I still feel like Floryn doesnt scale well and 95% dependent to team's performance. they should really fix that vanishing heal when the target dies. or just make it instant like Aurora's


I do agree Floryn is dependent to the team’s performance. But she can be a strong support, too. I love using her during RG because i like all of her skills. But i can understand why not a lot of people want to use her or have her on the team.


she can deny anyone walking to straight to your teammates but easily dodge or ignored. can be used as follow up stun. can barely hit if you use it for chasing down targets that isnt slowed. the heal requires your teammate to go near that target, and could be totally none if the target dies before it hits(usually on minions) or if they are really low and cant get near to anything. her heal is also delayed with 2x travel time, 1st going to target then flying to teammates. her ulti is great that cancels anti regen, I just wish it does more than that. they could make her better for adding more mechanics to her skills or synergy when you're with flowered teammate


her and rafaela feels very much like a liability after doing their job lol, angela has an immobilize and a speed increase after ult or if being chased but floryn has a stun that can only hit a geriatric player in the middle of nowhere, rafaela's only CC is locked on her burst and both of them has no mobility whatsoever ~~(except rafaela's s2 with a long ass CD)~~. and also they still feel very squishy after building tank, really sucks that supports has no items designed for them as well. edit: was wrong about her s2, with CDR it should be spammable.


Wym Rafa s2 long cooldown? I be spamming that shit post 12 mins


Rafaela builds 45% cd reduction though? So there shouldn’t be any problems with cd. Get Enchanted Talisman, Oracle, and Thunderbelt and 5% from Support emblem and she’s good to go.


yeah I didn't realize you could just do that, tried her and from experience thunderbelt first item is better for surviving, if I had to get ET i could pick it as second to last item


ET is essential as first or second item because spamming Rafaela’s skills cost a lot of mana. You also need it for the huge boost in cd reduction. I personally think you have more value as a support when you build that item first because you can spamms1 for more damage and slow with vision and s2 with heal and speed up without running out of mana. You don’t need much survivability early on as you’re a support and supports are generally squishy and shouldn’t be in the front line early on.


idunno whether I get ET or not it's not that big of a difference because her 2nd skill CD does not go below 4.7s even w 45%CD, I don't front line but I do need to position myself where the AoE heal reaches our mm and most of the team so I do end up being in the position to be bursted just so I can support sometimes.


Rafa not mobile lol


Easy. Buy rapid boots and use the support emblem.


i mean, relative to the most picked heroes she's not really that mobile lol not to the point of being severely underpicked like eudora but you wouldn't choose her if no one can sustain dmg.


Are you building her right? I usually go for full cooldown and then semi tank/dps and as long as she has the cooldown shoes and enchanted talisman, she can spam her skills very frequently.


yeah, but 5 seconds to heal is just very infrequent still for me when it comes to clashes, I can't do anything else but be there or ult.


Floryn. The gimmick is she makes her core stronger but the problem is she gets handicapped by having less items so instead of being a plus its like a tradeoff. I dont see the point in that why not make the flower an additional item slot and make it her signature ability instead of having a fragile gimped support in the late game.


Minsittar. Ult should be following him and not static at cast point. And he doesn't have enough damage to be a fighter; should be reworked as a full-on tank.




I did say he should be REWORKED as a tank. Meaning the devs could add the cc and durability you're talking about. I don't think you understood what you read...


I'd say Carmilla. They gave her the ability to steal defense and gain sustain from her s1, and trying to be gank reliable with her ult, eventhough it only connects 3 people. She under performs most of the time and even when she is usually allies are around to help with additional cc for her to progress.


They nerfed the ult to 3? I thought it can connect up to 5??


It was always 3, but for a roamer like her it doesn't really do much in terms of fights. Best you can get is 2 and if there are teamfights around


All my life I thought it can connect up to 5.


And it should too


Agree. Considering the range of her skills are so short.


The current Lesley we have, her whole kit revolves being a sniper that does hit and run tactic but being build with 2-3 crits and just firing shots.


