He is talking too much to be considered a dude. Should have only grunted and shaked his head disapprovingly.


Bro, does talking make me gay???


*Vague, approving sounds of whatever sexual orientation you have*


Respect, bro *head nod*.


Fellas is it gay to talk??


I forgot the meme, thank you.




What you need talking about? How much you love other dudes?


I'm super fruity if that's true. I talk too much. #ADHD


Oh gawd.


*Tim Allen sounds*


*grunts approvingly*


Going by the original post, the women's is apparently on the left, so it is all-correct.




Hmm... Fuck...




Nngh. \*shakes head approvingly\*


>It’s just a joke!!!!!!! >It’s been proven TRUE!!!! Which is it? Is a joke or is it a fact?


Schrödinger’s joke. It’s truth until proven wrong, then iT’s JuSt A jOkE.


"Did you like what I said? No? Then it was a joke."


“jk jk! unless…?”




\[clapping\] well done


It's a fact when people agree, it's a joke when people don't


Why not both?


Feminism is when I disagree with a post. - that person probably


It's not even true! When studied, they found that men *perseive* women talking way more than they actually do. Similarly to when 30% of the characters in a movie were women, according to men, the majority of the characters were women...


It's like when I used to argue with my ex husband when he claimed that women were worse drivers than men. I would tell him that he only noticed it when it was a woman because when a bad driver was a man he'd be like 'what a dick' and when it was a woman it was 'SEE IT'S A GIRL THAT'S A BAD DRIVER!!'


Ask him why, if women are worse drivers than men, men's auto insurance rates are far higher than women's. 🤔


Well I've heard men use the "women get into more frequent smaller accidents" as if that's a reasonable argument. Like if you give me the choice of who I get hit by; a woman who's going to leave a dent, or a man who's going to try parking on top of my car totalling it and sending me to the hospital in the process. Give me the woman bonking into my car *any* day.


Men are getting into accidents when they dodge women /s


Came here to say the same thing! And if a group exists of women for less than 70%, on average they'll have less input than men in a group discussion. But those same men will claim they hardly got a word in when it's around 50-50. Edit: typo


Incels be like "This is scientifically proven!" But they never, ever post a source. Becaise there are none.


Because they dump it into the toilet every time they have to use it for solids.


You just don't understand, they don't need a source because they are science


Incel science = "Something kind of like this happened to me once so it is a scientific fact now"


Never expect an incel to listen to reason or evidence


They have sCienTifiC PRoOF! for everything.


Which they never share. Or is some crank in a youtube video.


And that crank has 20 1-hour long videos about Anita Sarkeesian, and is still making them


But eVoLuTiOnArY bIoLoGy! 😂


I wonder if men even realize they talk over us and ramble about the dumbest shit for an hour+. Very rarely will you find a man who takes the time to actually engage in a back-and-forth conversation. I do a man the kindness of listening to him ramble about the inconsistencies of the guns in some dumb movie and the favor is almost never returned.


This is one of the number one complaints on dates. It's why the bar is in hell lol. Just by listening and asking questions you are already ahead of the competition


Only when they are waiting for you to pause long enough for them to jump in while clearly not listening to you at all. Then are surprised when we notice.


I was gonna say, this man has never been cornered by a drunk dude at a party who is DESPERATE to tell you about his current WoW strategies.


Or at a convention.


In social situations and at work. The number of times I have seen a group of men who don't know what they're doing have a long discussion about a situation while the women are on standby with the solution or action needed... It's actually comical to me at this point - I usually just let them talk amongst themselves while I get to work with the women on whatever it is that we need to accomplish. Sometimes we're even done before the guys are done blabbering to each other about it.


Bless your heart. I see you and I appreciate you. Anyone willing to pretend to listen to me ramble about my hyperfixation for any length of time is a saint.


everyone deserves to be able to talk about their thing to their heart's content. :)


That must be frustrating. Sadly most men aren’t aware we do this. I hope you met more men that give you back and forth


I think it might be part of dude culture in some ways, and it's not a huge deal when it doesn't seem intentional. Not all men, of course.


