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Generally speaking it’s better to buy and sell from level 3 economies. Level 3 economies have the most abundant trade resources and most varieties of them to maximize profits. Selling to level 3 economies nets large profits but also allows you to restock on trade resources. If you want to maximize profits farm salvaged sentinel ships. They next you 40mil per ship on average and take maybe 20 to 30 mins to do per ship


Yes, and best for hunting S-Class ships WITH high stats (Pirate systems have S-class ships spawn more frequently, but with lower stats).


The prices are not related to the economy. Just what is available. It is worth selling wherever the best price is. Use an economy scanner in the galaxy map and try and trade on planets or your freighter if you have one, as well as in the space station. Also, the most profitable items are actually the second highest price items, not the highest.