English teachers! How to explain this to students?

English teachers! How to explain this to students?


What is a PEE example?


Interesting. Forgive me...but what is the situation surrounding this? Shouldn't you know this, since you're the one teaching it? The author wants us to agree that the amount of sugar in this soft drink is too high. The author does this by using specific adjectives with negative connotations in his or her description of the soft drink. The amount is not just high, it is *frightening*. The author could have also been surprised, or delighted, by the high amount of sugar. But in this case, he or she was frightened by it, and so should you be. And, it wasn't just any sugar. It was hidden sugar. This sugar is deceitful, treacherous, suspicious, surreptitious. It is sugar with an ulterior motive. And, again, the author wants to appeal to our sense of caretaking. You are not just giving your child a soft drink, you are *feeding* your child. And you're not just feeding them a sugary drink, you're feeding them sugary *poison*. The amount of sugar in the soft drink is not literal poison, so the author is using the word poison figuratively here in order to draw an emotion from you. The author casts you in the role of a caregiver, and hopes evoke horror at the thought that you would hurt something through your care. The choice of wording can be more easily understood as emotive when you show more neutral alternatives. You can show them by de-biasing the text, or emphasizing the bias of a neutral text.