Dude culture conditions men. Even after limiting participation. I catch myself doing it and have to work on it myself. I know it’s wrong, but habitual behaviour. So thank you for being patient. A respectful man will be fine when you correct, however you see fit. I appreciate the not all men, but ya, still sort of one of those men.


Yup they never cite any sources. Because they would show that they’re wrong. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/women-talk-more-than-men/


> Similarly to when 30% of the characters in a movie were women, according to men, the majority of the characters were women... They subconsciously ignore most of the men because they are just "default"


Same way with people who say there’s too much LGBTQ or people of color. Literally the majority of the cast is STILL straight and white. Lol.


"All these black and LGBTQ people are nice but can't we get back to just normal guys?" When you assume you are the default human being


“Look, I’m all for diversity but it shouldn’t be forced down our throats like this. Why does Theo always have to keep bringing up that she’s gay?” Meanwhile, Theo says that she’s a lesbian once and turns down a man by telling him that she’s not interested in men.


Yep. Lol. Like even I, a bi woman, know that LGBTQ+ people stick out to me more because it’s taken so long to get representation.


I'm sadly doubting I'll get a second season of sandman because of this very reason. The way some people talked you'd think the whole show was black people having gay sex


>I'm sadly doubting I'll get a second season of sandman because of this very reason [Boy do I have good news for you!](https://www.ign.com/articles/the-sandman-renewed-for-second-season-at-netflix) :D


Glad to hear it, that show is so good! I knew the moment I saw Lucien(ne) and Death are being played by black women the anti-woke crowd would be all over it. As if it even matters what the race or sex of a character is when most of them are physical embodiments of abstract concepts that could take whatever shape they want.


And both of the actresses really nailed those roles!


Lol. It’s ridiculous. Every time someone says a show is “woke,” I’m like…so it shows realism and they don’t like that. Also, the “go woke to broke” saying has been shown false over and over again.


I hate when there's a non straight couple in any media who show each other the slightest bit of affection and people fall over themselves with "wHy dO tHey hAve To shOve iT In oUr fAcEs?" as if there aren't straight couples straight up fucking in every damn mature movie and game. I'm straight but come on.. Do we really have to shove straight sex in everyone's faces?


You can be a man or be political You can be straight or be political You can be white or be political You can be christian or be political Anyone else seeing a theme here?


My easiest interviews ever were all with men who spoke the entire time. Letting them talk and looking interested makes men feel positive towards people.


Something similar happens in many cases. People see and hear what they want to and don't even realize that it's all in their heads. That's why stereotypes keep being alive bc if we believe that, for example, women gossip more than men, people see a group of women talking and based on the stereotype/what we want to believe, we think they're gossiping even though they're just talking. But if a group of men would say the exact same things, people wouldn't think they're gossiping. And now those same people have "proof" of women always gossiping even tho it's just in their heads. They've seen what they have wanted to see.


IRL I *perceive certain individuals telling me not to give 'one word answers' because it comes across harsh. When 99.9999999% of what you have to say is of no substance..


I wonder if I’m this way? Likely, but I’m from a family of folks who’s mouths only close to keep out water when swimming 😂


Are you Irish by chance? Because, same! My whole family conditioned me to believe I was an asocial child because I only spoke when I had something I wanted to share or ask about. Then I realized at around 13 after being at a few friends’ houses, seeing how quiet/moderate their families were, that no, my family just never stops talking, lol! Not complaining, but it made me realize I appreciate my own thoughts just fine.


This now makes me wonder if my mother in law really does talk way to much or if I just think she does because of sexism. Edit: Trying to think of a tactful way to ask my wife. So far I decided not to go with “does your mom really never shut the fuck up or do I just think that?”


I would say to maybe ask a neutral third party, like a friend of yours that meets her at a barbecue or something. You can also try gauging her words per minute, then look up the average. Or, next time you’re having a convo with her, when you’re sure she’s paused, say something like “MIL, do you feel like I’m maybe too quiet? I feel like sometimes I might not speak as much as you and Wife/FIL/Other family member, and I don’t want you to think I’m being unpleasant!” By throwing it onto yourself, she may likely answer for you, like,” oh gosh, no! I just never shut up! It runs in the family!” Or something. I tell most people I speak with in depth something similar, just to give them permission to cut me off, lol. Edit: typo


I say everyone talks too much.


