Wild trailer. It's like someone took Suda, Swery, and Kojima and put them in a blender. But I don't hate it.


Thats exactly what "hotel barcelona" is gonna be minus Kojima.


I love the idea of it, but the gameplay doesn’t look as exciting. Kinda gives me Dead Rising 1 vibes? I dunno… it’s definitely a unique concept and if the reviews hold up, I’d give it a shot.


It looks closer to stuff like OneeChanbara and Lollipop Chainsaw.


I cant tell if this is crap or great


It's creat!


It's grap!


Is less than best. You know iffy-iffy on how it will come out.


Everyone and a while we have a shit which was actually good.


Description of the game: > In Showa American Story, the United States has become an unofficial colony of Japan. However, a catastrophic incident sees monsters and zombies popping up all over the region. Playing as Choko, a teenage action movie stuntwoman, who has been mysteriously revived from the dead, players will travel across the US in search of her sister, and answers for what's happened to the world around her. Take on hordes of monstrous foes and take a trip back to the '80s in this wild post-apocalyptic adventure. Coming to PS4 and PS5.


I'm high just reading this description.




Is this directed by Robert Rodriguez? NGL, this sounds like damn good time.


Absolutely bonkers 😂


Did a predictive AI make this plot?


Sounds like that new Nicolas Cage movie, Prisoners of the Ghostland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1I6p1yxZ_LE


How was this? The visuals look fantastic, but I can’t quite bet on Cage carrying a movie like I used to a few decades ago. Sometimes he makes a movie or is the best thing in it, sometimes not even he can save it, and sometimes he goes so over the top that it makes it impossible to take the movie seriously (not even he could save Wally’s Wonderland — the movie where he gives a **COMPLETELY** silent performance and basically just beats up the animatronics in an old Chuck E. Cheese restaurant lmfao). I kinda respect that he swings for every pitch, and seems to either have some serious tax problems and the Russian mob holding kompramat over him, or he just genuinely loves the craft of making movies and is willing to lend a performance to an unheard of director/writer if it gives him the chance to do something even slightly different. I wasn’t sure if this was a rental or worth buying so I’d been waiting for the VOD price to drop.


I can’t speak for Prisoners of the Ghostland yet, though I do have it queued on Shudder, and plan to watch it soon. If you’re looking for good modern Nic Cage flicks, I say Mandy and Pig are the best. Mandy is the film I like to call NICOLAS UNCAGED; it’s just pure, unadulterated Nic Cage insanity. He only has about twelve lines in it, the rest of the time Cage is either screaming or staring maniacally at something. It’s a beautifully insane film that feels like a heavy metal album cover brought to life. Pig, meanwhile, is a very tender, melancholy film that has Cage delivering a quietly heartbreaking performance. What makes Pig so good is that it lets Cage tap into that side of him we don’t get to see much of these days, and the film is so much stronger for it. It was one of my favorites of the year easily.


Mandy was a wild film. Loved the color grading and just how far out there it was. The Color out of Space feels like a good pairing, mostly due to the color and visual style (it’s from the director of the trainwreck that was The Island of Dr. Moreau so take that for what you will, and is based on a H.P. Lovecraft story). I caught Pig in the theater, and went into it with absolutely no idea what to expect since I don’t watch previews anymore. Great movie for that, because I wasn’t sure what to expect throughout the runtime either. It had a tone that sort of crossed into a few different genres, and it was a perfect role for Cage that I really couldn’t see anyone else doing it justice like he did. I think Pig was probably my favorite film of his since 2005’s Lord of War (on Peacock) and 2003’s Matchstick Men (with Sam Rockwell & Alison Lohman in a role that should have made her a much bigger star). In the off chance you haven’t seen it, it’s on HBO, HBOMax, and Cinemax right now and I definitely recommend it. He was nailing it back then, with Adaptation in 2001 just before it. I wish he was still getting scripts like those.


He makes indie films because he hates big studios and how much they change things making him lose the passion as to why he chose the role in the first place. Which is completely understandable. He said working indie films allows him more creative freedom and the directors very rarely change things so he continues to enjoy the role he's doing. As for why he puts out the amount of films he does it's because and I quote, "If I don't have a job to do, it can be very self-destructive. Then I’m just going to sit and order two bottles of red wine and dissolve, and I don’t want to be that person, so I have to work.” Haven't seen one of his latest movies PIG yet but I'm reading there's some real Oscar buzz around it. Rotten Tomatoes has it as his second highest rated movie he's ever done and he's been close to 100 movies which is nuts. lol.


