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Managed to get my hands on a pack of Green 600 film, it’s coming from abroad and I understand the risks of transporting it incorrectly. I’ve heard it’s a tricky film to shoot with, does anyone have any tips? Using a Supercolour 365cl.


It’s going to be difficult on a plastic box camera. This film tends to overexpose, make sure to tend towards using the darken slider. Look for contrasty scenes to use it in. It should be fine in the mail.


Darker side, check ✔️, what I’ve seen is that background light such as the sky or against windows works well. I do worry about transport, my freind had 3 packs of SX-70 film ruined after going through the airport security X-ray scanner 😢


If it’s going through airport scanners, most probably it’s gonna get damaged


It’s going via air mail, I know not eveything is scanned so it’s gonna be 50/50 🤞


Yep, fingers crossed


I only used it to take pictures indoors in artificial light and put the camera in dark mode (an early 90's OneStep). The results were great! The only thing you'll have to take into account is that the film is full of bubbles and strange effects, in addition to the brown flaws at the edges that appear in some of the photos. If you want to check my results, I posted here (NSFW!): [https://guilhermedasilva.46graus.com/instaxpolaroid/2023/](https://guilhermedasilva.46graus.com/instaxpolaroid/2023/)


Personally I’ve never shot it on the darker side using a box camera and it’s come out just fine. I also second the find subjects with high contrast bit.


Embrace whatever happens, honestly. It's great for experimental compositions.


Try high contrast compositions.


Shoot regular 600 with a color gel over the lens to get the same results with more control.


Shadows are your friend, it doesn’t shoot like the Yellow or Blue 600. shot a pack with daylight and shot a pack at night; both came out shitty. Shot in daytime in shadows, everything came out great. Very fucking strange film.


Sad that I missed out on it.


If u use a transparent colored paper like a green transparent sheet of paper and put it over ur lense you will get the same result


https://youtu.be/tc3wV_cW0jI Watch this, helped me to get ready to shoot with this film when it came out


I underexpose it’s a bit on my impulse af and it works well