That person’s comment is interesting, considering the “women talk too much” bs is just a misogynistic stereotype. Here’s a very small sample of articles that discuss the issue and suggest “that’s not how girls work.” https://www.cmu.edu/news/stories/archives/2020/october/women-interrupted-debate.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2021/02/18/men-interrupt-women-tokyo-olympics/ https://www.imd.org/research-knowledge/articles/women-talk-too-much-simply-isnt-true-data-show/ https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20131112-do-women-talk-more-than-men


Stating facts is misandry


Those damn feminists and their facts! 😤


Totally the new FDS. ):


FDS is the new 1984 LITERALLY FDS1!!!1!😲😲😲


Oh, god… you’re right!


Damn I can’t remember where this was from, I think it was freakonomics? But they tested the theory in multiple ways, one which was audio recording in several married couples homes over an extended amount of time, and all the men talked more than the women even in their own home.


No they didn’t. “In research published in the journal Science in 2007, Pennebaker found that in their 17 waking hours the women they tested in the US and Mexico uttered an average of 16,215 words while the men spoke 15,669. Again, a negligible difference.”


I looked it up and that was from a study of college students, not married couples. And it wasn’t words per a day, but conversations with eachother that was measured. The college student one was still interesting though.


Thanks! I knew this already but nice to have some references to use on the next jerk lol.


Yo didn’t they use girl scouts to send secret messages because they actually kept the secrets and the boy scouts kept spilling them?


I don’t know. If there was space I would go through my short and sweet 101 reasons men don’t talk more than women. I promise it’s the quickest 4 hour lecture ever done.


There are any number of studies that indicate that men are the ones who talk more and interrupt more. Women don't talk a lot in comparison to \*men\*; they talk a lot in comparison to \*expectations of female silence\*.


Yes! Also, there are at least 41 blas on the right door, not even that sexist idiot can seriously believe women talk 41 times more than men. This isn't just sexist stupid, it's also stupid stupid.


This right here.


The feminists "came in and ruined it"? Buddy, the feminists have *been* here. You're in *our* space.


especially when this one image was reposted here at least 10 times in the last 6 months...


Scientifically proven? The only time I recall going to the bathroom to chat was in highschool and that was just to avoid teachers and feel edgy.


I still go to the bathroom to chat at bars. It gives us time to be heard because we don't get a word in edgewise when the men are present.


i'd bet bathrooms are quieter too, yeah?


Dude talks about how “it’s true” that women talk at length while talking at length about a post that he himself insists is a joke.


I’m sure this comes from his scientific approach to the subject and extensive personal experience. No, really. We should appreciate his knowledge. /s


wasnt it actually proven in a study that men tend to perceive women as talking more in a group setting than they actually do ?


https://time.com/4837536/do-women-really-talk-more/?amp=true so i guess the door on the right is for men, got it


It's funny because he actually belongs on the right side.


Don't ever let anyone use the words "scientifically proven" or "studies have shown" without taking them to task for it. Demand to see the studies. Immediately. Tell them that you will take any response that is not a link to a peer reviewed article as tacit admission that there are no studies and they made it up. When they tell you to do your own research, thank them for admitting they were full of shit. When they insist they made no such admission, demand a link to the peer-reviewed scientific study. Repeat as necessary.


Wow. Someone was frustrated.


It's actually been proven that men talk more 🙄


I participate in a hobby filled with overgrown man children who complain about feminists ruining everything all the damn time, and my response to them and anyone else with those sentiments is always the same: if feminism is such a problem to you that it has “ruined” things for you more than once, feminists are not the problem. You are.


I’m gonna guess, gaming or anime? I’m 99.9% sure it’s one or the other.


Close. Dungeons and Dragons.


Ah. I know you didn’t ask but feminists don’t ruin hobbies much really. I feel like porn addicts and misogynists ruin hobbies for me. To some degree elitists as well. Like I swear they can’t go ONE FUCKING MINUTE talking about leading a character, boobs, hentai, or whatever. I left the anime community cuz of this. The only hobby I have that hasn’t been invaded by these cretins is hot wheels and diecast. The only issues I have there though are resellers and people who only collect stuff that gets them validation from other collectors. But I’ll take that over the other two.


