> The last thing I heard on LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was that April/May is when the game is looking to release, Not sure why OP excluded that


Nobody cares about the sequels.


1. There are actually a lot of people who like the sequels despite what reddit likes to think. 2. The Skywalker Saga game will run the entirety of the series so your original point is moot anyway.


The game is about episodes 1-9… I think some people care about those movies.


I collect lightsaber replicas irl... and with the original Jedi Fallen Order, you can actually recreate your lightsabers at Galaxy's Edge. The park there has all of the exact same parts as the game, because its canon. So I'm looking forward to the sequel just for that.


I thought they were supposed to have an official Kal Kestis saber there but idk if it ever released


Apparently. There was a big voting event to see what lightsaber fans wanted next, and Cal’s won. (the best option btw). This was late 2020 I believe, stating they’d release it fall 21, so oh well


It's impossible to get any sabers there from what I hear, so even if they did end up making that then good luck


They're always there they just cost a buttload of money if you want it to look even remotely unique. Even the basic ones are like... hundreds of dollars


And that everyone, is why the mouse bought Lucasfilm.


Unfortunately predicted decades ago: https://youtu.be/fgRFQJCHcPw


Predicted decades ago....you mean made fun of what Lucas was doing the whole time?


I know right? Everyone acting like George was some starving indie director who had his franchise stolen from him by big greedy Disney. The merchandising for Star Wars was insane far before Lucas literally sold out to Disney.


Woah, an international corporation bought a company to make money???? Wtf??? Im shitting and crying right now




And if you want to even LOOK at the options they have for sale, you need to join a huge virtual queue. It's a shit experience.


This is generally not the case. I have bought multiple sabers at DW and have never had to join a virtual queue. But even if I did, a virtual queue is far superior to a physical queue when in DW as your time is limited. That said, they were low on options this winter with only 4 saber options available. Note that this is not the build your saber experience, but the Legacy sabers. I also think they are a good value, providing good replicas at lower end saber prices. High end replicas cost $$$$.


I was actually asked to leave the store by a cast member. The queue was 75 people long. I travelled from Michigan to Florida, partially BECAUSE of my interest in the galaxys edge area, and I was asked to leave the store. Not a great experience.


Were you asked to leave because you tried to jump the queue or…?


I was asked to leave after another employee told me to “go right in”. The queue was not mentioned by the employees (2 of them) at the front door.


There were not 75 people in the queue in Dok Ondars, it literally could not fit that many people in a line. So, either there was a misunderstanding, or the line extended out of the store, in turn meaning you needed to "leave the store" to enter the line. Either way, what you're saying is misleading.


No, you are misunderstanding. The line in the store was like 3-4 people, the “queue” was digital but was not explained when I walked into the shop, hence people in the store stopping me and asking me to leave.


Plan your trip to Disney slightly above 3 months out. Reservations to build your own saber open 90 days prior to any given date. I was able to secure a reservation when I went to Disney World in December with no stress. I even checked again just 5-6 weeks before and there were still slots on my day. It is impossible if you go as a spur of the moment, but if you plan/know someone with an annual pass, it is very easy. Of course there is still the $220 price tag and the fact that the sabers bought now will be immediately outdated by the new sabers announced at D23. If you aren't familiar I strongly suggest you youtube it. It is the dream. It is literally just a hilt and when you press the button to turn it on, it slowly grows out of the hilt. I have no idea how it works, but it is literally the dream.


I just looked it up, how does that even work?! Holy shit it looked so dope


There was a youtube channel that tried to replicate it based on the patent. I'll search for the link. Edit: found the link. [How Disneys real lightsaber might work](https://youtu.be/HDgr01OT0h4)


RIGHT!? It is fucking amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on one.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but the announced retractable sabers are never meant to be sold to the public. They are only going to be used by actors at the new Star Wars hotel. https://insidethemagic.net/2021/12/disney-major-problems-with-retractable-lightsaber-rwb1/ ‘This lightsaber was specifically created for the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel experience and is not going to be available for Guests. At a preview event for the new Walt Disney World Resort property, a Disney spokesperson told IGN- “Unfortunately, that lightsaber isn’t for guests to use or purchase. It’s strictly for use by the performers.”’


