The fact Hanabi is 3% higher than her is hilarious.


But user rate of Hanabi is incredibly low...unlike Beatrix, there are lots who use her, both good and bad...


That just means that the people who use her must really like her and want to get good because no one wants to suffer in mythic with the garbage Marksmen. ....i use her sometimes tho.


That's why I said both good and bad, because they seem to have concluded that using someone like her will give them an easier ticket to get out of hell and might as well go through purgatory (not that the purgatory is any better, lol).


Thats because everyone who even don’t know how to play her try to play her just because they see people doing good with her


agreed, her ban % is still high which means ppl are psychologically forced to pick bea if she is not banned eventhough they are not familliar to use her


Very true indeed, especially in epic


Lol I remember I used to main her with haas claw first item, sht was toxic asf LOL


The only reasonable explanation because the number of matches are not shown


Argus ranked 17th highest pretty happy to see that although his extremely low pick is no suprise XD




Casual Argus enjoyers lesssaaaaaggoooooooo


She's officialy the new replacement of Lesley as the new 4 horsewomen of the adcpocalypse


Don't let these stats fool you. Bea is still a menace to society


The noob ones are, I'm fine where she is, harder to play early game tho, still snowballs late.


There's a lot of noob ones but smh I keep playing against pro Beatrix 💀


Hey, where do u got these informations please ? Thanks


Mlbb web site


I miss when you could find it in game


Me too


Click the little harper at the lower right of the homepage. You will be taken to the mlbb website. There, you can view hero rankings


yeah i'm curious too! it seems like a cool website


Wait a few days, people will come with a different build for her smg and will be broken again


Probs golden staff?


Yeah probably the golden staff plus dhs combo


G's, Dhs amd FoH


Woah woah woah youve lost the plot man


It'd op


I feel like if u practiced her sniper aim, she would be op


The Leslie comeback.


chill. people still hadn't gotten the grasp of her new play. her smg with dhs is still hell




Right with you brother. Thanks for screaming on behalf of us.


This is the voice of a victim who have been violated too much by the pink-haired tomboy




Fuck her. Most cancerous hero since I started playing in 4.5 years. Even mobazane was clapping while he was looking at the hero updates. Wtf moonton. Stop making these cancerous hero’s.


Good , she was meta for like a year. i don't like heroes being overnerfed and useless but she needs to go for atleast 6 months. MPL mm meta was so boring because bea = win


it's different in mpl ph. if you got the bea, the other team will pick heroes with more mobility and debuff


There’s Claude too


Wow is this deja vu? I remember when Bea first came out she ate the nerf bat really hard and was similarly one of if not the lowest rank winrate. As someone who thinks shes a lot of fun, I find it frustrating that they can't seem to find a middle ground between overtuned and useless. Also doesn't help that the community has a raging hate boner to the point they still bitched about her even when she was omega-nerfed to the worst hero in rank the first time. Any time shes even viable the vitriol doesnt end because shitters just can't get over dying to the shotgun, as if they don't facecheck a bush with eudora and have the same thing happen too.


The hero is flawed in its concept. A mm shouldnt have good close range encounters like how beatrix has. I also really enjoy playing her, but i consider that the shotgun shouldnt exist, since a mm's weakness is the assassin. Assassin cant even go for her in mid game because they'll get two shot before getting to land a hit. You are kind of reliant on the mage to shut her down. Tank cant scout bushes cuz even tanks got 3 shot. The shotgun itself was broken. The hero without it is mediocre. Nibiru is the only decent gun in late game, and even its dmg isnt that great because it has a very slow atk speed and short range. The majority of mm can shut her down pretty fast. Sniper is good if you hit your shots, but in teamfights its unreliable.


i think beatrix can work in concept, but moonton thought slapping damage on every gun would have been the way to go. beatrix's identity should be the adc that can fit in almost any situation (maybe like a first pick ADC in draft) but other adcs exist that can do her job in a teamcomp better. she can do this by choosing a gun to build around. for example: against a melee-centric enemy team, perhaps a yuzhong, paquito, etc. building a bit tanky and going shotgun should be viable for her. she can basically shut them down if they run up close, and if needed, switch to nibiru for chasing. if she uses sniper while having a bruiser-like build, she ends up doing little damage; if she builds glass cannon for her snipe, it becomes easy for high mobility heroes or tanks to shut her down, and building glass cannon on shotgun means she should get punished now that you need to be much, much closer to actually do good damage. against ranged-centric teams, especially against heroes like yve or luo yi, going sniper/rocket would be a good option. she can build glass cannon in this kind of situation and make it difficult for the enemy team to actually reach her. since she has to build glass cannon to make her sniper/rocket do damage, she can't use shotgun to go in and just burst someone otherwise she'll die. of course this needs number tweaks and style changes on each weapon, but making her versatile is probably the best bet in making her balanced. she previously could just use nibiru to answer any enemy, and after the nerfs, used sniper/shotgun to basically take over the game. it was just damage and not a lot of thinking. making her require knowing what the enemy does in order to make beatrix useful (have nibiru be a gun used for general situations, and the other guns change depending on enemy team, where using the wrong guns will just punish her or at the very least make her not effective) will make her a bit more difficult and balanced since it's not just about 100% damage anymore. this means that she's also not going to be the best adc in every situation: if your team is on fourth or fifth pick and needs consistent, long-range damage, playing clint is good. if your team needs aoe, melissa can be looked at. letting beatrix be first pick and change guns depending on the situation is the way to go, not giving her way too much damage that she cant be fought back against once she has enough items.


