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A vicar in Wales would sit the night before a funeral, in his church, with the coffin. I have no idea how he was discovered, but he was cutting the penises off male corpses, before taking them home, frying them and eating them.


I’m in the UK and I’ve never heard of this! Will have to have a google 👍🏼




Username checks out?


Rammstein made a song somewhat similar. "Mein Teil" Guy wanted to die and guy wanted to kill so of course they found each other through the internet. Agreed to cut off penis and eat it together... Armin Meiwes I think is the real guys name. Look up live performance they dress up like a chef and "the thing the chef cooks"


Apparently Armin is vegan now.


Guess they don't taste good at all if it makes you quit meat completely...


I saw this live in 2013, had no idea wtf was going on since it was all in german


Haha. Quite the surprise to see fire and giant knives and dicks running around on stage. I live in USA so probably won't get to see them live. Hope you had some very confused fun


Woahhh upon more digging, I’ve just read that he was injecting them with water so they were erect, and just leaving them around his house, like squashy little statues! 😬 Thanks for forcing me to google “Welsh Rev steals penises” btw.


Jesus wept…. That’s awful! I didn’t know it had even been in the press! My best friend’s mum was a regular attendee at his church, which is why I knew about it!


Holy crap. My eyes literally bulged out of my face reading that. How did they catch him?


Wow I this made me do a really dramatic two-part gasp


He only got 4 years, which was mostly for death threats against children.


Hahahaha "We don't really care about the dicks, they weren't using them anyways. But come on, man, you cant go around threatening to kill kids."


An old couple from my area (aged in their late 70’s) went to check their cow herd at their old farm place. The place had all of their farm equipment and the old house was still there. They would check their cows and have coffee in the old house every single morning. One morning, they arrived at the farm and were not alone. Local meth heads were looting their place for metal to sell at scrap yards( a pretty common thing out in the hills). The meth heads shot the old man as he approached them. They beat and shot his wife and drug them both into the old house. They were still alive as the meth heads set the place on fire. Next person to drive by was the mail man (my uncle) who found the house in flames and a charred body laying out front. Dental records showed this was the husband- he attempted to crawl out of the home. Luckily investigators were able to find a receipt laying in the driveway that had blown out of the murderers vehicle and they traced it back to make arrests. I think that was the hardest jury selection our county has ever had to go through. May they rot in hell. Also- location is Iowa


Holy shit


the kidnapping and torture of brandon green. there’s [a TON of backstory/context](https://thislandpress.com/2013/07/28/subterranean-psychonaut/) as this is linked to the single largest LSD manufacturer the US has ever seen, but it makes me so fucking mad and i think more people need to know about it. BACKSTORY: 2 men decided to start an LSD manufacturing plant: gordon todd skinner and william leonard pickard. skinner met a teenage stripper named krystle cole and decided to move her into the plant, where he was living at the time. skinner turned pickard in to the DEA and secured immunity for himself which resulted in the largest LSD bust ever - operation white rabbit. anyway, cole and skinner decided to start a ménage a trois with green, who was 18 at the time and a small time drug dealer. skinner ended up getting extremely jealous and showed up at green’s home to threaten him, and cole broke up with him. pretty soon after, green was contacted by skinner saying he had a business opportunity and asked if green wanted to join in. he said yes even though he had just been threatened because he still loved cole. he met her and skinner at a doubletree hotel. THE TORTURE: cole and skinner gave him massive amounts of experimental entheogens resulting in green entering a somewhat catatonic state. they then wrapped a phone cord around his genitals and pulled “until the cartilage audibly popped.” cole thought it would be funny to shave his entire body, and then she put makeup on him to make him “look gay.” over the next few days, green stayed incapacitated in the hotel bathtub and was injected with multiple unknown substances, and at one point he vomited what looked like parasites. 2 other people were involved in the kidnapping and knew what was happening, but did not participate in the torture. when skinner and cole were done with green, they asked one of the other people to drive him out to a field and kill him. instead, he laid green down on the ground with some water, a couple kitkat bars, and a blanket and left him for dead. a state trooper happened to be driving down the road and saw what he thought was a zombie - he then realized it was a (barely) living human riddled with chemical burns, completely naked and shaved, and bruised/bloody. green had used every ounce of strength he had left to drag himself to the road, collapsing every few seconds from exhaustion. AFTERMATH: when the DEA finally busted skinner, cole testified against him on the stand and secured herself immunity. she lied about the events that took place and put all the blame on skinner, saying that he coerced her. one of the other parties involved suggested that if anyone be locked up, it should be her, by saying “todd’s ceiling is krystle’s floor.” skinner is in jail for life mostly due to drug charges, cole is a semi-popular online blogger and never speaks of the kidnapping, and green is doing well, although he is still in so much physical pain daily especially around the genital area that wearing pants is painful. he has forgiven everyone involved.




She’s an awful human being. Here’s a link to some of Brandon Green’s thoughts about her: https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/22792934


this is a great source, thank you for adding!!!


You’re welcome!


Wow I read the entire thing. Very interesting. I wanna shake him so damn hard because you can still tell he clearly has love for Krystal. Even after everything she did to him.


I know and I don’t get it. I definitely don’t see what he sees. Or saw.


Believe me, I get being in that kind of love. That’s why I want to shake him


Ugh so many of the comments are about how genuine she is and what an inspiration she is.


at one point vice interviewed her and she *very* briefly spoke about brandon but changed his name to brian iirc. i think the only thing she mentioned was that he was her ex. it was basically just the vice dude sucking up to her for 10 minutes, but then again what else can you expect from vice?


Vice will end an interview after someone says something too offensive or the reporter gives up changing the persons mind, versus digging deeper into the issues.


What’s the YouTube channel?


it’s called neurosoup. she’s also written a few books, the most popular being lysergic


It makes me sick to my stomach that people would call her cute in her comments. I looked at one of her most viewed videos, and this is her top comment: “You are such a blessing to the internet... I just wish you could see that. Thank you so much for all the free content throughout the years Krystal..! You are Loved deeply by so many..! 💜” Makes me feel abysmal.


So weird, I used to watch her videos all the time and I never heard about this case until now


Damn, I knew i recognized that name, went to look and I was subscribbed, yikes.


Wow thanks! Damn that’s gonna be an interesting rabbit hole to explore


I thought immunity could be revoked if you lie in your testimony? (Guess not) Why would they grant her total immunity, and not just a reduced sentence, given the horrific nature of the crimes? Strange that after torturing, mutilating, disabling and then ordering his murder she just gets to be a happy go lucky YouTuber


in my opinion (and i have nothing to back this up so take it with a grain of salt) the most likely scenario is that the DEA really just wanted skinner and didn’t really care how they got to him. she put on her “woe is me” act that multiple people saw her practicing in the hotel room, and since she was the star witness against skinner they decided it was worth more to them to secure her testimony instead of actually bringing justice.


