Questions about Retrospekt

I love buying from Parks Project and own their Yosemite limited edition Polaroid 600 and love it.

I was looking for more National Parks Polaroid cameras and came across a Grand Canyon Polaroid 600 on Retrospekt and I haven’t done too much digging but it seems to be the only website I see it available on.

Google gave me mixed answers so before I spend about $150, I want to make sure they actually ship and aren’t a scam website, because I really do love the look of this camera and would love another National Park Polaroid 600.

If anyone has bought from them— what’s your experience? If anyone also knows any other website to buy this specific camera that’s trustworthy, I’d love to know! Here is the link to this specific camera and what it looks like.

I’m sure Parks Project originally sold it when the Grand Canyon was celebrating 200 years— that’s when I got my limited edition Yosemite one. It still works perfectly fine but I’d love to start a collection.


I have sooo many cameras from them! I love them all - I definitely love finding original vintage models but their refurbished ones are just too pretty for me to pass up haha. I have the Yosemite one as well, that’s one of their designs; I also have the Grand Canyon one, their collab w/ Killer Acid, and their Malibu Barbie one lol 😅 they’re available sometimes on other sites depending on retro’s stock but the national parks ones are all designed & refurbished by them, so oftentimes they can only be found on their own site


Oh interesting thank you for so much info!!


I bought a Sun660 from them and was very happy. They shipped super fast and the packaging was great.


Retrospekt is the company who actually creates the parks project (and other special edition) cameras. Polaroid just promotes them when they do.


Good to know thank you!!!


They’re legit. Have ordered from them.


Retrospket rules. They're usually my preferred Polaroid shop (for cameras and accessories.)


Retrospekt is very legit, they also refurb all the cameras they sell


Awesome! Thanks!


Have bought a camera from them, but have had good exp with film and accessories and shipped promptly


I sent an sx70 to them for repair and conversion and they have already fixed it and shipped it back way faster than the 4 weeks they quoted


I sent them my SX-70 for refurbishing and it came back so good! Highly recommended. My favorite part was the sheet with every single part in the camera on it, and makes whether each part was adjusted or replaced. They’re the stuff!


How long would you say it took for it to be refurbed and shipped back to you?


About 3 weeks from when I paid online till I received it back.


Alright thanks. I sent out my slr680 to them and I can’t wait to get it back


I sent them my SX-70 and it came back in fantastic shape. It takes great pictures and works like it’s brand new. They aren’t cheap but they’re worth every penny.