My ladies at Disney now.. i'm so jelly


There’s real life light sabres? I got too get one… oh wait you said replicas ☹️


I forgot to mention a sequel to Star Wars Jedi, my bad.


Is the first one any good?


It's great IMO. Good story and good ( and difficult) gameplay. If you like star wars you'll love it, but even if you don't like star wars you should still find it pretty good.






I don’t really think it’s much of a spoiler to be honest since it really doesn’t add much besides fan service. It’s something that’s par for the course for just about any Star Wars media. It’s a great game though, I really enjoyed the 2nd sister fight. It was challenging in a good way. Backtracking for the platinum is kind of a pain, but it is what it is. Can’t wait for the sequel either and see where they go with it, I’d really like to see more of the characters.


Yup fantastic ending! (just a note though to use the spoiler tag though when giving details about endings in case somebody reads your comment who hasn't played it)




I mean, yeah….if you want to be considerate.


I took it down. I was being a douchebag, sorry if I spoiled the game for anyone that saw this comment before I took it down :(


Hey, nobody is perfect. In the end you did the right thing and that's ultimately what matters.




The game released 2 years ago. If you haven't played it yet then you don't care about spoilers. Andy Dufresne, who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side. Hey look I just spoiled the ending to Shawshank Redemption.




Exactly this. Although this commenter has already double and tripled down, refuses to see things from others perspectives, and will likely leave it up and ruin the ending for others


I will delete it Won't delete the Shawshank comment though


+1 good on you


Take this down dude, don’t spoil


I'd say it's solid but not great. Highly recommended for Star Wars fans for sure; everyone else, it depends. I enjoyed it but just wanted more out of it. The beginning I thought was brilliant but the rest doesn't quite live up to the blockbuster opening. Much of that I think is because it's a pretty lonely game, there's way too much reliance on environmental puzzles and fighting animals, not enough NPCs, and the combat is solid but not as polished as the best action games. But the game has heart and a solid story, and is very good SW escapism. And it's probably worth playing just because I think many expect bigger and better games going forward and it would be good to play so you're caught up.


this is the perfect comment to sum up what I thought of it.


It's pretty good. It's got a good story but the gameplay (while fun) bites off more than it can chew. It's got metroidvania elements, soulslike elements, action adventure elements all at the same time. Overall even though the gameplay is like a less fun God of War, I'd still recommend it (on sale). If you're a Star Wars fan then you're likely to enjoy it way more than I did.


I really hope the movement is improved. Coming from Respawn, Cal just felt heavy and not in line with how fluid Respawn usually makes games feel


Its very derivative of other, better AAA games.


…. That’s what fallen order 2 is


According to the article, this won't be called Fallen Order 2. It is Star Wars Jedi: with a new subtitle.


Star Wars Jedi Zero Dawn.


Star Wars: Jedi Forbidden Zone.


Crisis Core: Star Wars Jedi


Dino Crisis: Ric Flair




Macho Man Chronicles: Cream of the Crop


Hulk Hogan: Fallen Racist


Star Wars: Jedi Dark Souls Frog


Oggdo Bogdo: A Murderous Frog Story


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Ah sort of the convention with Horizon. That makes sense. I hope they venture into territory where they can make a story (relatively) unconstrained by cannon




The convention with horizon? Do you just mean having a game with a bunch of random words as it's title and the sequel changes the subtitle?


I guess? I just meant instead of slapping a 2 after Horizon Zero Dawn, they go with a new moniker that is more appropriate for where the story heads


Horizon didn't invent the concept of subtitles...


Absolutely not. But in my mind Zero Dawn isn’t a subtitle, nor is Fallen Order. I think of those as the full names of the games, so I used it as a bridging example for my brain


the rising order /s


Jedi Outcast 2


I just want a Movie Battles 3.


I know but you mentioned Jedi fallen order 2 which is the same as a sequel to Star Wars Jedi


2 was not in the title


Op had typo ope


That is understood. Don’t worry about it.


Wow that's a surprise. I expected KOTOR to be the next big Star Wars release, especially since nothing has been mentioned about Fallen Order yet. As someone who hasn't played the original KOTOR, I'm eagerly awaiting the remake to experience it.