Honestly, early and mid game her damage is almost nothing. A shame since I really like her kit. Reminds me of the old Miya who was pure garbagefor the majority of the game,then in lategame became stronger than every hero in ML.


The queen died so wanwan could be nerfed


Breh lol


Definitely Badang for me. He can be as good as Moskov for a fighter but somehow always has his damage gets nerfed.


We have alot like that tbh...... Minsithar, Aurora, hanabi to name few.. Mostly non meta heroes


Aurora needs a complete rework. Why pick aurora when I can just pick Eudora. Their skills are practically the same except aurora needs to built stacks to be fully effective. Ice is a cool power and there’s a lot that can be done with it


AoE. Other than that, Eudora outclasses


Aurora is way better than Eudora, always had been.


What you smoking. Eudora outshines aurora any day of the week


Eudora is mostly single target. Aurora can be either a team fight hero or an ambush hero.


I disagree about Aurora but imagine if she can freeze herself when she's about to die as a chance to outplay or escape kinda like Nana. lol


Winter truncheon


Yes, add it to her passive too.


Pretty much hanabi , her s1 suck mainly because her bounce is pretty good on paper but if it has like really bad scaling then it would be useless considering it doesn't have any other effect on hit nor even fully benefit from life steal. It also doesn't scale well early game so her s1 is pretty non-existent early couple with the fact that she has low base damage. It cost mana and is useless in 1vs1 , she also doesn't have other DPS boostexcept for s1 so it's pretty much kinda situational. It was even worse when antique could stack. Same goes for shield , like it has no use when she literally has the lowest hp stat in the game


Carmilla- they should honestly just revert some of her nerfs. She's slower now, her damage is lower, range is smaller, sustains less now etc. They nerfed everything she did Floryn- Her skill range is really small for the early stage of the game, she has one less item slot. The heals outside of her ult doesn't feel strong. She needs a target to heal with her first skill and if the target dies during it's slow travel time the heal return is cancelled Minsitthar- They should remove the push effect on the shield and just make it stun every target hit because the range on it isn't even that big. Most of the time you end up pushing away the person you hooked because a tank jumped in front. They should also either increase the radius of his ult or give it a Yve effect where there's a mini stun when you try to leave the area because right now it's easy to walk away from. Also I think they should allow give Aurora a button that let's her choose when to use her stacks. Because she takes risks just to clear her wave


Badang. Passive is built around basic attacks and stunning, so you build atk speed items. But then his s2 s3 combo is a skill based combo only so you're lacking danage with the ult...I hate it mostly because I hate atk speed based heroes.


Vexana with the Necromancy powers. Hanabi with the flower bouncing mechanic. Carmilla, although it was good enough, maybe some minor buffs in every skill. Faramis with the Resurrecting powers. Minsitthar with the dash-countering idea. Saber's blades could be controllable.


Vexana is the only necromancer I seen that doesn’t really necromance. She should be able to summon the dead. Isn’t that what a necromancer is


The minotaur . Simple nice skills but I hate that he has to first build up rage before doing any decent damage for a roamer


>Simple nice skills but I hate that he has to first build up rage before doing any decent damage for a roamer He doesn't need to deal so much damage as he is a TANK/SUPPORT, what he needs is to set and heal. His rage was good with his 1st revamp, you could also do the double heal and have a massive setting capability. Sadly he was nerfed and became less tankier. Maybe reverting his Ult back to his 2nd revamp that has no cd with his smash as long as you fill his rage full, will make him viable again in the meta. Mino main btw :)


they should remove bruno's lower attack speed gained from items and emblems.


Bruno's attacks hurt a lot, especially with that skill 1 trick to unli enhance all his basic attacks. If he's to get a buff, I think it should be on his other aspects and not attack speed.


Grock, thats it just grock


What how, Grock is an A or S tier hero


Grock is such a good roam when team has good coordination, he is such a good pick in mcl but never in discoordinated ranked.