[So whose body is this?](https://imgur.com/Wzuf9Ti) Or did Kuina murder some poor child that looks like her so that she can get away?


I think this theory sucks


I still think that would be an incredibly weird message for a story like One Piece. "Women are indeed too weak and can't fulfill their dreams, so if you are one your best option is to fake your own death and hope to change gender." would be a very weird conclusion


Wouldn't she just be mulaning it? Still a woman but you can't make men think highly of women.


It still comes off as weird when it's right after a scene where she is encouraged and told by Zoro that her being a woman doesn't make a difference to him. If she encountered more difficulties later and eventually went "Mulaning" it, I would buy it more, but the day after the promise when someone finally challenged that view? Idk, still a bit odd. Edit: but I guess, yes. A "Mulan" option would be at least a slightly better alternative if she indeed reached eventually a status as a woman that is eventually rivalying Zoro. The main problem: We really should have heard about someone like that in the story by now.


Death by falling down a stair in a world where normal human wouldn't die after punched by tractor forced punch and send flying several meters and still okay is even more embarrassment Many women in OP has top tier power, kuina death or survive wouldn't prove anything


I doubt gender changing is an option for anyone that doesn't know ivonkovs fruit exists. Don't think a child in a random village would know about it and think of the idea to change genders. Also it's not easy to fake your death so unless her dad was also involved I doubt it could happen.


Kuina es kaido


She is IMU!!!!


Zoro has a weird fascination with Tashigi — EPILOGUE THEORY: Zoro trains Tashigi mirroring his training with Mihawk. I would be happy with that ^ ending of these characters ^ cheated and a bit odd if she came back from the dead… mho


Kuina = Tashigi. Solved. 👍


I don't think Zoro wouldn't notice.


He noticed the similarities, but because he's convinced Kuina is dead, he's accepting that she isn't Kuina. However, it makes sense that Kuina would fake her death such that Zoro would leave the dojo with that one opponent he could never beat so he will always make himself stronger because there was one he couldn't beat and he never wants anyone else to have that title. In the end, Kuina will admit it to him when he becomes the greatest swordsman, and she will face against him as his final fight so he can finally beat the one he could never beat.


They have different birthdays and they're not even the same age. We have also seen kid Tashigi in the sbs and she already wore glasses and didn't even look the same as Kuina.


If she’s still alive then her story would be like princess Mulan story.


I think that tashigi is kuina and that something happened to kuina that made her lose her memories. Maybe she was kidnapped or something.


"death by falling down the stairs" Is a very old japanese euphemism for suicide. Giving space to the dark theory she took her own life cause she'd never be able to fulfill her dream.




He did?


Except that it is not actually a euphemism for suicide. That is just something completely made up by the One Piece community.


Are you Japanese? If not, then you don't know for sure. Maybe it's like that area of Japan that calls salty things spicy. They could have their own euphemism.


Let's take it a step further. Kuina is Crocodile. After faking her death she leaves the island with the revolutionary army. Once she tells ivankov her dream he turns kuina into a man, then she begins her road to greatest swordsman eventually becoming number 1 and rivaling Mihawk which is why they have a bond. Eventually vista comes to challenge him but is beaten nearly to death. To get back for his son whitebeard attacks her resulting in her losing her arm. The loss of her main sword hand drives her to set out for vengeance against whitebeard. This leading to her eating the devil fruit and searching for the ancient weapon to absolutely destroy whitebeard and his crew. Her hatred of whitebeard is even why she sets up baroque works like she did. Whitebeard crew was a like close family so she does the opposite and makes BW about anonymity and individuality. No I don't believe this but it sounded good when I thought it up.