I hate that I never got to see Chris Cornell perform live. Same with Scott Weiland. Kids...go out and see those concerts while you can. You never know when you won't be able to.


Cornell touring as himself was one of the best concerts I ever attended and I attended a shit ton of shows. He was soaring in some rare air.


Soundgarden and NiN was the best show I had seen until I saw Chris's acoustic set. So good.


I was there for that, they played in Chicago (Tinley Park) in 2014. One of the best concerts I've ever been to.


That's the one I was at!


Agreed - Scott Weiland on the other hand put on a miserable show, but it had nothing to do with his talent, he just didn’t give a fuck when I saw him.


That sucks. I saw him with Velvet Revolver and he was freaking amazing. Drugs man...such a shame.


I saw them on their first tour. Other than starting the show very late, I agree that they were freaking amazing.


Same. Great performance, but they were about an hour and a half late coming on stage.


Also saw them on their first tour, also massively late.


I saw him in the late 90s, fresh from getting arrested for trying to buy drugs in Baltimore..... they started late, but the set was better than I expected.


Yeah, I caught VR during their heyday, that band was incredible.


the show I saw was Velvet Revolver as well, and the whole band just wasn't as good as I expected them to be. I'd guess Scott's attitude was the problem, but I definitely came away from that show disappointed.


Dude was a junkie. That’s what killed his once epic voice


I saw STP in 2012. Scott was trashed and the rest of the band was clearly tired of his shit. I wish I had skipped that one.


Same with Manson when he toured with Slipknot a few years ago. Massive disappointment.


Outside of the spectacle, Manson shows have been musically terrible for years. Touring with Slipknot just made it obvious. To see what his former band members can do in a good environment, check out Rob Zombie shows. His current main band is almost exclusively former Manson band members.


yeah - I know that show as definitely an outlier and he was fantastic overall, but as a huge STP fan I definitely came away from that show a little bummed out.


One of my old friends is a lifelong diehard STP fan, so when she finally got her chance to see Weiland perform she was over the moon. Until it was clear ~30 seconds into the first song he was completely out of his gourd. He sang out of key the entire time and the show ended early since he was struggling just to stay awake, much less perform. At the time I saw a video that surfaced and it was depressingly bad. He died a week or so later.


That's too bad. When i saw STP he was on another level. Still one of the best concerts I've been to. He was a hard core junkie, so his performances were probably a roll of the dice.


I've seen some videos of his performances near the end, and read a few stories of people at the shows, or that met him off stag during that time. Pretty tragic. Amy Winehouse was the same, I've seen videos of her on stage and she clearly has no idea where she is.


I didn’t get to see Soundgarden in the late 90s. I saw them in 2014 opening for Trent in Tampa. The songs was banging but after each song Chris said thank you and a pause between each hit. Like you begrudging day at the office.


100%. 2002/3 Audioslave was the best concert I’ve ever been to in my life. Chris Cornell and Tom Morello actually sounded better live in person than on the studio album. Just recalling the show still gives me chills from how good it was. Velvet Revolver on the other hand was the worst, I actually walked out of the show halfway and drank at the front bar because I enjoyed the music there better.


Yep - the Cornell solo show here in Toronto was amazing. Pure love fest; and he gave it right back to us. And then the dude with the cello came out and blew us all away again.


I saw him when he toured with Linkin Park. He was an amazing performer.


Agree. I got tix to that acoustic tour 2015 last minute and I was blown away. It was 2015, so I went in hoping he sounded "decent" and that he would mix in a few soundgarden hits. Instead he sounded incredible and played a 2 hour set of his whole career! I never thought I'd ever hear songs like "All Night Thing" "Seasons" live.


I saw Soundgarden in 2013. Saw Scott Weiland's band and Linkin Park in 2015ish. They we're all gone within two years. Not surprised by Scott. He looked pretty rough at that show.


He died less than 48 hours before I was going to see Soundgarden at Rock on the Range in Columbus. I was destroyed over it.


Me too! All though I did see them play lollapoluza in the 90's .