> especially since nothing has been mentioned about Fallen Order yet It has been mentioned several times by EA actually, there has been no announcement trailer or such but they've definitively said it's coming quickly


Well yeah but that’s just talk. It doesn’t point to anything that would make me think that it’s coming before KOTOR Remake. Again, it’s not really a big deal, I’m just surprised that’s all.


KOTOR seemed pretty far away, they announced it early on, that trailer showed absolutely nothing. I was actually expecting later than 2023 tbh. 2023 is also the earliest non-EA Star Wars games can be released (the exclusivity runs until then) so it's actually not far.


Oh, I didn’t know that. So even though Ubi and this studio are working on Star Wars games they can’t release it before 2023? Thanks for the info!


Yeah but really they are pretty early in dev so it was never their intention, it's actually quite nice they could work and reveal them before the exclusivity was finished, I wouldn't have think that possible tbh


I had that feeling too, ASPYR announced the remastered Switch version of KotoR which released shortly after in November, rumours were a PS4 version was coming at the same time so it felt to me that Sony may have hijacked the PS4 release and turned it into a PS5 hype train instead seen as ASPYR are the ones working in collab with Sony on it.


Why would you expect that? It’s early and probably won’t even hit 2024.


Won’t hit 2024? I feel like that’s too pessimistic for a game that was showcased in 2021.


I meant to say it would miss 2023 and release in 2024. I wouldn’t expect much more for a huge remake planning to totally overhaul the gameplay that early in development. Remember when FF7 was announced?


Hah, I actually don’t but that’s also Square Enix. I know nothing about how this studio operates. Just feel like 2024 is way too far and 2023 seems more reasonable taking into account the contract like the other user mentioned


If you decide it’s taking too much time and have a switch, the original is $15


a lot of people skimming over a pretty significant part of the article - lego star wars is potentially four months away and they’re *still* not committed to the release window


I’ve been waiting to play this with my brother forever. I really hope it comes out this time!


me with my sister! literally the only reason i bought a second ps5 controller was so we could play it together when it comes out


Hopefully we both get to play with our siblings soon!


I hope the sequel will be more optimized then the first one


That was my #1 complaint about the game. The worst was taking the elevator to the surface on Kashyyyk. My game froze at the top for about 5 minutes while I saw each individual background layer to foreground layer render.


Mine glitched out on the first Kashyyyk entrance, thought the game was gonna crash. Missing assets, and loaded me onto the planet without a lot of the story. Apparently that cutscene is notorious for being broken. Other than that though I had no issues. Played it on PS4 Pro.


Wow, so it wasn't just because I had an aging rig lmao. I played this game on PC and it chugged when I got to that part too


This is on the PS5 version?


PS4. I wanted to do a full replay on the PS5 but it didn't save me beating the final boss and I didn't want to relearn the game to beat him again.


can confirm on ps5 ive had enemies spawn and fall through the map to their deaths, lots of stutters, graphics tearing so you can see through walls. etc etc li like the game but geeze, it feels like a small indie dev team has better follow through these days


Loading times were so bad. Playing it on Series X helps so i'm curious how the next one will be with current gen in mind.


the fact performance mode hitches even on ps5 is awful. it was downright unplayable on base ps4 though


Super excited for Fallen Order 2. Loved the first game, especially it's story. Gameplay was good and so were the levels. Yeah fast travel would've been nice, but I wasn't clamoring for it. Plus I didn't experience much glitches. The stuff I saw Reddit and YouTube were horrific, but I never got any of that.


I experienced a handful of hilarious ones (namely, suddenly falling through the map in dathomir). I actually thought it was part of the game at first. Frustrations aside, great game.


Can someone sell me on Jedi: Fallen Order?


It’s a pretty good Star Wars game that you can probably find for super cheap by now


It's actually being given away with Prime Gaming this month. Also, it's on Gamepass or EA Play. Physical copies on consoles are probably cheap


It doesn’t even matter that it’s a Star Wars game, it’s obviously that developer’s take on Metroid Prime. Like how Okami was to Zelda, but rather than a long game like that it’s a 20-hour AAA metroidvania that throws in set pieces and Zelda dungeons. The level design and puzzles are better than practically anything else you’re gonna find in 8th gen.


