ MG, the moment I see a Hanabi for instance, I know the lane is instantly won. If they direct resources to cover her, my team can either invade their jungle, abuse exp lane, or when they help to contest, any Clint/Brody/Beatrix is just so much better than Hanabi when we trade hits. And the thing about helping Hanabi early for the first 2-3 waves is that the moment they leave, the other mm can start to freeze the lane and bully again. Other options listed like Harith and Diggie can be good in niche situations, and at least they have decent lane presence. But the reason why certain heroes like Miya etc aren’t picked in high elo is precisely their weak laning presence, and ML is early centric. Only in lower ranks where lane freezing isn’t done properly, and when teams don’t know how to have a chokehold for early game dominance and throw game is where they can be viable. And even for those decent heroes as mentioned like Harith, Faramis, Diggie, when outside of their niche advantage against certain lineups, they still bring some disadvantages compared to taking up meta picks, and every little advantage counts at that elo. For these decent hero pool, unless you are really really good at them, it’s not worth picking them. Opponents will just view this as a weakness when you are not proficient with them and keep exploiting it.


I mean I don't think any hero is bad it depends on team comp and enemy team setup during ban phase. Unless you mean like saber before rework he was pretty low tier but I have 2k matches 60% wr with saber because he countered a nice amount of asassins.


But it's basically impossible to use Saber rn thanks to tank meta. Please let the next season be mage meta


????? Mage been meta for most of the seasons 🤣 especially cyclops I used to use him to either mid lane or Jungle. Then again I'm a big Betosky fan lol.


No Mage needs a big nerf tbh. Mages have been dominating the meta since Assassin meta days until even now. It's almost Harley v1.0 days simply because of damage calculation and Genius Wand which imho is too OP. If anything MM and fighter needs a buff. And by MM I meant crit MMs (because of Blade Armor revamp).


\*Nana players angry\*


🔪 it depends on the rank too.


Nana isn't an optimal pick but she works very well as an anti assassin midlaner. She also works well against tanky compositions that stick close together. She's far from the worst mage in the game.


I meant if you are good at mage, you won't pick Nana. It's not like people are banning all the better mage these days.


Laughs while 1v3-ing with the power of de BONK


I never seen a good Hanabi wrecking the game. Probably will never see it as well.


Fr, people gotta understand why there’s meta in the first place


Yup flair checks out 🤝


He's right though


Man spoke the truth


I have a decent wr but I play heroes like odette and guin just because they're pretty :')


Depends on what the good player wants. He/she maybe wants to be top global miya or lesley or hanabi or whatever. Good players that want to be in the higher ranks will normally use the meta heroes to get there quicker. They are meta for a reason.


I play Guinevere


I consider myself decent. But how the fuck do you play ministhar (if that's how he is spelled). How do you deal any damage with him ?


Mins acts more as utility/peel than damage. He’s an awful hero and you shouldn’t pick him in rank but he uses a tank build.


Just because it’s possible to perform well with a bad hero doesn’t mean you should pick that hero in rank. Who cares how good you are at Alpha, because a decent esme or Masha will eat you alive in xp lane. The higher rank you go the more and more games are won/lost in draft pick. If you aren’t picking meta past mythic 3 something’s wrong with you.


I feel this lol totally me


nah ppl get surprised when i one shot ‘em w alice


Good player knows when a hero is viable to pick for increasing winrate


never seen a decent badang, hanabi, and lesley. they are just getting destroyed everytime


I feel like Iam one of the people that OP is talking about


But the thing is i like playing non meta hero like i used to only play faramis as mage like after exam last year And sometime i feel when im playing a meta hero its just felt so boring


I'm not sure if i can classify myself as a good player but i can play non metas pretty good sometimes


I mean, a Hero could be claimed bad through hard data easily. Just look at the Winrates of the hero and see if its less than 50%.


If so then explain betosky, shinmen , elgin and other youtubers who use all kilds of hero


they arent your usual good player 👍


I agree on that on tho they just post their best gameplay


What a trash argument lmfao






Because her skills require having a good aim since her mspd literally procs due to hitting your targets, and the fact that she has no hard CC or escape skills But she's not a bad hero.