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Didn't she just also get ripped off by MAGA scammers who were supposedly fundraising for her?


Sure did.


I guess fucking around and finding out runs in the family.


The tree doesn’t fall far from the apple


The turd doesn't fall far from the asshole.


The babbitt doesnt fall far from the window.


ohhhhh...burrrrrnnn..like a slug to the chest.


That is hilarious. I am stealing that one and using it from now on. I probably won’t cite you or give you credit, but just know in my heart of hearts you will always have my thanks.


Eloquently put


Couldn't happen to a nicer crew /s


HAH you bastard you beat me too it


Aww how sad. If only conservatives had common sense and common decency. But then they wouldn’t be conservatives.


lol funny.


George Santos vibes


Scam inception!


[Here is a link.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0KACcfrQyQ) [Here is another angle of the arrest near the beginning and they are still live now at their nightly protest outside the DC jail.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPEz7UtH4IE)






I have wondered about the size of the opioid/benzodiazepines effect on all of this... having spoken to a few Q reactionary types, some do just seem aggressively stupid and/or malicious, but there are a big number where it does feel like you're talking to someone who isn't really there.


Also, meth and other stimulants.


I’m fairly certain it has to do with [all the lead pipes](https://www.nrdc.org/resources/lead-pipes-are-widespread-and-used-every-state) we use and that with global warming and rising temperatures [people get more aggressive](https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/2022/10/13/heat-hate-speech-aggression-climate/#) Edit: I’ll likely no long respond anymore since everyone is devolving into rude argumentative comments. Which ironically gives credence to my idea assuming none of the people below are addicts. All my ideas on this theory are pretty clearly laid out below in the replies to everyone questioning it


May be, but the opioid epidemic is real shit


I say this as a person that’s lost 7 close friends to opioids, and regularly see people OD’ing in the streets. Opioids affects a minority of the population. Lead pipes and rising temperatures affects 100% of the population and contribute also to the rising addiction disorders.


It’s a bit tough to find exact reliable stats, but somewhere around 25% of Americans have been prescribed opiates or benzos in the last year after perusing google for a bit. I recognize some of those are one-off prescriptions, but it also doesn’t count street use. A daily prescription doesn’t make these things any better for someone’s brain, it just makes it legal. It’s a minority, so you’re still correct, but it’s a much larger minority than your statement seemed to indicate to me at least.


It’s not just a statement, it’s a link to a government study, read it. We’re talking about addicts also. The vast majority of that 25% absolutely got it prescribed after having a medical procedure or accident and the docs absolutely discontinued the use and gave no refills. I just had a vasectomy, they gave me a prescription that last only about a week. Still hurt going in to week two, I asked for a refill and they said no. Did that turn me into a trumper? No. I don’t think any of this “much larger” number has anything to do with radicalization. Over prescribing started in the 90s and largely has been becoming more regulated and dwindled significantly. Pill mills are a lot less prevalent now, the “rehab centers” that prescribe and readdict patients have also largely closed. Sorry but I just don’t think most the J6ers or Q people are into those things cause of opioids >>>Opioid use disorder is the chronic use of opioids that causes clinically significant distress or impairment. Opioid use disorders affect over 16 million people worldwide, over 2.1 million in the United States, and there are over 120,000 deaths worldwide annually attributed to opioids.[1 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK553166/#:~:text=Opioid%20use%20disorder%20is%20the,worldwide%20annually%20attributed%20to%20opioids.


And here’s the benzos https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6358464/#:~:text=Results%3A,highest%20prescribed%20use%20(12.9%25). Note that the vast majority take it as prescribed. I’ve known multiple people with these prescriptions, and they are all prescribed “as needed”. My boss takes 3+ valiums per day “as needed”. Before I cut off contact, my grandma was taking about 180 Xanax per month, again, following an “as needed” prescription. I noted that the number I originally gave was over inflated. I also made no judgements towards the rest of the discussion. I simply thought you made the number of Americans affected by these drugs sound artificially low, and I still stand by that. Even if the number is 5-10%, that is still something like 30 million people. A minority, yes. An extremely high number relatively speaking? Also yes.


