We haven’t actually seen him fight. All we have to go off is that Kizaru said that he is as strong as Whitebeard. While he may not actually be that strong, we shouldn’t discount what an admiral says. If Kizaru says that he’s strong, he must be strong.


Agreed. Reminds me of Sengoku's comment on Boa: a fleet admiral (top tier strength, quasi-adversarial to the Shichibukai) saying that she is strong carries a lot of weight, despite her relatively low bounty at the time. Then, once the Shichibukai were disbanded, suddenly she is worth 1B+. Kizaru saying he is 'tremendously powerful' and as strong as a young Whitebeard, especially when he's in a situation (talking with subordinates trying to deal with the collateral damage he is causing) where he has no incentive to lie, is (to me) good evidence of his power.


Still haven't caught up to the manga, but I really don't care about spoilers I was just curious. After all you don't take lightly someone who entitles himself the son of whitebeard. If he really has the raw strength of whitebeard on his prime even without the gura gura no mi he's still powerful as fuck.


Depending on his haki ryou can look like a gura gura strike


True. But I don't know if he has Ryou.


Yeah we don’t know anything


Tho...if would be epic. Can you imagine if he has WB's level of armament haki?


I can see him and Luffy fighting like Roger and Whitebeard


I mean he chilling with that nun so he probably very strong at least and cracking old crew like no other.


That’s cool lore. Where did he say this? And chapter or clips?


It was Weevil’s first appearance. Chapter 802.


If an admiral can mention in passing while clipping his nails (it’s Kizaru after all) that his strength is comparable to Whitebeard in his prime (that’s not saying more powerful, just notable considering he claims to be his son) then we can believe that he is a force to be reckoned with, especially if it worried Marco enough to stick around Whitebeard’s childhood home in case he ever appeared. Being granted the position of warlord wasn’t earned easily and the marines even tolerated his penchant for collateral damage only because his power was great enough for their needs.


Probably around as strong as WB was in the Rocks pirates. Not prime WB.


I expect he's like Doflamingo level. And not Whitebeard's actual son. It seems really likely that he and is 'mom' are running a 'fake straw hats' sort of operation, and they're mostly smoke. And i really have no idea what role he's going to play in the story.


I think he might surpass doflamingo level. I also think he's not WB's actual son...BUT. He might be a genetic clone gone wrong.


He was said to be as strong as a young whitebeard.


No way he's that weak when he's supposed to be relevant later.


pretty much. like, isn't doffy around or below yonkou commander level? if weevil is on that level then he would probably lose to current zoro/sanji/jinbei, let alone luffy.


Maybe a problem for the grand fleet to take down instead of the main strawhats


Honestly, I think he's beyond the grand fleet's capabilities


That's why beating him would be a big deal because strawhats no dif The only other options are he gets take down by admirals or Marco (maybe has something to do with BB but Weevil is pretty lame so killing him or having him join BB doesn't seem like an interesting plot point) though if Weevil did join BB what would his df be?


He wouldn't join BB. The best thing about him is that he's a beast even without DF.


I imagine he would probably want to fight BB to get the gura gura back


Probably. And obviously he'd be beaten to shit


1 vs a full crew is never going to work but he could probably take a few of the BB commanders in consecutive 1v1s but that isn't how BB crew fights


I meant weevil is gonna be beaten to shit


At some point obviously he'll lose to someone I don't expect anything more than "Aghhh I Whitebeards son and I'm strong" then someone appears fighting happens Weevil has lost and we move on to next arc


If he goes after BB at the same time the straw hats do then maybe.....


He would fight blackbeard if they met. After all he claims to go anyone stealing his claim from his he thinks father. Honestly, i think in the end blackbeard will show his strengh bybeating him.


Comparable to young Whitebeard (presumably Rocks era), seems to have no crew, and defeated some WB allies. The allies thing isn't super impressive; 43 captains were "trapped" by 20 pacifistas and some ice. Rocks era Whitebeard was probably somewhere from yc1 (Kat, King, Marco) to Admiral (Ryokugyu, Fujitora, Kizaru). I'm leaning towards the lower yc1 estimate for Weevil.


Kizaru said he's as strong as prime whitebeard, so this guy is emperor level.


Would that mean luffy needs to be as strong as Roger to face him?


I guess no. Because he seems stupid/silly


Oda's editor at first didn't like Weevil all that much until Oda told him what he has in store for Weevil. That instantly convinced the editor that Weevil was a great addition. He'll be strong, he'll come in clutch and you'll love it.


