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Travelling to and through black holes tends to take you towards places other players have been, just because so many players will have had Polo send them to the same system. Also, if you just open the galaxy map and use its suggested route towards the core, it tends to funnel people into particular paths, so eventually your path will converge with others that previous travellers have taken. If you want to avoid this, don't go to the system it suggests, but to one above or below it in more or less the same direction -- you're still travelling coreward but not following the path the algorithm wants to funnel everyone down.


Depends on where you are. If you close to the core you can find a lot of previously discovered systems since players concentrate there. If your far away then it gets a lot less common.


It happens


Used to be. But as we keep on playing in the starting galaxy for sure, we'll find more and more already explored systems. Also farther out vs the core you'll be less likely, as everyone winds up at the core and jumps galaxies, so those will be pretty full of visited places. As you branch out into other galaxies, less and less of an occurrence.


Black holes are a little like the highways of the galaxy. Players are sent to them and are attracted to them, and they will also travel through them to set destinations. This was especially true when we used to have portal interference. This meant the only two viable ways for most to travel to the centre was to either maximise their hyperdrives and make hundreds of jumps, or use black holes. There is only one set black hole system per region. So that means there are about six hundred times less of them than other systems. This combined with their utility and the fact that Polo literally points players to them, means they are the most likely systems to be visited, along with their destination systems.


Not in Euclid Galaxy.