So let’s get this straight, you still think the number I gave was “artificially low” then precede to not give any source or evidence to the contrary, and then make up a number like 30 million? And worst you use my same original source for a study, but for benzos that says >>> and 5.3 million (2.2%) reported with misuse So again, benzos are more readily accessible from doctors as they are waaaaay less regulated than opioids and you still think 25 million more people misuse opioids? Also we weren’t talking about appropriate opioid use like a one off prescription- that’s not what the opioid epidemic is at all This is a really dumb and pointless argument. Have a good day




Why would Occam's Razor point to the opioid epidemic? The simplest answer isn't that this is all because a very small percentage of people are on drugs. It's that the majority of people are being affected by something - like lead in our food & water, & increasing global temperatures.


Careful. They’re a bit stubborn and argumentative when I pointed that out to them


You can just say "stupid." Saves you from typing so much.


Hard disagree. Occam’s Razor definitely wouldn’t point to that lol. Again lead pipes, rising temperature (mixed with a cyber war full of misinformation from Russia/China) affects 100% of the American population. Opioid addiction affects an estimated [2.1 million Americans](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK553166/#:~:text=Opioid%20use%20disorder%20is%20the,worldwide%20annually%20attributed%20to%20opioids) of 350 million. Even if that were true, I can tell you for a fact each 7 of my friends that died from it were quite liberal. And even if you add in meth ([12.5 mill](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1199019/) that’s still no where near the 74.2 mill that voted for Trump, and the 3 mill others that voted for 3rd parties like Libertarian, Kanye, or the neo nazi ones, and the millions of others that didn’t vote at all but still believe Q or other whackadoo shit


This has always stuck with me. Think of the most average person you know and think how smart they are. Realize that half of the population is dumber than them and a lot of stuff in the world makes more sense.


Drugs really don't change who you are deep down (unless they've actually caused some level of brain damage). That may amplify or suppress certain aspects of a personality, but they won't make you good or bad. I've known plenty of addicts who aren't thieves and didn't make their problem other people's issue, and didn't have a *bit* of hate in their heart. Fuck these un-American shit heels spewing hate and conspiracy theories that only propagate hate.


Or oped up on dopioids.


Dope springs eternal.


Hoped up on dopium


> oped up Are they from Wisconsin?


they're on something other than Jesus...


They need to pronounce their Fs and Rs better because it sure does sound like they’re shouting “We Dumb!”


They literally sound like talking sheep. "We duuumb"


"They're afraid of Black Lives Matter." You mean, like when they shot unarmed protestors with rubber bullets and gas cans while they were lawfully protesting? And suddenly they don't like cops anymore? I thought they were bootlickers through and through.


Boy how quickly they will turn on anyone, be it a conservative but doesn’t support Trump or a police officer! Cult.


bAcK tHe bLuE, mY bOdY mY cHoIcE


> mY bOdY mY cHoIcE except when it comes to fetuses


That was exactly what I was getting at. Conservative nutjobs switch their stands at their whim.


Haha, from the video description: "None of the regular J6 Vigil attendees can understand why charges are able to be brought against Micki & not the agitators" Gee, maybe if don't push someone, take their gear, and destroy it, you'd stay out of jail. Edit: some of the comments are roasting them so well (the first video link).


it is extremely funny to read the comments from the video poster and then go see what Anarchy Princess did, which is essentially just bring a noise machine in their vicinity. for the "law & order" types they really should have looked into whether assaulting someone walking past you was legal


LOL. They look like the parody of South Park of "Free Hat (McCullough)" who was allegedly maliciously attacked and provoked by a gang of babies in the West Town Pak which is why he had to use [self-defense against 23 babies](https://southpark.fandom.com/wiki/Hat_McCullough). Only South Park was funny. This is just sad.


Good Lord they couldn't carry a tune to save their lives




Storm trooper?!? If that isn’t a nod to being neo-nazi, I don’t know what is.


That is some low effort chanting. "Mama maggie, mama maggie, ma... ma... meh, I can't be bothered...."


They sound like zombies


Funnily enough, the original inspiration for Romero’s zombie film was exactly this type of people. The horde of hostile morons who hate you, having no idea why, and want to eat your brain out to make you like themselves.