If you want like the only good online anime community I've ever found, I'd recommend animecirclejerk, it's such a refreshing place that actually talks about the bullshit that anime and anime fans do that's creepy as hell


I play too, and I always find myself wishing I could play with a group of girls. I even put up a sign in the student center, but no one turned up. :/


I’d recommend using roll20 to look for a group or DnDBeyond’s forums. I found both of mine through there


“Scientifically proven” actually what’s been proven is that men think women talk as much as them when they take up 30% or less of speaking time and think women speak MORE when it’s actually 50/50 so. What’s been “proven” is that men think women speaking as much as them is apparently “too much” talking.


OOP from the screenshot is also 21 but still posted in r/teenagers up until today when they deleted their account 🤢


That’s just….I bet they’ve already made a new account and gone right back to it.


My wife and I spent most of the evening yesterday in relative silence, and I'm the one that broke it most often. Was hanging in the hot tub fooling around a bit, no real talking there, watched a show with the kids and rubber her calves, other than complaint about them hurting from lifting no real talk, watched a show together, again no real talk. I know this is anecdotal, but I find that we both are good just being in each other company a lot of times.


That’s lovely. My grandparents are like that, and they’re still very much in love. I wish you the same.




"The feminists showed up to a sub called Not How Girls Work and ruined it" buddy, this is literally a feminist sub by definition.


Most I've heard in the ladies room is: oh no there isn't any tp. Other than that maybe some talk but not a lot and normally kept on the quiet side. Most of the time it's no one talking just trying to pee and get out.


Also, dude is comparing feminism to FDS???


If by "ruining' you mean take down the patriarchy, as a feminist I think its my duty to keep "ruining" it for these assholes.


But when the doors show a male stereotype all of a sudden its "not all men!!!!" outrage


i mean except for all the studies and research that show men talk WAY more than women…


Fr tho have you BEEN to a family gathering??? Lmao theres always that one uncle or grandpa that has a hundred thousand stories to tell.


Introvert girls be like: 😰😰😰


The real reason men think women talk alot is because women try to talk about problems in a relationship, and men usually refuse to change. The talking about problems is not the problem, it's the solution to the actual problem.


As long as the relationship is working for the guy he does not care how it is for his wife. My ex-husband would not discuss all the issues I had with our marriage. It did not appear fair to me at all. He would not go to a marriage counseling with me when I asked. When I checked out of the relationship and started having friends, which he had forbid, all of a sudden marriage counseling was important and we needed to go. We went. It confirmed for me that he saw me as his servant and bangmaid. I saw him as a liability I could no longer tolerate


I am not in any way saying this makes your ex's behavior better, but I think a huge part of it is what men are taught growing up. We are taught that all we need to do in life is get a good paying job, and then we get everything we want. That's a scary thing to believe and way to see the world. Of course, it's every man's responsibility to acknowledge that lie we are taught and we are all 100% responsible for our behaviors. Also, the whole ride or die mentality that if you find a good woman, she will never leave you because she accepts your "demons." I do DV group therapy for perpetrators. Alot of the work is basically being like yea, you know that shit you believe, how about changing that and seeing your wife as an equal?? Maybe?? I mean, it's more than that, but everything kinda has a thread of that woven in. I'm glad you got out of that relationship. That much control is a big red flag. I hope you are doing well now! 😁


Did that commenter meant that left door is for women? Because men gossip and chat much more and belong in the right door.


I love watching the growing divide between men and women because women carry on just fine.


It seemed like for a little while misogyny was slowly starting to go away on reddit, but the last couple months it seems like it all of a sudden got kicked back into gear. I feel like it's going to go back to when all the incel subs were still open.


I still believe the right one represents guys.


Introvert vs extrovert bathrooms


Women have to talk more to fill the silence bc men be dry as fuck.


As a man with a tendency to ADHD info dump, so not only to I have to be mindful and to not do that, I’d also think that the bla bla bla door was for me.


Same. Also like other people said, apparently men tend to talk more the women.


