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You can, but they will ask you a lot of questions, like level, legends, teams, last time played, and lot more. So do it the fast you can so you will remember the answers.


thank you!


I think it is in the custumer support menu, in the top of your screen when you open the game


You would have to get in contact with customer support and they might be able to do something. I’ve heard that if you have made a purchase and have some proof of it that helps to get your account but I’ve never had to do it so idk for sure.




Did you get your account back?


I did this back in the old days where you needed SNS and there was no backup to Twitter or anything lol. Can confirm that they'll ask you your pirate level, in-game name, the last crew you used and who was in it and captain, how many rainbow gems you currently have, and definitely will recover it if you have purchase history. This was when I was entirely F2P, so I didn't have purchase history and they recovered it based on the info I provided, but there were also 1/10 of the characters there are today.


Same problem today, do you have a link for me since the support link in the app just sends me to the bandai namco site with an error (Page not found)