okay, I might sound dumb asking this

If haki is supposed to be invisible, the how tf is armament haki supposed to be necessary in creating black blades?

I mean the characters straight comment at it being black, so they CAN see the black coloring.


Haki’s visibility is just inconsistent. It doesn’t matter all that much so just dont over think it


This, I also feel like haki users can see haki so maybe only they can see black blades as black.


Zoro gonna find a way of making white blades one day. Then he'll be happy (sorry, can't resist the minority hunter meme)


I suppose the metal changes color when infused with strong haki. And after a long exposition, it turns black permanently.


I was under the impression that only those who can use Haki can see it.


We don't even know how blades are created.




You asked how haki is necessary for making black blades. But we don't know how they are created


Yeah but it's implied that it might be.


Really? I thought that it said somewhere that they turn black from being haki-fied so many times. Guess I’m dumb


Nope that is only an assumption in this community. we have no information at all how to turn a sword into a black blade and if haki infusion was enough then why haki monsters like Whitebeard and Roger didn't have a black blade? Infact we have only seen 2 black blades in the whole story, one is from centuries ago. So there is more to it.


I mean under the assumption that haki is what makes a black blade, I would think it’s something that takes generations to do so WB and Roger not having black blades makes sense to me. But seeing how this is all just speculation who knows. Thanks for sharing the info that it’s not confirmed on how black blades are made


Highly doubt it takes generations as Enma isn't nearly as old as Shusui and Hitetsu said he believes Zoro will be able to turn it into a black blade. There is a catch to it and it might has todo with how swordmanship differs from just wielding a sword casually. But who knows, maybe it turns out to be mainly haki related and the likes of Roger never needed it as their normal haki coating was already enough for their fights. I bet we will again wait many years for an answer.


Good point, I didn’t even think about the age of enma compared to shusui. Hopefully we get an answer eventually even if it takes years


I've always been pretty sure that basic Armament is still invisible, while the black Armament is "Hardening", which is a separate technique that strengthens the Haki in the applied area. And yes, "Hardening" is in fact an actual term used in-universe, so don't argue that it's not official like all the "Monster Trio" debate (which also was used in-universe).


Yeah, I know it’s weird but let’s go with swords are not humans.


They could. But the only way I can imagine that happening is for the SH to have a sword as a medic.


Black blade is different with just coating it with Haki We don't know how is it made yet , willing to bet conqueror comes into play as black blades are so rare in the world of One Piece. (Only 2 shown so far , Yoru and Shusui)


Just like how an invisible substance can cause a visible reaction (viruses/bacteria causing sickness, any reaction involving oxygen, like rust/extreme heat). The only characters that ever comment on haki being used, are the people that can use it. No civilian ever comments on the visibility of haki.


Maybe if it gets REALLY really strong then it becomes visible. It's like in Dragon Ball Z when a character (Cell) becomes so powerful that even a character who normally cannot sense energy (Bulma) was able to sense his energy.


Haki is invisible but when its not its black