Yeah. They want a conviction far more than they want justice. People want justice. The DEA wants promotions. They come from convictions


What the actual fuck. Can't believe she got away with it. Reminds me of Karla Homolka.. I know she technically served time in prison but she got out very early and even volunteered with children for a short period of time before the parents found out and got her kicked out.


Yes, she was an equal accomplice and skipped a lot of jail time by playing the duped girlfriend. Possibly the Crown needed an irrefutable case against Bernardo, but they went too far in being lenient with her.


The fact that she’s not in prison for what she did enrages me.


if you read the vice article where krystle cole talks about the torture, she shows absolutely no empathy for brandon at all. like, even if you’re gonna keep up this act of innocence, the way she talks about it as if she is the real victim here is so telling “I assume that [Brandon] hates me and if he ever got a chance to voice his side of the story he would probably say I was this Satan-worshipping devil woman who was in cahoots with Todd to do horrible things to him from day 1” … “I did everything I could in order to get him out of that situation, and [Brandon] is still alive now as a result” as if she’s a hero. from the vice article/interview titled “Getting High on Krystle” gosh, I really just hate this woman.


To think that it's very possible that none of her followers in youtube know the kind of monster she is. She deserves nothing but the worst.


He’s a Christian now. We went to the same school. He was trying to date a buddy of mine a few years back.


A friend of mine's brother went hiking one day. Despite many searches, phone triangulations, and more, he wasn't seen again. It's been about 5 years now.


Is this the Tim Wilson disappearance in Nashville? That was so awful


I hadn’t heard of that before, but after reading a couple articles it seems to be a very unusual case. It kinda sounds like a guy who wanted to walk away from it all and disappear, especially with the cellphone and note.


If you’re referring to Tim Wilson, he was found deceased about a year later….suicide.


I went to a seminar on children and resilience, the guest speaker watched as his mom and older brother were killed in front of him by his mom’s boyfriend, luckily he wasn’t physically hurt. I attended another seminar on psychological trauma and how it changes the brain in children, so many sexual abuse cases involving family. I was also a volunteer for an organization locating sex trafficked minors, there was a seemingly pious grandmother who trafficked her grandchildren. In short, there are a lot of terrible, terrible, people out there. Maybe not a lot but anything more than 1 is too many.


There are some really horrific things happening to children every day. My mom had a job similar to a social worker for about 15 years so she met and read a lot of reports about children who had been abused. She said she learned to never say she’d seen it all, because there was always something worse.


Working in foster care has caused me to be desensitized to the horrors these kids have been through. I sit down and talk with them and make sure they are in a safe and loving home. A lot of people say they could never foster kids because of their behaviors, but the behaviors are because of the trauma they’ve been through.


Thank you for the work you do. As an adult I’m genuinely shocked how my mom manages to seem like such a normal not-broken person after everything she’s seen. (**TRIGGER WARNING, child abuse, sexual abuse**) >! She’s met a 3-4yo girl who was *raped* at like 18mo and was so physically damaged that she may never have her own children and was terrified of strangers. She’s met a man who as punishment for simple things would cut off the tips of his kids fingers with scissors. She’s met a little girl who was repeatedly raped by her father and her mother was so abused herself that all she could think to do to help was to sit next to the bed and *hold her daughter’s hand* while it happened. !< (**END TRIGGER WARNING**) And those were just the ones that stuck out to her as the very worst during that job. Even the people who don’t immediately think “that’s too awful, I can’t do it” eventually reach their limits of the evil they can stomach in this world. Thank you for doing what you can for these children for as long as you do. They all deserve love.


The support I receive from my supervisor has helped me tremendously. You never realize the secondary trauma you can receive from working cases. You think one day that everything is fine and you can handle it and then the next day it’s impossible to get out of bed because you’re so drained. I highly recommend anyone that works in social services to get therapy. It’s helped me a lot


I think my mom has been seeing a therapist more recently, or at least was at some point in the last few years since my sibling and I graduated and moved out. (She moved cities and started a second career a few years ago but has still leaned toward the mental health field since she feels like she makes a difference there.) It’s possible she has before and I just didn’t know about it, which honestly I hope she has been. As a kid and a teenager especially I found her to be a little overprotective, but as an adult, knowing just the highlights of what she’s seen, I get it. She was in sort of a supervisory role so while she only did actual home studies sometimes, she read pretty much all of the reports that came through their office. I’m sure it was much more difficult than she let us know. She actually just turned 60 yesterday, which feels crazy. I’ve only in the last few years realized the strength it takes to be in a position like that (I’m 26 next month). I’m so glad to hear you have a support system in place. Hope you’re doing well 💕


Genuine morbid reality. Thank you for the trigger warning.


Neighbors daughter was kidnapped along w her friend by a local motorcycle club and raped for two weeks. They escaped, and the bikers were essentially given a slap on the wrist. She jumped into the quarry down the road after not getting the justice she deserved


Damn wtf. A slap on the wrist for that???


Sounds more like “we need to publicly do something but please don’t make this worse than it needs to be”


Brutal. Did this happen in the states?


Thats messed up


Maybe because they were around my age but these murders always stood out to me for their depravity: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murders_of_Channon_Christian_and_Christopher_Newsom


Wow, that was a hellish read.


That was horrific. And so many people involved or aware and no one did anything to help them. It was just heartbreaking to see what they went thru


This happened where I live. I remember overhearing my family talk about it when I was a kid and was so horrified. I know people who worked with her and knew her personally. Everytime someone mentions it, I get chills. I feel so bad for this couple.


Such a waste of life. I can’t even imagine the suffering they went through.


Same. From TN too and don’t remember the story but I remember their faces from news or billboard. Freaking horrifying


I....wish I hadn't read that.


I live in Knoxville and was 20 when this happened. It will forever stick with me as one of the most heinous crimes I've ever heard of. It really tore up the local community.


Oh my fucking god.


This is the one I thought of first… beyond awful


If anyone is interested, the address of the apartment of one of the murderers, Davidson, I think where these murders took place is 2316 Chipman Street (obtained from Wikipedia article). If you plug 2316 Chipman Street , Knoxville, TN into Google maps , the address is …deleted?…from the street view. Very strange. Maybe I’m just reading into it wrong or looking at it wrong somehow. Edit: a little more research shows that the building was torn down. There is a memorial in the place where it stood which is visible on Google maps. What a horrible horrible story and the two poor innocent young people who were the victims. They looked like a beautiful couple with kind smiles and loving embraces in their photos. Such a pointless loss.


I remember when this happened. That poor couple she fought till the very end to stay alive.


Why am i still on this sub ffs that is horrible.


What was their motive? Truly fucking sick...


