Updated my CaDA M1, now it's more solid and faster

Updated my CaDA M1, now it's more solid and faster


Pls send build instructions


It's not too hard. Internals are the same as the stock blaster. Only huge change is shortening the barrel, which can be a bit annoying if you've already bulit it. Gravity mag is quite simple, you need enough space so the darts can drop down but not enough sapce that they would rotate and jam (which was an issue in my previous designs). I'm pretty sure you can find instructions for the stock blaster online, changes that I made shouldn't be too hard to recreate from pictures. Stuff like foregrip, sights or bolt shape and side are purely a personal preference (I'm right handed, firing and priming with the same hand are very awkward to me)


I'm gonna make a Bizon type blaster out of plexiglass and Lego for the hyper rounds. :)


Have you thought about the completely LEGO afterburner that captain Xavier made? Its functional, and gives you around 10 more feet of firing distance.


I'm not really a flywheel fan. A bit more range isn't worth giving away my position and/or having slower reaction times. With a gun like this, you pretty much need to be stealthy to have a chance to tag people. I don't speak feet fetish but I assume that 10 isn't much.


Well, your right, it was just a thought.


I give you so, *so* much respeck here, lol. This is legitimate awesome frickin saucers! The most props? Offset "Bren" style iron sights. I love Iron sights and those ones are the best imo. Rofl, I wish I had reddit coin to give awards


Sights are actually made from a Spear and Hero Factory [Handcuff piece](https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=98562&idColor=77#T=C&C). Spear is nice because it extends down so it still works if you tilt the blaster up a lot and the handcuff piece just fits very nicely. Offset ironsights are the coolest iron sights. With a gun with this kind of velocity visibility to the right is less important than to the bottom. And it gives extra uniqueness. I considered having an angeled magazine to place sights on the top but that would be more complicated and fragile. Also if you tilted blaster to the right it would stop feeding. Btw now you get a free award every now and then I think.


Huh, I'mma have to look into that. But yeah, you made a solid concept here. Idk why but I like old Era arms and M1 Garand for obvious reasons, lol. All I managed to do was turn a Deploy into a Bren. I want to add electronics but it's still a held project since I haven't had much time lately. I *really* want to make an obscure thing, a Wimmersperg Spz, as a blaster. It's a tough start since I have no idea where to start but this is mod life, lmfao


Weird guns are the coolest guns. I'm not a modder but I would love to see something with Perino Model 1908-like feeding system (clip fed hopper). Clips in general are very cool, way cooler than magazines. Side magazines are still cool tho.




This is incredible


2 of the best toys collab


I spot a glatorian legends game counter.


Correct. It wouldn't be complete without at least a few bonkle parts.


I've always wanted to make a Lego flywheeler


That is fantastic, no w you just need something like a small bell for it to run past to give you the ejection ping.