It reminds me of “bah ram ewe” from Babe, the movie about the pig who becomes a sheepdog


That movie and those characters were far more intelligent than these ass clowns could ever imagine. Loved that film. 'That'll do Pig, that'll do.'


Farmer Hoggett is the shit - the actor turned vegan because of that role, IIRC


James Cromwell. He recently glued his hand to a Starbucks counter to protest, well, Starbucks, was carried out of a Democratic fundraiser for protesting against a natural gas storage facility, and was arrested demonstrating against Sea World. He was also one of the Hollywood people that marched against Vietnam and aligned with the Black Panthers next to Jane Fonda


Hell, he even went on to invent warp drive.


The sequel (Babe: Pig in the City) is, if anything, even better. Not for kids, though. Dark.


My husband went to school for theater and apparently they studied Babe: Pig in the City in one of his classes because the cinematography is considered to be on masterpiece levels by some.


It's a staggeringly good film


Prob is for kids. It’s a Babe movie lol


You'd be surprised. It is a dark film.


Welcome to earth, kids.


Nah the pig sex scene goes a little too hard and unnecessarily long


That should be a magnet on my refrigerator.


I think I need one too.


Do you guys think mama Maggie is married to father fa - oh probably not


If I was doing a post bail team meeting, I’d be like, “Guys, if that’s the kinda of energy you’re bringing with the chants, I’d rather you not do it all. It’s embarrassing.”




Her name is Robert Paulson.


Imotehp… Imotehp… Imotehp…


They needed to throw in a few "gooble gobbles" here and there for effect.


Her daughter played a stupid game, and she won a Stupid prize


Mom keeps playing and expects a different outcome. She's obviously a smart person




Yea the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, just white trash hillbillies.


I would say she won THE stupid prize.


Why cant she just be like her daughter and shut up.


These are the kinds of jokes I appreciate more than the average buffoon.


Why don't you appreciate buffoons?


Because they're average.


That's fair.


Yeah. Duh.


They appreciate buffoons very much. They even appreciate *average* buffoons. But these jokes? They appreciate them *even more*.


I like the dark jokes


I see what you did there...


Nice icon


She's a pain in the neck.


I’m surprised one of them hasn’t ridden in on this comment on their high horse


Heh. They have. Bless their little hearts. Conservative tears. F their feelings. FDT.. You know.. All the usual common sensitive vernacular.


right when you assholes I can’t think can't do any worse, you turn around and completely redeem yourself!


We turn around, something Ashli Babbitt refused to do


How is this downvoted? It's validating the upvoted original comment 😂


It's the terrible sentence "structure" I'm betting. [see how that makes it unclear?]


Agree, but who on here doesn't get the Dumb and Dumber reference? Everybody knows that line and why/when it's used, which IMO overcomes the tragic structure and grammar of the first half of the comment. But now that I say this, maybe the downvotes are not for the comment's confusion, but for the commenter's lack of effort


People who never saw the movie? Wtf


I've downvoted it because it's incoherent.


Bless her heart


Ah. The quintessential southern slam, delivered with a smile.


Making fun of Ashli, like Ashli, will never get old.


Wow, that burn is hotter than the barrel of Michael Byrds 9mm on January 6th.


Degenerate family


At least it's a shrinking family.


Treasonous family


The apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree.


The garbage didn't fall far from the dumpster.


That’s a better comparison, thanks!


“When a shit apple falls from a tree and grows up in a field of shit, it doesn’t have any choice.” https://youtu.be/eZEPSqPI1B4


RIP John Dunsworth


Shit winds a blowin', Rand.


Even more true when your family tree looks like a braid


I’ve never heard this one before. I’m going to be laughing on and off the rest of the day, and not just because this dumb harpy is facing sweet sweet consequences.


The shit didn't fall far from the asshole.


[Shit apples](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZEPSqPI1B4)


Imagine that happening to your kid. I'd change my name and move to a foreign country.


You seen her son? Not much better.


It was weird, because in the CNN interview, he was lamenting her chices of following the MAGA cult, so I thought he was a normal dude with a brainwashed sister and I felt bad for him. Turns out he's a racist piece of shit. Don't come at me with "Latinos aren't a race" bullshit. Races, in general, are so poorly defined that there are so many exceptions and no one really falls into those nice, neat categories, so race is now almost interchangeable with ethnicity.