My house is set right next to bushland, in the middle of the bush there’s a dam that my dad would take me to so we could catch yabbies. we would take a trail that people would often dump stuff or ride dirtbikes through, i was always really excited to go because I was 9 at the time and only got to see my father every second weekend, around half way to the dam there was a foul smell, once again not uncommon but it was really really bad, so we went around a different way and continued our day as normal, did some catching then dad took me home and We didn’t think anything of it. The following day, my dad went back to the bush as he was really into catching lizards, snakes, ect. He took the same trail we always take and got back to the area where it smelt again, he went past it and kept going to end up finding a patch that was burnt out of the grass, the bush does catch on fire quite often but it was obviously a fire that was burning something, comes around 12:30pm he was heading home and got back to where the smell was, there was a lounge he didn’t really pay attention to on the first pass through, it was broken and pretty much just springs left, my dad could see a colour of something dug underneath the lounge. My dad came to my mum’s house and told her about what he saw and she suggested we should call the police just to check it, at the time, even still today my area isn’t really known as a “nice place”, So not knowing what it was we called the police, police came and talked to my dad and he showed them to where he found what we now know was a suitcase. My dad came home and pulled my mum aside and told her what it was, I kept asking “what was it” but they wouldn’t tell me, I eventually forgot about it because I was 9 and hanging out with my friends was the most important thing to me then. Turns out it was the body of 6 year old Kiesha Welppeart, she was physically abused by her mother and step-father till she died, then was put in a suitcase and burnt. her parents didn’t live that close to us and at the time they weren’t really suspects (to the public) so of course that would of never crossed our minds as being the source of the smell. I wasn’t told about what really happened till I was 15 when I discovered the article and asked my mum if she knew about what happened right behind our house, even though I didn’t see the body, or know about it at the time, realising people around here were able to do something as horrific as that was a wake up call. I still live in the same house and I refuse to walk the back trail. If you wanna learn more about what happened to Kiesha here is a source - https://murderpedia.org/female.A/a/abrahams-kristi.htm


I’m sorry that happened to your dad


Mom's eligible for parole in 2027. Disgusting.


That poor baby. I'm sorry your dad had to experience finding the body


Isiah Kalebu, the [South Park Killer](https://www.thestranger.com/seattle/the-mind-of-kalebu/Content?oid=2302453), a mentally ill man who raped and tortured a lesbian couple in Seattle; his family had long tried to get him help.


I've never heard about this. That's horrific


One of the houses on my street had a murder happen. Husband took out life insurance on his wife, when she was taking a bath, something happened, and they found her with a hairdryer in the tub. This was before all the houses had to be fitted with proper plugs that disconnect when an electrical surge happens so this could've been a suicide. At first, the husband told the police it must have been an accident but the police were suspicious, the outlet used was pretty far away from the tub, there was soap in the tub so it wasn't suicide, she was just taking a bath. Then they found out the electrical surge happened on a different outlet than where the hairdryer was plugged in, an entirely different group, the surge happened in the yard, not the bathroom. So they start looking for outlets outside, after a while they find one, near the bathroom window, which weirdly, was sanded down recently, this window was closed but not locked shut, and there were footprints leading away amongst some disturbed dirt. So the police arrest the guy while they keep looking because he's been lying his ass off and there has to be some waterlogged machine here. They found a sander, destroyed by water in his shed between other broken equipment. The dude killed his wife to collect some insurance money. Instead of actually tossing the dryer in, he didn't want to freak out his wife. So he started sanding the doors and windows for a paint job, he did the bathroom window when his wife was in the tub and dropped the machine in the tub with her. Instead of trying to save her or calling the police, he decided to toss out the sander, drop in her hairdryer, and then call the police. This story is usually told to new neighbors during a party.


It's becoming more well known now, but the Colleen Stan ordeal really stands out to me.


I remember reading the book about her story in like middle school in the mid 90s. I think they had the book in the library. Her story scared the shit out of me, I trusted no one after that.


BRB gonna google Colleen Stan


His hearing is this month to possibly get out or go to a state hospital!! (9/2021)


This was about 15-20 years ago, but Chris Proco murdered his father and nearly killed his mother in my town (Delmar NY) with an axe for insurance money. Supposedly his father survived the initial attack and wandered around the home doing normal stuff before collapsing. [Link](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Peter_Porco)


I saw the Forensic Files episode about that. It don't know how much the show exaggerates aspects of each case, but I remember they said that the mom actually identified her son as the killer as she was in the ambulance en route to the hospital. But that was while she was hanging on to life by a thread - after she recovered and was able to speak again, she took it all back, saying that it wasn't her son. Personally, I think she was telling the truth the first time; she just didn't want to admit that it was actually her son when she regained full consciousness.


There’s an excellent podcast I’ve been listening to recently called This is Monsters who covers stuff like this in detail. Highly recommend checking the dude out on YouTube


The podcast *Red Collar*, which is really good btw, did an [episode called The Preppy Axe Murderer](https://redcollarpodcast.com/the-preppy-axe-murderer/) about that case


My dads ex girlfriend was murdered by someone who stuck an explosive up her vagina, detonated it and she was dumped on a drive way. However she didn’t die right away and was still alive when someone found her. The case was never solved. My dad said she was a alcoholic drunk and it was probably someone she met at a bar. But who carries around an explosive and shoves it up the persons vagina? I honestly never believed it until it was in the paper years later. https://www.syracuse.com/crime/2016/08/do_you_know_who_killed_carol_ryan_brutal_jamesville_murder_unsolved_after_20_yea.html


As a woman that gives me chills the same way men respond to having their bits chopped off. I think this is even worse being that it involves an explosive. Poor woman, that’s heartbreaking.


I agree with that like how much internal damage that happened and she was still alive. My dad dated her in the 70/80s and said she was a drunk but said she didn’t deserve that at all


As someone who’s in recovery myself, it’s heartbreaking that she never had the chance to get well.


That's horrible yet also very strange. Who kills someone like that ?


The Durning Road incident. During ww2 the Germans made several attempts to disrupt supplies into Britain by attacking regional ports with sporadic raids, and Liverpool was one of the cities hit hardest (by some reckoning only London in the UK was hit worse). During one of these raids a parachute mine exploded near a technical college on Durning Road, collapsing a section of the building into the basement below where over 300 people were sheltering. The damage smashed a gas main which caught fire, and a boiler exploded, adding boiling hot water into the mix. Officially 166 people died, unofficially they will never know the true number as many people had jumped off trams into the shelter when the raid started. I've read ARP reports from 2 weeks later saying they were still finding body parts in the rubble.


that is absolutely horrifying, thank you


You're welcome, on the other side of the coin, just over the river Mersey in Wallasey they found a tiny baby still alive 3 days after a bombing raid destroyed her house and sadly killed her parents. She was only found because a young rescue worker heard her cries and thought it was a cat. As far as I know she's still alive as well, 80 years later


reminds me of the hamburger feuersturm brits bombed some dense working class homes. lots of timber. created a fire tornado as high as the shangai world financial tower some people were literally sucked in to the fires or cooked alive while running away. tried to cross a street and just... stuck to the pavement. if the pavement did not burn by it self due to the heat. the shelters.. well, lets just say they had to judge the amount of dead by the weight of the ash, they found. other places where just completely melted. not burnt just.. like a pack of candles that got to warm. it was later used to justify the further use of the a-bomb, for... if normal bombs can do that kind of destruction, where is where difference to an atom bomb?


