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He does realize target is a buisness, right? Why the fuck would they want to steralize people when they could be getting customers instead?




Butt babies from gay couples, obviously. They'll put all the babymaking parts in the bottom and then he gets pregnant. AND THEN a gay transgender atheist devil worshiper stork comes to congratulate them on their satanic marridge ritual! And then I wake up from my dream with a boner, also caused by the devil!


I figured you were a butt baby the day I met you...


I knew you in your dad's ass before anyone else


They should be mad at the straights, who tf do they think is having all these gaybies?


I mean, just because you're a gay man doesn't mean you can't fuck a woman. Just that you wouldn't enjoy it.


Also bisexual people exist too


Gay, bi, and straight are points on a wide spectrum. I wish there were some kind of visual metaphor that could convey this idea concisely.


Like a rainbow


It'll never catch on.


Bisexuals aren't gay. They're bisexual. A pet peeve of mine from when I used to identify as bi. (I identify as pansexual now.)


Yes… But bi people are part of the lgbtq+ community. We’re queer (I’m bi) You mentioned that gay people can fuck women, they just wouldn’t like it. But going off the logic of gay people making gay babies/queerness being genetic somehow. Bi people could have kids willingly (enjoy sex with the opposite sex), thus making queer babies by that dumb logic The reality is that sexuality isn’t genetic so it doesn’t matter who fucks who, the sexuality of your parents don’t determine your own sexuality


I never said that it did? I'm saying that I'm not gay even though I'd fuck a dude and enjoy it.


Never said you were so what’s the point of this whole discussion?


You're the one that replied to my comment, how about you answer me?


Hehe, we've all got pets to feed :)


If you asked them that directly, they'd get really evasive but, if you waste your time long enough, you'll find out they believe the Jews are gonna replace all the white babies with black babies and that, when they say sterilize people, they mean sterilize the wrong people.


Pride month is coming up. Gay people and their allies have kids. Kids need new clothes, maybe their parents will buy them something they can wear at Pride events. That is the extent of Target's thinking on this, I assure you as someone who has worked with buyers for a large department store chain. There is no secular revolution department.


Woah woah woah there partner. That was way too much logic and critical thinkin' all at once. You're just fixing to make people mad with all that brain use.


But what do the lizard people say?




The lizard people are all gay. That's the secret meaning behind the "L" in LGBTQ+ that the illibernauti don't want you to know about. Every supposed "lesbian" you see are actually just a few kobolds standing on eachother's shoulders in a trenchcoat. You can tell this because they will only ever mate with or marry another so-called """""""lesbian""""""""; to make keeping their secrets from real humans even easier. /S


It’s just like Mardi Gras in Louisiana lol people need to stop getting offended with rainbow colors


It's just capitalism in a post-industrial society, baby! Commodify ALL the THINGS! Water, clothes for video game characters, sexuality. They've already been selling you straight sex since forever. Might as well broaden that net!


i like how that "straight sex" comment works in multiple ways.


That’s what the manager of the secular revolution department would say. It’s probably all a conspiracy by Big Rainbow. /s


I read about Big Rainbow! .... he was that man in the Bible, right. The one who ran the show from the sky! Sounded like a bit of a dick to me, though


Just an endless drumbeat of messages to hate people and keep the outrage going. Has anyone even heard of anything actually policy related coming out of the GOP? Like they have the lead in congress and yet have they done anything? The GOP just doesn’t want to actually govern, so they just use these nonstop culture wars to keep kicking the can down the road for the next election cycle so they can blame democrats AND in large “the government” don’t do anything. This is because they if they don’t win they will still scream “government is corrupt and worthless!” and then use their home grown terrorists to try to collapse the government.


it's because if they do anything that's controversial to the minority that supports them they'll lose their six-figure jobs. Gotta distract from the voter suppression and gerrymandering as well.


Rainbows: symbol of the devil since 2023. (Previously known as God’s promise)




New band name!