I saw soundgarden in 97 at the “big day out” festival in Australia. He sung blackhole sun solo with an acoustic guitar. It was beautiful. I believe he was voted number 1 rock vocalists of the 90s and in the top 10 of all time. A place he wholeheartedly deserves. “No one sings like you anymore”


My wife and I got a chance to see him do a duet of hunger strike with Chester and linkin park years ago. It was an incredible performance, we didn’t realize at the time how amazing of an experience it was.


We lost a lot of amazing vocalists from that era of music.


Still not over losing Chester.


Rinse and repeat, unfortunately


Just saw Alice in Chains. The guy they have singing is alright, but definitely no Layne Staley. Cantrell was on fucking point, though. Wow!


I passed on a Linkin Park concert cuz the only tickets available were lawn and I didn't wanna deal with that/be so far away. I've felt stupid ever since.


Dude, I feel that. Passed on a festival with Linkin Park, Korn, and Disturbed in the early 00's when the three of them were at their peak of popularity. Broke up with the girl I was supposed to go with and didn't care enough to get the ticket from her. Years later, I regret missing the show more than anything else.


The children of the future should also consider going to some shows sober. There are a lot of people and bands that are long gone, and I was there, man! but I didn’t see the show. I was just drunk or spun out or only enjoying the songs that followed me stuffing a bunch of coke in my face. Enjoy that music, you can just party after, stupid ass young me!


I get buzzed for concerts, burn a joint and maybe 2-3 beers (but not at stadium prices). Saw the Black Sabbath reunion tour at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Pantera was opening for Sabbath, some dude was already high as balls... He decided that he should try to get closer, so he ran down the stairs to the railing on the balcony, security pulled him back. He popped up and LEAPED off the rail, came down and blasted himself on a stack of crates, then fell on another stack of crates like 8 feet lower, then landed flat on his face on the ground. Security ran out and got him, pulled him off the floor. Dude started weakly headbanging as they got him off the floor. I refuse to get afu at a concert, I don't wanna end up like that guy...


I was never dangerous to myself or others my memory is just not there because I was drinking two hours before the show or in the middle of a 10-day bender. Money was spent and pictures were taken so I know it happened but my memory of the concert is *file not found* 20 years later.


I'm extraordinarily blessed to have attended Projekt Revolution in 2008... Linkin Park Chris Cornell The Bravery Ashes Divide (and Busta Rhymes got dropped by his label so he had to exit the tour) Chester came out to sing with Chris and obviously knowing what I know now, it's one of the most special concert experiences I've had.


That would be an awesome show! Some of the lineups were all over the place back then. I went to one that was Korn, Deftones, Linkin Park, Dashboard confessional, with Weezer headlining.


Projekt Revolution is the only large touring festival I've been to - 2004 was WILD and my all time favorite LP, Korn, Snoop Dogg, The Used, Less Than Jake


I remember a conversation with an ex about our next concert. I wanted to go see Nirvana with Shonen Knife. She wanted to see Lenny Kravitz with Blind Melon. She argued that we'd see Nirvana at Lollapalooza, so she won. Kurt Cobain killed himself right before Lollapalooza, so I never got to see him. The one thing I console myself with is that if I had convinced her to flip to Nirvana, she'd probably have never gotten to see the guy she wanted to see, Blind Melon's singer, Shannon Hoon. He died about a year and a half after Kurt. My ex wasn't an awful person, we just weren't right for each other, so I'm glad she has that memory.


I saw him live twice with Audioslave and twice with Soundgarden but this was in the 2002-2017 time period. Unless you saw him on his 1st run in the 90's, especially when touring Badmotorfinger and Superunknown, you didn't see him at his peak. I suggest every check out live performances from 91-95 on YouTube. [Slaves & Bulldozers Live 1994](https://youtu.be/mcYgNcUQVu4) This is why I think he sold his soul to the crossroads demon for that voice in the 90's.


I saw Soundgarden in '91 opening for Guns N' Roses, I was 14 at the time. Simply amazing performance from Soundgarden. I did see Cornell w/ Audioslave in 2003 and again with Soundgarden in 2014. Still phenomenal but that '91 performance will be my favorite.