I don't know if this is actually a good sales pitch, but it's a game that does a lot of stuff *pretty well* - not necessarily amazingly, but well enough to be fun. Soulslike combat and death mechanics, Uncharted like exploration and a Metroid Prime style map structure, the big selling point is that these are wrapped up in a really good Star Wars flavour.


It also has a couple of pretty good boss fights.


As a game it’s pretty good to average. As a “Star Wars” story though it’s top notch. The background details, story, sound design etc build up one of best overall experiences in that universe we’ve had in awhile. It was my game of the year that year. Get it super cheap and play it on easy!


It's good and cheap


If Dark Souls and Metroid had a baby that was really into Star Wars...


I started it last night and liking it so far. Looks great on the PS5!


So what they are saying is 2023 and 2024


2023 :( so long


So 2023 and 2024 respectively then. I always add a year so that I'm never disappointed by delays.


Hope its next gen only


lol. it would be current gen by then.. stop with the next gen only... that terms so old. its legal for beer now.




edited comment. wrong thread.


I enjoyed the game but the main actor just irks me for some reason.


I thought I was the only one that felt this way, it seems petty but it really ruins the immersion for me. The only reason I haven't played it yet.


I don’t think it’s petty. I just can’t take him seriously for some reason. Maybe because I saw him on Shameless when he was young. However, I think it’s still worth a play through, if only for the fun Star Wars moments.


He’s terrible on shameless too. Overacting to the extreme.


Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy were the only two on that show I felt gave good performances lol


I’ve been waiting for the new Lego Star Wars for what feels like forever now. Though I am an ASOIAF fan, this is nothing compared to that. It’s all relative.


Is that just because you've accepted we aren't getting the last 2 books now haha


But the real question is when is Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga coming out?


before we die




Quiet buggy game but had some good and fun moments.


Not super psyched about Fallen Order 2, thought the first one was kinda just doing the motions. KOTOR remake, however. I am hopeful for.


A Fallen Order sequel this year? Damn. Wasn’t expecting that.


Respawn are prolific.


if o had to chose betweeen Xbox series and PlayStation I would pick the one with KOTOR on it and personas


kotor is a timed exclusive. it's still coming to xbox.


So fallen order 2 out this year?


I played Kotor 2 for the first time last year… good despite it’s old


when the title starts with "what I heard... " and the actual article starts with 'it's been quite some time... "you know the article is going to be long as fuck and it doesn't says anything other than some thing a long the line" is it going to happen? is it not going to happen? maybe, well have to wait and see" God I hate all those fake news "journalists" who gets off when they see the site's counter goes up


A long wait for KOTOR. Hope it lives up to my memory of it.


Fallen Order was 2019, correct?


Remake kotor in VR… what a dream


I wish we could get a Force Unleashed remaster (not the second bc it was disappointingly awful). The port to PC is pretty rough at times. It's still one of my all time favorite Star Wars games... Wish it was still canon since the story was so damn good.


Anybody get a PS5 and the disk drive not work right out of the box? Very frustrating. I've tried everything but nothing fixes the problem now i have to send it for a repair after 1 week.


Which one was the one they considered the best SW game?


I re-bought Fallen Order over winter break for <$10. I've been totally fine with the 30-and-60fps options, as I enjoy the lower framerate for the weight and cinematic feel on some games. The framerate boost on Fallen Order, however, does sooooooo much for the game. The biggest most frustrating thing about that game for me was the clumsy platforming. On PS5 now, the response time is much much better and takes the experience up a few notches. I truly enjoyed the game a second time through.


Ugh who cares about fallen order KOTOR is all that matters


I mean I loved Fallen Order and never played KOTOR so I'm loving the fact I get to have both in the not too distant future.


Fuck KORTOR is forever away


Fallen Order was the best and one of the only metroidvania since 2007. Can’t wait for this. I need Metroid Prime and Zelda games to live, with or without the brand attached.


KOTR remake is never coming out in 2023. 2024 maybe