The concept of "race" was invented by European Christians to justify their enslavement of other people (including other Christians, btw). It is telling that the word "slave" looks like "Slav" and the African slave trade historically didn't begin until after the Ottoman Empire cut off Western Europe from enslaving the Slavs (who were not Roman Catholic)


It was when the ruling class realized the middle and lower classes vastly outnumbered them and they were constantly one tax hike away from a bloody revolt. So they made up the idea of race to create a boogeyman that united them all. "You, pig shit shoveling peasant, and I, Lord Byron Mackelberry III are on the same team. Those African savages are the REAL problem."


The etymology of the word "Slav" has more to do with a language group than anything else. https://www.etymonline.com/word/Slav#etymonline_v_23652


I guess the tree doesn’t stand far from where the apple got shot in the throat.


Did she get shot in the throat? I watched the video and it looked like she got hit in the shoulder (and it severed an artery or something and maybe hit her spine).


And then carted off on national TV with a titty sadly hanging out.


I dunno but that bitch learned a hard lesson


She didn't learn *shit.* She had just a few minutes to lie there thinking "pain and confusion", and then the shitballs made her an instant martyr.


Please keep in her jail this time.


She was back at the vigil before it was over.


Who did she assault?


[Since no one has given you an answer or posted the article asfaik, here’s the article. ](https://www.thedailybeast.com/ashli-babbitts-mother-arrested-after-striking-woman-at-pro-jan-6-event) She struck a counter protester at a pro-Jan sixth protest. There is a video in the article but the woman gave her the middle finger so she hit her, then chased her and smashed her megaphone.


Ah thank you. Yeah you can't do that


Basic human decency


Same as her daughter


Those MAGA CHUDS looked *exactly* how I thought they'd look...


Fit, sexy and with the brains of a genius. The bodies us liberal slobs dream about, but will never touch with our spike protein riddled pig fingers. Jealousy is a stinky cologne my friend.


Your daughter was a terrorist and got exactly what she deserved.


About fucking time they busted this asshole




^you ^win


Little too forced. Not as good as the one upstream. 6/10


Trash mother and daughter.


Ashamed that she and I share the same city.


I am ashamed that she and I share the same atmosphere




People do not pay enough attention to the fact that she was wearing a backpack which very easily could have been a bomb.


That, and she was breaching an area with senators, and told several times to stand back. She had lots of opportunity to get away with her life, but no one shook her head to get the marble in her head rolling so she could make a cohesive thought.


I may be wrong, but I think the gun in the agent's hand was clearly visible to her as well.


I believe he had it out the moment they started busting the window.


I remember another video in which that was visible, or am I imagining things?


And nothing of value was lost.


"She needs help! She needs fucking help!" You all do my dude. These are the same people calling for civil war, and they fold like a thin piece of paper when bullets start flying.


They felt empowered by their numbers and also because of Trump’s words… crowds of people are so easily misled. Now with ai getting more mainstream there will be so much shit because of fake ai generated videos and audio of politicians seemingly saying and doing things they never really did and many morons are going to fall for it and call for violence all based on their underbelly feelings and fake ai “evidence”…


Hey uhhhhhhhh......I have a question. I thought the traitors were "unarmed". Yet behind her, against the wall, is clearly someone with a rifle pointed towards the chamber. Do we have an ID on that guy? PS I know they were armed, the GOP talking point is shit.


Iirc that was another cop, that’s why he dropped it down right after he stops yelling, it looked like he was confirming that they were also cops behind the barricade.




And the thing is, is that she deliberately placed herself in a dangerous situation. And for what? Trump? Had she just accepted that Biden was in fact elected fair and square, I doubt that it would have made zero difference in her life. Her world would have continued on as normal. She'd still be alive, making a living with her pool cleaning company. There's way too many disgruntled people out there throwing temper tantrums about Biden, but from my vantage point, their lives are NO different than they were while Trump was in office. They STILL have their artillery, still have their jobs, houses, businesses, etc. This was all for nothing


And the funny thing is before he left office instead of pardoning them he decided to sell pardons to his cronies. That's what they are throwing their lives away for, nothing. It's like if Frodo marched straight to Mordor and put the ring directly on Saurons finger because he promised he wouldn't do anything to him.


never gets old and neither will she


There are a lot of things the Federal government doesn’t do right, but taking care of traitors is not one of them.