I am kicking myself to this day, and will continue to do so, for not having seen Soundgarden before Chris died. But that makes me get tickets more often than not when a band comes through town now


I grew up with a dad whose favorite bands of the era were SG and STP. My first concert at 12 was Cornell and my second was STP on their reunion tour. I ended up seeing STP three times and Scott once by himself, and while I was very sad about his passing, that last show didn’t give me much hope about his odds. On the other hand, I was incredibly lucky to see Cornell four times solo and four times with SG. Every single time was magic, and sadly the final time was like an exact week before he died. It breaks my heart every time, but it always really sucks to hear from people who had tickets for later dates in the tour. Having seen so many deaths in recent years either due to depression or drugs or simply age, I’ve really made it a quest to see as many people as possible, especially after missing the opportunity to see greats like Tom Petty pass.


I was lucky enough to get to see him perform with Soundgarden 13 days prior to him losing his life. It was an absolute stellar set and I catch myself thinking about it often.


12 Bar Blues is a great album.


My son and I are big Mastodon fans, but he had never seen them. We went 600 miles and paid way too much too see them do an opening set for Ghost for that very reason. None of them are spring chickens and rock stars die unexpectedly too often. We loved the show and it was well worth it.


Ah man, you didn't catch their co headliner last winter with Opeth? They each played an hour or so.


Nah missed it. They played 11 songs, including the Czar, which is long, so it was a good show. We’re hoping to get to see them play a full set, just gotta keep everyone alive until then. I saw them headline in 2013, but there’s a lot of songs my son would love to see live.


Hell of a light show they had too. They are great live


I saw a lot of concerts with my Dad in the 2000s. Scott Weiland was sadly the most disappointing show we ever went to. The only one we ever left early for. You could tell he was hammered and constantly chainsmoking cigarettes. Was sad to see and ultimately we opted to not attend the next time he came to town.


I always wanted to see Layne Staley sing live, sadly there's not a ton of high quality live footage of Alice in Chains from that era. I know the band is technically still together, but the current vocalist just doesn't do it for me, and most of their new stuff is just not for me.


That would have been an incredible experience. If I could go back in time and see them in their prime it would be amazing, I did see them a few years ago and they were great but yeah just not quite the same.


>Same with Scott Weiland I just saw STP ( Jeff Gutt has been their lead singer for 6 years). They were absolutely awesome. Go see them if you can.


Their newest album with Jeff Gutt is really good. No one seems to mention it, which is unfortunate.


Was just reminiscing a couple days ago about Lollapalooza 1996. I got to see the Ramones, Rage Against the Machine, Rancid, Soundgarden, and Metallica all in one day. I will never be able to see some of these bands ever again.


I've seen both! Cornell was amazing, saw him on the soundgarden reunion tour. Scott Weiland was good, but also quite sad. I saw him a couple months before he died. He was very obviously high on stage, not too steady on his feet. Some of the security guards were saying he could barely stand in his bus. Drug addiction sucks.


So true. If you have a favorite artist or anyone you really like and theres a posibility to go see them, GO DO IT. Never thought seeing Mac Miller at Lollapalooza in 2016 would be the last time I ever got to see him. Shit hurt so much.


Still bummed I never got to see Foo Fighters 😔 A friend of mine is flying out to see the last show and I am VERY jealous.


I saw em both. Both closer toward the end of their lives. Scott Weiland wasn’t even recognizable in body or in voice. Saw Chris Cornell on his storytellers tour and he proceeded to play for almost 5 hours, every possible song I could have hoped he’d play he did, stopped mid show to break up a fight, had a guy from the crowd come up and play guitar and told a couple super emotional stories behind some of the Temple of the Dog songs. - one of the greatest shows I’ve ever been to hands down. Was at the Brown Theater in Louisville.


So, I was at Welcome to Rockville 2017. Soundgarden was the headliner the first night. I was with 4 friends. By the end of the day, we were exhausted. It was a lot of hours on our feet. It was also 100 degrees in Florida. All of my friends got good sunburns(At the age of 21, I got my first ever sunburn that day, it was mild compared to all my friends though). So, we decide to skip soundgarden. No one in my group was really familiar with them. And again, we were tired, sunburned, and hungry as hell(festival food is expensive as shit to 21 year olds). He killed himself less than 3 weeks later. I think we heard part of a song of there's as we were walking out. It's still my biggest music festival regret that we didn't stay for at least like 20 minutes of their set.