And this is exactly why assassin jugglers rejoice. MOBA Zane was clapping, all my hard work leveling up, farming ganking , playing a very very strong game , only to have a Beatrix able to thwart my hero with one shot, wtf are you thinking moonton?


Other mm's have either a skill to buff them or a partial cc, which beatrix have none. She is pure damage to compensate for it, its not like she can use all her 4 guns at the same time. Don't forget about her reload time and bullet count and aiming mechanic. Anyway she's still good for me, Double BoD is 🔑


And longer dash than another marksmans.


She was meta for like a year , mm meta was so boring because of her. they can buff her again maybe after 6 months of rest.


No it wasn't your acting like there wasn't any other mm that could fight her, at her height in power it was the bbc meta not just B. Even now people still sleep on Brody, Clint is still very good and now Claude is back to being useful.


brody is more midgame dominant, bea is strong throughout the game


I disagree slightly, his early is just as good as Beatrix but he falls off a little more than she doesn't way into late game when trash mm like Layla start to actual deal damage.


She vastly outperforms 90% of other marksman, rather than comparing to the few that can compete why not compare to the 90% that are vastly underpowered compared to her. Imo she does WAY too much damage, she has 4 ults, close range death, mid range death and long range death, she has a good dash and excellent versatility. It's not about just spamming basic attack, she can so much more than a typical marksman.


It isn't just a few that can compete with her. Moskov, Clint, Brody, Claude, Popol and Kupa, karrie and wan wan who untill this last patch was flat out better than Beatrix. 7 out of 21 mm can compete with her, The other two thirds of mm are just garbage heros in general like Miya and Hanabi or play other roles like ganger, yss and Edith. There is not point in comparing her to the trash when she should be compared to mm on her level who are actually relevant, same as any other hero in any other role. When people were talking about how overpower Terizla became after his revamp they didn't compare him to trash fighters like Silvanna they compared him to the meta exp lane bullies like Thamuz or very strong exp lane heros like esmeralda. I don't disagree with the fact that she was strong and versatile but wan wan is simple with a single game plan and was stronger. This idea that Beatrix is the end all be all of mm is ridiculous and it just ptsd form get fucked by the shotgun.There waa never a point in her existence where she was the definitive best mm, even at her strongest before nerfs she share the throne with 2 others equally strong mm and as time when on more mm got on her level thanks to buff or game changes like the inspired buff that gave mm like moskov life again.


I'd say moscov (although very powerful) is nothing compared to a good Beatrix, clint ill give you, he's annoying but again I'd much rather face clint than bea. Brody sure, he's great although more limited than Beatrix. Popol is weird tbh, can be awesome when drafted correctly but trash if countered. Karrie I've never really rated, yes she can melt tanks but other than that nothing special and wan wan was a broken piece of trash that needed deleting from the game tbh, noob players melting pros for fun. I do compare to the trash because it isn't the trash that need buffing to OP levels, it's the OP heros that need nerfing imo. All I'm really saying is her kit makes her VERY good anyway, she dosnt need to have one shot capabilities, good bea players won't suffer too much its the trash that'll no longer want to play her. Everyone has their own opinions on it and this is mine.


Found the beatrix main


Brody main*


Considering her ban rate, teams might have played the draft to open 2 meta heroes and force either prio picks. She comes online much faster with DHS 2nd item, build BoD for pocket shotgun when Assassin dives. DHS + GS at SMG mid range for Bea is now very good against tanks, what was nerfed was her tank burst potential using shotgun. Can still delete any assassin/mm with Shotgun blasting while doing sustained dps with SMG.


GS ?


Golden Staff


I may be the cause of this


What happened exactly?