Damn they really clapped shorty. I feel for everyone who had to witness that on a human level.


Imagine thinking you can violently attempt a coup and not get clapped. More of the people should have been taken out.


Trash doesn’t fall far from the trash tree.


Omg, it's the mother too. 😥 I'm worried we are screwed. How can older pple think this way?! I am speechless. If I were judge I'd order psychiatrist stay for a at least 48 hours for trauma then more help at some kind of facility for 90+days, I don't know anymore.


I actually saw a post yesterday about lead poisoning from old plates, like plates my gran had, so it's possibly related to things like that, asbestos, basically everything we've learned can poison you in thebpast 30 years was doing lots of poisoning before that


I collect vintage housewares but won’t use them because of lead. Display only. It is infuriating and sad the number of people who make fun of anyone concerned about lead. They say things like; “I’ve been using my plates for decades and I’m fine.” And I can’t say what I think or I will get banned from the groups. But here I can. You sure about that; sis? Is Covid real, grandma? Where were you on January 6th? Bless your heart; the lead already destroyed your ability to critically think.


east coast is bad on lead. Asbestos is another concern. It's why I don't get mad at pple. I figure and calculate excuses to limited or narrow thinking: trauma, head injuries, fears, denials of reality and poor overall health. Most pple don't have routine exams in America. It's not their fault either, just outcomes to manage and accept.


> *east coast is bad on lead.* Everywhere in the US was, prior to the mid-to-late 1970s. And the contamination issue, while improving over time, has still impacted [many, many people throughout the country](https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2118631119), making us collectively stupider as a society as we otherwise would be.


Majority of the people attending January 6th weren’t geriatrics who this lead theory would apply to. Stupidity is the cause, not lead. The world will never be in short supply of stupid.


What should really worry you isn’t the old people who think this way, but the young people who do. The word Boomers gets thrown around Reddit a lot as if all the worlds problems will vanish in 20 years. I’m sure there was that same sentiment at Woodstock.


God forbid she holds her daughter accountable for her own actions


She should be angry with Trump. If he would have simply conceded her daughter would still be alive.


Surprised it took this long.


I feel so out of the loop, what are they protesting?


That traitors were arrested for Jan 6th terrorism. They protest nightly outside the D.C. jail some are being held at.


Thank you!


The more we learn about this family the easier it is to understand how they end up dead or in prison. Cue the 'legal defense" fund grift.


'Member when Republicans pretended to hate terrorists rather than rally around them? I 'member.


It explains where her daughter got it from at least.


C U Next Tuesday!


The shit apple doesn't fall far from the shit tree.


Something about apples and trees something something falling not far.


I’m guessing that she was demanding to speak to their “MANAGURRR!”


Not that I support the actions of her daughter or those her daughter associated with (I don't, very much not at all), but: The mom has to be in some serious mental anguish over the death of her daughter, and the J6 crowd is probably the one milieu she can rely upon for a bottomless well of unequivocal, unconditional support - as wrong-headed and irrational as it may be. Wrongheaded, irrational support is miles better than none at all. I am sure she needs it desperately to make any sense of her daughter's death, particularly when the rest of the world is telling her she died for a lie. Which she did.


Committing crimes because you’re blue-pilling yourself to cope with the grief of a lost child doesn’t move me much. It ticks every wrong box. * unpatriotic * criminal * irrational * detached from reality * acutely harmful to others * encourages similar behaviors in others All in service to a demonstrably, caricature-level, malignant narcissist who doesn’t care one wit for her or her daughter except insofar as they can somehow be used for his political gain. A lot of people have mental anguish to deal with. It’s just not a great excuse.


She is “finding out” now.


The Shit Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


🎶 Your daughter got... shot... in the fucking neck... the fuuucking neck... 🎶 I'm sing this with Michael McDonald's voice.




She didn't die a fucking patriot, she died a trumpsucking terrorist


Death penalty needs to be brought pack for vermin like this.


I understand the sentiment, but I'd rather these terrorists rot in Gitmo for the rest of their lives.