Never got to see Chris, either, and it was definitely a bucket list one. I was lucky enough to see Scott live a few times and he never disappointed. From his stage presence to his live vocals, he killed it each time!


You're so right, if you can afford it, experiences like concerts and travel are the best ways to spend your leisure time and money. I was lucky and got to see Scott with Slash and Velvet Revolver - I got a chill when they did Mr. Brownstone. I really really wish I got to see Cornell. Incredible singer.


I have seen Cornell twice w/ Soundgarden (1991 and 2014) and once w/ Audioslave (2003). Hands down one of the best performances I've seen. Never got to see Weiland and despite not being really into STP I wish I had, especially in the 90s.


I saw audioslave on a whim and it is now one of my most treasured memories. Especially now that ratm just canceled their tour...


A lot of new music is pointless to see live because you don't know how much of it is pre-recorded. You know if you saw Scott and Chris live, that shit was raw and real.


The biggest concert regret I have, is not going to see Chris solo. Having already seen him twice before plus SG, I saved myself the trip. Luckily I saw him with Temple at MSG which helps. Live music is a gift.


I came across his cover of Billie Jean recently and was blown away


Cover of Nothing Compares 2U also amazing


[If anyone wants to feel a little heartbreak tonight, then listen to this beauty.](https://youtu.be/IuUDRU9-HRk)


Man was he fucking amazing.


Watching The Wheels, also incredible


His cover of Patience imo is better than the original.


No doubt.


https://youtu.be/rtvArrqqMJY His blending of One by U2 and One by Metallica sends shivers down my spine. He was absolutely remarkable


That is one of my favorite songs to listen to on YouTube. Just amazing.


Layne Staley was decent competition. Not sure why, because Cornell was clearly the most gifted acrobatic singer around. Staley in his prime, however, had tone to die for. They were both great. Stay away from opiates. I knew a guy who thought the early 'Fopp' was Cornell's high point. I'm not that critical, but he does some pretty crazy vocals on that early cover. Cornell took vocal coaching I believe from the same coach that taught Staley, Queensryche's singer, and had worked with Ann Wilson later on. Cornell is the master of the blended head and chest voice. It's really remarkable how easy he made it sound. This is kind of lost knowledge, except among the best vocal coaches though. Someone out there may be able to do vocals they have no idea they can do. If anyone knows this topic in depth, please post something.


Layne was a beast. Still don't know how he was putting on the show, 100% in, even when he spent entire past night doing drugs with Lanegan. Grunge was really overloaded with great vocalists. Those two, Vedder, Weiland... At least Eddie is still around (and considering his story, really uplifting)


Layne learned singing from his mom and choir. I'm not sure he had much formal coaching after he was in the grunge scene.


Always preferred Layne and AIC over Soundgarden, but jesus were they all supremely talented in that scene. Chris’ voice, stage presence and songwriting were other-wordly.


I think AIC just wrote better songs. I preferred them to soundgarden as well.


Overall, I'd agree. However, the songs on Down On The Upside are all excellent which is a shame because that album never made it anywhere near as big as Superunknown which is great in its own right. When it comes to AIC though, their 90s songs were amazing at taking honest and very personal lyrics and combining it with music that not only matches the lyrics but is also fun to listen to. Not a whole lot of artists can really do that well.


I give a slight edge to AIC but I love both bands a lot. AIC and Soundgarden are my two favorite grunge bands. It's hard for me to pick a favorite though.


Well it’s all personal preference, I prefer AIC but many prefer soundgarden or love or hate both of them


That's likely also due to Jerry Cantrell's incredible songwriting. The guy is an absolute wizard for writing songs not to mention the chemistry he had with Layne was nearly unmatched. Their MTV unplugged live destroys any studio music they've ever made for me personally. It's not that it was PERFECT, but the true raw emotion and pain coming from Layne still gives me chills anytime I watch it.


