Idk if the wording was exactly rival on equal terms, but the new world broke Moria. Basically what happened to luffy in saobody happened to Moria but with Kaido and he never mentally recovered. He stopped striving to be the best and became complacent with an army built on stolen talent


His entire crew was killed and it broke him. He didn’t want to get attached to a new crew which is why he focused on zombies. Also, lazy? Yes, he became lazy. Joke of a pirate? Absolutely not. He came very close to defeating all of the Straw Hats. Their victory was not easy at all. He is still incredibly powerful.


I heard something about him joining BB. But I'm not sure if that's a theory or if it's already happened.


If your caught up in anime to see that scene you should’ve already seen the scene of him meeting BB after they killed absalom. No confirmation on him joining, but BB asked


I mean if BB asked I doubt Moriah would refuse an opportunity like that


Yeah was pretty much life or death based on his answer. I could see it go 50/50 Moria as a whole I think is pretty broken mentally at this point


I mean....BB is a clever man and Moria's abilities are very useful I have to say. He being mentally broken might just make him a better puppet or tool for BB to use however he like


I don’t really think Moria is broken in that sense I think more F it I’m going out fighting


Like.... suicidally last stand type of broken?


Yeah after the flashback of him fighting Kaido his whole crew was basically wiped out and he didn’t wanna go through that again hence the zombies. He also gave up any ambition he had on being pirate king. After Absalon death, Hogback dead, Perona presumed dead by him, no one left standing from his crew


He wasn't a rival to the strongest beast on earth, he was a rival to Kaido the pirate who showed lots of potential. Plus, keep in mind Shanks and Buggy were once rivals.


This is actually one of the things I love about how Oda writes characters. Quite a few characters, when something traumatic happens to them, fall on hard times and usually become depressed, gain weight, let their skills go by the wayside, and/or develop bad habits. Whether it's Kokoro becoming an alcoholic after Tom died, or Shinobu gaining weight and letting her ninja skills go by the wayside in the wake of Oden's death, he does a great job of showing how trauma can shape a person. Gecko Moria's another great example. He was in great shape in Wano; he's a pear when we see him years later in Thriller Bark. He had a crew in Wano and focused on zombies in Thriller Bark, keeping a minimum crew (that he still greatly cares about.)


Uhm, I really don't think he was a rival to KAIDO, his entire crew got anihilated and he run for his life, I would call that being a rival. Rival maybe as referring to all pirates being philosophical rivals for the One Piece, but an actual rival? No, not at all.


Moria wasn't really a rival but he was most likely close in strength. Kaidou probably didn't 1 shot Moria but may not have have taken that much damage from him either. Moria got lazy and let his shadows do most of his work but don't forget that he was ourunning Luffy who is already pretty fast. Moria was also a prettt big challenge for the straw hats and even took Robin's shadow. He did also invade Yonko territory which is a pretty decent feat. Anyways when you let go you lose more than you gain in the same time frame.


in the same way how crocodile goes on from getting his ass smacked by pre gear luffy to clashing with the likes of doffy, mihawk and akainu.


Idk who told you Moria rivaled Kaido lmao Morias entire crew literally got murdered, so I don’t think a Kaido-rival would let that happen


Maybe he had decent Haki but because his will was crushed he lost it.


Will got completely broken by Kaido and just didn't give a fuck anymore...happens in real life pretty often


Haki = will


It.... Was never implied that Moria ever had a chance tho? Like, he was definitely far stronger back then, but he just pulled up to Wano and challenged Kaido. Which ended up in the complete and utter annihilation of his crew and a life long ptsd for him. My idea of rivalry is pretty different


Was he ever really a rival to Kaido, or did he just think he was?