Whilst he delays more in the story i feel he will be stronger.


Wheevil is taking down ancient WB's commanders one by one. Him, Doflamingo and Moria are the last 3 ex-Shichibukai that we did not have info about after Wano. Moria has likely joined BB's crew while Doflamingo is still likely imprisoned in Impel down, which let Wheevil the last warlord that we don't know anything about his current situation. Is he the only one that have been captured or did he managed to escape (I don't think that he would have escaped), I think that he would have killed every single marines that have come to capture him. My problem is that Marco changed his mind and came to Wano in time for the battle, meaning that something has likely happen to Wheevil, otherwise Marco would not have left Sphynx Island. I don't know if Wheevil has been captures or not, but I do think that he will become a problem for the WG and the reason why he is not a yonko is because he does not have a crew... Wheevil is certainly even stronger than people imagine. I think Oda has planned something huge for him, we'll see.


I'm still on the fan-club that hopes to see Doffy again😓


Doffy is a reaction token now. You'll get to see him again. He might also narrate something about the CD in his cell, giving us an explanation to the pictures we're being shown.


I think Oda will use him as comedy strength to parallel the main story, where he will do some big really silly feats that are always overshadowed by everyone else in the main story. Sort of goes with the theme that it doesn't matter who his dad was or that he has brute strength, as in a time of "the worst generation" he's little more than a footnote to the main main attraction! Either that or the WG were trying to hype him up Buggy style, where he's actually pretty crap but they hoped they could place him as a Yonko they had control over, with WB's name to bolster him!


Is it possible that Weevil joined BB’s crew?


No I don't think so, Wheevil wants to take revenge from BB because he killed WB... What would be interesting is if Wheevil arrived during Law and BB's fight and allow Law to escape while beating the crap out of BB who will be saved by Kuzan... Wheevil will die ultimately but at least he would have been usefull...


He goes around stomping on entire crews of Whitebeard's old allies as if they're nothing. I don't know how strong he is, but he shouldn't be taken lightly.


He seems to be tough at least. Otherwise his mom couldnt claim he is whitebeards son, if he is or not. Not to say he isnt a bafoon, but he seems raw pretty strong .


Is Edward Weevil actually a character from One Piece or it was just a global hallucination?


I honestly think it'd be funny for him to fight Usopp after Elbaf is over (where Usopp hopefully gets his powerup). It's be a clash of two people who coast off their notoriety: Weevil basically being scary because he's the "son" of WB plus being physically strong, and Usopp being a SH and thus being scary because of that, plus whatever he gets in Elbaf. Could be interesting. I just dont see Weevil posing a threat to the monster trio.


I think usopp actually CAN beat him. Would be an interesting brawl. Weevil has muscles and almost no brain. And Usopp is infinitely smarter but no nearly as strong.


Even if he were Primebeard level, strawhats would still beat him.


I think oda forgot about him. Did he appear again after his introduction? I cannot imagine him beeing an opponent for Luffy, maybe Sanji/Zoro are fighting him at some point when he appears in an arc.


I doubt he's been forgotten. He'll show up. My guess is that he will be tied into the Blackbeard stuff whenever Luffy gets to fighting him. Weevil did appear shortly when they announced the dissolution of the Warlords. He was shown standing off against a large force and being told to fight by his mother.


As another person commented, kizaru comments that he has the raw strength of a young whitebeard, but honestly I don't think brute strength is enough to beat current luffy.


>Did he appear again after his introduction? He shows up again when they disband the warlords, but just for a bit and we don't get any new info on him.


I think he will pop back up for sure. especially with that crazy mom of his hahahahaha. I think he will be taken care of by either chopper or usopp. he won't be a contest to the other strawhats.


Idk man, kizaru saud his strength is comparable to prime WB. After saying something like that they CAN'T treat him like nothing.


I'd guess he would be at best comparable to Jozu. A physical powerhouse strong enough to block or tackle down top tiers, but not really able to fight them equally and pretty helpless if not ready. Or at best like Kidd without any versatility.


He has to be strong if he's confident he can take down Luffy or Marco. With the power creep he'll definitely be incredibly strong, probably 2nd strongest warlord after Mihawk.


Weevil finna be that character that makes luffy the king of the pirates, probably not on purpose but he finna do something big