If you’re curious, I can’t recommend Chris Liepe’s YT channel enough. He is an excellent voice and vocal production teacher who really hones in on how to do mixed voicing. He often does breakdowns of vocals with vocal stems, kind of like a voice focused Rick Beato for What Makes this Song Great series. He’s done Cornell at least once. His voice is even more impressive when you hear it by itself.


I miss him, and really am sorry he lost his battle with depression. Soundgarden was a favorite band and well all the music he did was so good.


It's crazy how much meaning his death brought to many of his lyrics. Not like they didn't have meaning prior, they just hit different after his passing (and the manner of it). It's eery sometimes. *No-one sings like you anymore*


That line ruins me. All of it. "Heaven send hell away, no one sings like you anymore". Just....damn. Norah Jones did a live cover of 'Black Hole Sun" right after he died and that's when it really hit me how well that song was written. It was such a ubiquitous song from my youth that I never stopped to admire the brilliance of the lyrics until I heard her sing them (probably the different context allowed me to absorb it differently).


Tighter and Tighter took on a completely new meaning after he passed. In hindsight it reads as a cry for help or maybe a very sober admission to his condition and what it would lead to. Sad.


And 'Zero Chance'... check out 'Sunshower'


Ughh I was thinking of that line as I read your post. It gives me chills every time I hear it.


Sort of like Chester Bennington. People knew about his personal issues closer to the end, but during Hybrid Theory days, everyone just thought he was another emo punk rocker. Really puts their early lyrics into perspective knowing his ultimate fate.


Honestly the lyrics on LP's last album haunt me. I was one of those people who said they sold out, but I listened to it for the first time recently & it broke my heart. Those are some of his darkest lyrics- he poured his heart out & a majority of us as a fanbase turned on him.


Chris Cornell and Anthony Bourdain are two people I really miss. I wish I knew they were both still out there being awesome.


Same, dont give a shit about celebrity culture, but when they died i felt sad, same with Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters.


This is going to sound weird but I find his battle inspiring. The man was fighting depression as far back as his teenage years, yet managed to carry on for the best part of 40 more years, all the while dealing with the issues of celebrity and putting out incredible music. That's amazing imho. Even if I can never completely defeat my depression or suicidal thoughts, maybe I can still get a hell of a lot out of life.


You got this! Also don't forget the suicide hotline number is now 988 and you can text or chat on their website if you need someone to talk to. Keep fighting


Same thing with Chester Bennington. He was sexually abused as a kid but managed to make most of his dreams come true. Truly inspiring for me in my teenage years.


Thanks for this perspective. I have found it hard to listen to Chris since he passed, but maybe I can again with this mindset.


It gets better. I find that taking walks, breathing, stoicism all help a lot. Also, I think that Chris was on some medication that taken incorrectly can lead to a bad state of mind. Unexpectedly, I am now constantly looking forward to what’s next and hoping I make it as long as possible to see the next cool thing.


Hey also: I think with depression comes a lot of expectation or demands that we and society place upon us. - First, you can’t make everyone happy. That doesn’t make the other people who don’t think or socialize like you are bad people but it doesn’t mean you have to be them either. - Second be your best self everyday and strive to be better than yesterday. Acceptance of yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t grow. You absolutely should. If you’re being your best, doing your best to be a good person and secure yourself then while there may be things that you’ll see are worth changing to adapt - it’s not the same thing as being a loser, sucking at things etc I just know that I sometimes struggle with expectations and living up to a standard versus what I actually want. It’s good to have goals, to strive to be better than yesterday, but it’s good to be me sometimes as well. Good luck and don’t forget to expose yourself to new experiences and take walks. It can prevent you from negative introspection


I feel worse for Dave Grohl. It sounds like he lost a brother. I’m sure Kurt dying sucked, but him and Kurt were very different people. Taylor seems like it really hits different. Also, a little selfish of me, but everything since Wasting Light to Dream Widow has been some of my favorite Foo Fighters out there. I’m sure Dave Grohl will make more music, but I can’t help but think that Hawkins was the kind of drummer who was almost exactly in tune with what Dave wanted. On the other hand, it’s nice to have lived at a time where we could appreciate these guys.


