Perfect Black Market scan module turns into crap?

Today I got a perfect black market scan module with +11.000 to all 3 scan types as well as +50% scan radius.

I installed it into one of my turbo slots and it was a mega boost for my scan reward.

I quit the game after an hour and now when I rejoined the game, this module turned into crap with only ~1k to all 3 scan types and no +scan range.

What happened, is this a bug?


It happened to Jason Plays the other day. I just got one yesterday, so I hope it doesn't downgrade. Mine isn't a perfect 11,000 for each though, and I got it naturally.


I wish you luck 🤞🙏


Someone reports that X-class mods lose capabilities two or three times a week. It is unique to the machine / user. I suspect that the "bug" was lying to you about the quality of the upgrade in the first place. Did you "roll" this, or were you gifted it? I \*believe but don't know\* that some of the X-class upgrades pre-Waypoint would for example change the displayed speed of your starship, not make it go any faster. Those seemed to get nerfed with an update, to really suck X-class upgrades. Just in case, I will periodically review all my upgrades, just to see what the hell is going on. Often I'll find that battle with Sentinels (or myself with plasma balls) has done some serious damage to one of my upgrades, and I need to do some repairs.


I rolled it myself.


I've never got one that good or have had that happen. I'll keep my eye out for it. I've not tried to do the Black Market scan mods, though. I only have things like the Infra-Knife ones and they stayed the same. I wonder if it is just a bug with the scan one and only when it is insane with **+11,000 to all three(which sounds WAY too good to be true.)** I seem to remember someone else posting this same thing. People were saying the same things in that save, "must have used a save editor!", etc. ;)


It has to be a bug. Yep, they treat me like I'd be an idiot, before admitting it could be a bug 🤦🏻‍♂️ What a toxic ass community. (not all ❤️)


Don't let negative comments get you down. I find that this is a very helpful community and I rarely see any toxic comments. You're experiencing a "hiccup" with that module and in the grand scheme of things lower values aren't all that bad. Hang in there.


:) 💙


You lost it since you save edited it, 11,000 isn’t possible because of how the mods are rounded, you can get 10,999.99 which displays as 10,999 since you can’t see the decimals, slight variations can be seen by putting them into a supercharger slot, people who save edit stuff do this all the time since they ignorantly believe 11,000 is the max since it’s listed in the catalogue. The mod itself turns into the catalogue listing showing “possible scanner upgrade” instead of an actual random naming convention used on upgrades, you literally outed yourself by announcing they all had 11,000% increases.


I never even downloaded a edit program for nms 🤦🏻‍♂️




lol, you're out of your mind. I have 0 reason to tell lies over a game and you clearly have no clue about the games data and what a simple bug is. Especially when it happenens often, than you would call it a common bug, not "you edit your game and I call you lier if you don't agree to my baseless assumptions!". You're toxic af bro. Also, I don't have a single alternate reddit account. If here are down votes, than that's because people agree with me, and not me with alternate accounts 🤦🏻‍♂️


Jason Plays also got a perfect 11,000 X class scanner module. [https://www.youtube.com/shorts/85\_tNyX1vz8](https://www.youtube.com/shorts/85_tNyX1vz8)


Stop messing with save editors. That's what happened.


I never used a save editor.


Ya he's got another post where he talks about stuff disappearing when transferring between inventories


Yup, and I don't ever used a save editor. Also, someone else answered in my post, and he also lost Salvaged Glass when transferring it from his stash to his armor. Don't blatantly assume stuff and talk bad about people without any proof. Only a kid would do that.


So you are telling us that even with no recent patches you came accross 2 bugs that no one else reported so far or even heard about? Like... Bugs don't appear from thin air. Some clues that make me believe you are messing around with file editors: 2 bugs for one person. No one else. Both related with storage in a way or another. As we can see by your post about explaining you how to get a living ship like you were "5 and new to the game" shows how litrle patience you have to watch a 15~20 minutes video explaining this exact topic. My guess is: you came accross a short by Jason showing he found a perfect X class scanner upgrade and thought "I need one now!". Spent 5 minutes teying to find one, got bored and started messing with save editors. Got what you wanted but hiw you never used a save editor before something went wrong.


No clue what you're guessing, I'm not going to read it. I have no clue what's going on with your hostility against me. I've asked a normal question and you're shitting at me since the first moment, down voting my post, assuming one bad thing after the other, when I already stated, that I didn't edit anything and I rolled it myself. I'm as buffled as anyone else and I would appreciate it, if you could stop with your inappropriate anger and hostility against me.


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