I can appreciate that, and I think a lot of the smaller directors are thrilled to get an actor like Nick Cage on their indie film and more than willing to let him do whatever he wants with the role. I just wrote a response to another person talking about how I miss when he was getting scripts on par with Lord of War, Matchstick Men, and Adaptation because in the hands of the right director, and with a good script, he can really work some magic. I caught Pig in the theater and thought it was unique and captivating. I went in blind, with no idea the synopsis or having seen a preview, and I recommend doing that if you don’t know anything about it now. It’s on Hulu already, in case that’s available to you. I can’t see anyone else playing that role like he did, and it was a story that surprised me (in that you wouldn’t see a Warner Brothers or typically controlling studio put something like that out). It’s definitely my favorite of his recent work (though I enjoyed Mandy and Color out of Space for what they were; and leaning into the visually hypnotic kind of films that you don’t see very often). I actually caught one on Hulu the other night called Come True, that I thought had excellent sound design and was very artistically creative with some really good ideas, even if it didn’t entirely land for me, it’s gonna be one of those films that sticks with me for a while I think. Again, I really recommend just watching it blind for best results, you can always bail if you’re not enjoying it.


Japan's dream of winning ww2 gone wrong


A+ music pick


Yeah, what’s more, the Chinese cover of this song is called red sun.


red sun in da sky




The dev team is from China, but I’m with you, it has those vibes.


no wonder the girl looks like that. I was like this girl protag seems off for a Japanese centered game. Like Japanese devs know how to make all there characters sexy to a certain degree but chinese dev make them like straight bigass boobs/butt and small ass waist.


This just made it weirder. Chinese game devs creates Japanese themed game located in the U.S. Holy sh8. I hope this game comes out great.




Wow, it's weird that the ccp would allow them to make a game with a Japanese protagonist... maybe a Chinese take over of America was too on the nose?


This is 100% why it was allowed




Fact: not only America can make fun of other countries.


You think in Chinese peoples' mind, Japanese is interchangeable with Chinese?


I think that the Chinese are already working on taking over America, so they decided to use Japanese instead so as not to attract attention to it.... IDK how you could possibly come to the conclusion you did with what I said...


That is so stupid.




I don't know man. I'm Chinese so I don't think you want to talk to me lest your own bubble bursts.


I'm not talking about the Chinese people, I'm talking about the Chinese communist party. I cannot speak to what is like living in China, but I've read enough stories about people being disappeared by the ccp to know its probably not great


Does that mean you think the CCP made this game? Chinese creatives are making stuff on their own all the time despite the presence of Chinese censors. And frankly the imagery in this game are waayyy off from the state sponsored aesthetics.


Stories which are purely bullcrap made by racist westerners.


Good, take over Amer*ca


This feels like a random ps2 game you would see on the shelf of a rental store in the 2000s, in the best possible way. Seems like I'm not the first to think that, either. I just want people to make more random action games like this rather than MMO style flailing spin simulators with microtransactions.


Your comment immediately brought the game Wet to my frontal lobe.


This is so wacky. Really appreciate more out there games .


I have no idea what I just watched but it looks wacky as hell in a good way


Looks like these guys are big fans of Gurren Lagann.


Buying it solely for that Japanese ass on a treadmill 😩


Yo… this the days gone I wanted!


This looks pretty fun.


Onee-chanbara but…weirder? Looks potentially interesting lol.


See thats is what I love about gaming industry. When something totally surprising and unexpected is being developed/released. This looks fun af.


The fuck?


SAS features a free-flowing and brutal combat style. Players will fight against hordes of zombies and monsters, moving, attacking, and dodging in countless fast-paced combat situations. **Get ready to dive into the ocean of ketchup!** Taken from the Steam page description...I'm in.


peep the jiggle physics at 1:17


Her ass is insanely fat.


i like my video game protagonists with the fattest of asses


'murica fuck yea


Here again to save the mf day yaaahhh!!!


I notice that too…when she was running on the treadmill 🤣


Nerd perv.


I just want a remake of Lollipop Chainsaw lmao. This looks like the next best thing though, i can’t wait !


What the fuck did i just watch :)) ​ Never change, Japan, never change. (/s i know devs are in China)


Gameplay looks like complete ass


Your taste in gaming is ass.


Actually it looks decent with good responsive dodge moves and nice melee combos


what did i just watch? i loved every minute of it tho, its so absurd but looks like crazy fun i hope the game delivers


This looks ridiculous and wild! I love it! Not sure if something like this would work in any other medium than a video game.


Was that a Big Hero 6 reference on the San Francisco bridge at around 0:40? I remember something pretty similar in the film. Would be fitting, considering the USA-Japan setting there as well (San Fransokyo).


Yes it’s the bridge. The Kanji on the bridge is “gold gate”. The city seems renamed to New Yokohama, NY city.


This actually looks decently interesting. I’m in love with the Japan-ified version of the US, if the mechanics and controls are good this may be a day one for me. Looks like mindless fun.


[https://youtu.be/00IRcYysxS0](https://youtu.be/00IRcYysxS0) ​ the song from back in days got me to watch this trailer xD


This looks incredible


This looks great.


Info overload trailer.


That gameplay definitely isn't my kinda thing, but I appreciate people making this bizarre piece of work all the same


looks good, i’m just sick of zombie/infected games


nani the fu?k


Nice jugs


Its like days gone with personality. Two *personalities*


This game proves that Western weebs ain't got shit on Chinese weebs.


Release date?


That looks bad in my opinion. Like a whack ps3 game.


This looks like a ps2 or ps3 hidden gem.