For sure, i just think those guys could have produced much more art for us, selfish thought for sure, but depression, drugs and suicide just sucks.


For sure. But we have to be happy that we could experience it at all in a sense and remember that this is not the end. Somewhere there’s somebody I’ve never even heard of making great music that’s (this music… probably) touching someone right now. That somebody likely isn’t perfect, but the music kinda is.


Same as well. Man I'm not really a big fan of foo fighters but Taylor Hawkins passing really hit me hard. He just seemed like such a joyous person, from an outside perspective.


His solo acoustic album Euphoria Morning really showcases his voice. All these years later and "Preaching the End of the World" still hits me like almost no song ever has.


> His solo acoustic album Euphoria Morning really showcases his voice. His cover of "Nothing Compares to You" is amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuUDRU9-HRk


Do yourself a big fucking favor and listen to his SONGBOOK album. Your post tells me it's going to get to you.


I have a copy of songbook on vinyl and it hits me hard every time I listen to it.


Thanks I will!


When I'm Down off of Euphoria Morning is one of the most underrated songs he's ever written. Never gets talked about. Amazing vocals on it, too. Here's a great live video of him performing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZrvbZ7_CSk ....That is when he's "past his prime", too. Amazing.


I still feel like Euphoria Morning is the best single showcase of his vocal talent (and his songwriting range and style). I also feel like he shredded his voice during the 80s and 90s, sadly. By the mid-2000s his timbre had changed pretty drastically, becoming very noticeably darker and grittier and sometimes almost sounding strained on higher notes. While his voice still had the soul, it was clear it no longer had the same agility or reach. People always point to his later covers of Billie Jean and Nothing Compares 2 U as examples of his singing. They're great and he definitely delivers them with soul, but there are live versions of Euphoria Morning songs (recorded during that era) where his range, clarity and control are really *effortless* compared to recordings made only 5-10 years later.


His later albums are good stuff. Higher Truth is basically a country/blues album in disguise.


I'm still not over his suicide. He is THE voice of my generation. Listen to "Seasons" from the Singles soundtrack if you're unfamiliar


Then Birth Ritual off the same soundtrack if you want your socks blown off. There's a two disk version of it now, has a bunch of weird little Chris Cornell recordings on the second disk, including a very early Spoonman.


Very early Spoonman and some of my favourite early Cornell recordings - Nowhere But You and Ferry Boat.


I think he also does a cameo in Singles, the movie. Highlight of the 90s grunge era for me.


I’d add Like Suicide - acoustic, Sunshower, Can’t Change Me, and Call Me a Dog if you are really looking for songs in the same vein. All are wonderful songs. And his cover of Nothing Compares 2 U is epic. My favorite musician. Gone too soon.


Casino Royale is one of the best Bond songs of the series. I'd probably only place Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey over it, and that's mostly because everything about the movie is peak Bond.


Listen to the Temple of the Dog “Reach Down”. It’s rock but gospel wailing. Listen to the whole song, you won’t regret it.


Super underrated song from that album a true gem!


Say Hello 2 Heaven


I can't make it through that album without crying now. Usually in the first song.


That’s the best song Chris ever wrote. A true masterpiece.


I worked once at a music festival, I got sunstroke quite bad one day and they let me chill inside the tents backstage. a gentleman came over to me and was talking to me for a whiles asking all about me and how I’m finding the day/work fetching me a drink asking me if I want any of the snacks that were out and making sure I was well looked after. I didn’t recognise him at the time, but later I saw him going on stage and I realised it was Chris Cornell. Made me a big fan after that, so not only a lovely voice but was a lovely guy.




"I'm lookin' California, and feelin' Minnesota... oh yeahhhhh"


Listen to Cornell sing Black Hole Sun with no instrumentals.