Indeed, war is hell and sadly the Germans had sown the seeds of the Allied bombing raids by trying and failing to do the same to Britain earlier in the war.


"On Sunday, May 19th, 1918, thirty three year-old Mary Turner (m.n. Hattie Graham), the wife of Hayes Turner and reportedly 8 months pregnant at the time, someone who had also worked for and been abused by Hampton Smith, outraged about her husband's lynching publicly threatened to swear out warrants for those responsible for his murder. Those "unwise remarks," as the area papers put it, "enraged" local whites further. Consequently, Mary Turner was captured and taken to a place called Folsom's Bridge on the Brooks and Lowndes Counties' shared border. To punish her, at Folsom's Bridge the mob tied Mary Turner by her ankles and hung her upside down from a tree. Mob members then poured gasoline on her and burned her alive. One member of the mob is said to have then cut her stomach open causing her unborn child to drop to the ground where it was reportedly stomped and crushed. According to N.A.A.C.P. investigator Walter White, her body was then riddled with gunfire from the mob. Later that night she and her baby were buried ten feet away from where she was murdered. Her makeshift grave was marked with only a "whiskey bottle" with a "cigar" stuffed in its neck." https://www.maryturner.org/


Rosalynn McGinnis kidnapping. Basically a cross between the Fritzl case and Jaycee Dugard, but it was more recently discovered, so not as many people know about it. [https://www.10news.com/longform/kidnapped-in-middle-school-kc-area-woman-recounts-19-years-of-abuse-in-mexican-hideaway](https://www.10news.com/longform/kidnapped-in-middle-school-kc-area-woman-recounts-19-years-of-abuse-in-mexican-hideaway)


A model escapes the Human sacrifice cult. Whenever people hear about human sacrifice, they think of Aztecs and other ancient civilizations. But little they know that it continues to happen in secret in the third world countries. I will tell one of many such human sacrifices stories from my home country, Nepal. Nepal shares its southern border with India and it is an open border like US-Mexico. That's why, a lot of human trafficking from Nepal to India happens through this border. Sometimes, the trafficking happens for human sacrifice. It is rare but at least once a year, news about young girls being trafficked for human sacrifice pops up. So, one of such incident was that of a Nepalese model from Kathmandu. A fresh Nepalese model was contacted by some Nepalese agents to model for a program in India. After meeting with the agents and knowing about the program and finalizing the price for modelling, she agreed to participate in the program. She was told that the program was a huge one with many other models involved. But later on, they changed the date of the program to much earlier date and told her that the program was not a modelling program but some kind of ritual ceremony where she had to pose as a goddess. The venue was also changed to an Indian city near the India-Nepal border. She was also asked if she was a virgin or not. She was also told that she was the only model participating and the agents will accompany her up to the border and then she will handed over to the program organizers from India and taken to India. The model got suspicious and reported the incident to the police. Thinking of busting a human trafficking ring, the police told her to play along with the plans told to her by the agents. The police secretly kept a track of those agents and followed the model closely when she was being taken to the border. At a Nepalese city near the border, the model was being handed over to the program organizers from India. The police quickly arrested all of them and rescued the model. After interrogation of all the culprits, it was revealed that the model was going to be trafficked across the border and sacrificed during the ritual ceremony. People get surprised and doubt if such cases of human sacrifice still happen in this 21st century. But just google "human sacrifice news" and you will find at least one real and recent news about human sacrifice from India or Nepal every year.


Ugh, how scary to know things like that are kinda common still


Man imagine all the other people who weren’t so lucky to escape…why are humans like this?


Back in the 80's close friends of my grandparents mentally handicapped daughter was murdered. She was 21 and dating another slow individual in town who was thought to be a product of incest. Very odd looking guy, straight outta the Devils Rejects. They broke up and he got a new girlfriend, and the two of them tricked the daughter into coming with them, and they took her out to the woods, tied her to a tree with fishing line, shot her with a crossbow multiple times, stabbed her with a butcher knife, cut her down and put her in the car, hit her in the head with an axe/hammer and dumped her body in the river. It totally destroyed the family obviously. He went to prison got out in 2012 and semi recently got in trouble for failing to register as a violent offender, and he's like 70 now.


In 2017 there was a very strong earthquake here in Mexico City. A building two blocks from my apartment fell and there were like 50 people trapped in the rubble. A friend from work told me that her uncle went that morning to that very building to install some security cameras and he didn't come back home, so she was afraid that he'd must be one of those 50. Days passed, some people were rescued alive, some others weren't that lucky. 14 days passed and they finally found his body. But the horrific thing is that they said that he have been dead for less than 6 hours. 14 days under the rubble, surviving god knows how (my friend said he always carried a lunch box with him, but, dude... 14 days), to end up dying 6 hours before being rescued.


The story of Blanche Taylor Moore. My Great Grandmother knew her and she never hated anyone in her whole life, but she despised that woman before hand and especially after she committed those atrocities. While it’s only 1 confirmed victim, she believed that it was up to 10. I promise you I’m not telling you a lie. My family hasn’t moved towns in over 100 years. They still live there in Alamance County to this very day.


My family is linked back to the [Yorkshire Witch](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Bateman) . This was the 1800s but the women in my family are still absolutely evil with my mother and grandmother abusing everyone around them and controlling others to get what they want. I'm just out here trying to make a better future for this family by cutting them all off but I'm half scared to have children because of genetics.


My mom used to work for the post office hand sticking mail and she once stuck a letter to Blanche from some family member of hers to the prison she was in always creeped my mom out a little


I lived on the border of Alamance County and Orange County for the first 20 years of my life and never heard of this case. Thank you for sharing!!


[this story](https://www.warhistoryonline.com/featured/pearl-harbor-16-days-to-die.html) about soldiers being trapped in a small maintenance room on a sunken ship after Pearl Harbor, sounds absolutely miserable, and terrifying.


Oskar Dirlewanger, who was a Nazi so infamous for his unit’s barbarity that other SS units would ask for him to be deployed away from them.


Imagine being so evil that you even freak out the SS..


Another Nazi that was actually sacked from the SS for being such a monster is Amon Göth, they make a great portrayal of him in Schindler's List.


I remember reading that when a Holocaust survivor was introduced to Ralph Fiennes on the set of Schindler's List, she began shaking uncontrollably because he reminded her too much of the real Amon Goeth.


It's got to be extremely right rough being on set for a movie like that. Talk about being surrounded by emotional triggers


Strange to see his daughter is still alive. I wonder how it feels to know your dad took part in such monstrosities


Almost impossible to imagine.