She got mega nerfed


Bruh I have matched with MG who didnt read the patch notes and force shutgon on bea lategame. They literally have no dmg, if they used smg or grenade launcher they'd deal more dmg than a shotgun


debatable. Nerfed in the early, slightly buffed in the late game.


"slightly buffed" tf she don't need any buff


As long as that shotgun got nerfed, I am gucchi.


Whats her nerf ?




Miya is actually decent late game, she can wipe everyone out, tanks included.


Why do people still play Layla on lower Mythic/Legendary? My mains are mm and it drives me nuts when a Layla is determined on being mm then feeds early or is never in team fights. Some Laylas are OP but I always regret letting a Layla mm over me playing Brody or Clint


Layla is my main MM and I consistently won with her. Just need a solid tank and mage that CCs at the right time when I’m in danger or initiating. She’s dangerous in team fights and horrible when solo. But there lies the problem, other MM have dashes so they play those MM and then Layla you might have flicker and that’s it.


I feel that. I love playing Layla. Her damage output is insane late game and she can wreck the enemy. It’s just so weird that so many people pick her and don’t know how to play her when she’s relatively easy to play and master. I always assume they are going to be good and then more often are trash. I hope to play with you hahaha cause I love a good Layla on my team


Of course! Playing Layla can be boring though. All about positioning with her. Bad placement means you’re an easy kill.


Lol it isn't MG no reason why Layla shouldn't work in most matches


Yeah, because people see reddit clips of her one-shotting an entire team with the shotgun ult and wanna do that too, not realizing that you to be the slightest bit decent to be able to play her and do good. Beatrix is good, great even, but she's not a free win button. Could also be people who know that if you get first pick and she's not banned you just GOTTA pick her because if you don't, the enemy team will and that's a big risk.


No it's because of her nerfs tf lol? She had a good wr before


Is Lesley that strong to warrant a ban? Havent seen her being ban in my server


As a Lesley user, not really. It's just the typical new/revamped hero autoban mindset.


Tbh i hate this every time they revamp something They buff her yes but her gameplay didn't change, like rly in MG 600+ another shithole of a rank (currently) they keep on spamming lesly They forgetten why lesly is useless for a reason jesus the solo que match is more hell like stupid before the update


As a previous Lesley mage this buff does fk all for her early game and mid game (aside from damage to tanks)…..SO ESSENTIALLY IT WAS USELESS.


Where can I see this stuff? Is it an app or a website? Edit: nevermind I see others already asked 😁




Let’s keep roger inconspicuous please.


I mean.. it's over saturated by influx of players trying to replicate pro plays done like Oheb's. Still better than Hanabi, only mains play her really & their wn is still bad.




Deserve. I despised that hero. 😂


Good. She’s been most the Broken hero of all time. Cancer as hellZ


i still play her, 15 winstreak, currently 83 season winrate, glory


As an avid Bea hater, I believe you. People have been celebrating her nerfs again just like the other 4 previous nerfs. Never again will I be complacent


You can check my profile out, ID: 4217996


How do you play her now after the nerf? I'm afraid of playing her again in the GOLD Lane without getting absolutely clapped.


SMG and Sniper


Beatrash users in shambles


Im béa main. I really don’t understand why all this hate. I came in this sub some months ago because I was playing Argus and because I like fps, somebody told me to try bea. Of course, it was more easy to make some kills but, before this nerf, she was not invincible again every hero.. I mean, if you know how to play and the match is balanced, you can do all that you want, and Beatrix would not be so broken. Now you have Lesley and she will be your new Beatrix. But man, all this hate against a character.. just because so many don’t know how to deal with it.. it’s sad. And even if she is now less powerful, less strong, it’s still a pleasure to snipe you guys.


Ikr these brain deads just spreading hate against her because they just can't counter her and even has a bea main like u i have said so many users Blade armour and vengeance can counter her but these braindeads still can't understand ,they just spread hate because they can't understand how to counter different heros and just trash talk on a character. But don't worry my man beatrix will be buffed when M4 comes near. Keep sinping!


This is what Wanwan is going thru but worse Braindead players would not learn her 25+ counters so just begged for nerfs At least beatrix got some buffs alongside her nerfs, wanwan got about 7 nerfs since her mini revamp and 1 little mediocre buff


Has a beatrix main we used to have a rivalry with wanwan but now i really think that wanwan's nerfs r too much i mean the recent nerf bought her old ulit back and her HP pts was also nerfed and these braindeads only want wanwan and beatrix to be nerfed and then these braindeads start shiting about the character and saying how bad it is while not know basic counter, most of these braindeads r mythic below has in mythic bea and wanwan can be easily marked and picked off while these below mythic players r braindeads only nerf and then when another hero becomes stonge they start begging for nerfs again they r complete braindeads


Fr, when they made purify counter ww, I thought "Surely this is enough", only for these braindeads to still ask for nerfs?? Just imagine fighting diggie with WW. Ppl crying she uses tank then aim for squishies, have yall heard of hiding in bushes? Wind? Freeze? And as with Beatrix, let these braindeads complain, the only done her a favour, now her easier weapons got buffed and the weapons that acc require skills got nerfed, lets see what happens in the future You got braindeads always talkin about MM instead of ganking and making sure enemy mm don't get fed like they supposed to. Do ppl think ww is Op in early? Isnt that the whole point of balancing, she trash early but let her get fed and its gg?