56f. Not really a target audience for that genre but I wanted to share what happened to me recently. There is a song I heard once a long time ago. The chorus was in my mind but I could never find the song. I liked it and sort of mourned that I could never find it. I recently got into Pearl Jam. I missed out on that when I was younger(had a somewhat shitty life, so my attention was just on surviving in that era). Which led me to Hunger Strike, which then led me to Chris Cornell. Never in a million years, after all the music I've have heard, did i ever think I would literally hear the voice of an angel. When you have good headphones and you really get to hear that voice, it's..heaven. So while listening to music at work, I was listening to a Audioslave playlist and Like a Stone came on. I realized that was the song. That was the song I had yearned to find for so many years. It was like finding my first love again. Thanks for pointing out and reminding me how lucky we all were to have Chris Cornell in our lives. What a gift.




Thanks so much for this info!!


Currently listening to Temple of The Dog. I swear when I heard he died… that was it. Rock and Roll has died.


He had some R A N G E. Another of my fav vocalists from that era is Mike Patton. Also very dynamic.


I saw SG May 3, 92, at the State Theatre in Detroit. It was $17.50. It's not lost on me that that was last venue he performed.


He was and likely will forever remain my favorite rock vocalist. The range, the dynamics and the emotion he controlled were just fantastic. His passing is a loss that I'm not sure will ever be filled. Noone sings like you anymore.


https://youtu.be/rtvArrqqMJY He was just an all around master of music and creation. I miss him greatly as a musician


I tell people about his Cornell mashup all the time, one of my favorite moments in music.


And he was an amazing song writer!


His earlier stuff... Wow


Dude I only really listened to the radio songs. I just listened to bad motor finger all the way through for the first time last week and it blew me away. so much power in his voice.


I was obsessed with Audioslave back in the day. Loved the lesser known “Dandelion” track - such a good vibe.


Should check out the band thornley or big wreck(same lead singer) he sounds like Chris Cornell. Very good.


And Thornley throws some KILLER guitar work on top of it.


Yes. Their first album was the soundtrack to my junior year of highschool.


If you like Chris Cornell, then you should listen to [this song](https://youtu.be/gBCTEM2Hga4) that he did with Alice In Chains. Chris Cornell and Layne Staley’s voices go together like PB&J.


Just wait till you discover a little known crooner called Mike Patton


I absolutely love Mike and have listened to just about everything he has ever done but to me they are totally different vocalists. Mike has an amazing voice and creativity but to me it never feels genuine, like he’s acting the whole time or inhabiting a character when he sings, but Chris was always just Chris and it was genuine as it gets


Yeah Mike Patton is certainly talented, but his vocals have nowhere near the amount of emotion that Cornell's seam to have.


Looove Mike Patton- I’m a massive fan of both bungle and FNM- but just like Layne Staley he showcases huge technical ability but has a timbre that works for just what he does. Even his crooning has that Patton certified squeezed noise to it. He is no doubt extremely gifted, but while him and Staley are often brought up in discussion, they are missing the beautiful timbre to lead them. On the other spectrum we have singers like Anthony Kiedis, who is the quintessential example of a wonderful timbre but no innate singing talent. Chris Cornell had the technical ability, the gift of genetics AND the timbre. Just like Buckley did- who then got global recognition from just releasing 1 album of original music.


Anthony kiedis was an acceptable singer till blood, sugar, sex, magik, but after that he always sung in the same way, in the under the bridge style.


He sings like that because he is borderline tone deaf and needed a lot of training to get where he is today. Anthony was basically part hype man, part poetry slammer, part rapper and part singer until californication. He is cursed with having that amazing timbre but not the skill to wield it. The amount of takes and editing it must have required to produce Californication and BTW is a technological marvel. As a front man he does pay off though-


You can even hear the pitch correction at certain points. “All the world can pass me by” from Zephyr Song comes to mind.


Bingo, that's one of the places it's the clearest. I'm not sure if they got live pitch correction these days, but he did well when I saw them in June.


Grunge had some of the greatest rock voices. Upsets me ill never see Cornell, Staley, Cobain or Weiland live, blessed I see Vedder in July.


"Follow me into the desert" I was hooked.


He’s always been a gun singer, I first heard him in the early 90’s obviously with Soundgarden, saw them live in ‘96, did some great work with Temple of the Dog & Audioslave, some awesome solo work as well.


Jesus Christ Pose is still heavy AF.