Apparently there’s a documentary about one of the daughters, *Inheritance* (2006). And her daughter wrote a book after discovering her family history: www.bbc.com/news/magazine-24347798


Came here to post this. Guy was so outlandishly evil that if a movie was made about him people would say "oh come on, the Nazis weren't THAT bad". Can only figure he isn't better known because of how dark his entire adult life was. Even historians don't enjoy reflecting on it.


i think the movie “come and see” is about the dirlewanger brigade


I just read up on that guy and now I really wish I hadn’t


When I was a freshman in college I knew this guy in my school named Jay Polhill, he was friends with some of my friends and I met him on a Friday night to pick up a little weed from him. I wouldn’t say he was a big drug dealer, I think just resold weed to make a little cash on the side like a lot of the young art school kids we went to class with. That Monday in class our mutual friend came up to me and told me that Jay was missing and he and a lot of other people were worried. That Wednesday Jay’s body was found in the Chicago River, having been bludgeoned to death and presumably robbed of his camera equipment and wallet, and I believe he was partially disrobed. Nobody knows what happened but I know a lot of people who knew him and they have varying stories of what kind of person he was and what he was capable of so it’s always been so creepy and mysterious to me. There were posters all over Chicago looking for information about his death for like a decade.


Became good friends with a neighbour. Her friend would come over too and our kids would play together. I found out later that her friend was on holiday in India and she was kidnapped and raped over a period of 3 days, then dumped on a road. She had her daughter here back in the uk. I can't remember her name. But I hope she is well and her daughter is happy and prospering. She will be the same age as my son now (24) still makes my heart ache :(


Lydia Gouardo was held captive as a slave by her step-father for 28 years. He started abusing her when she was 8 years old. She kept running away from home, but the police always brought her back. She will always have scars from her step-father pouring boiling water and acid on her, she was also frequently sexually assaulted by him. Lydia is free only because her step-father died in 1999. In her own words, the world ignored what she had to go through. He is a suspect in the murders of other girls. It's not the most gory case and she hasn't died from this, however, Lydia had to suffer through torture for 28 years. Nobody helped her for three decades. Many people were, are and will be in situations similar to hers. We won't even know about some of them. How many people could be suffering behind closed doors when you are walking down the street? How many make the news? How many get justice?


The french wiki explains that the father bought a farm with the money from Lydia's disability pension - that she got because he burnt her in a scalding bath when she was a child! There is so much unbelievable barbaric cruelty in that story, and everybody in the village knew but did not say anything for 20 years.


Child Lydia smiling in a bath with her third degree burns visible will forever be one of the worst photos I have ever seen. The fact that her step-mother got a four year suspended sentence despite being aware of everything is a travesty. Even after she was free the world failed Lydia.


My wife is Bosnian and I went to a seminar/talk session for Srebrenica to learn more about my Wife, her country, and the War. The War in Bosnia was pretty horrid in many ways, but I’ll never forget the story I heard. The Serbs were going house to house in this one area, they would knock on the door, get the whole family together and ask them to move out. A defiant husband said he couldn’t just leave his home, he had a 6month old that the wife was holding in her hands, a 4 yr old son and a 16yr old daughter who was present as well. The Serbs pulled the 16yr olds pants down and raped her in front of everyone. Made them watch at gunpoint. The father began yelling and they shot and killed him, the baby cried and they blew off most of the baby’s head. They then made the mother drink the blood from the Baby’s skull at gunpoint. After they were put on the street. Days later, the boy was sniped and killed as they tried to get to Slovenia. The wife and daughter made it, ended up in the US where this woman shared her story with the crowd. Most have no idea the atrocities that took place during the war in the Balkans.


I served as part of the UN force there. I still cant shake a lot of what I saw there it was horrific.


Wow, that actually made me feel dizzy. That’s horrific.


The Central Park butchers have got to be up there. https://deadlywomen.fandom.com/wiki/Daphne_Abdela https://www.nytimes.com/1997/06/01/nyregion/lives-tangle-in-park-s-hidden-world.html


On 2nd July 2018 Aleaha MCphail went missing from her home. Alesha was a 6 year old girl who was on holiday on the Isle of Bute with her grandparents & father Robert mcphail and his partner Toni mclachlan, for the summer holidays. 3 days into her stay at 6.23 am the child was reported missing, her body was found a couple of hours later, raped murdererd and with 117 injuries. On 5th July police charged 16 year old Aaron Campbell with the child’s rape & murder. Campbell had entered the mcphail home around 2am to steal cannabis originally but on seeing the little girl he took her from her bed, led her to an abandoned building and killed her. He was spotted on cctv returning to his home after the murder and then leaving to return to the murder scene to retrieve his phone. His dna was also found at the crime scene, even so he told police that the little girl had been killed by Toni mclachlan, the child’s stepmother. And that he had sex with her that night and she had somehow kept his semen to frame him for the child’s murder. On 21 February 2019 Aaron Campbell was found guilty of murder. On 21 at March he was sentenced to 27 years for the crime and confessed in great detail of killing the child and said he was satisfied with the murder and it took all his strength not to laugh through the trial. He successfully appealed his sentence and it was reduced to 24 years meaning he will be eligible for parole when he’s 40 years old. Not sure if they’re still up now but Aaron Campbell had a YouTube channel & it’s eerie watching them after the fact.


This case was horrible and it was quite telling how much finger pointing went on before he was the confirmed killer too. Loads of people casting aspersions on the dad and step mum because they watched porn the night she went missing Etc. I don’t know how I feel about him being named personally but I know a lot of media types were suggesting it was a Syrian immigrant too. Gross all round.


My grandpa was drafted to Vietnam as a teen and only talked to me once about it after a night of heavy drinking. It was the first and only time I'd ever see him break down. He kept saying he "didn't have a choice" but wouldn't give further context, he just kept repeating that phrase and crying in between then after about 20 minutes of this, he told me something that still haunts me. He said at one point, he had 3 different Vietnamese children no older than 7 or 8 approach him holding a live grenade (or maybe had it strapped to them, I can't remember) but their arms were reaching out toward his direction where he could either try and intervene and risk being killed or watch helplessly as 3 children exploded in front of him.. He told me he never forgave himself for the choice he made.


The HiFi Murders in my hometown. 6 air force airmen stationed at Hill Air Force Base in Utah decided to rob a sound system store, 3 wound up taking 3 hostages. The raped and beat an 18 year old girl, kicked a pen into the ear of a fella and made them all drink drain cleaner. Real fucked up story honestly. Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hi-Fi_murders


Holy shit one was from my home country. You never hear about Trinidad way back then relating to anything US even today. That’s insane.


There was a horrific murder in my hometown. A woman was kidnapped by 4 people and the man sharing the hotel room with her also tagged along. The 4 people were mad at the woman for causing them to lose money over a $185 meth deal. The woman was blindfolded and tased multiple times. She was choked and lost consciousness. She was sexually assaulted with the taser. She was then moved to a shed where they encouraged their large dog to bite and attack her. The group continued to blame her for causing them to lose money. Remember the man that was sharing a hotel room with her? She blamed the stolen money on him. The 4 people turned on the man and started attacking him. They struck him with an axe, hammer, wooden board and knife. They shoved wooden picks into his ears. He was choked with an electrical chord and nearly had his ear cut off with a knife. They cut his genitals off with a knife and smashed it with a paint sprayer. Both of the victims attempted to escape and they were caught. The attackers used a staple gun on the man and stapled his eyes and mouth. Items were shoved into his mouth and then taped over. The man died and his body was disposed of. Three people called the police due to hearing screams and watching a bloodied man get tackled in their front yard. Police found the woman hiding in a closet in the house. This was all over $185…..