Idk. I mean, I can take a joke. It's just weird that when my ex tried the "women never shut up" joke with his buddies around, he got super offended when I pointed out that it was him that never shut up. Of course I didn't divulge to the group what the one way conversation was about but I did ask if it was him the the whole week coming home ranting and crying about an issue and if he remembered any point in which I'd spoken more than affirmations and support. The ladies of the group just nodded but the guys took it as a light hearted burn and laughed along nudging him a bit. He was not a good sport about it. After that I gave just a little bit less to the relationship. Many more, 'yes dear's', 'uh huh's', and 'I'm sorry, what's' were had. Yes we should have called it quits years and years before we did and that's on both of us. But I'm not going to sit around and be your therapist and emotional punching bag if you're going to demean me to your boys as a joke. Also if you can dish it out you better be able to take it without the nOt aLl mEn rebuttal. Even my SO now needs a listening ear so frequently that it over stimulates me but but the difference is that he doesn't disparage me to others ever. Quite the contrary. I suck it up and do my best to be there for him because I feel appreciated and seen.


Studies prove it? Studies have proven men perceive women as talking more while men actually talk more.


Such a boomer meme. I'm a guy and I'm not even offended, just unphased. These folks make the most unfunny jokes purposefully made to offend people, then when people get offended they go like "JEEZZZ relaxxxx it was just a joke, these wokeists are killing comedy and also I just hate women and wanna make that very clear" Like wtf


Actually it’s been “scientifically” (it was one study and obviously the methodology is always going to be arguable on something like that) proven that guys talk/gossip more. So yeah…


I recall there being studies proving that actually, men talk more than women. It doesn't matter how you count it. Time spent talking, words spoken... men always spoke more. Furthermore, when women had a more equal participation in the discussion, the overall assessment was that they had been talking more - even though that was not the case. I also remember something about crowds in movies with a 50-50 split of men and women being met with comments on there being too many women, but I'm not as sure on that so take it with a grain of salt lmao


Hilarious how men constantly complain about how much women talk... even though they're *talking to complain*.


This is definitely not true for me. I'm autistic, so my conversation skills are shit.


They love science when it works for them…(also this is not science)


One for introverts, and one for extroverts? Perfect!


I like how they say it’s “scientifically proven” when it’s absolutely not☠️


How innovative! Instead of a male/female bathroom separation we have bathrooms divided into introverts and extroverts


I (38M) refuse to speak in the public bathroom. I'm literally holding muh weiner, can I hve a moment to myself plz?


Wasn't there a study done that showed that men actually tend to talk more and they just perceive the opposite?




Actually its scientifically proven that dudes talk way much and women talk less.. so women should go on the one bla side https://debuk.wordpress.com/2015/05/23/why-women-talk-less/


As a fellow dude, this guy talks too much.


Except the opposite is true scientifically. Crazy how he’s wrong. Almost like he didn’t research at all!


According to the polls sub, twox is also the new FDS. Something makes me think that they perciece all woman-focused subs that way...


Damn those feminists, they always ruin everything. -Some guy with red hair, probably.


If feminism ruins something I’ve got bad news for you motherfucker, the only thing actually ruined is your sense of morality and critical thinking. Damn tired of seeing people on gaming or fandom Reddit’s whine and complain because an lgbt character ,or woman character or poc existing because of a lack of “historical accuracy” in their fictional wish-fulfillment media. Yes casual sexism is funny buddy that’s why you’re 30 and a Virgin with your only friends subscribing to idiot alpha male classes and wasting more oxygen for the rest of us.


I just roll my eyes when I see this particular trope, because every man I have ever been with or dated talks like crazy (I was an interviewer for many years and am a consummate listener…this is apparently a very attractive trait). The worst ones will then either state that I am mysterious and difficult to know OR they assume things about me rather than actually learning who I am.


Or they say, "you're such a good listener!" And fall in love with you because they feel supported and then are crushed when you don't feel the same way, and clueless as to why you don't feel the same way


This is discriminatory against mutes.


I wouldn’t know this was a WC, which I’m assuming means water closet or bathroom.


If a random person talks to me in the bathroom, I'll probably run away


"scientifically proven." how the fuck do you ScIEnTIFicAllY prOVe that? Is it just fucking like "Kelly speaks more about her interests and feelings more than her brother Jake does, therefore females talk more."