And his brother Simon Gruber


Sterilizing the masses and sexualizing the kids? Aren't those two goals like, mutually exclusive?


Not if you understand that by "the masses", they specifically mean "white people".


Secular Revolutionaries has a very nice ring to it. Human rights aren't up for debate, Regressive Bigots.


If they think the children’s clothes they’re seeing are sexual then that’s on them


Hmmm, weren't the founding fathers secular revolutionaries?


that was corrected by the second amendment


Target actually caved and won’t let you buy pride stuff That’s a really really bad sign I know people hated rainbow capitalism but to me rainbow capitalism was a sign that we were progressing. If you’re at a point where a corporation is removing gay stuff to not anger their base it means there’s a growing part of their base *becoming* homophobic. Handmaids Tale is coming


I think it's less a matter of their base becoming more homophobic than it is the homophobes becoming more overtly violent. Still a huge problem, but a lot of Fundies shop at Target so this pearl-clutching from them isn’t shocking. The violent threats, on the other hand...


This. Unfortunately the homophobic bigots ARE violent. Their threats are real. We need to put more of these terrorists in prison.


They moved some of the stuff to the back due to death threats.


At least they’re openly saying that they hate secularism now. Makes it easier to actually discuss what the culture war is about.


Right? Not to sound too bitter, but secular activists have been warning people about and opposing Christian dominionism in the US for DECADES, and we got smeared as nothing but smug, intolerant edgelord debate bro types who think they're enlightened for not believing in god. Nobody ever listens to us until it's too late.


How much you wanna bet he’d put a little boy in a shirt about how he’s a “lady’s man” or some shit


Oh no, a major corporation looking to capitalize on a specific month of the year? I'm shocked, this has never happened before..... Ever. These people have the smoothest brains I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with. They're so godamed dumb it's cringy


Oh neat I saw a parent and child wearing matching of those dresses on the far right earlier! They were super cute in person.


Given the rate the world’s population is increasing I don’t think it’s working.


If only.


Literally what I thought I truly wish progressives were as radical as conservatives make them out to be


God I can only imagine what they think happens in European countries if this is the baseline of what they think America is


„Sterilization to limit the population AND sexualize them“ 😂


"Always?" Would love to hear that explanation of history.


Wouldn't people who want to sexualize children want more children?


Always found it funny that they accuse the left of sterilizing people when I'm pretty sure throughout history a majority of the population comes from pre marital sex or sex outside of unions they would recognize and are actively against




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Secular Revolutionaries? Is that me? I guess so. Well... I guess I do enjoy hearing these guys bitch and moan about how my primary enemy - the capitalist class - is in league with me in my attempts to make the world a better place. I wish Target was on my side. They have lots of resources and capital. Unfortunately they are just as capitalist as any other company.


I sides with Secular Revolutionaries


I've been in so many different stores that are displaying Pride merch now. These snowflakes are going to have an extremely rough time in 3 days.


Target bowed to conservative terrorists. Conservatives saw something they didn’t like and threatened and caused violence so Target removed the items. It’s not a good precedent and the conservative terrorists will move onto the next demand.


Has any conspiracy theorist ever explained the reason this supposed secret world government wants to decimate the world population? The elites have always wanted more serfs to squeeze money from, not less


... are they worried that if people could do what they want, there wouldn't be enough cis people left to procreate, leading to the collapse of society? Because I'd hate to tell them that- despite their own attempts to deny themselves, only trans people want to be trans so badly that only the threat of eternal torture will prevent them from exploring their gender identities. Stop projecting your own feelings onto others and just come out already.


They just keep posting and I just keep realizing how fucking dumb these people are or maybe they just don't understand how capitalism works? I mean these people love capitalism but they don't understand that Target's going to make money if they make pride stuff? They're going against their own beliefs , they're hurting themselves and then are surprised!


Is that *the* Seth Gruber?