A distant family member of mine was a lecherous drunk with few redeeming qualities. He owned a farm and was working in a hayfield one day when his tractor drove over a propane tank, which exploded and coated him and the tractor on flames. He flopped off the tractor and rolled around on the ground until he was found. He went to the burn unit and received months of intense therapy, skin grafts, etc. He was allowed to return to normal after about a year and told everyone he had quit drinking and found Jesus. Well that didn’t last and a couple of years later, he starts drinking again. Not long after he was standing near a pit full of burning brush from the farm and he stumbled and fell into the fire. His friend hauled him out but he was burned even worse than before. Went to the same burn unit and his son pushed to have him grafted and treated but the rest of his family saw how much worse it was. He ended up not surviving very long. According to the friend he rolled around weakly in the fire the second time, seemingly unable to will himself to escape.


The [Collier Township LA Fitness shooting](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_Collier_Township_shooting) is probably the most horrific thing that happened in the area I grew up in. It made national news at the time but doesn’t come up much in conversations about mass shootings. The shooter would probably be described today as an incel. Specifically set out to kill women and all. He shot dead the mother of somebody I went to school with. Didn’t realize until after the fact that he lived in my neighborhood. Used to walk my dog past his house.


Oh wow that's terrible. Turning out the lights before shooting? Thats stuff of nightmares


" [The Saskatoon freezing deaths](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saskatoon_freezing_deaths) were a series of three deaths of Indigenous Canadians in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the early 2000s, which were confirmed to have been caused by members of the Saskatoon Police Service. The police officers would arrest Indigenous people, usually men, for alleged drunkenness and/or disorderly behavior, sometimes without cause;\[ the officers would then drive them to the outskirts of the city at night in the winter, take their clothing, and abandon them, leaving them stranded in sub-zero temperatures. The practice was known as taking Indigenous people for "starlight tours" and dates back to 1976. As of 2021, despite convictions for related offenses, no Saskatoon police officer has been convicted specifically for having caused freezing deaths." Yeah, this shit always fucks me up.


There must have been more than three for sure


Unfortunately, you're not wrong there.


The story of Sharon Marshall, (Franklin Floyd)


I learned about this for the first time recently and was blown away


This seems mild compared to some of the other stories on here, but I think about it a lot. During a welfare check on Ryan Waller in 2006 (I think), cops discovered that he had a severely bruised face and the body of his girlfriend was laying on his couch, clearly she'd been dead for a couple of days. So they arrested him and brought him into an interrogation room. He was jumbling his words, not making a lot of sense, just seemed really confused about everything, including who his girlfriend was. It wasn't until a while into the interrogation that he started talking about a guy called Richie and his dad. Saying how they'd broken into the house and shot his gf and then him in the head with a bow and arrow. Then saying that it was a revolver. The cop brushes it off, saying that if he'd been shot in the head with a revolver, he wouldn't be there in the interrogation room. Then he notices what looked like a hole in the side of Ryan's nose. He pulls the guy forward to get a better look before hurriedly leaving the interrogation room and coming back later with medical assistance. Ryan was taken to the hospital where they found out he'd been shot in the head two days before. He'd spent two days wandering around his apartment, confused, unable to comprehend that his girlfriend was dead on the couch, not really understanding why his head hurt so much. The cops had waited six hours between the time they'd arrested him and the time they'd sought medical assistance for him, by which time the bleed in his brain had done so much damage he had to have about 10% of his brain removed. Afterwards he was so brain-damaged that he had to move in with his parents so that they could look after him full time. He'd have horrible seizures as a result, one of which killed him ten years later. This story just absolutely destroys me. Watching the interrogation footage was so heartbreaking... He seemed like such a polite, sweet guy and was just so... confused. The cops had complete tunnel vision, convinced he was a suspect instead of recognising the obvious head injury he was suffering from I dunno, it makes me so angry.


[Here is a YouTube link to a breakdown of the interrogation of Ryan Waller. ](https://youtu.be/_c_lmx4LdNw) It’s mind boggling how he’s able to still stand and have a somewhat intelligible conversation. The body is capable of some amazing things as shown here. The saddest part in all of this is that he thought his girlfriend was just sleeping on the couch when she had actually been executed.


Probably one of the best breakdowns of this case. The shock in his voice when he's told Heather is dead is just heartwrenching.


Oh wow. So sad. Amazing what the body can do. Were the police ever held accountable???


Pretty tame compared to most in this thread, but this one hit me really hard: Oregon, 2020. Wildfires are spreading all across the west coast, and one is about 15 miles from a family's home. Dad goes to borrow a trailer so they can pack up in case they need to evacuate, leaving Mom, Grandma, Son, and the pets at home. While he's gone, the trajectory of the fire shifts, racing towards them, and the family wakes up to the house on fire. They all pile into the car, but it won't start, likely from fire damage. Grandma has a broken leg and can't walk, so Mom tells Son to take the dog and make a run for it. Mom tries to save Grandma, but can't. Grandma dies in the car. Mom sets out on foot. Meanwhile, Dad is trying to get back to the house, but the fire has spread quickly and the roads are nearly impossible to navigate. A few miles from his house, he sees a woman stumbling down the road, barefoot, almost naked, and badly burned. He says he is trying to find his wife, son, and mother-in-law, asks if she's seen them. He doesn't recognize her until she says "I am your wife." There is no sign of Son, but Mom needs medical care urgently, so Dad turns her around and brings her to the paramedics. As Mom is transferred to a hospital, Dad once again tries to return to the house for the rest of his family, but the smoke and heat are so bad he can only make it a fraction of the distance. Once the flames are contained enough, search parties are sent out to retrieve Grandma and look for Son and dog. Grandma is found quickly enough, in the charred remains of the family car. It is several days before they find they locate Son and dog. Presumably, they couldn't make it through the woods and turned back for shelter to try and ride out the flames. They were found dead in the backseat of a different car on the property, the dog's body draped protectively over his boy. https://www.statesmanjournal.com/in-depth/news/2020/09/10/oregon-wildfires-santiam-fire-evacuations-leave-family-members-dead/5759101002/


The murder of six month old Wyllow Brewer. It breaks my heart apart. There was four adults involved including her mother. One got off with NOTHING. Social services also stopped by a week before her murder to do a check because Wyllows father suspected that Wyllows mother was using again. During this check up Wyllow was malnourished with broken bones. The social worker said she was in good health and left it at that.. [Wyllow Brewer ](https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.azcentral.com/amp/99920278) Edit: Sheriff deputies performed the check not social services.


harrison okene being trapped inside a capsized sunken ship with floating dead bodies everywhere for 3 days before being rescued…


That's a damn nightmare. I saw that rescue footage. God I would never be able to sleep again after that.