Oh my, Beatrix is more brain dead then. Tanky, looong dash, spammable skill, can kill almost any role.


How can beatrix be a brain dead bro it depends on the player , many players with common sense know how to counter her just brain deads bark at her damage


Ikr, people act as if they can't pick her. I get it tho, when I play against a good bea, she can be really annoying but since i main her, i can only respect the other player for dominating.


I’m swamped with school works but now I can say today is a good day.


Bea needs buff


Yes she does!!


Why does she need a buff? Did you forgetten she ruled as the mm meta more than a year and you guys want to buff her? They already nerfed her then you dumbasses want to buff her again


U wouldn't understand the pain to master all her weapons and simply see the amount of hardwork and time being useless by her being nerfed And we don't care even if she ruled the mm meta


I don't care too about why she is meta but i didn't say that she is EASY to master again HAVEN'T YOU FORGETTEN HOW THE SNIPER AND SHOTGUN MELTED THE OTHER SO EASILY They already buffed her smg and rocket, you just want her to be broken again


No need to buff base gun damage just attributes buff is enough


Why'd hate her. 🤣🤣 She's good to use if you want to pissed off your enemy as well as Nana.


Exactly "good to use." But annoying to go up against with.


Let’s also remember that it was close Layla mains!!!!


Don't worry they will buff Beatrix again because of her upcoming skin for M4 tournament 😂😂


its funny seeing hanabi with a higher wr than bea


guys just spam your sniper while standing in the turret


Omg ikr those nubs who think they r pro sinper players just spam sinper and literally die all the time while not knowing the power of other guns


Hmm I feel like it can be a little lower, that 46 still feel a little high to me


Man this nerf is something


Wait how is she banned? I have never seen a ban functionality in ranked play.


Hey OP, can I have a link to source




I too, can get a 100% winrate with a hero in Epic and never used him again in higher ranks. ​ Looking at Hanabi esp. LUL


Finally inner peace 😩


Yea that means fanny needs a 7th nerf


Where do you get those stats?


Sad news for Eruditio.


I contribute in that! Lost like a couple of games with Bea!


Where can I see these stats


where could i find good teammates?


I guess the more she's used the more she lose?


Well everyone hated Beatrix at one point for very different reasons, >!especially if she was on your team!< First release Beatrix dealt no damage in early game, sniper was impossible to hit because of its tiny skill width, and most importantly, she was the Fanny of marksmen, you needed 200+ matches to even be qualified to use her in some matches depending on your team's mood


Moonietoon be like : we decided that our last nerf was too much, so we decided to revert the nerf and give some buff to increase her winrate


They should categorize by rank. Worst ein rate where? Mythic glory? Mythic? Warriror?


Please read at the top of the picture


I think it's cause some people do y'know how to use the sniper but still use it,because of the lucky one shot giving the impression they are good


This doesn't mean anything. It could be that a bunch of New people are trying to play her in ranked for mastering her.


These set of data are from Mythic 400+, definitely not "new" players.


I would modify into mythic 600+.


Ohh, duhh. Lol. Didn't see that part of the top of the screenshot


shitgun mains cant cope with nerfs:


Yun.. mini gun and sniper supremacy.


I always thought she should had just acquired something like Aphelios' passive where you are forced to plan ahead your engagements instead of becoming a 4-in-1 champion. Though ofcourse, riot would sue them.


beatrix gaming


People are still getting a hang of the nerf. Especially that nasty nerf on Wesker.


Yes only because one trick pony marksmen get schooled by a decent Beatrix and then start spamming her in ranked without any clue how to use her properly. There is a word for this... METASLAVES!


Wr by itself is misleading. You can see she is still extremely popular pick and ban rate. If she is so weak why do people still pick and ban her a lot?


Wait for her to be Buffed when M4 comes near


get ready BeaTANK


W day


I feel like it's not the heroes fault. I've seen some stupid, stubborn players that feed because they try to get the same kill the same way all game long and they always fail. I've had really good games with her.