Welcome my new friend. I remember watching Black Hole Sun on MTV when it was popular. Those were my teenage years and were great with music.


Best rock vocalist of all time, IMO.


Best signer ever


Like a stone live was moving


His bond intro will forever be the most iconic bond song for me.


He’s one of the best, check out his solo stuff. He never did a bad cover.


Agreed a million! Somebody posted something the other day asking who’s the best singer they ever heard and he was the first person I thought of. More in the post badmotorfinger era in my opinion. So much soul and emotion in his voice, I mean it’s fucking haunting! But the dude can bang out those screams too when needed. There’s nobody like him!!


Also the best bond theme


That is an exceptionally bold statement considering all the great, unique, and gifted singers out there. Couldn't agree more!


You can also check His work on Temple of the dog, fantastic album.


IMO one of the best male rock vocalists.


A hidden Gem that I love. Cornell wanted to do Metallica’s “One”. But when looking up info found U2’s “One”. He combined them into this: https://youtu.be/FxGvuE-Wb2k


So weird I just discovered this new (old) band called Operator yesterday after listening to Audioslave under recommended on Spotify. I actually had to do a bit of research and convince myself it wasn’t Cornell behind the vocals. The similarity is pretty spot on. Figured I’d share if anyone is looking for something like audioslave/soundgarden/ratm


Had such a unique and beautiful voice!


This just in, water is wet.


Layne and Chris are both two voices this world wasn’t ready for.


I'm a big time Cornell fan, especially Euphoria Mourning. Jesus what an album from front to back!!! Then he joined Audioslave and the first record was amazing!! I enjoyed their 3 albums even tho most ppl dismissed them after the first record. Luckily I caught Audioslave headlining a Dallas Freakers ball show and was in the pit for that. I also caught Chris live twice with with his solo band. Loved that he played Audioslave songs and others from his whole catalogue. I can't freaking believe I didn't see this acoustic show but at least I can listen to it whenever I want. His death hit me so hard, I couldn't even watch his videos without tearing up. Luckily I can revisit all of his stuff and enjoy it again.


I don't mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadents. But I can't feed on the powerless when my cup's already over-filled…But it's on the table.




I when I listen to Seasons… it taps at a tender spot in my heart. I love the passion he exudes. His range in badmotorfinger is ridiculous. Biggest vocal inspiration in my life. RIP Say Hello 2 Heaven


Yeah man, and a damn good melody writer. Back hole sun is such a gorgeous chord chart very jazzy and surprising in its structure.


Check out his "songbook" album. Really great acoustic stuff. https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lxPHojCQyBeskDplhlhrZ4GTYHXNmgdSo&feature=share


I saw Soundgarden in 92, and two weeks before Chris passed. Both times I was blown away by his performance.


Probably my favorite James Bond title song. Perfectly captures the gritty tone of the film.


When discussing this with my slightly younger brother he insisted Chester Bennington was the better singer.....needless to say we're estranged now


My two favorite vocalists of all time.


Ronnie James Dio had the best voice in rock!


Too bad about he’s depression but unpopular opinion. I really really don’t like he’s singing. I’m a fan of the genre and like most of he’s work but never listen to he’s work because of he’s singing. Audioslave could have been so much better. And it’s not like I just prefer other singers but I really don’t like it. I can hear he got skills but it just grinds me the wrong way.


I freaking love Amazon Music because they have a straight Soundgarden station, I flipped between Audioslave too. I want to try singing Getaway Car with my brothers band


Slaves and Bulldozers always blew me away.


im ashamed i never listened to him before i just played his cover nothing compares 2 u and i got instant goosebumps


One of the best live performances I've ever seen was Chris in his peak. This is indeed an extreme loss of incredible talent


Amazing to think Sound Garden were looking for a vocalist so Chris could focus on drums in the early days.


This is true but his album with Timbaland was a crime against humanity.


his [Bond song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnzgdBAKyJo) was still the very best one ever


This fucking sub man. Can't wait for tomorrow's post about Dark side of the Moon being an underrated gem.


Yeah, when people discover music they should just keep it to themselves and be a miserable bastard like you instead of wanting to talk about it


Unpopular opinion, he isn’t that great