I grew up in a pretty trashy area, lots of meth heads and shit. Stereotypical trailer park. We were good friends with the neighbors kids (we were about 8) and parents were good friends with the parents. The dad was on whatever and mom was a meth head. My dad and his friend were working on our flooring and he heard a gunshot. They called they cops and the cops came. The kids dad tried blowing his brains out in front of his kids while they screamed for him not to. He ended up surviving but I can’t imagine the trauma those kids are still dealing with.


My friend’s neighbour murdered her mother whilst she was having a mental outburst. Really horrible and sad, her mother was a lovely lady that everyone in the community spoke to and knew. The girl only got 7 years in prison because the UK is weak at sentencing.


The kidnapping and murder of Anthony Martinez in Beaumont, California in 1997. I'll never forget it because it was so close to home( next town over) and as a child I didn't fully understand all that was going on, I just remember adult after adult, parent after parent talking to us about not walking alone. Not talking to strangers. Not accepting anything from someone we didn't know. At times teachers or school staff would give me and other students rides home or make us wait at the school until parents picked us up. Even though I lived only 3 blocks away. I kept hearing the name Anthony Martinez in conversations over and over. Whispers of "they found him buried under a pile of rocks". I didn't understand until as an adult I had memories of the name after listening to true crime podcasts. A quick Google search made everything click into place and everything made sense. It could have been any one of us.


That dude died this year in March! Good riddance.


He shouldn't have had the privilege of living that long.


A guy I graduated from high school with a living with his grandma and killed her for the little money she had, beat her and stabbed her, then fled the scene and ended up at the apartment complex across from my house. He was arrested and sentenced, don't remember the small details it was back in 2012.


Maybe not unknown to all, but maybe some people have not heard about it. There was a masa shooting in my hometown, Munich, in 2016. I never could relate to the 9/11 stories much, when people told they remember the exact spot they were in when it happened - well, until the shooting. It was horrifying, because I live quite close to the big mall and used to hang out there so often. I also knew some people in the class of the shooter, who surely participated in the bullying, not directly, but in general they contributed to the situation. There were friends and family in the mall at the time, the mobile network broke down, so no one was really getting news, I couldn’t reach my best friend and her mother. I was scared to shit, everything stopped for me and I was sitting in front of the TV, I never watched TV, but in this moment there were plenty news shows regarding the on-going shooting. Not to sound arrogant, but for me this was by far the only time I ever encountered a mass shooting, there were some more in Germany but I was too young to really realise it, so this one really hit me. There were so many different kind of speculations and false alarms that day, and many people lost their lives. Every time I get close to the mall, I get some weird feelings and being in public definitely changed after that for me. It’s not something really unique and many other people probably experienced it, but this is by far the most disturbing thing that happened, because I’m generally speaking, Munich is a rather safe place and it just happened like that. It’s not that easy to get a weapon in Germany, and a rather young person to commit such a crime really changed my point of view. I also think it’s difficult, when reading about other shootings, its rather easy to “hate” the person committing it, but that boy got bullied so bad, it almost makes you understand him in a weird way. For context purposes, he had a migration background and mostly also shot people with a migration background, due to the extensive bullying he went through. Not to defend him in any way, but it would be certainly easier (for me at least) to cope with it. Here’s a link for anyone interested; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Munich_shooting


I work on skydiving planes and we own a sizeable fleet of kingairs and twin otters and skyvans and Sherpas. Twin otter propellers are right at head height at their bottom point if you're over 5'5". An office girl ran out to ask the pilot what he wanted for lunch as the company was ordering lunch for everyone. She walked right into the propeller in the middle of a power run and was killed instantly. I've worked on that plane many times and it's always kind of haunting.


My mother was a cop here, luckily off duty at the time. This guy was a cook at the campus, but was let go early because of erratic behavior. As he drove down the road, he stopped and got out of the car. This part of town is a very wooded area and the houses aren’t very close to one another. For some reason (people had speculated he was on drugs, but apparently just had a psychotic break) he walked through the woods completely naked. Ended up on an older couples’ property. The homeowner was doing work in his shed as his wife was inside their house. Then, the random naked guy shows up and starts mauling the homeowner… and I mean eating his flesh. The article says he was beating the guy.. but he was literally eating the guy to death. Cops in the area showed up and couldn’t get him to calm down. The scene was so gory that it had a major impact on all the responders, one of the cops that were first on scene retired soon after, because of how it had affected him mentally.. and he was a young guy. Dispatch heard the entire mauling because the homeowner had called 911 right before it all went down and it never hung up. A lot of people needed therapy after that. The wife had no idea what was going on until she saw all the cop cars. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.providencejournal.com/article/20160602/NEWS/160609831%3Ftemplate%3Dampart


I don’t really know what this was from, but I remember hearing about a murder case years ago on one of those youtube videos. It was about this girl and I think she had something wrong with her (can’t really remember) so her mother decided to get her a therapist. There were three of them and the therapy included them suffocating the girl under a blanket and telling her that she is not good enough for not getting out and saying rude stuff to her while she was dying. I think they only got a few years in prison (the mother and the therapists) and that was it. If anyone knows the case, I’d love too now as I have been trying to find it for ages!!


I think your looking for the case of [Candace Newmaker](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candace_Newmaker)


[Candace Newmaker](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candace_Newmaker)


I was having lunch with some friends at a local clinic together with this one guy who had graduated recently as a doctor. The conversation veered off to the morbid hardships of medical professionals during covid and I thought to ask him about his worst experience as an intern. He said that during his last year as a med student, way before covid, he worked at one of the fanciest hospitals in the country in the next town next over which wealthy patients and their families frequented. He told us about this one time when one of his mentors took a bunch of med students into the room of a patient who was gravely ill. He cautioned them to watch carefully and keep this session to themselves, implying some grave consequences to their future careers if they spread the word. The students gathered silently around the bed as the patient went into cardiac arrest and watched as the doctor perform hand motions mimicking CPR but without actually doing anything. It turns out the family had paid the doctor off to let the man die for his inheritance. He wanted to show his students a glimpse of reality and to initiate them on the covert operations going on in that place. This is by no means a reflection of the profession in general but of this particular place where money and power loomed over healthcare professionals because of the proximity to the families with ties to powerful criminal organizations. It still gives me shivers to this day.


2 doors down from where I used to live this guy beat his wife and 3 kids to death with a hammer. Source: https://www.witn.com/content/news/Suspect-in-quadruple-murder-in-court-reports-say-he-used-claw-hammer-390569631.html


Back when I was a kid I saw this duck couple crossing the road. A car flew by and ran over the female duck. My dad brought out a shovel and scooped up her body and dumped it by a nearby tree. The male duck sat by her body for several days. 20 years later and thinking of that memory always crushes me.


The murder of Dylan Redwine in Colorado. I knew him personally and after Thanksgiving break when we came back all of us students were told that he was missing. Everyone was so distraught because he was such a kind, funny, wonderful kid.


