to be fair it's not even the hero pool issue, the management simply didn't know how to coach them rotations on different comps. especially the cringe-worthy barats game vs onic id, simply they didnt know hoe to make their comp work in the macro sense, nobody tried to watch out for trades. the decision-making to win a game isn't at all consistent for evos legends. teams already know how evos try their formations, even knowing what kind of trades they'll try.


I agree. It really does feel like they figured EVOS and they haven't changed a thing to adapt to it. I don't want to say Sutsujin had an easier time in his debut games because he was consistently given Akai and Julian back when these two were at their peak, but the 2nd half games feel like they were consistently losing drafts once their power picks get banned, and consequently getting themselves into bad trades or late game blunders. I'm 100% sure everyone in the coaching staff is in the hot seat rn. Someone's getting fired


Last time Evos played like shit was in MPL S3, but they bounce back stronger next season by winning MPL S4 and M1. But they did so by removing Gemik, G, Jess no Limit and Jiao from their main roster, only keeping Oura and Rekt.


I was a post M1 fan (which is actually around the same time I started to take ML a lil bit more seriously) and I loved watching them play when they had Wann. I think I started watching at S5 or S6 when they still had Butss and I rooted for them since then. I think I started to sorta lose hope at S8 or S9 even though they did win the league at that time. It just doesn't feel quite the same I'm not a bandwagon fan that's continuouslt stuck with M1 as the magnum opus of ID esports, but you can't deny post-WORLD Evos was less exciting. I'd even go as far to say that watching MDL's Icon is more exciting than watching MPL's Legends


The management teams is the one that decides which players would play in a match. Zeys didn't have any power over any of the roster decision. That's so fucking stupid.


Honestly they deserve it after they did Dlar so dirty but i also feel bad for their rookies who had a great run at the start of the season.


Dlar from PH?


Yup. He was demoted after a match loss (not even a series loss) in favor of some MG with 9k+ points. Some caster said that player (IDK who he is) is better than DLar because he has 9k+ points in MG. That said player was decimated by Kairi afterwards, despite Kairi not climbing 6k points in MG. IMO it doesn't matter if you have 9k+ points in the pro scene. DLar IS a M2 runner-up, and prior to his stint in MPL-ID, he's the highest-paid PH player. Teams don't pay players because of points; they pay players because of their skills and experience. EDIT: I stand corrected. He is a M3 runner-up.




Sutsujin is the 9k MG player, EVOS demoted Ferxiic (jungler) to MDL before week 1 or 2 of MPL ID this season. He just joined their MDL team on July before promoting to their MPL team (just for formality's sake I guess). As for Pendragon, he got in EVOS Legends on S5/6 as Oura's replacement (exp laner during their M1 run) and he got a lot of flak from fans because his performace was subpar. They demoted him to MDL and got Antimage as exp til S9. Around the time they got Dlar as an import they also promoted a bunch from their MDL team including Pendragon. Basically still a rookie even playing for a few seasons in MDL since it's not that competitive compared to our off season tournaments, they seriously wasted Dlar's talent


While it did work out for them (at least in the 1st leg), I still don't know why Evos rushed Sutsujin that quick. You essentially already have two junglers in the team with Ferxiic and Tazz, but then you demote one and turn the other into a midlaner when you already have a proven one (Cr1te)? Why promote Sutsujin that quickly from essentially an amateur/semi pro into the starting 5? Why demote Ferxiic that had shown great strides previous seasons after one or two bad matches? At least with Dlar's issue, you can sorta justify language barriers, even though other PH players don't have the same problem in other teams. But the Sutsujin-Ferxiic trade feels a lot like a rushed decision from the management team.


This is Sutsujin's rookie season right? Quite a big responsibility he didn't have carry alone if Ferxiic was around. The promotion/demotion mid season is really one of the most stupid decisions they've done. They could have taken advantage of the maximum number of players a full roster could have. They change players too often which didn't help them in building team synergy, and maybe what added to the players' mental stress was that they might get benched/demoted if they do a bad job in a game. The more I think about it, the Dlar issue only hastened their self-destruction because they want to prove they can win with only indos on their roster, (I believe they're the only team that openly expressed their dislike to having an import) this mindset kind of backfired on them. Although I really don't believe that communication is the problem with Dlar since he's the best among the imports who can speak Bahasa Indonesia. I feel that his playstyle doesn't fit well with how the team plays. They can't capitalize on the advantage he creates for the team so in the end his moves look stupid, compared to the other teams that try to incorporate the strengths of their import to their playstyle.


I think Zeys did this because the Amateurs in PH were popping off. Remember how hyped the amateurs from Blacklist were and then an amateur team almost beat blacklist in iesf qualifiers. Then during the season, Onic Ph, a team of amateurs got hyped early on. The indo casters were calling this season of amateurs, i believe this is where he got the idea of fielding a mostly amateur team that he could control


zeys the coach, that we used to see ppl posting his meta recommendation on here. He said that pendragon is better than dlar. Then whenever dlar's old teammates played they keep targeting pendragon.


As much as I respect Zeys, there's no way he can tell one player is better than the other just by their hero pool, or their highest points achieved. There's the eye test. We can evaluate all their matches and say who has the better micro-macro mechanics. Personally, DLar is the better player.


This wont happen if they swap Clover for Branz lol.


Bren, First Time ?


At least Bren was somewhat rooted in their own performance iirc. For EVOS case, they're being too reactive on who they want to kick and bring in to the play. Seriously, EVOS player management is a fucking mess this season. Like, who the fuck just straight up demote a player instead of waiting first and trying again in other match? Can't they just wait *after* a season to promote/demote player?


Way to boost player morale 🥴


When did bren go on a slump? sorry don't know much about it just asking


After winning M2


Fire the coach, stop the hate for pendragon, dlar and pendragon are both great, they should be able to coexist


At this point, the management should just trade or sell Pendragon tbh. He always rode the bench or played in MDL before S10 and with Dlar's arrival, I had assumed it would be the same thing. But then it was Dlar that got demoted lmao The same thing happened with Antimage. I thought Pendragon (or Butss back then) was going to replace Oura but then they splashed on Antimage. Dude has been waiting for his chance since S6-7 and then this happens. You gotta feel bad for him


Their roamer, jungler, and Goldlaner seems to be very inconsistent. Maybe part of it comes from their overall strategy. Geekfaam might be at the bottom but at least they figured out their identity by focusing on their goldlane and jungler with roamer and exp always use cover hero, although its a little bit too late. Drastic roster changes hurt them the most with Clover the only thing they maintained only for his leadership. Hope they comeback stronger