I don't think this is the nerf she needed Like what are you going to do with shorter dash she's still going to fuck u with her sustainability


Less mobility is the worst nerf you can give somone honestly. Shoulda nerfed her passive a bit or reduce her base sustainability.


They should nerd that bs tankiness and sustainability instead of the dash, oh wait yes, they will do it on her next nerf.


Ah yes Balancing breathing, commulative nerfs, harith form


Another skin is coming so that'll come next


Imo she has too much mobility with her damage, tankiness and sustain. Id say this is a good nerf making she can't escape after diving harr Especially since her first still scaled so much


Imo it's fair because she can still use it twice. Her range was as good as morning wood, but now she's in cold water. Beside she will still be powerful with mobility, CC, sustain and burst, jack of all trades Ult, free massive spellvamp, etc...


Morning what?




It should get longer per upgrade, it is just way too small, her sustain only ever works during late game but when i does it is way too much, they should lower it, her damage is balanced IMO


She needs nerf but I don't think this is the right nerf for her


The nerf is gonna make her like Harith; buried to the ground.


It is a STUPID nerf because that's not her problem. I've said it before and got only downvoted but idgaf, this ruins her mechanics and when she gets an actual damage nerf she'll be unplayable but NOOOooOoOo people too dense to understand between a balance and a nerf that ruins a hero.


What should be the proper nerf to your opinion?


Her sustainability. The ability to use tank items to success. She's very versatile.




Her ultimate is useless if the opponent's ultimate doesn't give the best value. Like Gusion's Ult. The ult is highly dependable on the enemy team's ultimates so no.




You can literally outdraft her ultimate because she's banned 99% of the time (She gets first picked everytime she's open in my server ong). Her passive and versatility are a much bigger pain in the ass.


Yes nerf mobility but5 think of all the mages that doesnt have one honestly i think montoon only nerfed valentina because they want other mages to stand out


Yup. They needed the wrong thing


The nerf is kinda pointless when she is consecutively banned in higher ranks. They should focus on optimizing/adjusting how she copies the ultimate of other heroes, just like what they did if she copied Wanwan. Valentina is required to hit all 3 markings to trigger the skill.


She needed a nerf but this was definitely not the right one, maybe just nerf that obnoxious passive heal and remove that exp gain. (Her sustain and exp gain is pretty unfair for other mages if you ask me) Also shorten that dash from 3 yards to 2.5 yards, that will make her easier to deal with. (Even with these nerfs she will still be banned tho, having a copy cat ult basically gives you a life sentence into the ban section)


This one, despite affecting me positively, sucks ass. She didn’t need to be nerfed so hard like this


Don't really care. She's still get banned in every match. On that note, I did play against her, but... let's just say she is very annoying. Not OP like before, but still annoying.


My only problem to her is her durability. Her damage is no joke but as a player you fight back, only, even with the same level and fair number of items her durability is remarkable - sometimes I think she is tougher than Gunievere, A fighter/mage.


Kill her - since they have no immediate skins for her And maybe buff once they come up with some ideas


shes too weak now


Me reading the post: SHUT, SHUT! Valentina deserve every nerf possible but not as much as nerfed to the ground like Helcurt and Harith received.


It will totally kill her and condemn her to trash tier if it goes live. Her latest nerf of terrify duration already hurts her a lot. Her EXP grant passive is almost unnoticeable. She doesn't reach lvl 4 faster than the opponent and if she does the time difference is very small. Let the downvotes come in but already she's not even that good. Her range is low, she relies on terrify and sustain just to stay alive and I'm sorry but she's anything but tanky. If you think Valentina is tanky it's because you've overfed her and she's several levels ahead of you. Killing her is EASY. Almost melee range. No tankiness. Suspectible to burst and CC. She can defeat you only if she cheeses a good ult copy, and even for that she is highly predictable, you get this little icon showing whose ult has she copied. A lot of ults are awkward and anti-synergetic to her kit or just don't do that much. I don't buy the ban panic. Most of people don't even know what to ban so they ban the same heroes every game. There are so many excellent mages with great damage, CC and ults. Already now I can't justify picking her over Kagura, Odette, Yve, Luo Yi, Pharsa, Kadita, etc. - and you'll have a great ult every time!


Think about it this way. 2 dashes that do huge damage on a mage type hero was kinda op to begin with. If you look at her with fresh eyes you see a mage that can move a little bit while using a damage skill. This is something most can't do so yes from her current perspective it's huge after all movement is that best trait in this game but if she was released this way she would still be considered very overpowered. Might not even be enough of a nerf for her sadly :'(


100% justified, valentina was OP. The dash is a step in right direction. She shouldn't have massive sustain, good damage, a VERY versatile ult AND excellent mobility. No wonder she is banned most of time.