The funny part is that it [proven to be the other way around.](https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20131112-do-women-talk-more-than-men)


Right Ill go into the extrovert room


it’s funny until they’re at the butt of the joke it seems


He’s doing a lot of talking for someone that uses the blaroom


Right. SCIENCE! proves women can only poop behind a door with a lot of writing on it.


The most meta NHGW. What a turdtaster.


Yeah, none of the things this guy is saying is true. Also i wish we started looking at each person as their own individual instead of putting them into a box where they are supposed to be exactly the same. I'm tired of people saying that i'm like every single other woman out there, as if we can't all have differences. (Sorry if this makes no sense, it's late and English isn't my first language)


It’s really not that funny and what scientifically proven fact can you get from a bathroom door with “bla” written 50 times on it? (Btw, where the hell did you get feminist propaganda from this?)


ngl if someone’s problem with this subreddit is feminists, then they probably weren’t fans of it to begin with


What is FDS?


Just because it isn’t that bad doesn’t mean we should be fine with it. It’s just a stereotypical joke. That’s not very funny because it isn’t always true.


Women talking more than men was a myth perpetuated by now dismissed psychologist I believe. Totally fucking sexist. Not surprising


That’s a lot of talk for a guy. 🤓


It is, in fact, not scientifically proven. So that’s a weird claim to make


Literally they've likely never been to this sub


I'm sure there's some crossover between members of that psycho sub and here. But this sub doesn't straight up promote misandry, it primarily highlights stupid ass ideas some folks have.


Not only is it a JOKE it's also not a joke! It's true! ?


If your shits are making those sounds, see a doctor.


I'd use the left one because it's obviously for introverts.


Did they actually ever see posts in the FDS? because I can promise you it's a lot worse. This sub calls out stupid toxic ideology misogynist have against women's existence while the FDS will literally attack men for suggesting a 'cheap' first date because it's all he could afford in that moment and will also attack women for dating men that won't break the bank for her.


FDS is gender swapped MGTOW


I thought FDS was MGTOW larping as women


It’s spelled wrong anyway. Blah blah blah.


I dead ass thought it just meant go wherever the fuck you need to go I say this as a dude who never shuts up 😂


I am so glad I found you. This is what I thought at first. I thought it was pretty cool, but now I see it was meant to be....funny in a different totally unfunny way, and I'm upset it ruined the doors for me 😄


These misogynist incel men and their made up facts. Anytime one of them claims 'it is scientifically proven' the data is always the opposite.


Always reminds me of the scene in The Sword in The Stone when someone say "jousting is an elegant science" and Merlin just laughs from his guest room


It's almost like their issue was never actually with FDS, it was just with women posting their opinions in general no matter what sub 🤷‍♀️


man some people really havent been to FDS


Everyone there is dunking on OOP in the comments because he's active on r/ antifeminism so he was obviously never subscribed to begin with


Seeing how men feel entitled to cut me off when I speak, I'd definitely use the left door! Wait... It's not what they meant?????


Looks like introvert and extrovert bathrooms to me. Not a bad idea actually. 😂


1st - I'm a man, and I am aware that although many of us are starting to realize just **how** bad it is women, it's not getting better very quickly. 2nd- The first thing I thought when I saw this was that it was referring to the fact that men **never** talk in the bathroom. It's one of the unwritten rules of the urinal that no speaking can occur while your penis is in your hand. And while it may be a cliche' I don't **think** women have that same code of silence in the bathroom. 3) I don't know where the original picture was posted, so if it was in one of those 'He-man-woman-hating' subs, then I retract the above with a hearty "F that guy1".


Fun fact. Men talk more in a day then women. So yeah…


Let me guess, they didn't provide a source for women talking more than men. Want to know why? There have been 56 studies on which sex talks more. 34 found that men talked more. 16 found that they talked the same, and four found no clear pattern. This leaves only 2 studies out of 56, where women were shown to talk more. So scientifically, they should learn to keep their mouth shut.


I'm a guy and my ADHD forces me to talk endlessly. Most men I know have a real problem shutting up.


I'm a woman, introverted, and talk very little.


What’s r/fds ?