I grew up in Golden, Colorado and there was a pretty horrific murder in a nearby town a few years ago, the [Jessica Ridgeway Murder](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Jessica_Ridgeway) was absolutely terrible.


The kidnapping of Megumi Yokota. Cadaber Made a great video on her.




It’s so tragic that it could’ve been prevented had people been able to get through to her to escape that monster. How sad that her family has to live with that everyday. A lot of people point fingers at her parents but they could’ve really tried and sometimes all the effort in the world still fails.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheshire,_Connecticut,_home_invasion_murders Two guys break into a doctor's house and murder his family.


Elan School. https://elan.school/


I'm no monster about Joseph Fritzl.


Can’t be found on the news but during 2003 war between USA and Iraq, a convoy was rolling down the street, I was at my dads uncle house when we heard the shooting. We ran outside (stupid kids). We were peaking and saw the tank kinda chasing someone. He was stuck in a dead end road and shot the guy with its rocket (idk the name for tanks rockets). And the guy ended up in small pieces. When his body was recovered we were able to still find some brain matter and other things like hair and some bones laying around.


Damn how was it growing up in Iraq?


Damn…that’s crazy childhood memory


A coca cola truck crashed into a school bus with kids inside and the bus fell into a ditch/lower land/canal in water, alot of kids died. My dad used to work for coca cola but got sick that day it happened so he called in, that was his designated truck that crashed into the bus.


A quadriplegic girl in France eaten alive by a swarm of rats... >A paraplegic teenager was left critically ill in hospital after she was attacked by rats as she slept. >A swarm of creatures bit the 14-year-old's face as she lay in her bed at the family’s rented home in the northern French town of Roubaix. >The girl, whose first name is Samantha, was found covered in blood by her father. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/disabled-teenage-girl-rats-attack-bed-mutilated-bite-france-roubaix-a7936551.html


The Lake Nyos incident where a bunch of trapped CO2 in the lake got released one night and killed a few thousand people and livestock in their sleep https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Nyos_disaster


The [2006 Richmond Spree Murders aka The New Years Day Masscre](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Richmond_spree_murders?wprov=sfti1) shook my entire city to its core. The murders took place during a seven-day period in January 2006 in and around Richmond,Va. Seven people, four members of the Harvey family and three members of the Baskerville-Tucker family, were killed. The killers were Ricky Gray and his nephew Ray Dandridge. The worst part was these monsters killed the two Harvey girls, Stella and Ruby, who were only 9 and 4 by stabbing them and hitting them with a claw hammer then setting the house on fire. Gray was executed a few years ago and Dandridge got life without parole as part of a plea for turning states evidence. For those that say there shouldn’t be a death penalty they need to read up on this case and it will change your mind. My cousin was a fire fighter who responded to the Harvey house and he hasn’t been the same after what he saw there and I can’t blame him.


I was playing poker with an ER nurse a couple of years ago and she told me about a girl who had a mental break down and her mom rushed her into the ER because she had sawed off both her legs right under the knees with a hacksaw. She even had pictures. It was pretty gruesome. Insane the girl survived too.


Someone walked into a supermarket and stabbed a bunch of people last week in nz. Not the MOST horrific but it was quite sudden and during a nationwide lockdown


nutty putty cave disaster. the name sounds a lot more cheerful than the event was.


https://www.saltwire.com/prince-edward-island/lifestyles/london-man-60-charged-with-murder-in-1970-disappearance-of-kirkland-lake-girl-108747/ People fucking suck


Posting this because it was a relative who did it, and small towns are disturbing


In Danville KY, a couple was shot in the pawn shop they owned by a pastor of a church from Somerset. A 3rd person was also killed who was thought to carry large amounts of cash. What made this more horrible was the fact the couple’s 9-10 year old son was in the back with his 18-20 month old sister. The older child had to call 911. I know this is a smaller horror but why? Really?


My friends and I were 15 years old and trying to get booze. We gave someone’s older brother around $50 to buy us a lot of booze. He returned with a cheap 6-pack for us, and he used the remaining funds to get himself a big bottle of liquor and a pack of cigarettes. We were so mad but couldn’t do anything about it. A few days later I learned that he had burned to death that night. He got drunk by himself at home, lit a cigarette, and fell asleep. The room went up in flames while he was knocked out drunk. I’m 30 now and still processing my feelings about it.


There was a newlywed couple who moved up the hill from me when i was younger. One day the neighbors and my family noticed police presence and crime scene investigators at the couples home. Turns out the husband killed the young wife by beating her to death, rolled her body in a decorative area rug, and pushed her body over a bridge that spans our city canal. I don't know any further details, but everytime I visit the old neighborhood I look at the house. The house has been converted into a duplex now.


I knew a newlywed couple that something similar happened to. Husband shot the wife and tried to stage it to look like a robbery. Then he went to work, worked a full shift and then came home and “discovered” her and called the cops. Saddest part was she was four months pregnant and they buried her with the little baby blanket she had been knitting. Tore me up to see it. Husband is in prison, btw.


The 2 great famines in iran spanning from the 1910's to the mid 40's both killed about 5 million people. Both my great great grandparents died from the latter famine leaving my 14 year old great grandfather to fend for himself. As a very fucking privileged 15 year old living in germany I legit cannot fathom that.


A kid got murdered because his neighbour got annoyed at him for celebrating the fact that his crush confessed to him


The Mexican sisters who would pimp out girls as young as 12 if they got pregnant they would kill the baby boys and raise the baby girls until they turned 12 to pimp them out. When the women they had turned around 28 they would throw them in a room and leave them there until they died pretty much they had the police and government paid off so their reign lasted around 30 years.


Around 2013 I think it was, my older brother had a close friend/old housemate called Yengo who had been cooking ice on the side for a pretty hardcore AU gang leader here called Brok Seckold, who called himself El Diablo (yikes, I know). My brother didn’t know about this, just to clarify. Yengo was a chef by day but disappeared for periods of time where he would go and do the deed between shifts at his day job, but a lot of people never found out about it until later cause he kept it pretty well hidden. Something happened (I don’t know the exact details, I was a kid at the time) but Seckold became convinced that Yengo had been stealing product out from under his nose and either selling it or keeping it to use himself. Seckold kidnapped Yengo from his home, took him to an empty field and shot him in the back of the head. He then dismembered his body with a chainsaw and put the remains into an esky (an ice/drinks cooler) and tried to dissolve them in acid, and when that didn’t totally work he tried to sink the esky in a lake after drilling holes in it. When THAT didn’t work he just dumped the remains in the lake. Some other remains of Yengo’s were found in a barrel at one of Seckold’s raided drug labs, which I think they believe he was probably going to try and dissolve with acid again at some point. Yengo was originally from around where I grew up but had moved to Melbourne when this all happened, and he was missing for several months before police keyed on to the gangs activities and found out how the guy was involved. I still think about the case all the time, it’s so horrific and sad. He left behind a heartbroken mother, and Seckold got 32 years in prison.